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Norwich v Arsenal – single word review and player ratings

Our new series continues, we look at the individual performances against Norwich rate them out of 10 and provide a single word review of their day.

Please note, we reserve the right to invent our own words at any time. Or, when circustmances dictate, use more than one word which may or may not include words we’ve invented.

Vito Mannone: 4/10 – Almuniamungous

Carl Jenkinson: 5/10 – fine

Per Mertesacker: 5/10 – tall

Thomas Vermaelen: 5/10 – uninspiring

Andre Santos: 5/10 – robust

Mikel Arteta: 6/10 – tried

Aaron Ramsey: 5/10 – average

Santi Cazorla: 6/10 – weenchy

Gervinho: 5/10 – Gervinho

Lukas Podolski: 5/10 – hindered

Olivier Giroud: 5/10 – unserviced


Andrei Arshavin: 5/10 – exhausted

Serge Gnabry: 6/10 – involved

Alex Olxade-Chamberlain: n/a – too little time on pitch

Feel free to discuss and post your own ratings, but normal comment policy applies. If you’re not familiar with it, please read.

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One word comments:



We need a “ronaldo” in this arsenal team. Someone who can step up and get us the result when the other players are being utterl lethargic. Someone to strive for success, a winner, a fucking warrior, a fighter a guy who does not like to lose. A guy who can shoot and score, a guy who can single handedly turn the game on it’s head. Ah fuck!!!


We sold him to Manchester united


My point exactly.


Hmmm, no “cunt” comments on this fine post about our ex ronaldo? Childish anger beaten by bare truth?


He’s called the Ox. And unfortunately, he got injured.

Ok,maybe a bit premature to state so, but it will inevitably show to be true. Just give him the regular games…

I wish we brought on Wilshere instead of Gnabry. Glad to see Gnab get his shot, but Wilshere would have that eager hunger to play, make the impact, and has that top flight experience.

Just my opinion though…


I disagree, I think what we really need is some energy in midfield. Arsenal can always score goals but we need a true Vieria replacement, Diaby is an excellent candidate but unfournately his injury record isn’t great and at best he’ll play 20 or 25 games. As good as Wilshere is he isn’t really the biggest man that can play a box to box role consistently, he played marvelously 2 years ago in that role but he’s no Vieria. We haven’t won a trophy since we sold Vieria and it really shows because as classy as our midfield is, sometimes… Read more »


I feel like Podolski is the guy you described, but yesterday he didn’t show the same fight that made him such a warrior, savior, and somewhat of a legend at cologne.



big dawg

Well, we do have game-savers. Walcott, who saved our asses against West Ham had suffered a flying kick last week and Arshavin hasn’t saved our asses in a while.



Who the fuck is this guy?, 3 match ban for Wenger!




Supporters – mangled (5:30 kick offs, wtf!)


is it just me or is gervinho scared of crossing or something?


One word comments.

Forget gervinho, Santos did not even cross for the whole matchs duration. Domeone remind him that he’s a leftback who needs to cross the ball for our strikers and not only dazzle us with his tweets and cuddly nature!


While I like Santos, yesterday he was atrocious. I lost count of how many times he gave the ball away, and all the while Giroud works hard to get in good positions with zero service from the left.


Correct !! He doesnt even pass the ball quickly….waits for someone to come within two feet of him….and then just does something disappointing


And more

just 8 games in and already 10 points behind the leaders

scored less goals than all of our 3 main rivals

of a possible 6 only taken 1 point from our 3 main rivals

me – so effing mangled that it took me 5 effing hours to get home after taking 5 effing trains through 4 different counties. This has just got to stop


YES, I doubt he even knows what a cross is yet alone attempt to produce one.

steve boulds hairdresser

gervinho- gervinho. hahaha, nice one, at least thats my morning slightly cheered up!


Theo Walcott – missed.


rice, I am wondering the same thing. old ghosts were back yesterday: gervinho, especially, on the touchline would never just deliver it into the area. instead he was waiting for a clear path to open up (which norwich was careful not to allow) and ended up holding onto it for way too long. to their credit, the yellows’ back line was giving us nothing, but it must have been like shooting fish in a barrel for them, as we played without pace, passion or anything noteworthy.

