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Wenger: it was a shock to the system

Arsene Wenger says that although his team appeared to dominate the game (clearly the view was better from the bench), Arsenal lacked the ‘sharpness’ to win and that he hopes defeat will provide a kick in the arse to the players.

“Norwich had a good defensive performance; they were focused and committed,” he said.

“We had a lot of the ball but did not create much with it. It was an illusionary domination. It was a disappointing performance on our side.

“I felt we lacked a bit of sharpness. We tried to get into the game after 20 minutes. But we missed what makes the success at the top level – that is complete focus. And they were sharper than us.

“We do not blame anybody, we many made mistakes today. We have to put that performance behind us, realise that is not good enough and come out on Wednesday with a different performance.

“The attitude of the team has been excellent but that was not at the level of what we have produced until now. It was the first time of the season we were way below par. And we were well below today.

“I hope it will have a positive impact. It was a shock to the system today.”

The manager also refused to blame the Interlull for defeat, saying his players should have been able to cope.

“It is not an excuse. We have to deal with that. You could say we have better players but there is only one way to show that – on the football pitch.”

One to put behind us and make sure we bounce back, and quickly.

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Emirate's seat




… cunt

Hudson Hornet

AW – “Maybe we underestimated the difficulty we would face today”

Dear Arseblog News: You missed that bit?



7M a year? Avin a laugh.


Of all the ways you could have conveyed that ludicrous message, that was the shittest possible one to choose.


Please piss off.


If Usmanov was the producer We would have kept our best players and might have won something


No sense of urgency, no consistent plan for attack, most of the fellas seemed tired and uninterested – this was a very, very dissapointing performance. So bummed out right now.


It is easy to say we’ll put this behind us, but how many times over the past 7 years have we had this kind of defeat were we look like uninterested and get beat by a lower side? It always happens and we say the same things and it’s so bloody frustrating.


What’s the alternative? Continue to dwell on a bad performance? Sounds much better than focusing on the next game


I get your point. But the team may actually need to dwell on it more to get to really find out why performances like this happen all too frequently. It’s one thing to lose a match. It’s another to lose complete control of a match.

Too many times Arsenal have matches where we look like there’s no real desire to even create scoring chances.


I would rather ananyse what went wrong than sticking the head in the sand. All Gooners are entitled to their opinions. In fact the ones questioning what gone and going wrong are the ones that show a bit more intelligence than those who follow with blind faith

Jonathon Howse

Oh dear, one bad result and the bandwagon starts a rollin’


U fuckin’ kiddin’, right?


Have to say I agree. Today was complete shite, but however frustrating it is (very), teams have good days and bad days. Up until today we’ve played well as a team and have had put in some really brilliant performances. I have no idea what inspired them to such a woeful defeat but hopefully a Steve Bould shitstorm will inspire them right out of it.


8 years…..lots of joyous moments, but equal number of disappointments, and no trophies…


my point is its results like yesterday that has cost us trophies for the last 8 years, so those saying one bad result are full of it. This is 8 years of frustration. And lets face it, Its October and out of the title race already. Spuds after their disastrous start and a new manager are ahead of us


*whispers quietly*

I can’t help thinking we miss a certain Dutch Skunk.

Bacary's right leg

in the words of the shaft theme song ‘shut your mouth’



We’ve had more than enough matches like that with RVP in the squad as well.


Agreed. We lost a TON like this with Mr. Judas starting for us last season.


You’re honestly telling me if you could buy Van Persie back for £24m right now and all would be forgotton, you wouldn’t do it?

I know he’s a greedy, horrible, ugly Judas cunt but with him we would be title contenders. I’ve practically forgotten what it feels like for us to be title contenders.


If he all of a sudden decided Arsenal was where he wanted to be then yes, buy him back. But my point is that RVP does not save us from games like this one because we’ve had them while he was here.

It’s also fair to point out that as great of a player RVP was for us, he did not win a title in his eight years at Arsenal.


How could Van Persie win anything when he had the best players at the club sold year after year to turn profit until it came to his turn. And he has gone to a club where he has a chance of winning trophies


of course we miss him, he scored 3 times against Norwich last season, he is the best striker in the premiership, and we sold him to someone we are trying to catch. Why are all the plebiscites here giving you the thumbs down for saying the truth, that we miss him it

Stroud Green Road Boy

An unpleasant jolt, yes, but a shock to the system? Surely that would apply if this was something that hadn’t been happening regularly for years. Is Wenger genuinely shocked? Perhaps he is, he seems pretty good at convincing himself anew, certainly not one for dwelling on past errors.


