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Wenger admits concern over Diaby’s injuries

He has become snyonymous with injury throughout his Arsenal career and has always received the full backing of the club and the manager, but for the first time Arsene Wenger has cast doubt over Abou Diaby’s future.

Out since the Chelsea game with a muscle tear, the French international does not appear any closer to a first team return and Wenger outlined why.

“The situation for Diaby is so frustrating and for us as well we started the season well with him in the team and since he has been out we have felt it. He balances our team as he has stature and presence physically when he is there, but clearly his injury problems are a concern.

“I can tell you he has been everywhere in the world to be assessed. There is an explanation. He is quick, strong, has good stamina, good resistance to repeat, but his muscle strength is not good enough to deal with that. Sometimes little fibres go in his muscles, this is basically his problem.

“When you play every three days, you cannot rebuild your strength as you need to recover. When you don’t rebuild your strength, through the games you burn your fibres a bit and become weaker and weaker, so that means he gets injured.

“The second reason for his problems of course is his ankle. Since he was slaughtered at Sunderland, his mobility in his ankle has been affected.”

“Of course mentally it is difficult to deal with it when Abou looks at his career in the past six years. He is a top guy, conscientious, he cares about everybody, but it is difficult when he is injured so much.”

Whether that means we’re considering cutting him lose remains to be seen, but it’s more apparent than ever that relying on him in any way is just not feasible.

Stories like this will divide fans between those who feel we’ve been too patient and those who have sympathy for a player who has tried everything to come back from a tackle which has ruined his career.

Arseblog News just thinks Dan Smith is a cunt.

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gooner odst

get the stem cells in. To hell with ethics.


and video replays.

Runcorn Gooner

For Diaby and injury read Has the Pope got a balcony

Glen Helders Hair Gel

Isn’t Dan Smith a milkman now?
What a wankor


The worst thing is that he knew this before he needlessly sold Song with 3 years on his contract.

Los Polandos

Yeah, because Song did go against his will…


No one leaves for Barca against his will. We could have held on to him.


We held his contract and could have said”NO” los polandos, or is it Mills in his alter ego, saddo

Midfield Corporal

Agreed, there was no need to sell Song, if we’d have offered him a better deal he’d probably have stayed, and the fact his legs were made of teak made him one tough cookie.
Arsene is a terrible gambler, he lumps on when the odds are against him. If Diaby does get fit again I think he needs to be played once every 10 days, and he has to retire from international football.


On the other hand we could’ve brought in someone better than Song while selling Song for a tougher price.


Is M’Vila still an option? We’ve dealt quite well with trouble makers in the past and maybe he won’t be so bad when he isn’t such a big fish in a little pond like Rennes.


Don’t really understand the thumb downs for your comment. This is the truth. You can’t rely on an injury prone player if you have ambition. A strong team develops partnerships in all areas of the field. Starting and depending on Diaby has set the team back a bit. Thankfully, Wilshere is back and can develop a more productive partnership with Cazorla and Arteta than Ramsey. Seriously, Ramsey and Diaby are not starters if fit for different reasons. But I believe they can contribute as subs as they develop their game, and also fitness in the case of Diaby. We shouldn’t… Read more »


because theyre twats


Clearly he has the ability to play but it is an absolute shame that his ability will never be realised if he is to remain injured.


Man, he just can’t catch a break. Can he? He could have been such a good player for us.


We all knew that it was going to happen, great player when fit but wenger should have seen it like most of us did and bought a replacement. Instead we sell song. Brilliant.


I was a massive RvP supporter but even I wanted him gone before he went on a 50+ game injury-free run… so never say never I suppose.

Main question is: How much longer is AW going to ‘put up’ with Diaby and his injuries?

I reckon he will be sold next summer if he doesn’t have a significant run in the first team during this season. C’mon Diaby I know you can do it!

big dawg

Get well soon Diaby, your better than Yaya


no he’s not!!


I don’t see the need to give up on him but we certainly need to buy someone who can general the midfield In the same way.


If this is true then why did Wenger overplay him right when he came back into the team? He should really only play once a week until he goes more than 6 months without injury, maybe only 3 times a month. That would not be so bad, if we could rely on him for 3 games a month, rotate, you know.

Wonder who Wenger could bring in as a replacement?


If anyone replies with M’Vila I’m actually going to kill myself.




I think maybe, erm, M’Vila.


bye lads, nice knowing ya


Capoue, Sissoko, Maybe M’Villa if AW is sure he can rediscover form (I’m not so sure) and if we had the money, Vidal, and so on and so forth.

Los Polandos

Not too many of them space eaters with such strong physique… yaya is one, Fellaini cant swallow space that easily but would bring some strenght and consistency to midfield (so would either of toulouse boys – Capoue or M. sissoko – the latter being in his last year of contract i believe), the juventus pair of Marchisio and Vidal seem to do well in box to box role so the answer is simple: Coquelin or some 19 year old ghanian kid from ligue 2.