Big Chief from Antarctica

I got mad as hell when I saw this performance. Where was the actual game plan? The corners for example, not one bit of any kind of tactics. HBF and BFG unserviced and Arteta, usually the long distance scorer also unserviced. These simple things weren’t even tried. That’s what makes me mad. The lack of desire was just difficult to digest while watching. But fuck it, title talk is christmas talk. If we keep it up and I know we can, things will work out. Just give every one of them a bitchslap for that disgraceful perfomance and let’s move… Read more »

santi's panties

Handsome Blench Froke. Could work


A few more performances like that and he’ll be Handsome Benched Froggie.


Haha lol….so true.

Helpless french benched-bastard.

santi's panties

Oh, and the bitchslap we should be giving is to ManU come November.


i said it before he even came to arsenal.. giroud is a good player but not one we can have as a starting striker i mean just look at all the top clubs all of them have a proven goalscorer starting for them and in some instances have 2 or 4.. i love the fact wenger goes and tries to unearth gems but sometimes you just need a proven player .. same way he bought carzola who was proven he should of bought a falco or lorente just someone that can replace what we had last season (rvp) as it… Read more »


Dnt blame Giroud. I agree that he is not top top but yesterday he was lacking any assists from our midfield where Cazorla and Arteta where down and Ramsey nowhere as usually. Our flanks were also not working especially Santos who is playing 80’s stile football.


Ramsey 4 – passenger


Ramsey 1 – Ramsey


As I’ve said 1,000 times, Ramsey’s a fine bench option for now, but not a starter. (At least not if we want to make a serious challenge for the top this season.)


Santos was mostly out of place.or should i say all over the place. He was higher than where podolski was and never return to his position and always exploit the flanks.


Rvp. Manu
Cesc. Barca
Nasri. Man city
And so on


People giving you thumbs down are slow and s….!


Okay…that’s three…and can you name any more? Adebayor? No thanks. Plus we were glad to be rid of him. Clichy? Gibbs is a better LB. Kolo Toure? We all said he was in decline, and arguably any one of Kos, Vermaelen or Mertesacker is better. Song? He divides opinion, but many agree that our midfield looks much more disciplined with Arteta in a deeper position. I’ll admit that selling Van Persie and Fabregas was sad for us, but Nasri? Cazorla is miles better. And in other respects, we’ve improved with player purchases (there’s a reason you don’t see Denilson or… Read more »


I never said the defeat was down to selling two players. But selling what are perceived to be your best players year on year and then having to integrate new players cannot be good for stability. Nasri divides opinion as did song and as will Walcott when he has been sold. Replacements take time to settle, instead how nice would it be to keep hold of our top performers and then maybe integrate a few new signings in gradually. And who’s talking about unlimited funds ? It’s a tired argument. Most know we can’t compete with city and Chelsea financially.… Read more »


Nasri hit a double to beat united his first year at the arse. He was/ is a top footballer. All these chumps denying it sound like hurt, dumped, loser boyfriends.


Voldemort, Lack of unlimited funds is not a “tired argument,” unfortunately, but rather a truth that seems perpetually lost on most Gooners, which is itself tiresome. You complain about losing established players year in and year out without realizing that “unlimited funds” at other clubs is exactly what drew them away (Fabregas the exception). I’m not sure what if anything we’ll do with £35m (probably nothing, as is Wenger’s wont, and yes, that’s frustrating), but not even that amount allows us to compete with City, Chelsea, and to some extent United (let alone emergent foreign petrol dollar clubs) when it… Read more »

Team Spirit

We missed bla bla bla bla. Same story different season.
Of course, we can still win the Title but I think yesterday’s performance proved that nothing has changed. Yes, we had injuries but fuck, not one of them wanted to win that game. In my opinion the best we can hope for is the F.A Cup or the ‘COC’

I’d rather 11 of us went out there and lost but gave it everything. Those players let us all down last night, and potentially lost us the Title.


Youre dillusional. We have no chance of winning a title


Win the title? I simply don’t understand why people persist with this notion. It’s demoralizing.

The sooner we realize that third place is the absolute highest position this squad is capable of, the sooner we’ll stop getting angry at our players.


