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Wenger to make Wilshere decision

Jack Wilshere could be back in the squad, and in contention to play some part in the game, ahead of QPR’s visit to the Emirates on Saturday.

After two disappointing results the temptation to use Wilshere after his injury lay-off must be great, but the manager wasn’t giving anything definitive away at his press conference today, suggesting he’d think about his inclusion along with that of Bacary Sagna.

“Sanga could be back. Wilshere I have to consider”, he said. Having included him in the squad for the trip to Norwich, but declared the game too intense for him, it would be a surprise if he wasn’t picked for a home game.

With Arsenal desperately needing a lift in terms of performance, as well as result, having the energetic Englishman as an option from the bench would certainly do that.

Kieran Gibbs thigh injury rules him out of the game also, meaning another decision will have to be made over the left back position. Does he continue with Andre Santos, who suffered a torrid night against Schalke, or move Vermaelen out and bring Koscielny in alongside Per Mertesacker.

And speaking of the big German, he urged his teammates to get back to winning ways as soon as possible.

“We have had a difficult week, our results were kind of an accident, now we have to find our game again. The international break was kind of a killer for us. We have to find our strength back again quickly.

“We have the potential in us, but first we have to fight. It is our task now to find our self-confidence, we have great players with great potential, but at the moment you cannot feel we are a strong squad.

“So it will be good to have a game in three days so we can show our potential again.”

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big black clock

If he’s fit enough to make the bench then he’s fit enough to play.

Really need to bench under performers. If we’re gonna bring him on as a sub in the 80th minute then don’t bother.


I doubt he’ll make a difference tbh. He creates chances but then again we dont have a striker to take them. We should go and buy falcao or something but we’ll probably buy some shit striker from the ligue1 and call him ‘top quality’


To be honest, I think Giroud would have scored more goals with many other teams in the league, he really hasn’t had the chances with us so far. Think about it. These last couple games, we haven’t been taking many shots, and can you remember Giroud turning down chances to shoot the ball. I can’t. He is quality. How many minutes of football did he play for France before he scored against Spain? I have never seen Arsenal find it this hard to create chances, all they’ve been doing is passing the ball round posing zero danger. I think Jack… Read more »


yes that is a very tangible solution, we’ll just go and buy Falcao. I cant believe noone has thought of that before. While were at it we might aswell trade Squillaci for Benzema and ask nicely if Barca will loan us lionel messi for the rest of the season.

It happened in FIFA13, i dont see why its not possible……. -_-‘

The Lady Eowyn

For the love of God Arsene! Wilshere must start! He must! He can save us! He can take us to the Promised Land!

David O'Leary's Dad

Start Jack. Start Gnabry. Start Frimpong. Bench the under performers. Can’t do any fucking worse.


Little rant before I get into the Jack’s situation: Andres Santos simply didn’t look like he knows how to play LB. He is clueless of his surroundings. He goes up when he should not and takes tremendous time coming back to his position. He gambles with his tackles. I am actually more convinced that we should start Per, Kos, and Verm at the same time. Our captain can’t play worse at LB than Santos at the moment. I don’t want to rush Jack’s comeback, but if Jack can come back and rejuvenate/turn around this squad, he will truly become a… Read more »


Fucking play him proff, just fucking play him!.
He’s ready, we’re ready, we need him to play from the start (wishful thinking this, me thinks)
Wilshere > ramsey.
Ox > gervinho.


Is the Ox fit by the way?


Bouldy said him and gibbs were good to return and when bould speaks then it’s final!. No discussion!


Everyone is keen to have Wilshire start because of how poor at this moment in time we are perceived without him. If we rush him, and then he faces a lengthy lay-off… what next?

Sticking him on the bench brings him back into the match-day atmospheric match-day environment. I think he should make an appearance off the bench on the weekend, but that is it.

On another note, Gnabry looks one heck of a prospect.

The Lady Eowyn

He must be itching to start. I think he’ll put in the most effort of all the players. So, play him till we’re 3-0 up, then take him off around half time


In a few years the board will sell gnabry and wilshere. They’ll call it rebuilding


Sorry for the negativity but it just happens all the fucking time. I want to see the bright talents we bring through stay and play for the club. I just don’t see it happening that’s all.


Seems weird to me that he was on the bench vs Norwich. Shouldn’t he be closer to match fitness after having finished another 90 minutes on for the reserves?
I would like to see Gnabry start if the OX and Walcott are still not fit for saturday, i think we lacked some pace in the last 2 games and Gnabry looked promising

George Graham

ABR…..anyone but Ramsey.


Who is this ‘Sanga’ you speak of?
Never heard of him but I say give him a start against QPR,he can’t do much worse than the others have last couple of games…

The Lady Eowyn

But surely CJ has been brilliant. I’d play him still. Plus he’s an Arsenal fan so therefore it makes him happy to play


Maybe CJ on the left sagna on the right and santos on the bench ? plus CJ playerd whole season at chartlon as a LB .


We will beat hughes mugs sat,
as sure as a dog aynt a cat
it wont b pretty
more likely shitty
but 3pts man
il take that!

Dial Square

Yeah brilliant, now get off the laptop and get on with your homework…..

The Lady Eowyn

Agreed GunnerDareMacedonia.

I want Sagna to score like when he scored against Spurs that time. We were in a slump like now. He jumped higher than an eagle and yelled “I WILL NOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!”