One bad result we lost to Norwich bottom of the prem lge its not good enough! We need a experienced goalkeeper and another centre forward! Hopefully Jack will be back in the first team soon cause Ramsey is not good enough to start every week!


No need to single Ramsey out when they where all shit today.
I can see Ramsay performing like Sahin in future in that role , but yeah he has a long way to go before he reaches that. I personally didnt think he was that bad at least he tried.

Cygan's Middle Foot

Bullshit. If he can perform like Sahin when he was 16, it will be amazing already. Ramsey is shit!


Shit Arsenal side loses to Shit Norwich side, This performance was awful .. it brought back to many negative memories. We are found out to easily and where truly well below par. We need to change fast and also bring in one more striker in January. Wenger of old throws on strikers when things are not going our way .. but its kinda hard doing that when we only have one .. (since Chamack doesnt even make bench )


Typical. One defeat and we’re back to the negative extreme.

Yes this was a horrid performance, but let’s see how we bounce back. The West Ham game ought to have given the team a lot of confidence, but we were just piss poor going forward today.

Bacary's right leg

^^ this.. I have seen over the years that with alot of arsenal fan myself included sometimes there are only 2 emotions. We can win the league happy or we wont make top 4 sad. but today was really bad though.

Bacary's right leg

and I think its because when we lose we do it in such a shitty way and conced shit goals. Its almost comically the way we lose sometimes


If we won today we would’ve been 4th and above Spurs.. If that’s not motivation enough, I don’t know what is! Players seemed knackered today and unfocused.. Makes you think if £60-100k+ a week doesn’t make you focus, perhaps a paycut will.

Our wage structure should be all comission, performance and bonus based with a base £20k salary – could’ve paid the stadium off by now.. Come on Wenger give em a good kick up the arse for the next game!


I dont think today was a case of players not trying, like it has been many times in the past. It was just nothing clicking going forward, there was not enough link up play, players were too far away from each other most of the time, and we could barely get to the edge of their area in any convincing manner.

Yes this was a horrible performance, but every team has that now and then. Can we recover from this, though? That’s going to be the key. One major upset during a league season does not spell disaster.


Bounce bounce bounce booooooo sick of bouncing!


Ramsey, gervinho, giroud not good enough. Why her persists with gervinho is beyond me. He subbed ramsey with 10 mins to go but should have done it with half an hour ago. Very deflated after today, wish I could take a positive out of it…


I can’t help but feel that Gervinho isn’t going to do well for Giroud. Plenty of times Gervinho insisted on dribbling forward pointlessly when he could have crossed it to Giroud. (Oh yeah, I forgot, he can’t cross.)


am i the only one getting extremely frustrated with gervinho and his extreme predictability as a winger: a) get the ball b)run with the ball for a while c)stop d)hover over the ball for a while, while facing the defender wasting the moves momentum and allowing defenders to get back into position e)try to run the ball past the defender f) reach the byline and try to put the ball back into the 6 yard box g) mostly get a corner or get dispossessed and maybe, rarely find an arsenal player in the box. i mean its good to try… Read more »


His time wasting on the cross keeps opposition guessing as well as his own team players.But i got a problem with our system why is that a early cross in not put in? And why is that when most of them are forward they just happen to stand on D lineand not fucking attack the ball how is Giroud in that gonna put pressure on those four defenders when he is alone and there are four of them surrounding him. Again dont stop on on the D make a dash towards six yard box.

Adam, Watford

Of ther three players you mention, I would single out Gervinho. Giroud is still bedding in and he has proved more than just a straight-up centre forward. Ramsey, again, is still getting back up to speed after being out for so long. Gervinho is frustrating beyond belief but has shown a run of form that Wenger, understandably, rewards him with a run in the team. However, against Norwich he hardly got behind their well packed defence and his touch lets him, and us, down when a team presses as tenaciously as The Canaries did. Completely missing the ball all together… Read more »

afc me

it really feels awful to be a gooner right about now! title contenders? did not see that today such an embarassing performance they should all be ashamed

JodyThe goon

Hopefully a blip and not a sign of where the team is. Its looking more and more like we are going to be battling out for 4th once again. Only 2 points better than we were this time last year.


Everyone needs a shock. Lets hope the team is mature to enough to handle it and bounce back. No more bullshit, its been 8 games,and the new signings will have found out today that no game is easy in the premier league. Lets see how they respond.