Spot on. It’s amazing people still think otherwise after what we’ve seen so far. We might perhaps get the tea pot and that’s as good as it gets. We lack character, we lack players who want to actually show up for games week in week out and not switch off after a good result thinking it would all be a bed of roses against weaker opposition. Yes we’ve got the top players but their attitude is lacking, something very much needed it you’re ti challenge for the title!


Arsenal – predictable


andre santos was the difference yesterday. horrible performance from him. Never crossed the ball, was at fault for playing holt onside for the goal and giving away the ball cheaply. horrible performance fom him. should certainly bring back koscienly and move verminator to LB for shcalke game


Don’t think we should replace him, but thought he had an awful game too. He looked tired after 20 mins.. Thought he would’ve made more of an effort of the chance he got due to Gibbs’s absence.


If you build a team with players who haven’t won a single trophy between them, frankly what do you expect?


Giroud won the league last season.
Veramelen played for Ajax and I pretty sure they must have won something while he was there.
Arshavin won the league with Zenit last year.
Ox gained promotion with Southampton and won the JPT.

There are others who have probably won stuff but I think that says enough about how daft that comment was…


gerv the title with Lille,Giroud with Montpellier,Verm with Ajax,Mert with Werder,Santos with Fernabache,,Arteta with Rangers,Arshavin with Zenith,and if you want really go in reserve chamak with bordeaux,squid with Lyon and i think monaco, we have plenty of them who won a league title (not include cup)
Carzola won WC and European cup winner


Arsenal – predictable Title Hopes – minimal Players – presumptuous we regularly turn up for these games against ‘lowly opposition’ with the seeming attitude of ‘we are better than them’ well, we weren’t yesterday. norwich will probably be relegated this year, but they spent 95 mins tackling and blocking and playing like a team desperate to win. ok, our 1st half was rubbish, but where was the half time time wakeup call? we are far too often like the spoilt super model who wont get out of bed for less than £10,000. what is the players motivations here? do they… Read more »

Dial Square

Well said sir…


especially going out knowing the mancs and chavs had just take 3 points. where the fuck is the desire


Can you develop the idea to give a single word to describe the match as a whole (in addition to the players’ words)?

I’ll suggest one – SH*TE.


or another – LETHARGIC.


The result – frustrating
The Team – shit


i dont think there is any point in singling out individual players, or going on about squads, buying/selling etc

the fact is that we had good enough players yesterday to win the game, but there was a collective lethagy and crapness and total predictability about our steady steady pass pass pass going nowhere at a slow pace and time for the first subtitute on 60 mins as usual


The players get paid very handsomely, frustration is an understatement for me. Even thought we played very poorly yesterday, we’ve had this problem for years now , teams know how to shut up shop and we never know how to break them down. I just cant understand how we also score very little in comparison to other teams at set pieces (i think we all know what I’m referring to).
Not learning lessons from the past is going to cost us.


A lot of santis corner were too low and short, cleared by the first defender.

Arsenal – onedimensional


Wenger-our future..

Dial Square

Wenger said it was a “shock to the system” but for me this sort of performance happens far to often, it must be psychological cause on their day our players are as good as any,but when did man utd, city or chelsea last put in a shit performance like that !!!!!!


Giroud i agree is incapable. He cannot score even on an offside position!! with only the keeper to beat, cannot connect his passes and often lays em off to the FUCKING WIND!, also for a striker the rate at which he misses balls is quite alarming.

Can we please get a capable striker in January and stop all this agony.

Eg. Atletico madrid sell aguero and replace him with yet another outstanding talent…falcao. That us what i call good business

Arsenal sell rvp and replace him with a player of less quality and average.

Sol Goodman

Your dreaming if you think Arsenal will ever spend 45 million on Falcao, it would make no differences anyway if our midfielders can’t give him decent service.
So Giroud is shit again now is he? before the internationals he was a legend in the making.The whole team was shit on Saturday so there is no point in blaming individual players, they all deserve a serious bollocking.

The sooner Jack is back in the starting line up the better.


