Thursday, June 1, 2023

Gazidis Q&A – Emirates, Nike, signings, salaries and silverware

As has been well documented, Arsenal signed a new deal with Emirates this afternoon which will see the club earn £150 million over the next five years. Free money you say? Lovely.

Well not quite, in return our players will continue to wear Emirates on their match shirts and training gear and, being gentlemen, we’ve also thrown in an extension to the naming rights of the stadium which will continue to be known as the Emirates until 2028.

Arseblog News was lucky enough to be present at this afternoon’s press conference ‘unveiling’ and also the question and answer session with CEO Ivan Gazidis, CCO Tom Fox and Emirates Senior Vice President Boutros Boutros which followed. This is a transcript of what was said in the latter.

It’s long. You’ve been warned…

(Apologies to the members of the press who were present, it was tough to distinguish who asked what questions while doing the write-up so I’ve not personally attributed questions)

Boutros, did the fact that Emirates already own the Stadium naming rights give you the upper hand in negotiations?

Boutros Boutros [BB]: When you commit, you commit to a club. For Emirates, like with everything else, it was a case of, ‘do we move to another club or not?’ For us loyalty is important; loyalty to our customers and loyalty to our club. We knew we could renew or not renew, it wasn’t a case of playing hard with the club because we knew it would be difficult to change the name [of the stadium]. When we [Arsenal] moved from Highbury we were warned and told ‘people will not forgive you, everybody knows it as Highbury.’ But the public and the fans they realise that the money we put in helped Arsenal finish the new stadium on time and to bring the revenues up. We witnessed in Australia other properties have changed name and the press gets used to it quickly. They do it so quickly between one brand and another; in England it’s different people, but I believe the colour of Emirates is red, the colour of Arsenal is red, the name of Emirates, the association by that time [2021]…you can’t split it. If it splits I’m sure Arsenal will find somebody else.

Arsenal have not been spending the money they earn, or so it appears. Do you want them to start buying and competing for the best players so they win a trophy in this stadium?

BB: We are good at managing an airline, we don’t manage clubs. We would love to see the club doing better of course and to continue doing better. Most important for us is to continue with the club. We commit to a club which we know in ten years time will be there [at the top]. Through the years Arsenal have proved and demonstrated that they are a strong player. They managed to maintain and expand their fan base and this is what is important for us. There is only one winner, only one can win, but you can always work hard to be in the top five and they’ve done that. I don’t see too many clubs playing 13, 14 years in the Champions League.

In that time there has been 30 major trophies Arsenal could have won…

BB: We would love to see them winning, but as I said we’re good at managing airlines, we can’t tell them how to run their club.

Is it frustrating that you don’t have a trophy to parade around your fleet of planes and around the Middle East?

BB: It’s not frustrating, but as I said we’d love to see them winning, just like the fans would. Do the fans switch to another club? No they don’t. At the end of the day, you either commit to the club or not. If you do that you have to accept the result. That’s sports.

Ivan, are you starting to think there’s a curse on this stadium given the trophy cabinet hasn’t seen any silverware since you built it?

Ivan Gazidis [IG]:  We could spend time revisiting that question again and again or again or we can look forward. We as a club always look forward. I think the stadium move has been an incredibly and I think we’re a different football club today than we would have been without that brave and bold move. I think the magnitude of this deal speaks to the direction that we’re heading. I’m looking forward with real confidence and optimism about what we’re able to achieve over the next five years. Absolutely it has to include winning trophies.

The deal is for £150 million, can you strip down the figures for us regarding the training kit and stadium naming rights?

IG: We haven’t separated it out in that way. It’s very difficult to place a value on the [stadium] naming rights for example. It’s not a substantial part of the deal. The deal is, in the same way as the last one was, for [Emirates to sponsor] the shirt front and training kit. I hope it’s obvious that that represents a great commitment from Emirates on their part.

You said earlier [in the press conference] you didn’t want to clutter up the training kit with sponsors which is different to Manchester United. You’ve set up your commercial strategy similar to them, and we’re told you’ve people looking for deals, but they’ve gone down that route with their training kit…

IG: I don’t think the fact we’ve developed our commercial capability means that we have the same approach and same strategy as Manchester United…and nor am I critical of their strategy and direction. We’ve set up a strategy which is right for us that we think delivers value to our partners. We’re a club who wants to have long-term partners that delivers value to our partners so that they feel confident and comfortable renewing with us. This deal is the biggest possible statement you could make. The commercial changes we’ve made within the club have enabled us to give real value to our strongest partners. The fact that Emirates, a company who knows us very well for many years, have renewed for another long term is a real statement about the type of relationships we want to develop…and not just with Emirates, but with our other partners as well.

