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Howard Melton Webb v. Arsenal: by the numbers

Howard Webb will referee tomorrow’s North London Derby, let’s look at some of Webb’s numbers when he’s in charge of Arsenal games:

Arsenal’s League record since 2004: P315 W175 D77 L63 — Win 56% Draw 24% Loss 20% — 1.91 ppg
Arsenal’s League record with Howard Webb as referee since 2004: P27 W13 D8  L6 — Win 48%, Draw 30%, Loss 22% — 1.74 ppg
Arsenals home record with Howard Webb as referee: P13 W9 D4 L0
Arsenal’s away record with Howard Webb as referee:  P14 W4 D4 L6
Tottenham’s League record with Howard Webb as referee since 2004: P28 W12 D8 L8 — Win43%, Draw 29%, Loss 29% — 1.57 ppg
Tottenham’s ppg average over that same period? 1.56
Howard Webb has only taken the whistle once before in a North London Derby, Tottenham’s 5-1 “DVD Triumph” over Arsenal in the League Cup
Webb was the official in charge of the Liverpool 4-4 Arshavin match
In all Webb’s matches between Arsenal and United, the Gunners have only won once but have lost three times
Webb was the official in charge of the 8-2 United match in which he awarded two penalties (one for each team) and gave Arsenal’s Carl Jenkinson a red card
Webb was in charge of the Arsenal 6-2 Blackburn match in which he awarded two penalties (one for each team)
Webb has given three red cards in Arsenal’s League matches, all to Arsenal (Jenkinson, Adebayor, and Senderos)
Webb has given two red cards in Tottenham’s League matches, one to Spurs, one to the opposition
Webb has awarded seven penalties in Arsenal’s League matches, five to the opposition, two to Arsenal
Webb has awarded three of those penalties to Manchester United, all at Old Toilet
Webb has awarded five penalties in Tottenham’s League matches, three to Spurs opposition, two to Spurs
Webb was in charge of Chelsea’s 2-1 win in the League Cup final at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales
Adebayor has three red cards in his career playing football in England, two were from Webb
Since 2008, if you remove cup matches and United matches, Arsenal are unbeaten with Webb as referee
That record comes mostly at the expense of Liverpool as 5 of those 12 unbeaten matches were against Liverpool


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Thanks for the numbers.

Anyone else think we’re in for a topsy turvy game tomorrow?

I literally have no idea what the scoreline could be. My heart is already in my mouth.


i certainly hope we’re not going to blame howard webb for our short comings, even if he is a massive cunt.


Howard Webb is one of the few refs I don’t mind. Phil dowd could be dying of thirst right in front of me and I wouldn’t even piss on him.


Agreed nothing against Webb although many do. I would however piss on Dowd


Mike Dean is the biggest cunt, but if there could be a three way tie I would have them all neck and neck up to the line. When you think about it all of these refs have to have supported football teams and have their biases. Have a look at where the current crop of premier league refs are from and you may or may not be surprised to see there are very few from the south

Mikel Artekkers

Chris Foy really pisses me off. I dread it when I see he is reffing one of our matches.

Le sausage

Here’s to hoping for the best!


it still doesn’t make him less of a cunt. Anyway here’s to 3 points to the arse as we bash our cuntly shitty neighbors


At the end of the day we need to really perform tomorrow, regardless of Webb’s performance. If we turn up I think we all know that we’ll turn the scum over, its just a matter of turning up, defending properly and taking our chances, come on you reds.


Doesn´t understand what the problem with this team is, no fighting spirit… Just hoping that they are winning over Tottenham.


I don’t necessarily agree with the implication you’re making here. Webb is considered a top referee by the FA, so the games Arsenal play with him refereeing tend to be games against teams in, say, the top six, so it might be unfair to compare that record to Arsenal’s games overall, where we would expect to see them getting more points on average than against the big teams. What I would be interested in seeing is a comparison between the average points per game against the top six (or whichever collection of teams seems most apt, you have much better… Read more »


I should add that I think Webb is by no means perfect, and that I do think Arsenal have suffered at his hands in the past. I just don’t think the overall trend can be made so black and white.


Alright, that’s fair. I guess I read way too much into the one question mark by the Tottenham stat.

Thanks for the response; I hope we can turn our season around like we did with the 5-2..


Not bothered about Webb he isn’t a biased ref by any means. Lets not make excuses and. Just get out there and do the cnuts


We will smash the Spuds. There is no other option. (I would take a 1-0 win with a goal off someone’s arse)


Own goal off Adebayor’s arse, please


It’s not strange that the statistics look worse with Webb as a referee since he usually gets the big games. Of course we have a better record versus the whole league than versus Manure, Chel$ki and Shitty…

5pur2 dr00L

Just hoping we don’t concede an early goal in the first five minutes. (Knock on wood.)


In response to those citing Webb’s tendency to get “big games:”
Would it be more convincing if he took the pool of teams against which Arsenal has played while Webb was refereeing, and then compared results vs those teams when a different referee was in charge?

I agree with overall sentiment that we need to “get on with it,” but I’m not sure I agree with the idea that Webb’s not a problem (remember what he let happen in the world cup final?).



Bould's Hair Dresser

Fuck Howard Webb !


No doubt we’re all well aware of ‘lies, damn lies and statistics’ but if one can truly analyse the numbers objectively I believe there will always be at least a modicum of truth to be garnered. Thank you for taking the time to compile this info. and for giving us all something to interpret from our armchairs. That aside, I believe accountability and responsibility are the cornerstones of success so lets acknowledge Webb’s stats and then hope that the only thing OUR Arsenal have on their minds tomorrow is banking three points around 13:45. Come on my Arse!


When does the game start?

Eric Irish gunner

12.45 mate

H. P. Arsecraft

Fuck Webb and all of the other Manure refs. We dont need them, we are the Arsenal!


Howard Melton Webb.. More like Howard Meltdown Webb..

Gets coat..


good read 7amkickoff

but I really hope arsenal don’t let their lead crash and burn again…Kinda sick of our defensive punks who nullifies our midfiled and strikers hardwork.

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mike lappers flaps

Webb is a homer then. It Does worry me when I see his stats are afc at home pl 13 w9 d4 L0 surely we can’t lose today? Can we? I hope he don’t see this stat and try to ‘even it up’
come on u gunners!


I hope adebayor n gallas scores . ! Just to spite Bolty .!


Spuds releasing a video of them beating our reserves in the Carling Cup 5-1?! What a way to embarrass yourself, what desperation. One of the reviews had me in stitches:

“Is it in color? Just thought I’d ask, because any previous footage I’ve seen of Spurs winning anything of note was in black and white.

I can recommend this book though “Lasagne: L’homme derriere le masque”. It’s available on Amazon and you never know, a trip up to N5 and the man behind the mask might sign it for you. “

Shouldn't need Webb's help

He saved us today with that awful red card decision. We would have rightly complained if that had happened to us.

We shouldn’t need retarded referees to get anything against the top teams

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