Oh please Giroud should have atleast scored one today. When it comes to a one on one situation with the goaler and you’re a striker, i think the other players have pretty much done their job and it’d now up to you to score. Like @niko said we lack someone who can lift us from utter obscurity, a player who can be just a turd higher than the rest when it comes to taking chance. The dutch skunk was that!, Give him 2 chances he’ll score one or two goals. Example. Arsenal vs liverpool at anfield. He quite frankly got… Read more »

The Erotic Hands of Wenger

I turned the game off 5 minutes after the goal. It’s clear to me this is the same old shit all over again for the past 5 or 6 years, drilled home by laughable defensive lapses. It’s fucking pathetic! My loving hands are haggard with the footballistic ravishes of time.


what type of supporter are you? The rest of us watched and suffered and are still reeling today with a fucking constant nag in the back of your Sunday mind. But this owner, manager and players will be long gone and I will still be watching Arsenal

Glen Helders Hair Gel

Unfortunately he is the kind of supporter that we have way to many of.

if you want instant success go support Man $hitty.

Sol Goodman

The first goal was pretty early in the first half, poor show if you turn off that soon, did you have to go out to get your loving hands seen about?
It’s probably as well you stopped watching, your old hands would probably have fallen into dusty piles of shit on the ground if you continued watching that horror show.


Thought the young kid Gnabry came on and did well. Great pass for Gervinho to mess up. Got involved and looked lively. Shooting needs improving but looks a good prospect. Only brightside of the match.


Norwich – Hungry
Arsenal – Feeding (the hungry)

Very disappointed with yesterdays performance, worst we’ve played in quite some time. Messrs Wenger and Bould need to shake the shit out of some of those players – just not good enough. Hoping it’s a freak one off occurrence.


That Gervinho review made my day. Typical Gervinho


Sell ramsey, santos and bring fellaini and baines


Wouldn’t mind that. Could we loan Ramsey out and have Santos on the bench? Neither should be our starters…

(Note to the Ramsey brigade — he’s not ready now. He may be in the future, but he’s not ready now.)


No way do they – mostly – deserve 5 out of ten.

I would have said apart from Per and Arteta and maybe Carl, 3 out of ten would have been generous.

How many saves did Ruddy make. One !!!

In fact three out of ten is too generous on that fact.

Dial Square

I got battered on here last week for saying Gervinho was to inconsistant and not good enough, now he’s getting slaughtered on here, we have got too many players who don’t turn up when the going gets tough, we can’t expect Carzorla to dig us out every week !!!!


dude you get battered in here for any negative comment no matter how true

Dial Square

i’m just begining to realise that.
It seems most people on here are about 12 years old, we are quick enough to give the team praise when they do well, but it seems a lot of people on here can’t take critisism of the team when they play shit, there was absolutely no passion yesterday and Steve Bould should have kicked every single one of those players up the arse as they left the pitch !!!!!!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Vito Mannone: 1/10
Carl Jenkinson: 5/10
Per Mertesacker: 4/10
Thomas Vermaelen: 2/10
Andre Santos: 1/10
Mikel Arteta: 6/10
Aaron Ramsey: 1/10
Santi Cazorla: 3/10
Gervinho: 5/10
Lukas Podolski: 4/10
Olivier Giroud: 4/10

Glen Helders Hair Gel

Gervinho was our best player? Don’t make me laugh.


Podolski is out of form. I watch him,but he is not ideal winger for AFC football… He is not a typical winger for wing game


No game game plan/no plan B. No tactical moves or changes, One style of play and Only Wenger is to blame because it seems he has lost the plot.


One word….predictable.
Ramsey? I’m sorry…but just so poor. His passing is shocking, he cant tackle and he is slow.
Giroud is a big lump of merde, his first touch is appalling. Getting a bit chilly now for Carzorla. Santos over here for a party or three. Mannone?…even his mum thinks he’s shite. Vermahlan a captain? Haha…he makes Djorou look good just now.
A shambles.


At this point I would consider putting Djourou in ahead of Vermaelen, Verm has been pretty dissapointing this season, if it had been Djou putting in those performances the fans would be tying the noose already


100% agree. He has been worse than senderos.