How are you different to Manchester United?

IG: Our strategy is based around developing Arsenal’s name and brand around the world. We’re still in a growth phase; it’s very largely based in terms of outreach and not just with the first team tours. There’s a strong digital strategy, we have 60 million visitors to our website every year, 12 million followers on Facebook, 2 million followers on Twitter, 1 million on Weibo in China alone – this hasn’t just happened it has been the result of a lot of effort and purpose within the club and it’s the kind of base foundation which partners look for. I think the club is consistent in upholding its values of responsible management and also, although people talk of our deficiencies in terms of performance, it is remarkably consistent in performing on the pitch. Emirates, and indeed any partner, can work with us knowing we’ll be at the top of the game now or ten years from now and 20 years from now. That is very, very powerful because partners look for consistency and they want to know that the club that they are partnering with is going to represent them the way they want. I do not talk at all about Manchester United’s strategy, this is our strategy.

The figures are impressive, but how much longer can you afford to go without a trophy?

IG: We want to win a trophy every single year and we want to win a trophy this year. I can’t state an ambition more clearly than that. Clearly the landscape is challenging for us. We’ve chosen a path which is not easy and we get criticised for it, even though I think it’s a little unjust, but we’re not satisfied where we are and we’re trying to push forward. We’re doing that with a very well articulated strategy. I think everybody understands it, even if they don’t agree. The stategy is that we stand on our own two feet and the advantages of that are that we don’t have to rely on anybody for success. It means we can look forward and plan with confidence for the future. I can say with confidence to Boutros and any potential partner that we’ll be at the top of the game as we look forward. I don’t pretend that it’s not without challenges. Obviously we’re competing against clubs that seem to have unlimited budgets. I don’t think it would be a sensible strategy to try and outspend them so we’ve adopted a different path; one we’re walking with confidence because it appeals to very many people including our partners.

Ivan, there can’t be any guarantee that Arsenal are going to stay at the top?

IG: There are no guarantees in football. Nobody can state with confidence anything in football, but I do think we’re developing the right strategic plan for our club. Whether we can deliver on that is going to depend on how well we execute the plan.

Executing things on the pitch drives everything else surely?

IG: Absolutely, it’s a virtuous circle; that’s our model in a nutshell. It’s all about success on the pitch which drives commercial revenues and commercial revenues enhance our ability to reinvest on the pitch. Hopefully if we execute our [off-field] plans it drives success on the pitch. That’s the virtuous circle model we’re driving. As far as your focus on the fact we’ve not won trophies, and I don’t criticise you for that it’s justifiable because we want to win as well, it’s also true to say, as Boutros has emphasised a number of times, we have remained at the top of the game. We’ve just qualified for the thirteenth time in a row for the knockout stages of the Champions League. I’m not sure there’s any other team in Europe who’ve done that, there may be nobody.

There is. Real Madrid…

IG: That’s a tremendously consistent level of success. I don’t pretend I’m satisfied with that. I don’t think Arsene is and I don’t think our players are. We want to do better, of course we do. I also take issue with the characterisation that we’re struggling on the competitive side because we’re consistently at the top. If we want to get better it’s this type of relationship [with Emirates] that will help us push forward and give the fans what they want.

Do you feel under pressure to spend?

IG: There’s clearly pressure to spend. The bigger pressure is doing it in a way that pushes the club forward. It’s very easy to spend a lot of money and not get a lot of benefit from that on the pitch. We have a manager who I think has done an outstanding job through a difficult period over the last ten years. He’s done an outstanding job. He’s the person we rely on as to when and how we invest this money. He will do an outstanding job with that, I’ve absolutely no doubt.

Over the last few years there’s been a pattern of one or two top players leaving. Do you think with this extra money that will stop now? People are already looking at next summer and worrying about Walcott and Sagna and worried about it happening again. Can you stop that?

