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WHAM 1-3 Arsenal: By the Numbers

70 – Aerial Duels between Arsenal and Stoke City on August 26th 2012¹
29 – Aerial Duels that Arsenal won v. Stoke
43 – Aerial Duels between Arsenal and West Ham today
18 – Aerial Duels that Arsenal won v. West Ham
41 – Percent of Aerial Duels that Arsenal won on both days
17 – Aerial Duels won by Andy Carroll²
8 – Aerial Duels lost by Andy Carroll
13 – Successful passes by Andy Carroll in Arsenal’s Final Third³
4 – Chances Andy Carroll created³
0 – Assists by Andy Carroll
3 – Aerial Duels won by Olivier Giroud³ (of 5 attempted)
9 – Successful passes by Olivier Giroud in West Ham’s Final Third
1 – Chances Olivier Giroud created
1 –Assists by Olivier Giroud
1 – Aerial Duels won by Lukas Podolski
16 – Successful passes by Lukas Podolski in West Ham’s Final Third
6 – Chances Lukas Podolski created²
1 – Assists by Lukas Podolski
10 – Andy Carroll Aerial Duels per game average 2012-2013¹
4.3 – Andy Carroll Aerial Duels per game average 2011-2012 (second best in the League)
1 – Aerial Duels won by Andy Carroll in defense v. Arsenal
0 – Aerial Duels won by Andy Carroll in the last 20 minutes of the game
68 – Percent of Aerial Duels that Andy Carroll won v. Arsenal
11 – Aerial Duels won by Mertesacker and Vermaelen today
16 – Aerial Duels lost by Mertesacker and Vermaelen
54 – Percent of Aerial Duels that Mertesacker won
29 – Percent of Aerial Duels that Vermaelen won

60 – Minute in which Theo Walcott is substituted on
8 – Shots by Arsenal before Theo’s substitution
2 – Shots on Goal by Arsenal before Theo’s substitution
13 – Shots by Arsenal after Theo’s introduction
5 – Shots on Goal by Arsenal after Theo’s introduction

1 – Yellow Cards Gervinho received for a foul which on replay showed conclusively there was no contact and that Mark Noble took an extra step after the tackle before his ignoble dive
0 – Times I heard Stewart Robson say that Noble dived to win that yellow card
2 – Yellow Cards Diame should have received for his celebration and for kneeing Arteta
3 – Handballs that Andy Carroll got away with in the first ten minutes
1 – Red Cards Ricardo Vas Te should have gotten for intentionally kicking Vito Mannone in the face before diving and then breaking his shoulder in the process
1 – Penalty fouls on Ramsey that Phil Dowd didn’t even call a foul

1.86 – Goals scored per game by Arsenal in 2012-2013 (all data League data only)
1.95 – Goals scored per game by Arsenal in all of 2011-2012
1.43 – Goals scored per game by Arsenal in the first 7 games of 2011-2012
0.71 – Goals conceded per game by Arsenal in 2012-2013
1.29 – Goals conceded per game by Arsenal in 2011-2012
2.29 – Goals conceded per game by Arsenal in the first 7 games of 2011-2012
15 – Opposition’s shots per goal against Arsenal in 2012-2013
8 – Opposition’s shots per goal against Arsenal in 2011-2012
5 – Opposition’s shots per goal against Arsenal in the first 7 games of 2011-2012
2 – Number of times Arsenal have conceded on the opposition’s first shot in 2012-2013 (WHAM, Montpellier)
10 – Shots per goal average for Santi Cazorla at Malaga in 2011-2012
14.5 – Shots per goal average for Santi Cazorla for Arsenal in 2012-2013
6 – Shots by Santi Cazorla v. West Ham today
7.6 – Shots per goal average for Olivier Giroud at Montpellier in 2011-2012
19 – Shots per goal average for Olivier Giroud for Arsenal in 2012-2013
8 – Shots by Olivier Giroud v. West Ham today
20 – Touches by Theo Walcott
12 – Passes by Theo Walcott
2 – Chances created by Theo Walcott
1 – Assists by Theo Walcott
1 – Shots by Theo Walcott
1 – Shots on goal by Theo Walcott
1 – Goals by Theo Walcott
1 – Is Theo Walcott
2 – Is Theo Walcott
3 – Is Theo Walcott
4 – Is Theo Walcott…


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¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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Santi Classzorla!


No, its Mikel Arteta


I’m reading Artetas statistics and it’s like goddamn de javu. Week in, week out he’s just top class. No slip in performance whatsoever, what is wrong with this guy?. ♥ Arteta ♥

Syrian Gunner

Up the arse! Great comeback win to keep morale high during the interlull and some mighty fine finishing for all the goals.


Arteta is a statistical phenom


True but Denilson was an attacking midfielder that we converted to DM. So comparing Denilson to Arteta is unfair.


Uhhhhh?? So was arteta. Denison just sucked.


Now just imagine what Denilson could have been if he had someone as majestic as Arteta to learn from. If he was given the last 20 mins of games to come on, learn and build confidence the same way Ramsey has been doing. The massive competition for midfield space would also have spurred him on but I guess we’ll never know…

ET Phone Home

6.022×10^23-# of times I’ve watched this Giroud gif

Dutch traitor

Avagadro number???

Master Bates


Clock End Mike

Actually, it’s Avogadro’s number, aka the Avogadro constant. But I know what you mean…
And yes, some Gooners are nerds too — we actually know about things.


