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Arteta and Giroud added to late test list

Arsene Wenger has revealed a whole host of players are facing late fitness tests ahead of tomorrow’s North London derby.

The boss indicated yesterday that Bacary Sagna, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wojciech Szczesny would be put through their paces in training today, but he’s now added the likes of Mikel Arteta, Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud to the list.

While the check on Cazorla may well be routine given his late return from international duty, it’s a slight worry that Arteta appears to have picked up a hip injury despite remaining at London Colney all week and Giroud is struggling with calf and hamstring problems. Without wanting to unduly panic anybody, it does appear that Marouane Chamakh is our only fit attacker. (Update – forgot about Podolski…)

Interestingly, there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with Thomas Vermaelen despite the Belgian pulling out of his country’s squad this week.

Kieran Gibbs, Abou Diaby and Tomas Rosicky remain sidelined for a match which the boss believes can shape the season: “We’re a long way off the leaders so it’s important to come back,” he stated.

Asked by the press if Spurs were closing the gap Wenger also took the chance to have a cheeky dig at them down the road what live in our shadows by retorting: “I get this question every year.”

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Is Arsenal stronger than last year? In Midfield, yes. Strikeforce, no. I have a question. Santos was a lovable Brazilian last year. He surely was making the same errors as he is this year. Why is he being castigated now?


He took persie’s shirt at half time


podolski is lazy, not marking opposition fullback. Santos is always in a “two on one” situation. Happened in the schalke and united game – even sky pointed this out.


a better understanding is required thats it .
before you lament him lazy just watch livpool game again.


Truth be told I think poldi and santos prefer the same position, left wing. Santos isn’t a LB material purely because of his attacking mentality, because it causes his defensive positioning to be very erratic which confuses anyone trying to cover for him when he attacks. When poldi plays with gibbs you’ll notice how he has the stamina and speed to get back to his position very quickly which means less tracking back for poldi which means more running and pressing higher up the pitch by him.


Sky pointed it out? SKy commentators hate arsenal.the arsenal fans, the players and Wenger. I cant even watch a game cause even when we are winning they start talking about the arsenal that was and we are crap and all sorts of bull


don’t fucking start RAMSEY.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

You are joking, right? You don’t know Arsene by now, he would start Ramsey on the right unless Arteta injured.

He doesn’t care what you think, he doesn’t care if we win a real trophy as long as he wins the “keep the yank happy, make money and keep job 4th place trophy”, to him it is all about proven others wrong, he is using this club for that and making money. If 4 years of Almunia is a great player didn’t teach you any thing, I don’t know what will!!!!!!.

5pur2 dr00L

Sad but true, guys.


hahaha Wenger = legend, still though it’s hard not to be worried it sounds like literally the entire team is injured


Right, but we’ve played the international matches now…

gooner for life

“I get this question every year”

I cant even describe my feelings…

Wenger = Footballing God

pauly bear

Chamack ?? Wats wrong wit podo or Theo up front , let Santos play left wing sorted.all so … All ye need is Jack da da dada da all ye need is Jack . Jack jack . Jack is all we need !


What the fuck is a Podo?

pauly bear

PODOlski come on son it’s not the Da Vinci code. . .


Podo a new specie found in Amazon, and nothing related to our Poldoski.

Midfield Corporal

Wasn’t he in Lord of the Rings?


Chamakh’s game is very similar to Giroud…I hope he plays against Spuds and scores couple of headed goals…he has fantastic aerial presence and can easily disrupt those spud’s defense…I just hope our defense is good enough against adebuyer or that midget defoe…


Defoe’s injured 😀

Olivier Giroud

Don’t worry about Adebore.
He’s done his one season’s “look how great I am” for spuds and is now in “scum it ’til you sell me” mode.


Are you kidding me? travelling from norway to london for this sick derby and first the team are totally out of form in the start of the season and probably the most important people who can give us this win are injured… PLEASE PASS THE TEST AND WIN AND MAKE THIS THE SICKEST DERBY EVER!!!
COYG!!! <3

gooner in Manchester

I have the feeling that AW was playing a bit of a mind game with AVB. The team will come out fit and firing tomorrow.


Well it looks like it’s definitely gonna be the sickest derby with all these fitness tests



Wow. I mean I realize Spurs are depleted too so we don’t have allll that much room to complain but wow. Unsettling.

Gunnersaurus Rex

I am worried 🙁

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jenkinson mertesacker koscielny vermaelen
Frimpong coquelin
ramsey wilshire arshavin

martinez santos djourou yennaris eisfeld gnabry chamakh

thats if all the injured and doubtful dont make it


Yes that’s a really good team,you should play them against sp#rs and put there injured players out in FIFA 13.Then you will have the result for tomorrow,simple!


poor old gervinho. the lad doesn’t get a mention in any category. even rosicky got a mention!!

one trick pony

Go away with that mannone of yours.
Schezzers is the guy.

and i have a feeling wenger is fucking us over with the gibbs situation. if he’s fit please play him. The arsenal mojo dissappeared right along with his lay off.