IG: I think each situation and each player’s situation is slightly different so it’s actually quite difficult to generalise. What I will say is it gives us more resources to make smart decisions. I don’t think that necessarily means that every single player ends up extending their deal. There are a variety of different reasons as to why players don’t do that and there are limits to what any club would or should be agreeing to in terms of renewal terms. That’s part of the negotiating process, there are many players, not just at Arsenal, who approach the end of their contracts. If you had no player approaching the end of their contract that essentially means you’re agreeing to all the terms that are put in front of you. That’s not prudent management if you have a limited budget. If you have an unlimited budget that’s fine. If you have a limited budget you actually have to make some hard decisions along the way. That’s challenging.

I think over time we’ve made good decisions, certainly not perfect decisions regarding our player pool, but very good decisions. The reason I say that is because if you step back and look at our performances against our overall transfer and wage spend in the last ten to fifteen years we’ve outperformed every single year. It’s possible to do it for a few years in a row and fall away because you put money into players that in the short-term give you performance but over the longer term will not. To be able to do it consistently over a long period of time is very challenging in a competitive market place and I think we’ve done a good job.

Do I think we’re perfect? Absolutely not, we’ve made lots of mistakes along the way. But overall we do an outstanding job and that’s largely credit to Arsene Wenger and his responsible management of the budget. I also would say that it’s down to the relationship we have with Arsene. Because we have a long-term relationship with Arsene it frees him to think about not just the short-term, but also the long-term health of the club. He always puts the club first. It’s not just about money, he’ll invest in young players. It’s an investment you pay for, but it’s an investment he’s made consistently over time. I question whether Jack Wilshere would be the player he is today if Arsene hadn’t invested in him, invested playing time in Jack. That’s also a kind of investment which isn’t just about money.You take a hit in the short term but over the longer term has proved to be very efficient for this club.

10 years ago this club was vying with Manchester United at the top of the game in England, but certainly wasn’t vying at the top of the game in Europe. I think the club and the board of directors, many of whom are still around, took an ambitious decision to build a new stadium. They executed that decision with excellence on budget and on time and here we are now. The major commercial deals helped us to build the stadium and are now coming towards their expiration and we’ll now see uplift in value and this tremendous investment from Emirates represents the final step in that move. While we haven’t achieved the success, in terms of trophies in the last few years, in the meantime the club is now ranked fifth or sixth in UEFA’s latest rankings. We’re moving forward, significantly, really dramatically and financially. That’s a very impressive step forward by the club and a lot of patience and a lot of strategic thought and discipline. We’ve been buffeted along the way and criticised along the way and we’ve held firm and stuck to our path. We’re looking forward with real optimism.

Ivan, you personally came under a lot of fire not only at the AGM but also from the travelling fans at Old Trafford. Do you feel this deal vindicates your strategy?

IG: I don’t think this deal is about me. We’ve got a fantastic team at this football club and we’ve a lot of people who work passionately for this club who care about this club as much as the fans. The fans don’t have a monopoly on caring about the club. The people who work here care about it and live and die by our results as much as they [the fans] do. I think this deal validates the strategy we’ve embarked on; to develop our internal capabilities. Partnerships like this don’t happen just because you want them to. You can’t just name your price, you have to deliver value and be able to prove it to partners. We’ve embarked on a path which is difficult to explain externally but which has really transformed our ability to deliver value to partners. The touring internationally, the stuff with IT, our CRM systems…I could go on and on about the capability transformations. A deal like this doesn’t just happen, it takes hard work.

But given that hard work, were you hurt by the personal criticism?

IG: I don’t take those criticisms personally, we know the path we’re on, we know what we’re trying to achieve and I’m convinced we’ll deliver.

What’s the latest with the Nike deal?

IG: We’ve had a really good relationship with Nike, the same as we’ve had with Emirates and it comes up [for renewal] in 2014. We’re in those discussions at the moment, but I won’t have anything to say on that until we have something to announce.

You mentioned Jack Wilshere earlier and investing in youth, but look at Cesc Fabregas, how can you nurture loyalty from the players?

IG: There are no guarantees in football, what we can do is develop a really solid financial platform for the club that gives us the ability to compete for top players, both those we want to bring in and those we want to keep. It has been challenging but we’re now coming towards the end of the stadium move and we’ll be able to be more financially competitive. That will enable us to push forward on the field. Nobody is satisfied with where we are, the whole purpose of all the things we have around us including this very stadium is to push us forward. We talk of the club’s values and one of the strong values, which goes back to the 1930s and even before then, is to look forward and not be satisfied standing still. I think we can compete for the best talent.

Can you pay bigger salaries?