How does Ramsey get a game he is terrible

steve boulds hairdresser

todays performance was woeful. we know that. there is simply no point sitting here and moaning it. lets hope that the team is able to learn from it and move on, because thats the mark of champions, something which some fans forget we are aspiring to be, even though we may not be as close as some other teams…


Gutted. Lost for words.

donal doherty

Bolton 04/05 away,west brom 05/06 away,west ham 06/07 home,middlesbrough 07/08 away,hull 08/09 home,Wigan 09/10 away,Aston villa 10/11 home,countless games 11/12,norwich……fucking NORWICH 12/13…..all performances were it appeared some players couldn’t give two fucks about the arsenal.fucking sick of it,bergkamp Henry Vieira pires to gnabry giroud gervinho arshavin.Fuck off,so annoyed

afc me

this is the first im thinking RVP after a bad result and its worrying me…
i know hes gone and all but its heartbreaking seeing him win those cunts games. its a shame hes been such a dick but lets admit it we need such a player (not a dick) who can make the difference in games like this..

im really hoping this was just a bad day at the office but we just cannot allow too many of these

afc me

first time*


What do you think the-one-who-must-must-be-mentioned would be doing at the time the shit match was going on?

Ans- Shaking his head and telling himself he was right for leaving!


Been going to Arsenal for 35 years…for the first time after that performance I don’t really care anymore . Spineless,gutless and devoid of talent and pride. Arteta apart,the rest should give this wages to charity . If Santos is a footballer,I’m a Chinaman



Adam, Watford

I’ll agree, I think we missed Gibbs giving them a problem going down the left, but, the whole match was summed up by the first 5mins.

They pressed hard and chased every ball and our passing became sloppy and ragged. Nothing really changed from the first to last whistle.


You got the problem with our attack yesterday with pin point accuracy. We really missed Gibbs link up play with Pod.



Runcorn Gooner

Always look on the bright side of life de do de do de dobodo.
Today really was awful but it will get better ….please


i hope it cant get any worst but then i say that after the chav match and today happen


Didn’t see the game but half expected this result. The manager of a football club should have nothing to do with the finances of a football club… He should be concentrating solely on the team & be given ‘X’ amount of money to spend every season with no questions asked. The problem isn’t Wenger, the problem is upstairs… He has dragged these dinosaurs into modern times & they’re still resisting… Fuck off the board, speculate to accumulate, show Wenger the fucking money.

50 Shades of Ramsey

I hope Steve Bould fucking destroys them for this


Blah blah blah heard it all before. Arsenal are only ever a game or two away from performances like this. One of the reasons we can’t win a trophy.


It was worst performance for Many years at least the drubbing against united we tried but were outclassed. Norwich I’m not being harsh on them they are a ordinary championship team and will prove tht when next season being mid table of the championship. I’m consistent win or lose not jumping on the bandwagon of a lose the players the level of players we have sold and the level of players that remain are no way near good enough to challenge. “we are moving to a brand new stadium to compete with the big boys” ……only financially not On football… Read more »


Feel bad for our guys who were at Carrow Road. To watch it all unfold,live…yeesh.


Is it me or do we never actually let in legitimately good goals? Every goal we’ve conceded this season has been a poss poor set piece, own goal, penalty or mistake by goalie/defender. If we can cut these out we’d be halfway closer to winning things. Today’s a prime example, Mannone pushes that shot away and no rebound opportunity for the goal. I know they had other chances but even those couldve been prevented (vermaelen not runnin out with the ball and slipping). We were shit going forward today don’t get me wrong, but it would’ve been a lot better… Read more »


Clearly meant to be piss poor…not poss poor. Although u could call it that if u liked

Adam, Watford

I would often just be contrary purely to disagree with Robbie Savage but on this occasion I have found myself seeing it the same way, independently, I might add. The ball did move about a bit and if people want to lay blame then you could say Mannone misjudged the flight of the ball. You would have to concede also that many better keepers have also misjudged the flight of this ‘ balloon ‘ and excuse for a football. Mannone clearly would not have chosen to palm the ball out to the onrushing Holt but then the Tetey should have… Read more »


Robbie Savage? Who? A joke? How can you even listen this creature at all?

Andre Santos

Hey gays!! I play good today but for few times that were a little bit how do you say rusty?

My friend Jack might play if my other friends score

Frantic gooner

Is it odd that I find this weirdly creepy?


This is one of those matches that shows that we are just an above average team. There is no excuse for going away on international break. The other cunts won today and they all had internationals too. It’s one thing to be proud of having international players on your team, it’s another to have it come back and bite our behinds. Sad result and an opportunity to move to 4th. Next game against QPR will even be tougher because we’ll both be under pressure. We don’t need to dwell on what has happened(today or the last 7 years) but to… Read more »

Pak Gooner

It was quite poor, true. But Wenger’s absolutely spot on, that nobody can be singled out for blame, as we somehow lacked that unique spark we always have, that consistency (yes, Walcott included)! I’ve only been an Arsenal fan for 10 years, and it has been heartbreaking, but this squad most definitely has the depth, and I believe we can still challenge for the title. This was a bad jolt, let’s really pray and hope that we get back from this with a really strong performance. Love Arsenal too much to see this happening again. COYG.



