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Aston Villa 0-0 Arsenal: by the numbers (why hustle matters)

9 – Shots by Aston Villa
12 – Shots by Arsenal
4 – Shots on goal by Aston Villa
1 – Shots on goal by Arsenal
1051 – Days since a Premier League opponent kept Arsenal to just one shot on goal (9th January 2010 Arsenal 2-2 Everton. Rosicky goal 93rd minute, Osman OG 28th minute)
6.13 – Arsenal shots on goal per game average that (2009/2010) season
4.92 – Arsenal shots on goal per game average this season
36 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots on goal that they converted into goals both seasons
32 – Passes from Arteta to Mertesacker and from Mertesacker to Arteta, Arsenal’s most common pass combination (16 each way)
20 – Minute which Arsenal took their first shot (Ox, off target)
29 – Minute which Arsenal got their only shot on goal (Ramsey)
70 – Minute which Gervinho came on for Podolski
70 – Minute which Arsenal took their second to last shot (Ramsey, off target)
75 – Minute which Arsenal took their last shot (Ramsey, off target)
77 – Minute which Arshavin came on for Ox
86 – Minute which Coquelin came on for Giroud
19 – Shots in all competitions by Aaron Ramsey this season
1 – Goals scored in all competitions by Aaron Ramsey this season
31 – Shots per goal in the Premier League by Aaron Ramsey last season
10.75 – Shots per goal in Premier League play by Santi Cazorla
10.5 – Shots per goal in Premier League play by Olivier Giroud
2 – Shots by each of Giroud and Cazorla v. Aston Villa
4.75 – Shots per goal in Premier League play by Lukas Podolski
4 – Shots per goal in Premier League play by Theo Walcott

4 – Shots by Aaron Ramsey v. Aston Villa²
1 – Shots on goal by Aaron Ramsey² (tied with Westwood, Holman, Agbonlahor, and Bannon)
80 – Passes attempted by Aaron Ramsey²
77 – Passes completed by Aaron Ramsey²
39 – Passes completed by Ashley Westwood³
24 – Passes completed by Aaron Ramsey in the Villa final third
3 – Shots created by Aaron Ramsey² (tied with Giroud)
12 – Passes completed by Ashley Westwood in the Arsenal final third
2 – Shots created by Ashley Westwood³ (tied with Benteke and Bannon)
32 – Passes completed by Santi Cazorla in the Villa final third²
1 – Chances created by Santi Cazorla
0 – Turnovers by Aaron Ramsey
6 – Turnovers by Olivier Giroud² (tied with Benteke)
0 – Times Aaron Ramsey was dispossessed
3 – Times Giroud was dispossessed² (tied with Ox and Benteke)
2 – Shots taken by each of Cazorla, Giroud, and Ox.
1 – Shot by Olivier Giroud which made Arsene Wenger audibly yell “FOR FUCK’S SAKE”
2 – Attempted tackles by Mertesacker
2 – Successful tackles by Mertesacker
2 – Last ditch tackles by Mertesacker
2 – Blocks by Mertesacker² (tied with Bannan)
5 – Aerial duels won by Mertesacker³ (tied with Koscielny and Giroud)

7 – Clearances by Gibbs²
5 – Headed clearances by Gibbs²
5 – Interceptions by Gibbs² (tied with Arteta)

So you know how I do that “hustle board”? This is why:

  • Note that sometimes you don’t need a lot of effort to get a win (Southampton)
  • Stoke numbers unusually high because they forced Arsenal into 70 aerial duels (average is 31)
  • Arsenal outhustled Chelsea in tackles, inflating the overall duels number, but lost a lot of aerial duels
  • The overall trend is down
  • Tackles are down
  • Dribbles are down
  • Aerials are trending up
  • Against Villa Arsenal recorded the second fewest successful tackles of the season (11)
  • Against Villa Arsenal recorded the second fewest successful dribbles of the season (6)
  • If you take out the win over Soton, the draw to Villa was the third fewest duels won this season (Man U 21, Norwich 29, Soton 34, Villa 39)
  • 19 0f those 39 duels were aerials
  • 17 were tackles or dribbles, the second fewest  total of that number this season
  • If you look at shots on goal as a hustle stat, this could be considered the second worst performance by the Arsenal this season (1 shot on goal is the worst, 2 shots on goal were registered against Man U.)


All numbers today via Opta or my personal database

Follow Tim on twitter @7amkickoff and at

¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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Didn’t we only have one shot on goal against Norwich? Artetas 93 min effort?