IG: We can pay bigger salaries and I think we can invest more in transfer fees. How we make those decisions will be based on the decisions of a manager who over the years has been absolutely outstanding. There’s nobody I would want to be thinking about those decisions more than Arsene Wenger.

You mentioned in the press conference that some of the money would be front loaded. Can you tell us when and how much you’ll have to spend?

IG: We’ve got a lot of money coming in. I’m not sure…Tom [Fox] are we quantifying that?

Tom Fox: [shakes head no…not a big talker Tom]

IG: I don’t think we’re going to quantify that but you’ll see it ultimately in next year’s financial results. We do have cash coming in. Emirates were very good in the discussions about the deal. We wanted to be able to invest in the team a little bit more now so we’ll have that capability by the summer. As I said in the summer just passed, we’ve kept some powder dry so we’ve got the ability to invest if the manager finds the right opportunities in January.

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spend some money on a new striker then :)) cavani or dzeko


I’d like to see them spend money on Sagna and Walcott. But if all they think about is business then their decisions come down to paying $20mil for 4 years on either of the players and if that is the sensible long term situation for the club.

We do have C. Jenkinson coming through so letting go of Sagna wouldn’t be a surprise, harsh reality,


I think we should offer to tear up the final season of Sagna’s contract and extend him out three years. That takes him to 32 and allows Jenks to mature. By the end of that contract, Carl will be 23-24 and ready to rule the EPL. Sagna deserves to be paid more. How to fund it? Get rid of Squillaci, Chamakh, Park, Bendtner, Arshavin, etc….Oh and Walcott is coming into his prime. Pay him 90k per week and Arsenal will be glad to keep him.

Cygan's Middle Foot

IG (to emirates): I don’t care it’s 45 mil a year the shirt naming only! (trying to compare with manure’s deal)
Emirates: Please, make it 35 mil a year for “everything” (shirt PLUS stadium). The difference of anything lower that that, is yours. We ll transfer that straight in to your bank account.
IG: You understand me very well.
Emirates: And oh btw, we want the longer term of the stadium naming right.
IG: Sure, whatever you want.

Fuck IG


Wow, some of those questions were extremely pointed and seemed more about reporters wanting to knock down Arsenal and paint the club as a failure than wanting to actually learn about the deal.


I applaud the questions aimed at them. We’ve suddenly got an extra 25mill per season which they clearly knew was coming, yet they are haggling over an extra 10-15k for Theo Walcott to Sign an extension. Doesn’t seem like anything has changed to me. Especially when they say money is put away for January in case we need it. Fuckin hell then just give the boy the cash so we don’t lose our top goalscorer two years running.


10k a week is half a mil a year…


Yep half a mill a year that I would rather see in theos pockets then stans or in a bank collecting interest.


Or if you put it this way, half a million more that is on the PITCH each year. Not just a figure on a financial report to prove its there.


Goontang, you don’t understand at all – the price for signing walcott isn’t 10 – 15k, it’s 25m – 5 years x 100k per week for an unsellable player if he drops back where he was just a half a year ago. I’m saying he will, but I’m always a bit cautious with players who suddenly improve just before renewing the contract.


It’s not about the 10k tho I reckon. It’s probably gonna be 20k+ and Theo’s reassurances that its not about money just leaves it all mysterious and what not. I dunno, as much as I rate theo by stepping it up this season and would hate to see him at another club, you can’t forget the last few years and if he really wanted to stay he wouldn’t be stalling and would find some middle ground.


Spend da ting..


“How are you different to Manchester united?”
So many answers to this question here but Gazidis told it just fine too. I would have deviated away from the commercial differences and taken a swipe at a certain cunt. Like say we are different because we are now cunt free.

The emirates deal should be a revelation to us all gooners. From i think £5.5 to £30 million. That’s like what????…….1 benzema. Get on with it arsene.


It’s not “from £5.5m” though, is it? It includes the stadium naming rights, which in 15 years time could be worth £20-30m a year alone. SO you’re looking at the £5.5m of shirt sponsor + the £2.8m (?) that we currently get for the stadium naming rights. You mightn’t give a shit about my opinion, but I’m convinced this deal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Ivan even dodged talking about how the money is divided up probably because he fears people picking it to bits and seeing it for what it is. Sunderland are getting £20m a year… Read more »

Malaysian Gooner

Damn, Ivan and Boutros×2 got their bollocks properly squeezed about trophies and reinvesting the money.