By nerds: Psychologist – A man who watches everyone else when a beautiful girl enters the room.


Yes some gooners knows many things unlike spuds, uneducated.

hugh hefner

you can CUM inside baby !!


95-The amount of bitches Giroud’s gonna score with by the end of the night


5 is Theo Walcott
6 is Theo Walcott
7 is Theo Walcott
2 am is the time I am writing down this senseless comment still drunk and merry after tonight


Sadly not in today’s world, plus the pressure to get into the national team. Or, he could be a super sub for both club and country!! And create his own legacy!


iniesta did it, though he made the step up to a regular…reminds of the comment santi made about no big egos in the spanish team.


Are we criticising players for wanting to play a lot and score lots of goals now?


Great work 7am, much appreciated as always. Theo’s and Arteta’s stats are fucking incredible, I really mean that.

After the win I had quickly forgotten how dirty their players were and how much of a cunt Phil Dowd is. Cheers for reminding me. The cunts.


one wonders if the refs try hard to please their boss against The Arsenal.

Mike fucking riley…. The cunt who single handedly ended our unbeaten run back then.
Mike van nistelriley.

Highbury Canon

Phil dowd looks like fat sam’s brother.


Need a ref like Viktor Kassai in premier league.

Master Bates

I love that Infographic of Arteta ,He’s really awesome , we should have bought long time ago


Thanks 7am. I think the numbers column is great because numbers do speak volumes. But I think it’d be great to have a little analysis behind. In the sense that today you gave us very good stats on aerial duels, because they’re so important against Route 1 WHAM, but I wonder if Arsenal is coping well against them compared to other teams that WH has played against. I thought Carroll was a real threat but fortunately he was their only one.
Thanks again for the work you’re doing!


The answer is always more Arteta.


I endorse proper over the top NFL-style player profile/stat packages.

I particularly approve of the finishing move.

Andrew Maher

Info graphics like this guys:

Involving the pitch, and arsenal colours. I’m willing to help 🙂



Great stats, as always.
@Andrew (and 7am)
That’s some proper infographics. Could you give us a sample of what an arsenal version would look like?


And the mirror says this on top of the win:
The mirror, though, so take it with a jar full of salt.


It might be true but they kinda ruined the believability by adding that comment about Falcao at the end…really?? Falcaooo??!!


The unbelievable part is the bit about a 35 million windfall.


Carroll’s face in that picture is priceless. What a fucking bitch. Arteta is just a maestro, great stats once again. And how did Cazorla’s shot go to the right? It looks like he is shooting to the left side of the goal, but the ball travels beautifully across goal, and completely bewildered jaasskiliininaneenaaniinniiien. Giroud will do great things at Arsenal, his accuracy has been sub par, but his presence and movement up front do just enough to make me forget what a gorgeous specimen of a human he is. Seriously, those eyes make me weak in the knees. I also… Read more »


Off topic but:: hey bloggs, how come you can’t view any of the pictures on the mobile site? I read this site nearly exclusively on me iPhone. I wanna see the pics. 2- the contact form on the mobile site doesn’t work either, that’s why I posted this here instead of a simple email. 3-bOILK!!


You can, if you switch to the regular mobile theme i think.

Rad Carrot

I’ve got the free app, which seems to work absolutely fine on a Samsung – pictures always load for me.

Sol Goodman

Think you might be following this team for the wrong reasons. be careful with those soup ladles during the internationals.

Andre Santos

Arteta to win Ballon d’Or but still not feature for Spain!


Pretty amazing that Spain fails to field the best passer in all of Europe.


Well, he’s been the best passer in Europe for all of two months, and Spain has a won three major tournaments on the trot. So. . .

Although on current form, I would select Arteta over Xabi Alonso for that team.


You might not be a catholic but just a Cazorlic


Did anyone else notice in the replay how the ball had zero spin on it after santi struck it for his goal?

Le sausage

Do you guys want to see the most sexy .gif of Giroud ever?! I honestly stared at is for bloody ages. Dare I say it even turned me on.
Oh Olivier how I love thee… Forget gangnam style, all about ol ol ol Olivierrrr Giroud style!


You sound like a fag.


Homophobia is gay.


and so what if he is (maybe she is a girl!!! yes girl follow and like football too) ,you are just an ass


Yes and sometimes the bread can taste like shit, i believe the mirror story is this particular bread.


Shouldn’t byline of the column be 9:30amkickoff this time?


That Arteta stats is ridiculous. Just illustrates how brilliant of a DM he has been. I don’t know about you guys but I would prefer Arteta now get called up to the Spanish Side for selfish reasons.

Just curious, wonder how high the passing percentages Arsenal midfield has?


*not get called up. Typo

[…] Report – By the numbers – […]


If Dowd did so bad in United game, his next match would be AFC Wimbledon v Cheltenham Town…

[…] 来源 :[Arseblog News] […]

[…] what’s to say but fookin brilliant on both ends of the pitch. I read somewhere that you won something like 17 Aerial Duels ? Whatever those are. Irregardless, you were magnificent, so good in fact that they simply stopped […]


I just looked up some numbers of my own.

2 – league goals scored by Walcott
91.5 – minutes played per goal by Walcott
3 – league goals scored by Gervinho
159 – minutes played per goal by Gervinho

The sample size is still too small to be drawing conclusions. Direct comparison is also problematic. For example, most of Theo’s appearances have come as a substitute against tired legs late in matches, whereas Gervinho has usually started. I will still be monitoring these numbers as the season progresses.

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