Where has the trust in the reserve team gone. Eisfield would do well in place of Carzola in some of these games. Isnt there a striker in the reseves. I remember occassions when wenger used to bring in the likes of Jay simpson or other promising reserve player.

the king

we also had one shot on goal agains shalka at home.
coming in the 79 min.

our problem is attacking.


Our problem is keeping the ball when we are under ANY form of pressure. The news is out, the opposition has read the writing on the wall: to stop Arsenal, press all over the pitch, harass EVERYONE, force bad passing, etc… Villa just sucked bad enough that they couldn’t get a better result today. We all know of other teams that have… Do they not train under pressure? If not, they better start, because they can’t handle it – this is a slow Arsenal team. Sorry – I hate bashing my Arsenal, but damn, this is starting to look like… Read more »


At the ground the villa screens were saying 6 arsenal shots on target. Confused the fuck out of us.

H. P. Arsecraft

By team numbers: 1 = arrogant 25 = Spirited but confused 4 = Stable shoulder 6 = refuses to clear the ball, dangerous at both ends 28 = A big improvement (keep fit) 8 = Tired 16 = Scared to score incase someone dies 19 = Tired, so tired 9 = Uninterested, unmotivated, lazy 12 = Clumsy and probably tired 15 = Spoiled, uninterested, unmotivated 27 = truly a headless chicken, he is not good enoug 23 = Why is he even in the team? 22 = a central midfielder for a striker at 0-0 against Villa…… AW = Fails… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Buys youth players, fans complain
Buys experienced players, the fans complain.
Has to sell players to balance the books (as shown every year in the accounts), fans still don’t understand

No wonder Arsene doesn’t give a monkey’s what the fans think they know


We need another stat to track, and will be a VERY telling one… How about list ‘shit-all passes’ that went to nobody or directly to the opposing team. I am no ‘player’ basher, but eff-me if Ramsey didn’t pass the ball to a Villa player on more occasions than one would like to admit. You can add, Cazorla, Giroud, Ox, Arteta, and Podolsi to that list in today’s match. Come on now – this certain set of players has all the fixin’s to be great together, but have we not seen some very piss-poor passing in recent games? I see… Read more »


You don’t know what you’re talking about. My impression watching the game was that Rambo actually played well, the stats now back that up. Unfortunately, Rambo is one of the players that idiot fans use as a scape goat for the team not playing well regardless of his own performance.


Arsenal fans are a joke. Aaron Ramsey is an exceptionally talented football player and they must get behind him as him and Jack are the future of Arsenal football club.

I guarentee if Ramsey was English and Jack was Welsh. We all know who the English media would hype and rate over the other. Both are exceptionally talented footballers and can excel at our club. They both need our support. Ignore this trophy drought rubbish and enjoy the football we are trying to play.

Parisian Weetabix

What the hell are you talking about? Did you even read the article? Did you even watch the game? Ramsey – along with Mertesacker – was one of the only players who actually played well. He DIDN’T give the ball away once, he got more promising positions than just about any other player, and had a very accomplished performance. I think you need to switch off the default “Blame Ramsey for poor Arsenal performance” settings, pay some attention, and give credit where it’s due.


What if Ramsey doesn’t top your shit passes league? Will you stop breathing?

Doctor Proctor

Team, 4 out of 10

Wenger, average over past three seasons

1 out of 10

POst match press conference

minus 100


All those numbers do say one thing….. you have far too much time on your hands. Try watching some porn or getting yourself a girlfriend.

Wenger's Herpes

Because watching porn is far more worthwhile isn’t it you plonker, Rodders.


Yes…. because I was being absolutely serious when I wrote that Trigger!

Gunner From Another Mother

Lol, wtf is wrong with you?


Its called a joke…. and you typed lol. Does it really need explaining?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No Alan, it’s not a joke. It’s an attempt to look witty perhaps, but not a joke.

Your “internet age” just took a hit. You are looking rather young as a result of your post and your response to it’s replies. I recommend you read more, and develop a feel for witticisms and constructive criticism.

Parisian Weetabix

Ha ha ha I’m dying of laughter.

Gooner Al

Again, thanks for the effort with putting these numbers together! There always good to analyse after each game.

Especially loving the hustle board. Although, I’m not enjoying the trend lines in decline since the start of the season (albeit a few anomalies).