In a poor week perhaps we can find something to smile about with regards to TGSTEL. Juventus fans and the whole of Italy were suprised at Juve signing him on loan. The reaction in Italy must’ve really shocked old nick! He’s currently warming the benches and has publicly pleaded with Juve to let him play. I think he’s clocked a grand total of 20mins this season or something like that.

I hope this experience in Italy has brought him back to earth. He is not known and feared across Europe and he most certainly is not TGSTEL!


Why should we smile about that? If we still had nick, we would have scored at least 4-6 more goals this year, gervinho wouldn’t be playing cf and giroud could have had a bit more time to acclimatize.

Another Mismanged player situation at the arse. We have one recognized cf with one epl goal, yet we keep that turd chamakh around and fuck nick, a much better player, off to Italy? Whose making these decisions?


P.s. I want Joachim Löw. Now.


I hugely doubt if Bendtner was with our squad now he would be the all-encompassing saviour. He was always pretty mediocre, often missed easy chances and was pretty much always subject to attacks from our fans (probably yourself included). The problem in the last two games has been about service and team play, not about having crap strikers who can’t finish – our midfield simply aren’t creating chances. If he was in the squad it’s almost certain that he would not play at all and the most likely reaction to him being brought on would be ‘Oh no, not him,… Read more »


TGSTEL will always be TGSTEL, if he plays or npt.

Lineup for saturday should be:

Jenkinson Mertesacker Koscielny Santos
Arteta Coq
Gnabry Caz Podolski

Let Jack, Bac and Frims come on with about 30 mins to go.

Let Jack, Bac



Jenks Mert Kosielny Vermaelen

Coq Arteta

Gnabry Caz Podolski


Cuddly maverick or not, Santos is too unreliable at LB, if anything i’d bring him on to rest Podolski (when he inevtiably gets subbed) and just call him a winger. Forget he was ever a LB


Wilshere will probably start on the bench, but one thing that I never understood about arsene is why when we are losing he puts our subs on with only 15mins to go, that’s not enought time to make that much of a difference!

Dial Square

Fuck me, for the last few weeks everyone has been saying we must not rush JW back, now he is the saviour of the club, talk about putting pressure on him.


I have no idea what happened during the interlull but our players have come back complete strangers. The shape and communication in the last two games have been absolutely awful. On the up side, the start to the season suggests this might just be a blip, and hopefully we can turn it around by giving QPR a nice strong kick in the bollocks this weekend. Cannot wait to see jack back, watching him school the barca centre mids way back when was an indescribably pleasurable experience for a gooner.


Dont rush him


We want to keep him cottoned for the January sale whenever he’ll be needed.


Troll harder.


We need to have a rethink, every time we lose 3or 4 first team players we look desperate. Ramsey is at best an understudy for Wilshire and Diaby, Gervihno is clueless and Santos is shit.

[…] 来源:[Arseblognews] […]


Ummm rememba not 2long ago diaby not fondly thought ov! Ez ad afew half decent performances but im not convinced. Ramsey? Well untill his leg got broke was on par but ez neva pushed on like jack. Bacray? Bin a loyal servant, but wv that dodgy leg 3 games at a stretch an eel b fucked again.blood these up an coming lads into the prem now aw. Jenks proves it can work an wenger sits twiddling will north londons finest club slowly is not god anymore an if e thinks e can av us ova a barrell an shaft… Read more »

Dial Square

FUCKING WRITE PROPERLY, you come across as a twatish 12 year old……
(still pissed off after reading the AGM blog, IG = cunt) and last nights performance, fucking twats-all of them, fuck knows what’s going to happen if we don’t beat the super hoops…….


It’s easier to just skip poorly written posts. That’s why I do.
Ignorance is bliss


When I read your post I imagined you talk like Ali G, it makes the whole thing more enjoyable

Adefila kay

What is wrong with d arsenal medical team, most people dont take note of this but i beleive they are the real problem arsenal have right now as a footballing club. You can imagine older players in other teams when they have the same type of injuries our younger players had they still come back quicker than our players. Ox and Gibbs had thigh strain see how many weeks its going to take them to start playing again, diaby was expected to come back after two weeks, where is he now, schezeny another three weeks more on treatment table likewise… Read more »

Mikel Artekkers

You’re an idiot.

gooner odst

Wenger has no choice but to bring him back ASAP. Something needs to be done to lift us from this slump.

Or he can use the same team from Schalke and hope they actually turn up.


Same old story…same old Arsenal…sell 2 of ur best players,buy medicore players….struggle initially,fans agitate,plead for patience,challenging on 4 fronts by February,fans hoping THIS would be the year…and then,crash out of d UCL in d quaterfinal stage(against barca,as usual),lost FA Cup q/final to West Ham,crash outta d Capital one cup….all within 2 weeks… Wenger points to Ucl qualification as d main thing now after of course we’ve fallen behind the top 2 by 18 points because Carzola suffered a minor injury that has kept him out since November even though Arsenal said 2 weeks, wobbled to 3rd at season’s end…fans sing… Read more »

Pak Gooner

So basically what you’re trying to convey to us via your impeccable grammatical prowess is that you’re tired of Arsenal? Then, sir, what the fucking fuck are you doing here? We love Arsenal and we’ll back it to the hilt, downs come but belief pulls you out of it, be it us supporters or players. I’m wordless after the Schalke game, but that doesn’t mean that after 2 bad games, which came after an explosive start to the season, do I summarize what my perspective of Arsenal is and belittle it. It’s my club and I love it, period, no… Read more »


All d bad Engrish here make upset me.

Gooner graham

Jacks gonna play sat im sure. Hooray

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