Glory Hunter

Would have been interesting if PHW was present lol.
I don’t we can deny that the people in charge are trying their best but I just don’t think their best is good enough.
Love him or hate him, IG really talks the talk.


I swear that I was a young man when I started reading that Q&A……

cunt puncher

when you see gazidis with a black eye youll kniw who delivered the blow.

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now

Ha ha, big man on the interweb!!!


lulz, watching football focus, like always they’re doing a piece on Liverpool with the background noise being the nanana Giroud song while they were talking about Suarez..


The questions are pointed because that’s the mood. Money and financial success means little to me if it doesn’t translate to on the pitch success. Yes we want a stable club for our kids to enjoy but we want trophies too there is a balance to be had and it is very achievable.

The question is do the board hurt like we do ATM?


I doubt it. What I don’t want to see is arsenal setting up this great successful future, just so one of stans baseball or la cross teams has some nice new players. For all we know the cunt could pocket half of the extra revenue. It wasn’t exactly promising when asked last time if he was receiving dividends.


Here’s a clue, read the financials. Duh!


Arsenal are still a PLC. Thier financial reports are public domain.


Bare cheese


As much as we’re all frustrated with our lack of success, we should feel proud that our club is run the way it is and not sold out to the sugar daddies. In the future when they’ve all had enough and fucked the football landscape beyond repair we’ll be sitting on top of the pile laughing and saying “Remember how much we moaned when we didn’t win anything for 7 years. Now look, we don’t have enough hands for all the trophies we win each season”

We hope anyway… COYG

Rad Carrot

So, what did we learn from that? They know the club could be better. They know that we fans are critizising our lack of success in recent years. They’re optimistic and expect more. Well. Time to literally put your money where your mouth is, Ivan. Increased salaries and increased transfer budgets (without going crazy – I’d rather buy 5 more Girouds than one Torres) now has to be the way forward. I respect the club’s stance and our commitment to self-sustainability – Hell, I’m downright proud to support Arsenal when there are so many cuntish clubs out there. But if… Read more »

Van done runner

Just what you need on a friday night……. more fanny.

Biggus Dickus

Boutros Boutros Ghali… Buono estente


Exactly my first thought when I read his name

Ali G

“…his name be none other than my man, Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali…”

Adam, Watford

So, how long befroe we find ourselves playing on Channel 9 with Antonios Gubba doing the punditry and Ron Manager as the special guest co-commentating !!!

And adverts that say ‘ Oh football-gizmo ! ‘ . . .

I look forward to Paula saying ‘ Score – chio ! ‘ every time we get the ball in the net !!!!


Shmanky hanky panky Chris Waddle.


I’m proud of arsenal in every way and the group of players we have is fantastic. I want to see arsenal in the top 4 50 years from now rather than overspend right now. Did spending 40 mil on hazard guarantee qualification past the group stages for Chelsea? They finished 6th or 7th in the league last season and bought like crazy. The champions league was a fluke and will never happen again. We on the other hand are building towards it. Man city spent 27 mil on dzeko and we bought giroud for 12.5 and giroud is a better… Read more »


Absolutely spot on. How you get any thumbs down is beyond me, must be some pretty stupid ignorant people out there.


You have to say, Ivan handles himself very well, even if he does drive alot of fans mental 🙂


You just can’t win with some people. We all have our opinions concerning this deal. I chose to be happy about it and I’m optimistic that it’ll be properly spent to improve the team. I might be wrong in the long run but it makes supporting The Arsenal much more enjoyable for me.


Again, Ivan painting this picture of needing to profit in transfer windows to, “holy shit, we have money to spend now” is either an outright lie or a stunning lack of foresight on his part. Surely he knew these deals would get done (and could give a rough estimate of the figures), so the spending should have been done in advance, before we fell so far behind Chelsea and the Manchester clubs in terms of squad strength.


zack I’m not really sure about it, you know, economy isn’t exactly growing these days…


The football economy sure seems to be doing fine, as Premier League television deals have increased astronomically in recent years. And really, there’s little doubt we stood to multiply our commercial income with the deals expiring. My point was that knowing this, he should have made funds available to spend in advance, which is what any smart person would do. Even from a purely financial standpoint, it was stupid to put UCL qualification at risk by not spending anything this summer.