We have Ramsey.

flying dutchmen

What about Fellaini?

Perhaps a cheeky bid of 10 mill?

5pur2 dr00L

So he can take a shit by Arteta’s car again!


The injured ones are injured, the out of form ones are out of form and the tired ones are even more tired. So looking forward to this game it will tell us everything we need to know about our depth ,strength, resilience and mental strength. Dig deep guys.


Wenger should ask the question why players like Rosicky and Diaby are still in the squad and why is that we have built our season on a player who hasn’t been fit consistently in his last 6 years.

What kind of manager is so stubborn?


Do you think this is the last season of Tomas Rosicky with Arsenal?


Then like others said don’t sell Song with 3 years let on his contract.
We spent time and money to get him to that level.

steve boulds hairdresser

i genuinely felt sad for diaby there. such a shame..


I really like Diaby and understand our commitment to him and his injuries but I do wonder (and this is obviously in hindsight) what we might have achieved in the last 6 years if we had cut our losses. Who might have come in if anyone? There was rumours of us turning down yaya toure? Hmm


I think everyone is agreed that it is fine to carry some injury prone players in a squad, so long as you don’t rely on these people. ManUtd have players like Vidic, Rio and Fletcher. They keep these guys around the squad as when fit they are beneficial. Our problem is that we’ve got the wrong balance. Too many injury prone players. Our squad looks great on paper, because sadly that is all it is. I fear for Jack Wilshere being plunged back in too frequently, like Diaby, due to a dearth of alternatives. Also find it peculiar that we… Read more »


Gilberto was injured for ages with a back injury, don’t you remember? But I agree Arsenal need to replace Diaby, it’s unfortunate to say. He would have been as good as Yaya if it wasn’t for that thugs challenge. I can’t help to think what could have been in those seasons where we were on top and slid in the final months……..


Diaby should just retire!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


“Arseblog News just thinks Dan Smith is
a cunt.”
Best line in the history of Arseblog News.


fucking love this team..!

Eric Irish gunner

Second that, haha fuck the spurs cunts


hahaha 5-2 again..!!


Change your diet Diaby! Get those nutrients in you that you need for muscle growth and recovery, maybe he needs to be off the strict diet AW has in plan for his players and just pig out. Wtf do I know though.

Just want to see Diaby do well for Arsenal and Arsenal ONLY, is that too much to ask for?


Hmm…it was suggested it was the medical team’s problem. Not so sure.


If only physiology was so simple. It’s not his diet, it’s a complex interplay between genetics, conditioning and injury.


Well I obviously realize it’s not so simple but c’mon man you gotta try different sh!t, right?

I can’t help but feel if we unloaded him and he rid himself of injuries he would turn into a monster we would envy & regret letting go of… who knows though, Arsene knows apparently.

The Loving Hands of Wenger

I love this website. Good luck Diaby.


We can’t have a midfield group with two injury plagued players. Rosicky should have been sold this summer. We got our worth at the end of last season. One more player in the midfield this season would of been beneficial and Diaby’s injury wouldn’t be such a big issue.


if he does come back then could he be facing a Ledley King type situation where we wheel Diaby out on a Saturday after resting all week?

if it means keeping him fit and helping him recover, then do it!


No way. Is he really that important that we need to do this? Throughout Ledley King”s career at Spurs, all he has to show is the Carling cup. Only clubs without ambition will use important players in this way. I feel a midfield partnership of Carzola, Wilshere and Arteta can produce the goods. Diaby and Ramsey will be subs to provide relief and maybe change things tactically if need be. This way they can develop at a pace that will allow them to be important enough to make the first team.

Thierry Henry

I hope Wenger realizes the potential of Chuks Aneke, he’s the natural successor to Diaby and he should play in the COCUP after his loan spell ends.


spot on!

Pascal Cygan's Failed Hair Transplant

Dan Smith now works in a call centre, so there is some justice.

Bould's Hair Dresser

Rosicky and Gibbs may have the same fibre in them. 🙁


Really feel sorry for the lad great talent. A friend of mine is a city fan and went to the league game this season, reckoned diary was motm and had yaya in his pocket the entire game

Naija Gunner

Wenger is a gambler and a very bad one too! When he knew all these why not buy a replacement and use Diaby less for games?


fernadinho to replace diaby.


Dan smith is such a cunt. Really feel for the guy. For all the talk of footballers being ass holes, they are human. Imagine the plight of Diaby. To be as good a footballer as him, setting everyone else have successful careers.Battle and come back. And get injured again. All because of some twats senseless tackle.

[…] căn bệnh mãn tính ở Arsenal làm chúng ta mất đi bao nhiêu cầu thủ giỏi. Wenger admits concern over Diaby’s injuries | Arseblog News – the Arsenal news site Tình hình Diaby khá nan giải :Các chấn thương nặng mấy năm trước đây luôn có […]

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