Back down to earth

I have the hump


I thought we looked pretty good today. Just a few goals away from a win. Bleh


Disagree, Norwich looked more likely to score a second than we did to score an equalizer.


I am all for looking forward and still have high hopes for the team……..
but how many games will be a shock to the system..give that this happens every season or have I forgotten the meaning of word ‘shock’…
and I know we are the arse..but it will need to be very big…if we keep having to put many matches
like this behind us…
Arsene is still the man…but he really needs to kick some butts…
So few shots attempted….atleast try…utterly disappointed….


It is crazy how some people are refusing to see the truth. We are not top team any more. We have capacity for more but now we are among Everton, 5pur2 and Liverpool… Today we were predictable, 80’s kind of slow and impotent. It can not be much better when we have Mannone, Santos and Ramsey in the starting 11, and everybody else in some weird mood. I also watched WBA-City and I hate to say it but oiled City really fought and won in the last minutes. Unimaginable for us at the moment. Also we played with real CF… Read more »


we don’t have a squad …..just like people without future ambitions on the pitch ….and please what were this players doing gevinho,giroud,ashsavin,ramsy?all dust.


The worst thing about today is that it exposed how workmanlike our side has become. Cazorla aside, there’s not much magic on show.

It’s almost like you can’t sell your best players every year and still expect to challenge for trophies.


Nothing like a kick up the arse to wake us up – not good enough on the day but it can only get better from here on out. Come on you gunners.


We need much more caffeine to wake up. This should be enough but it isn’t cos it is not the 1st kick this season.


Still behind them all the way. But really, we have even more of a scrap for 4th than last year on our hands, let alone anything better. This result isn’t out of character, we just aren’t as consistent as the other big hitters.


Wenger needs to buy himself a hairdryer. Perhaps an ex 1st teamer who would tear proper strips off these lazy, pampered, soft wasters, when they play like that. Someone who’ll shout loud enough until someone on the pitch cops on and actually let’s the handbrake off long enough for the rest of them to find ‘that little bit sharpness’ that wins games like that. Only once (Liverpool away few years ago) can I recall hearing a talk he gave made a difference. Fergie does it whenever he needs to. Oh and they should all be put on a performance improvement… Read more »

[…] 来源:[arseblog news] […]

Giroud's abs

Hey guys, look at me. I can take your mind off of our horrific performance!


fuck off


I just hope they won’t be too tired for Wednesday and then again for the weekend! When a 17 year old is your last hope, there’s something terribly wrong with the team. And had our captain’s slip cost us a goal, well that would be Terry-fic


Having said that let this game be a one off boys. COYG!!!


“Robin Van Persie, he would have scored that.”

When Norwich fans sing that at us, and we lose, I don’t mind admitting that it’s fucking uncomfortable.


A lot of move ons and we can do its we have 12 points from 8 games. Even with the invincibles we would struggle to peg back this gap. Let’s be honest with ourselves 4 is the best we can do. It’s the best we can do every year for as long as I can rem. we have one centre forward in our squad and he is unproven I can say that as when chasing agoal mert went up front. Really it’s a hideous situation to be in. Something needs to change at the club personally I think Kronke and… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I know the negativity abounds on the board right now. We need only to look around, say City……who battled on with 10 mins to go at a difficult away venue and got the win, we could not be bothered to turn up against a team bottom of the league.

Which is why one will be challenging for the league title and another scrapping 4th. Losing to Chelsea is fine, I mean those cunts are cunts, but European Champions and one can always lose to European Champions…….but losing to Norwich like that is just shameful.

David O'Leary's Dad

Well that was shit

Fucking Norwich! It’s past embarrassing, I hate those yokel cunts

Problem is, until we pay world class wages we ain’t gonna be a world class team so got to expect results like this from time to time.

Weekend ruined now


Norwich aren’t a good team. V depressing to see such a mediocre Arsenal. Arteta the only one who put in a shift. Cazorla looked tired, plus it’s looking like neutralise him =.shut us down.
Someone get Wenger a coat. Every time it’s time for that bizarre oversized puffa jacket, our season falls away.

Red and White Stripey Socks

I’m with you on that one! That coat is a disaster!………….the coat of doooooom! Surely on 7m a year he could find something better!


We won’t finish in the top 10 let alone the top four 4! If we continue to play like that and all u gooners who keep goin on about that cunt van persie he has gone move on! Giroud will come good needs time to adapt nothing on the bench to change the game Walcott was missed yesterday!

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