Adam, Watford

Zack, when you say not spending this summer, how do you explain the arrival of Podolski, Carzorla and Giroud ? I am pretty sure Wenger didn’t just pick them up from a left-overs bag outside Oxfam or The British Heart Foundation shop.

The cost in total roughly the same as an Andy Carroll and have scored more goals this season, collectively ( and possibly individually ) , more goals for Arsenal than Andy Carroll has since he left Newcastle, including his England performances.

I’d say that was £35m or thereabouts, very well spent by us, unlike Liverpool outlay.


Of course we bought players, in fact, all three are outstanding. But our overall activity netted a profit. That’s not spending.

Nobody wants us to throw money around like Chelsea, but you really can’t expect a squad to strengthen if you keep profiting in transfer windows, even if it’s run by someone as shrewd as Arsene Wenger. Isn’t it obvious that the squad could use another two established players at this point?

Malaysian Gooner

I know of a team that spent money before they got it. They’re called Portsmouth. Remember them?


Right, they were that team without a worldwide fanbase nor top 5 revenue on Europe? Portsmouth tried to put a yacht on the credit card. What Arsenal did amounts to refusing to use the credit card to buy Christmas gifts for your family when you’re getting a big bonus check on December 26.


Gazidas is So diplomatic. He learns from Arsean more and more. All his answers were circulef around how we have our own great model, being at at top, and pushing forward. Look at his answer again when asked about Bac and theo.

I am happy that we signed a big deal, but I hope it’s not just for the board to cash in.

We, arsenal fans, need to see development on the pitch. Consistency is great, bit development if greater and more crucial.


I’m pretty impressed with the way Ivan handled himself in this Q&A. Especially after he left a sour taste at the AGM.

He answered tough questions the correct way, and as a gooner who always looks at things half full, I’m pretty satisfied. I have a business major, and the business plan for Arsenal is very very exciting. The model put in place will ensure the team stays on its own two feet without the need for training wheels. Whereas the Cities, and Chelseas, need some chromed out, 24k gold training wheels to keep them afloat.



“It means we can look forward and plan with confidence for the future. I can say with confidence to Boutros and any potential partner that we’ll be at the top of the game as we look forward.”

NEXT QUESTION: Ivan, there can’t be any guarantee that Arsenal are going to stay at the top?
“Nobody can state with confidence anything in football”.

Okaaaay. Great.


Haha yeah kinda talked himself into a corner on that one


I’d love to keep Walcott and Sagna, and a new signing in January would be lovely.


It’s funny how we used to think we need some new defensive midfielder and another left back, Falcao et al…and now it’s just can we sign two of our better, more consistent performers for £10,000 more a week than we previously planned. Please?


cavani please


What a load of idiotic questions… ivan why haven’t you won trophies? … Ivan, trophies, why haven’t you won some? Ivan, was it a mistake building the best stadium in England since you haven’t won thropies? Trophies, Ivan can we win some and why haven’t we?

Sounds like a bunch of children asking “are we there yet” on a long car trip.


Along with plaintive cries of “can I have an ice cream”. Some of these people seem to be trapped in childhood.


following up on the trophy question, when, exactly, will Arsenal win their next trophy?

I can’t believe someone asked him if he thought the Emirates stadium was cursed.

Ivan, does god hate Arsenal?

what idiots


As one insightful commentator put it on another website:

‘Maybe now people will realise that THIS is Gazidis’ job. And that he has done well. From £5.5m a year to £30m a year. Its a good deal.’

Shameful the way the press tried to provoke some sort of slip of the tongue from Gazidis that they could pounce one. The sharks circled but Gazidis managed to hang on.


What,Gazidis has managed to renegotiate a deal at market rate with an existing sponsor.WOW the guy is a genius! Maybe if the club had showed a bit more ambition over recent years and tried to win something,the deal would be a bit better.For gods sake SUNDERLAND get 20 mill a season now,what will they be getting in 5 yrs time? Still,when you strip a club of its main assets ie the best players,it hardly makes it attractive to potential sponsors .All that frugality has probably cost Arsenal millions in the long run.Top policy eh? I’m sure Wenger will get busy… Read more »


Harder to convince an existing partner to shell out more money than it is to sell to the highest bidder I think.


The verdict: We will keep our policy of “not spending at all” .


