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Wenger believes in Premier League strength

Arsene Wenger has talked up the strength of the Premier League despite the hilarious European failures of its two richest and biggest spending clubs.

Both Man City and Chelsea, billionaire funded and quick to lash millions on anything they feel like (even novelty items like Scott Sinclair), failed to reach the knock-out stages of the Champions League, and although that may have an impact of England’s coefficient rating, Wenger believes the English league is still the strongest in Europe.

“I’d still say England is the strongest because in England if they want a player they get him still,” he said. “As long as that happens you will be the most powerful in Europe.

“England is best, because there’s something more here. It’s not only linked with what you see on the pitch but how you experience football. Maybe we have less room, less margin than we had before when it was just a question of when we would qualify.”

The Arsenal manager suggested that the increasing strength of other leagues was playing a part in the hilarious failures suffered by Man City and defending but not any more Champions Chelsea.

“Now German football has come up, Spanish football is there every year and some French clubs have come back like Paris Saint-Germain. It looks less obvious for us.

“I don’t think we are getting worse. Man City has gone out but you can objectively say they were in a difficult group and they are still a good side as they are top of the Premier League.”

And after a difficult couple of weeks, Wenger is hoping that the team can push on from two good wins over Sp*rs and Montpellier.

“I hope we are over our blip,” he said. “It is only coming with results. We were deeply shocked when we lost at Norwich, although since then, we have seen that they can beat other teams. Against Man United, they looked comfortable, they gained confidence.

“So I hope we will be back to our normal level of confidence. We had a difficult period. I hope now that we can show the consistency that is needed to come back.”

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I hate the fact that the English media always dumb down the strengths of foreign teams, the way they portrayed dortmund and juventus as underdogs was shocking


That’s plain stupid if you ask me, Dortmund might as well win the CL this time around.


Greetings from The Theatre of Dreaaammmmms…
I’m livin’ it….what about you guys?

The Dude

Theatre of WET Dreams more like.


Yes I am….. I am living out my dream…. I have always loved The Arsenal and I always will.
Being a Gooner is my Dream…… and every week I enter the Theatre of Dreams watching my team play…. and you are not in it….

Welcome to My Dream!


Parks left bollock

Blogs, please block this fucking troll.


Yeah so do I 😀

Rad Carrot

As hilarious as this is, as things stand only $hiteh are out – the chavs are still in the competition. Granted, they have to sweat on results, but it’s quite possible for them to progress to the knockout stages.

They won’t, though. Because they’re cunts.


I love watching the Prem when matches concern the bigger teams. Yet watching guys like Aston Villa or Wigan does’nt really do it for me unless they’re playing against us. The Bundesliga is really catching up to the Prem, some have said it has. Teams like Broussia, Bayern, Schalke and Leverkusen are really interesting to watch. The Spanish League’s Barca-Real domination really takes away some of the recognition of good football on display from Atletico and co.


I know what your saying,I don’t know why I watched it but I did WestHam against Stoke.It was like watching your granny taking a shit,I felt dirty afterwards.

Dr. Silent

Much agreed, the Bundesliga is a really good league nowadays. The majority of the teams in it are EPL quality, and pretty much all of them are more interesting to watch than boring teams like SUnderland, West Ham, Stoke etc.

H. P. Arsecraft

“Against Man United, they looked comfortable, they gained confidence.”



He was talking about Norwich,I had to read it twice too.


I dont know where Wenger is coming from, but i sure do know that if the premier league is as strong as he seems to suggest then where were its teams when R Madrid and Milan were dominating European football? City and chelsea are out this year. Last year, it was city and united! They couldnt even register a strong presence in the Europa league. So much for strenght!!!


Actually, Milan is a quite average team this year.


Where were R. Madrid and AC Milan last year when England’s 6th place team were winning the cup?

England have produced something stupid like 8 finalists in the last 8 years. There’s your strength right there.


Chelsea aren’t out yet! Not even close… Infact all they need is a win against the weakest team in their group to guarentee passage through to the knockout stages since shaktar and juve have to either drop points in their last game, which is very doable since that noord-whatever team looks shit (shitter than Chelsea).


I don’t think a win guarantees them a passage to the next round. If Juve beat Shakhtar (who are already through), then Chelsea have to win and even if they do, it’ll be down to goal difference if they go through.


I think!


No, Juve has 9 points Chelsea has 7. A Chelsea win and a Juve loss guarantees second place.


no goal difference, its head to head.
so chelsea need shakhtar to do the business.


The best result would be for Shakthar and Juve to draw. That would leave Chelsea needing to beat Nordswhatever by 5 goals.

If you can’t rely on an Italian and a Ukrainian team to rig a game, then I don’t like football anymore….


They’re not out yet but they should go out. If Juve and shakthar draw they both go through, because i think the games two teams played against each other count more than not goal difference. So Juve is 5-2 against chelski, shaktar is 4-4 but scored more away goals.
I’d not be surprised to see a draw without too much attacking intend, and i surely can’t see Juve losing, they look to solid


Haha it should be:
* more than goal difference, without not
* intent instead of intend
* too instead of to
I should be possible to edit posts


That last sentence is pure class…..

New guy

I’m pretty sure that Chelsea can only go through if they win and Juve loses. But we should not underestimate how difficult it is to get a result against Shakhtar in Donetsk. It’s entirely possible that Shakhtar will beat Juve and Chelsea will go through.


Yes, it’s possible, but Shakhtar are through. I can’t see them beating Juve in those circumstances. I thought Juve were great against Chelsea. They played really well and I leapt up when the 3rd goal went in.

Mind you, I’ll back any team when then play Chelsea!


Shaktar are already through in the group, as they have a better head to head record against Chelsea, meaning that as long as Juve get a draw or a win at home against Shaktar then Chelsea go out.


Sorry, forgot to refresh the page for awhile before replying!

Runcorn Gooner

Am I on an AFC site? what’s all this discussion about teams scrambling to do
what we have already achieved.Lets move on please


Very off topic but has anyone seen ‘Lawro’s Predictions’ on the BBC Sport website?

Not normally a fan of his but great to see a ‘pundit’ sticking up for Arsenal and laying into the fickleness of Sp*rs fans.. His whole summary on them had me chuckling at my desk!


lawro always talks us up as a good outside bet for the league at the beginning of the year. decent pundit, i hate his in game commentary though. horrendous

A N Other

Germans are better than the rest this year. I reckon it will be all German final this time around.

And as long as we are in semis/quarters then I don’t care about the rest.


“Both Man City and Chelsea, billionaire funded and quick to lash millions on anything they feel like (even novelty items like Scott Sinclair), failed to reach the knock-out stages of the Champions League….”
I’m not a Chavski fan but statistically if they beat Nordsjaelland (or whatever the hell they’re called) and Juventus lose in Donetsk then Chelsea will qualify. You can’t say they have failed to reach the knock out stages when they still might.

Just my two penn’rth!!! Other than that keep up the good work!

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