Ideally, for me, you make Arteta captain because he’s one of our best players and a consistent, hard worker the others could stand to learn from. (If Vermaelen isn’t captain, then he doesn’t get an automatic start every week, which could be great for us.)

You loan Ramsey out somewhere where he can regain his confidence/form.

I’m actually OK with Giroud for now, because at this point, we don’t have ANYONE giving good crosses/service to the guys at the top. (Instead, we get wastefulness from Gervinho and horrible, misplaced “through ball”-style passes to nowhere from Ramsey.)


same old arsenal every season


Not sure to be honest about this Arsenal team. Looking at it realisticaly we knew selling more star players that we were more replacing people than strengthening the squad. We know it will be 2014 before we can really start rebuilding and been competitive again you cant ignore the funds available situation its just a case of not loosing more top players before then. On yesterdays performance I cant see to many looking to steal our players next year. Top 4 again and anything else is a bonus any serious arsenal fan will just have to be patient for now… Read more »


Arsenals problems are related to transfer deals

1. we sell our best players
2. we pay top club wages to average players that now warm the bench or the treatment table -Squill, Chamakh, Arshavin, Diaby, Rosicky
3. we buy at the bargain bin, resulting in a fair bit of #2

On top of that, the team only seems to know how to play in one way, there is no guile and no belief.


Ppl get excited by the number of goals Gervinho scored but they don’t look at how many shots/chances are wasted

Cygan's Middle Foot

Look on positive side. At least no one comes and poach our caption if he keeps performing like that. Bwahahaha! No? Ok.

Matthew Griffiths

In response to the first answer, you may of heard of a player called Jack Wilshire? If anyone can Jack can!!!

The Truth

Mannone – nervous
Jenkinson – competent
Mertesacker – conservative
Vermaelen – underwhelming
Santos – unconvincing
Arteta – metronomic
Ramsey – forgettable
Cazorla – ineffective
Podolski – uninvolved
Gervinho – droppable
Giroud – anonymous

Wenger – impotent


Soooo then, Arteta’s our only consistent performer. (Cazorla usually up there with him, but that’s about it.) Mertesacker gets the job done most of the time, too.


The same Theo that the majority on this board couldn’t care less whether he stayed or left? Fans can be so fickle. Tactics and motivation are the manager’s realm. Perhaps the author needs a single word for the manager as well. I know which I would pick and it would not have been the first time in the last several years.

wenger ousted

The proof is in the puddin. Song gone Robin vanished. Giroud smells like chamkh we need quality upfront 2 take there chances.. Now u realize the quality of rvp.. 8 goals. French leag defence must b shit….. No bone crushing M’villa type equals a big fat ZERO…. Wenger ousted Simple


M villa is sh*t ,he done one good season about 2 years ago, and been living on hype ever since.arteta need help yesterday ,but then Coquelin was warming the bench,he would bring the energy our midfield was missing and help protect our defence


I’m off the jenkinson bandwagon. everyone loves him because he’s a gooner, but, he offers us fuck all right now. He’s a mid table defender who offers zero going forward. Everyone says he’s the best cross provider we have. What? When does he deliver a decent cross? Gervinho is busting his ass up the wing, ever try a through pass to spring him?( so he can fuck it up of course, but that’s a different story). Our system is dependent on full backs who can run there side of the pitch going forward. Our lad Carl is really good at… Read more »

calm down frog

Frog you better evolve a pair of glasses as if you think Carl can’t cross the ball you are obviously looking at a different player.


How many of those amazing crosses have turned to goals?


“How many of those amazing crosses have turned to goals?”

That is not of jenks concern, whether giroud and co score or they don’t at the end of the day he still delivered the cross.

And yesterday he did crosss, the keeper punched it and the ball fell on to girouds path, our supposed top, top, tops striker. Did he score?. Well it did end 1-0 soooo……


If the keeper punched it, it wasn’t a very good cross eh?


@frog has a point.

someone needs to teach these guys how to cross the ball.
for me theo and sagna are the only good crossers in this team.


theo crosser ? what ?