“…Chamakh is our only fit attacker.”



i hope bale dont swap wings and run riot against santos otherwise were screwed. Alhthough i believe the game itself will bring the players up a notch in performance level. At least i hope! Asnl 3 – 1 Spuds


Fuck, that’s all most the whole first XI.


If you always play the same players without squad rotation, they tend to become exhausted then injured. Every season it’s the same story.

5pur2 dr00L

Yup… “We have a strong midfield… SO LET’S RUN IT INTO THE GROUND!”


Lets hope its just mind games from Wenger and nothing else…


How in the name of Dennis does Arteta pick up a hip injury while he’s been at home all week with his splendid Mrs?

Ah, I see.


mid-table teams crisis as usually.the clash of the mid-table Titans tomorrow!!!

one trick pony

lol vanpaymemore… you get shit and shittiee with every post.

find something to do with your life….like saying kissing manunited trash of fans arse.

or take your old man rudolf to the bathroom. it’s his bathroom break

or just do nothing at all…..that way you’ll be your normal cunt self.

Pride of London

Go shoot yourself you fucking loser!


Don’t feed the troll.


just saw the highlights of the ucl final 2006….it seems as if that was a very huge night in the history of the club as every day passes in hindsight…no wonder wenger calls it the worst experience he had…

one trick pony

“I get this question every year”.

okay hahahahaahah….ONE WORD.
LE-GE-ND-AR-Y…LOL to infinity!


Bit grim this news. Got to play Podolski up front if Giroud dont make it there is always goals in him.


“Arteta with hip injury”

Getting too much hot kinky sex are you?. Whips, handcuffs and all that other shit ey?.

Wenger transfer rule 101…….” No hot kinky sex before derby!…NO!”


Say what now..


What’s the injury status of the worlds largest forehead? Shit time to have all these injuries. Nothing worse than facing Spuds with a weakened squad. I’d love to see Theo & Podolski playing up front tomorrow. I don’t think Podolski saw the pitch against Netherlands so hopefully he’s recovered a little as it seemed he was a little burnt out. To his credit Chamakh did look pretty good against Reading. Maybe this is the game AA23 gets a start. Man I hope we buy a couple re-enforcements in Jan! I don’t think Rosicky or Diaby will be seen much the… Read more »

5pur2 dr00L

Thought Podolski came on as a late sub. Not positive though. But should be ready for us!


Btw i suspect all these are just on purpose to get the spuds to loosen up their squad before the derby as they will see we are also weakened thus no need to rush their returning injured “star” player……or maybe they are REALLY injured, hmmh…

Pride of London

haha what a reply from King Arsene. Tottenham are a fucking joke. every year they start this shit saying that this is thr year The power is shifting in North London. ha for all the mouthing they did last year and they didnt even make the champions league


Put anybody in there tomorrow sp.r will still lost the march. They no match up with gooooooner

Rad Carrot

Shit. Okay, where did we put that panic button?


That is all.


Mind the gap.


Fuck it if all else fails than I’d go with chamakh. I think players like poldi gervinho and walcott would thrive off his hold up play. If I remember back to a time when he was playing it was a certain player whose long term injury has been in line with how ling chamakhs form has dropped. There once was a time when Jacky boy and chamakkh seemed to be building a good understanding.

But this is if all else fails.. off course

5pur2 dr00L

Please don’t let all else fail!

David O'Leary's Dad

I’ll be happy if every one of our players tomorrow gives100% on the pitch, fight like crazy and is willing to die for our club.

If we do that, whoever is injured, we’ll have too much for the Sp**d cunts.

Come on lads this is the one!

Dick Swiveller

Indeed, I’d be tempted to start Frimpong and Jenkinson anyway, I know it isn’t only local players that understand derby’s as they happen all over the world but having a few more dyed-in-the-wool gooners out there might be nice to see.

Sagna on the left, Jenks on the right and Frimpong in for Arteta (if he’s injured) or the Coq.

Or finally reveal our masterstroke and let Djourou start in midfield, essentially converting to wing-backs and throwing AVB off his (normally astute) tactical game..


We need a win and this is the best time to get one if we going to recover.



Jenkinson Mert Kosc Verma

Ramsey Coq

Arshavin Jack Santos


I think thats probably the strongest team we have if all the late testers fail…


Until frimpong improves his passing he’s not ready for this kind of match
Could see him getting sent off also.

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