The trend lines is because Arsenal are in a run of a match every 4 days on average, with the same (or nearly the same) midfield. A midfield that is getting VERY tired. For that matter, Podolski looks tired as did Giroud today. I have to say – Everton scares me for that reason alone. For all those people who look at Podolski and say ‘lazy’ or ‘uninspired’, I have to assume you have ALWAYS thought this. Podolski has played this way most of his career… he is a poacher, and the modicum of efficiency. He is not the speedster… Read more »

Mate Kiddleton

*100 caps, not goals


Team v Villa, 4 out of 10

Wenger, 1 out of 10

Post match press conference
Minus 100

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I thought we told you to fuck off already Adebayor?

Arsenal Rising

Fucking pathetic then!


We supporters need to change, when the team doesn’t perform, we have to stop blaming wenger! When we win, we just praise our players. That’s not right! When we win, we praise the manager and the players. When we lose, it’s all down to the player, wenger would have assembled the right team, the right players and stuff. So everyone, pls stop blaming wenger! The whole team was shit yesterday except for szczesny and the defence!

gnarly charlie

And you picked the team? And made those awful subs?

gnarly charlie


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

OK gnarly, how would you have dealt with Giroud’s tiredness? Would you have subbed him? Who would you have brought on?

If you are going to tell us the manager is shit you should at least tell us exactly what he should have done. You can’t replace action with vacuum.


Did I watch the same game? I saw a Villa team that worked hard, weather that didn’t favor our passing game, sensible decisions to rest key players, good work from Giroud. I mean, I’m annoyed as anyone when we lose or draw, especially against bottom teams, but this does not warrant a revolution. I’m having trouble understanding why suddenly all hell is breaking loose in the comments’ section.


I am only going to say …if weather never favours arsenal with their passing games then are arsenal players going to play the same way and curse the weather or start lumping the ball forward to giroud. Common sense mate! you can’t be a one trick pony every time and expect result.

Parisian Weetabix

Yeah, but we have to be able to find a way round it. This team is languishing in sixth place, a fair way off the leaders, and it’s because of repeated performances like this one. The only match in about the last five in which we looked anything other than completely devoid of ideas was against Sp*rs, and that was largely because they went down to 10. I think the problem is mediocrity on the wings. We have good players out there – Podolski, Gervinho, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Arshavin are all good players – but they are not game changing… Read more »


In every job interview you are asked one very basic question …”can you handle the pressure?” i dont think these questions are ever asked to arsenal players by Wenger. look at Giroud he is massive in air and holds ball well…but he cant tell his flanks to supply him with crosses. Its his responsibilty to remind those flanks to cross and make use of his qualtiy. Arteta should have screamed his team mates head off, when teams stuck in bottom starts to dictate the proceedings of the game. He is the captain afterall for FFS. Somebody from the team should… Read more »


Spot on.
Anyone who watched Chelsea-Juve the other night will agree with what you said.

gnarly charlie

Gervinho…. the worst. Please get injured again so I never have to see you in the legendary red and white ever again.


I don’t want to see him get hurt. I would like to see him be sold/ given away and replaced. He’s not good enough and we need a proper winger.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That is not a fitting sentiment for a Gooner. You have failed the Gooner creed. That is not what The Arsenal is about. Hang your head in shame.

ramseys back pass

our problem is creativity. Santi aside we lack playes who can take on a man beat him and create a decent chance.
Theo, gervinho can, some times. Ox, rambo, poldi, rarely do it. Arshavin looks like he can every time he comes on.

Gunner From Another Mother

I agree. Can’t tell you how sick I am of our players dribbling at an opponent (most likely super slowly) only to turn around and pass it back instead trying to beat their man or trying to make a killer pass. I feel when we’re in the final third we need to take more risks with our passing. Especially against the type of teams where we know even if it doesn’t come off we will likely win back possession right away anyway.

Parisian Weetabix

Yes. It’s that burst forward that Diaby gave us that we are missing. Right now, we have to pass it slowly forward up the pitch, which allows opponents so much time to get back and defend that by the time we reach their box there’s a brick wall in the way. If we were Barcelona, we would have the technical ability to deal with such brick walls. You will notice that Barcelona don’t have a player like Diaby in their team, because they don’t need to bear down quickly on defenses. But we do, because we can’t play those cute… Read more »

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

thought Giroud did really well with his flicks and general hold up play. Needed to get on the end of more moves though

Gunner From Another Mother

Anyone else think Giroud would do well playing in a strike partnership as the deeper of the two, behind a striker with some pace (Walcott perhaps) ? I feel like he usually does something productive when he drops into the midfield.


