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Ramsey relishing Wilshere return

Arseblog News had to finger through a couple of aged diaries before finding a match in which Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere played a competitive game together for Arsenal –  away at Fulham on the final day of the 2010/11 season as it turns out.

They may only be a combined age of 41, but since the Welshman had his leg snapped in February 2010 the duo have racked up nearly two years on the sidelines between them.

Labelled last August as ‘the future’ by the departing Cesc Fabregas, the situation has not only taken its toll on the career development of the pair, but also frustrated Gunners fans who’ve repeatedly been asked by the board and manager to invest their hopes and dreams in ‘potential’ rather than ready-made stars.

Finally though there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. With Wilshere on the mend and Ramsey a regular in the first team it looks as though the British boys could well find themselves sharing a pitch once again.

Although Wilshere won’t be in the squad for tomorrow’s Champions League match with Schalke (he’s fatigued after yesterday’s 90 minutes for the under-21s), Ramsey said he was looking forward to striking up a partnership again.

“He’s been out for a long time and I’ve been through a similar sort of thing,” the Welshman told press this afternoon.

“I’m happy to see him back playing again. There’s nothing worse than being out for that period of time.

“We haven’t really had a chance to play together. He went out on loan, I got injured and then he got injured.

“He’s a gifted player, one that any midfielder would like to play with – and I’m no different. Hopefully that can be a possibility soon.”

Of course, many a question remains; how will Wilshere’s body react to first team football? Does the boss envisage the England man’s future further up the field? Might Arsene soon field a ten man midfield? Will North London’s tattoo parlours go bankrupt now that Wilshere and Ramsey have to go to training regularly? Will Abou Diaby and Tomas Rosicky ever be less than 2-3 weeks from fitness? How does Mikel Arteta’s hair stay so lovely? Will Santi Cazorla ever stop being adorable? Will Francis Coquelin-related double-entendres ever stop being chucklesome? Will Emmanuel Frimpong ever learn to spell?

So many questions…

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Arseblog, always hilarious!! Lots of questions begging for answers!!!!!


Just how does Santos stay so smiley and cuddly?

gooner odst

The club needs a touch of inspiration like that. A touch of Rosicky from last year and Diaby from this where the player recieves the ball in our half, looks up, sees no movement, and drives onward with the ball stuck to his feet, taking the initiative.

We can’t expect Cazorla to do it 24/7 when he’s marked out the game. Wilshere can relieve pressure from midfield better than any other and if Rosicky turns up this season then our midfield won’t be as weak/depleted as it appears to be


Ramsey my Love:) <3


Stop using my name, cunt.

There is only one Fatgooner.


Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


“There is only one Fatgooner”
– and now there are 3

Arteta's Hair Gel

don’t worry, we can always tell the real fatgooner by all the thumbs down


Ramsay, at the moment, is a weak spot in our team and anyone with eyes should be able to see that. He might come good one day but right now, on this day, he’s not good enough with the main problem being that he gives the ball away more han any player I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt!


Hopefully Ramsey won’t play much when Jack is back! 🙂 And with Rosicky and Diaby back he won t even be on the bench.

aweh ma se kind

Luffy and Lid … you guys are weak spots in our team of supporters.

You’re a disgrace to us all.


Ha ha ha you are so pathetic… I have nothing against Ramsey except that I think he is not good enough to wear our shirt. And it is not his fault that he is constantly playing.


No gervinho is worse. Ramsey needs a loan though. He’s pretty bad.


I’m sick of all this frog gervinho jibes, some of us here like him and think he’s good enough, might not be consistent but he still delivers.

Fuck you frog, come on you gervinho!


And some of us don’t. And therein lies the point of all this spouting off on internet forums.


This Ramsey bashing is boring my tits off! He’s 21 for fucks sake and had his leg snapped in half. Patience is needed! Forget last season; the poor guy got fucked over by the manager with a lot of responsibility. We should start to see him develop his game this season. What he needs from us is SUPPORT!