Lots of people talking shit. And for once, I agree it’s warranted. That was the worst display of football I have ever seen from the Arsenal. 90 minutes of my life, I would definitely want back, total waste! Looked like a team of sheep, no leaders, no fighters, nothing. No one wanted it enough. I mean a 17 year old came on and he looked like he wanted more than all the rest. Where was our captain, where were the old guys, where was the manager. Maybe that plane flew too fast and left them all behind. We can only… Read more »


What old guys ? We’ve sold all of them. And for f*ksake be creative about it and find your own name ,

David O'Leary's Dad

I was at Cardiff to see Patrick’s last kick which actually won us something. Since then the common theme and recurring problem has been an unsettled squad – due to uncompetitive wages versus top teams. If we’d even had two seasons without a main player leaving we could have got a real strong backbone to the team to build on. But no, as we all know every season it’s the same old story – why think it will stop this and next season? I worship Wenger – fucking genius – and unlike other scummy clubs we don’t need to go… Read more »

Rohan Sood

We need Podolski to lead this team, we need some great attackers.


Did anyone now why we are so predictable ? Because when we are playing shit wenger never changes the system and tactics he stick to the same tactic and he just change players on the wing like ox for gervinho or walcott when fit and the opposing team was training to defend e neutralize our tactic that we are using every time and when you change player for player in the same position nothing is changed it’s easy for them to defend and we are predictable, when you see that shit first half preformance why don’t you try to change… Read more »


It’s amazing just how many people on this site who are now sounding like that horrible, negative Fatgooner. I’ve had enough of this bollocks; haven’t you? Ok, so yesterday’s performance was utter shit, but we know that we can play better. If we played Norwich next Saturday and actually bothered to turn up then we could easily thrash them by four or five goals. But that’s not the point. The real point is that us loyal supporters have been completely and utterly conned by Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke and the rest of those crooks at Ashburton Grove. Our club, which used… Read more »

calm down fat gooner

Middle of nowhere? Have u not heard of the great Alan Partridge? A team sponsored by Tweety Pie should not be underestimated.


And the thing that hurts the most is that it’s so fucking obvious. We’re a striker a keeper and a box to box midfielder short of competing. Plus our captain is the worst central defender we have, yet he’s guaranteed a spot. Gervinho and Ramsey have been pure shit for over a year know. Why the fuck are they still playing? As much of a lazy twat as arshavin is, I’d rather see him play in either of those two spots. At least he MAY have a moment of brilliance. I’ve never been a “wenger out” guy because I believe… Read more »


P.s, I think gervinho is maybe the worst player I’ve ever seen at the arse. Francis Jeffers step aside.


Welcome back frog !!!


I was trying to be an optimist. The writings on the wall, has been for a bit. Were fucked. Thank god spuds and pool are equal shit or we’d really be up a creek.


Ok, if our club wasn’t run by cheap fucks, this could be our line up if all were fit:
Shity keeper( they’ve all been shit since Jens)
rb- sagna cb-mert. Cb-koscielny LB- clichy

Dm- arteta Mf- cesc Mf- cazorla

Lw- podolski Rw- Nasri. Cf-Rvp.

Call the guys who left cunts if you want. Fact is , that team would be a serious contender in every competition and the trophy cabinet would be full. Sack the board.


Agreed. That would be a great lineup. Might go with someone other than Nasri, but even that wouldn’t be so bad.

Sol Goodman

That is nonsense, firstly we would not have Arteta Poldi or Carzola if Cesc Nasri and RVP did not leave, Secondly with the exception of Cesc they are cunts because the they forced their way out of the club to get more money. Song on the other hand i think was an embarrassingly money hungry move.


Why not? Chelsea brings in top players every year. So does Madrid, barca, Milan. Shit man, manu had Rooney welbeck and Hernandez and they brought in Rvp. Of course they left for money. The money we pay every week for the highest ticket prices on earth.

People need to wake up. We’re the arsenal, not reading for fucks sake. This board is bamboozling us out of our hard earned money every week. That cunt gazides made enough money last year to pay the wages of cazorla and arteta. That’s fucking disgusting. Sack the board.


And just to add on, leaving to be paid the going market rate does not make one a cunt. However, leaving the way Rvp did, makes him a gigantic cunt. Just making sure everybody know I haven’t totally gone nuts. Rvp is a cunt, yes.

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