He removes Giroud, then brings on arshavin who we all know is a good crosser of the ball and giroud could well benefit from his crosses. Puts in gervinho at c.f then decides to whine to the press about our passes and inacurracy!.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No he didn’t. He brought on Arshavin and Gervinho, probably to try a different approach to getting the ball into the opposition area and to freshen up the team (We weren’t too strong feeding balls in from the right in my opinion. Jenkinson often runs up to the opposition and then turns and passes backwards (which is disappointing as we know he loves to cross the ball. However he isn’t the only one doing this too often, many of our players check and retreat more than we are used to). Anyway, there was a chance that the changes Wenger made… Read more »


Ramsey looked good on the start of the second half and if he was the performer of the day then it was only because he wasnt that largely marked by villa as arteta , cazorla were.even i wanted wilshere to come in but saw why Boss didnt bring him on, coquelin did free up arteta only thing i wanted was Arshavin( a guy who was always marked by opposition two years ago) before Gervinho only because of his early crosses and decision making maybe Giroud couldhave gone on the end of some.

Parisian Weetabix

A full stop button, motherfucker. Do you have one?


We are back at our standard performance this season. Playing slow, predictable and impotent. Also we are missing Song or somebody in the middle who can take the ball to the front so Per doesn’t have to do that almost every time. I don’t understand which position Ramsey is jumping (playing?) around? Giroud was very good today but all those players around him are looking like they are not training together. Poor weather? I don’t care. Obviously we miss quality when Sagna, Wilshere and Walcott are not playing. I’m hoping for Rosicky asap cos in matches like this one, if… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

Rosicky got his head down and ran with the ball and got the defense on the back foot. He didn’t necessarily directly create chances, but he gained us so much territory so quickly last season, and it greatly disrupted defenses. He actually dared to venture forward, instead of just passing it about. I wonder if we should stick Santi out wide, and play Rosicky in his position, with Santi drifting inside to create. That way we get Rosicky’s ability to get at defenses, without losing Santi’s ability to create chances. Shame we can’t just have one player amazing at both,… Read more »


For me, arsenal look like they don’t know how to move the ball under pressure.

All of our build up starts predictably from mert on the right.

Ramsey may have played well but i failed to notice in such an all round abject performance.

If this rot lasts all season then arsenal are in deep shit. You can’t just get rid of the players you have, and we have too many players that don’t look to be working out

Big Chief from Antarctica

Didn’t get the line-up and subs.. Coquelin for Arteta, Wilshere for Ramsey and Gervinho for Giroud would have made more sense. Fans shouldn’t question Wenger in the stands but Wenger got to get his priorities straight. Why go defensive when 0-0.. that’s not the Arsenal mentality.


Nobody “got defensive”. When Giroud went off we kept the same shape, with Gervinho moving to center forward, Ramsey in offensive MF, and Cazorla and Arshavin on the wings.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] report – By the numbers – Player ratings – […]

Ace McGoldrick

Bad day at the office. Thought Ramsey worked his socks off trying to make things happen for us so credit to him.


Good player Ramsey, as he rightly said his worst performances came from playing on the right, perhaps Wenger did him a disservice by playing him there, one outstanding performance against Man City shouldn’t really make him a viable option for right wing. I thought we missed an extra 3-4% the other night, could have done with playing it down the left more, absolutely love having Kieran Gibbs back, that boy can run.


AV’s gameplan seemed pretty straightforward. They have watched the tapes.
1. Keep 11 on the pitch
2. High press
3. Tight mark on Santi
4. More than happy to give Ramsey time and space, correctly assuming that they won’t get punished for it.

If we can’t pick up 3 points from AV, where are we going to find the necessary points to stay in the top 4? This game looked way too similar to the Norwich, Stoke, Sunderland and QPR games.

Re-watch the game. How many times is Per on the ball?


Yes! I agree… they left Per on the ball, gave Ramsey space to jump headlesly around… close all others who were littlebit tired…


I agree…our players look jaded…arteta is 30…wenger would never play a 30 year old in every match….what’s going on with wenger…i want him to do well but i struggle to defend him anymore

[…] performance: “possession, pressure and depth.” By and large Arsenal, within their own means, achieved good pressure when defending, winning the ball back many times. But going forwards, they lacked men who could stretch the pitch. At a number of times with […]

[…] performance: “possession, pressure and depth.” By and large Arsenal, within their own means, achieved good pressure when defending, winning the ball back many times. But going forwards, they lacked men who could stretch the pitch. At a number of times with […]

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