Boutros Boutros! Am I the only one that did a double take when reading that? Only at Arsenal . . . Giroud is doing great at the moment, but what a statement we would make if we used these funds and bought a Cavanni or Llorente to play alongside HFB. Many people talk and wonder about what this current team with the Dutch Skunk could be capable of. I’m sure all Gooners have though that at least once or twice. Cavanni is the real deal when it comes to lethal strikers. Buy him to play with our current squad and… Read more »


Now that we have money, I hope that we (the fans) dont start salivating and having wet dreams about wanting to buy every single player who has scored more than 5 goals in Serie A or something. We need to keep our feet on the ground and our heads out the clouds, and look at WHERE we really need strengthening. We cant buy another striker while we still have players like Chamakh and Park signed on, and currently, we arent having a problem scoring goals. Arsene seems to have a lack of faith in Arshavin playing in the PL, so… Read more »

Jack Jumblies

No wonder Ivan earned a raise. Looks like he gets paid by the word.

ramseys back pass

“Tom Fox: [shakes head no…not a
big talker Tom]”

ok, i wasn’t there but i can see Tom Fox shaking his head like Denilson.


Ivan done a great job what a joke. We are a massive club before Ivan with a unbelievable stadium. Reinstated us with a existing sponsor all we have done is go backwards since He came on board. Yes backwards why are we judging 30mill a year what are we all financial experts now? Why is so much talked about like something is going to change today for me is them just trying to make a point of how well Ivan is doing! When Ivan slips away in about four years once we eventually work up enough about is to get… Read more »


David, if you are such a smart ass who knows everything about running a massive club how come you can’t construct a proper sentence in your rant!

[…] further reading – Andrew Allen wrote a transcript of the post-press conference chat with Ivan Gazidis. It’s long but well worth your time, adding some real detail to what’s already […]


Lets buy Neymar this summer!


We’ve got a good core of players in the team at the moment. However in a strange way, it has been like this since 2005. Good enough to compete but not push on. Every year we sell a player or two and replace but never add on and improve the squad further. How many of us had an excited feeling seeing poldi, cazorla and giroud coming in just before the sales of RvP and Song? I for one am glad that we can push on now with this new deal and hopefully aren’t reliant on player sales. COYG


Seems to me they have had a plan all along to build the foundation slowly and securely, selecting the business partners who understand the vision they have and now in this season and in jan and summer transfer windows can turn to selecting the players who will be a part of that vision. There will, i predict, i hope, be a massive clear out at AFC this season and AFC is on the way to becoming the top club in the world. It was sad that the fans could not be a part of the plan in minute detail, but… Read more »

Dial Square

Your’e a fool. and your’e dreaming….

The Alsacien

..and you are either shortsighted or a Troll

[…] further reading – Andrew Allen wrote a transcript of the post-press conference chat with Ivan Gazidis. It’s long but well worth your time, adding some real detail to what’s already […]

The Alsacien

This is a comment I wrote a bit late on Nov 22 but I feel it fits this thread better: Read many articles and comments this morning on how Arsenal fans would give an eye and a tooth to have the “bought” successes of clubs such as Chel$ki and Man $ity. Let me tell you that behind the closed doors of football institutions, we are the envy of the footballing world. To achieve what we have achieved, on the budget that we achieved it on is pure CLASS and genius from Mr Wenger AND the board. We are like a… Read more »

A N Other

When all said and done.. Arsenal will have 70m extra revenue per season. 26m from shirt sponsor, 14m from kit and 30m from extra tv money. That is whopping 30 percent rise in revenue. Arsenal can not only buy better players but also pay off their debt. Awesome.


Is the stadium paid off yet, if not does anyone know how much debt is left and an estimate of how many years till it’s paid off?


Great timing Gazidis to suck Emirates into this new contract in the very season Arsenal drop out of the top four at last. So much talk about consistently qualifying for the CL but its Europa league next year for the gunners. It’s Monaco in slow motion under has-been Wenger.


What are you on about. We are 5 points adrift of top 4 and wba surely can’t keep their good form up same as everton, who else will finish in the top 4 other than us?…
Has been wenger has been consistent for a long time and will continue to be

Luke Hearn

Hmmm — the last little bit is interesting. Does this suggest that the money has not actually been there, but might be now? He seems to promise big signings this summer. By saying “we can invest more”, surely he cannot justify another transfer-window profit this summer?

Based on the transfer fees we’ve paid and recouped in the last few years, and the sizes of these deals. it’s hard to imagine how we can have less than £100m excess to spend. That could make so much difference.

Imagine this current team with three £30m players added in….so much difference…

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