I will support him when he goes (on loan or else) to Fulham or Villa. 🙂


I found this on some gooner website, i homestly dont know what to make of it! #onlyagooner will be extremely pleased to see his club win the Capital One Cup, while other clubs with the same calibre are clamouring for either the Premier League or a European trophy. #onlyagooner will never accept the game is over, even if Arsenal are leading by say a four goal margin. #onlyagooner will never believe the certainty of three points even if they are playing a lesser team. #onlyagooner will never believe a deal is done until it has been announced on the club’s… Read more »

Bouldy's hair dryer

“#onlyagooner will never accept the game is
over, even if Arsenal are leading by say a four goal margin.”

lol…newcastle vs arsenal, 4 nil to the 65th minute then 4-4 at full time!


Oh goody. Wasn’t quite sure what he was referring to, glad you cleared it up for me.


Trust me newcastle found it more funnier!


Found in FUNNIER, there is no more in the sentence you berk!


ok now i get it you are talking about Ramsay and the last time i checked we hadn’t signed any player called Ramsay nor is he from our youth set up. I suggest you check Yeovil’s team list


this reply was meant for luffy

Le sausage

Will Giroud ever stop being so dam attractive?!

Lets make it 10 years!!

If he still hasn’t found his goal scoring touch this time next season, I doubt anyone will remember or care how attractive he is!!!

steve boulds hairdresser

ramsey and wilshere could both be extremely good. lets hope that they can both remain injury free and eventually achieve their full potential. they deserve it after such extended injury periods.


Wilshere yes – extremely, Jenks great, Coq very good, Ox excelent. Ramsey? good is his maximum.


Is extremely good better than great? Where does ‘excelent’ place around those those two? Also, how quickly can Ramsey get good? He’s 21 now so if he’s good by the end of next season will he stay on a plateau for the next 10 years?


Find a life and forget loving Ramsey. Very soon you will have to support Fulham or Villa if you’ll want to continue your love.


Good to see Wilshere back the team needs inspiration ASAP


I think Ramsey/Wilshire will be great. People should be a bit more patient with Ramsey. I’ve noticed that he hasn’t done as well when played as a CM. It seems like he prefers more attacking positions, and he’s done well in them.

Wilshire/Arteta/Cazorla midfield with Ramsey on the right, goldi poldi on the left, and HFB up front. I’m sold.

Also, hope Theo gets fit soon too.


Ya theo’s fit. Fit to sign for Liverpool.


This frog is just a “toad” too negative for my liking.

Reality Check

Aaron Ramsey was absolutely fantastic in his first season, aged 18. Jack Wilshere was absolutely fantastic in his first season, aged 18. Aaron Ramsey got injured and was out for a year, the fans waited eagerly for his return. Jack Wilshere got injured and was out for a year, the fans waited eagerly for his return. Aaron Ramsey had a decent start to the season when fatigue hit in, and his form dropped. He now has little confidence as he is regularly slaughtered by arsenal ‘fans’ who fail to see his obvious strengths. He now has low confidence levels and… Read more »

Reality Check

Also Ramsey’s pass completion rate last year was higher than 90%, for the guy who said “he gives the ball away more than anyone in an Arsenal shirt” Amd as Denilson proves, keeping possession isn’t the key to the arsenal fans hearts.


“Ramsey relishing Wilshere return”? I can’t see that. If Jack gets himself fit and firing on all cylinders then the Welsh dud will find it hard to get into the side.


Ramsey probably doesn’t see that as a bad thing. There’s less pressure for him to improve his game. He seems like a chap with his head screwed on and understands there’s plenty of time for more game time in the future.


I don’t think so… he ll understand that when he will be benched forever.


Threads about Ramsey are *so* boring. There’s only two type of comments, repeated ad nauseum:

* Ramsey is shit we can do way better!

* He’s only 21 FFS and he had his leg broken! Support our boys!

We need a new version of Godwin’s Law. Whenever Ramsey’s name comes up the conversation is officially dead.


Ramsey is shit we can do way better!

Reality Check

He’s only 21 FFSand he had his leg broken! Support our boys!

Santi Claws

Well played, you two. Well played indeed


Well as I beat my head against my work desk in frustration at some of these comments, at least I can chuckle at them too.

We may all disagree with eachother, but at least we can ‘av a laugh doing it..


This joke is shit we can do way better! Ramsey! Break a leg! but not yours.. somebodys 🙂

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