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Wenger urges patience for Oxlade-Chamberlain

Arsene Wenger says that patience is needed with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as the youngster looks to fulfil his prodigious potential.

The Ox has started Arsenal’s last two games, and despite some flashes of danger, has looked a little off the pace. But after being away with England in the summer, and hampered by injury which has prevented him playing as regularly as we might like, the boss says that it’ll take a bit of time for him to find his form.

“Alex has not played a lot recently,” he said. “He lacks a bit of physical fitness. He tried at Villa and in patches he looked dangerous. He’s learning his trade and he’s a very talented young boy. I believe he will be a great player but at the moment he is learning his job.

“Basically, he’s 19 years old and there will be ups and downs, of course, but I believe he will be a great player. You need patience with every young player or you don’t bring them out.

“That’s why it’s so different in our job where you see the demands of people who want you to bring young players out but also they have no patience so it’s a bit of a contradiction.”

And the manager had some comforting words regarding Jack Wilshere who was rested for the Villa game because of a slight concern with his ankle.

“He had a little bit of inflammation of scar tissue (in the ankle) but it’s nothing. It’s very minor. The rest will help him get rid of it. Apart from that, he has done very well.

“He has not played for 17 months. People forget what that mean. Seventeen months in a career is massive, but I’m very happy with the way he is progressing.”

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gooner odst

Good thing about Ox is his all round work ethic and his ability to want to take on a full back without stumbling and bumbling his way into the chest of the fullback or running it out for a goalkick.

fair enough his touch and passing has been poor of late, but his worst is better than Gervinho’s or Arshavin’s worst to put it politely.

Bacary's right leg

but Arsh and Gervinho always give you that feeling that at one moment it will come together and they will get the assist or a goal.. has gervinho was starting to prove, but the ox will come good he just hasn’t played much because of the walcott run.

The Dude

I’d agree with you with regards to Arsh, but Gerv doesn’t give me that confidence at all, anything he gets right always seems a bit flukey.

He reminds me of myself when I play five aside, I am forever trying outrageous skill moves, because Bergkamp made them look easy, one time in a hundred I’ll pull it off and that will encourage me to continue till the next time.


absolutely agree with you on arshavin. He honestly is one player we can say makes an impact when he is brought on from the bench. He always puts the ball into those dangerous areas.

Would be getting far more praise had Arteta put the ball in the back of the net against fulham.


It is so depressing that you fans are so short sighted. Are you forgetting that Gervinho is just coming back from Injury and is also a little short? Have you forgotten his form in the start of the season. Please do not fool yourself, OX will be great one day but he is nowhere near Gervinho.

Le Canard

A little short what?


Hope he will not be sold when he finally comes good!


He’s certainly not short in the forehead dept.

I’m looking forward to the acn. That says it all.


You must be joking – gerv is average at best


I must say when Gervinho came to Arsenal he looked good.
Now I must say he ranks up there with Park, Denilson, Chamakh, Ramsey and Squillaci signings.
Really, the number of poor signings we’ve made while trying to get a bargain could easily have just been invested into buying a really good player, keeping a really good player or adding to the existing to buy a player like Mata.

I’m not entirely sure we’ve manged our resources well at all.

José Ozorio

I agree with you regarding the negative feedback some so called ‘Gooners’ give to Gervinho. The same people also say very nasty things about Arshavin & Rambo. Why don’t Arsenal fans support their team instead of putting them down? Supposed to be supporters ffs. Gervinho has great pace, is tricky, good movement, scored some important goals and can be an assist machine. If you are going to badmouth our own players and offer nothing constructive than you are as bad as a Man Ure fan in my eyes

Dr. Silent

No worries here. Last season showed us what a promising player he is turning out to be. He’s certainly more advanced than Walcott was at his age.

Here’s hoping his progress this season continues where it left off.


There should not be any doubts about the OX’s ability. He has huge potential. The game against AC Milan showed that. Couple of below par performances do not change that. Our frustrations lie with Wenger as the team is not performing well and not creating chances. Teams like Norwich and Villa should be attacked for 90 minutes and know that they have played a top team. I think we miss Song as a physical presence in the middle. Maybe we could try out Koscieny in that area as he is technically good and free Arteta to be creative further down… Read more »


Am I missing something here?!?! kos the boss in the middle and moving arteta forward would mean sacrificing wilshere, ramsey or diaby (if we ever see him again) and that makes no sense what so ever. We need rosicky back to rotate with jack, I can’t help but think ox should play in the middle and walnut on the wing because he played that position with aplom in pre-season, he would put in the work rate defensivley, would be a shooting threat from distance and can dribble and see a pass.


*rotate with jack and cazorla


Short term measure as Diaby and Rosiky are partners in care.


I feel oxlades passes are a turd predictable. He gives up who he’s gonna pass the ball to very easily, that’s why many of his passes have been either intercepted or in the long run just handed the ball to the opposition. He’s still developing though so I have no problem coz I know he’ll come through.

Adam, Watford

Turd ? Really ?

I am guessing you actually meant ‘ tad ‘ and you weren’t trying to be funny.

I like to be charitable like that.


I should really learn how to spell turd…i mean tud…ah forget it.


For me, the Ox hasn’t done it this season. last year he looked like he could really take off and be a real superstar, but so far this season he has been very average. To be fair to him, he hasn’t started too many games, but when he has played he hasn’t shone very brightly.


Thanks blogs for letting me know that turkish airlines is the official partner of Manchester….(ad at the bottom of the arseblog app). Damn them and their capitalistic ways!


This midfielder role has really got stuck in chambos head. It’s a good thing as he likes to take players on but he leaves with no wide options : jenks comes forward, chambos is now struggling to make his way to the wing. Jenko returns ball to mert and we start again.

The theo – sagna patnership seems more effective. Theo sticks to the wing and terrorises defences with his speed. Links up well with Sagna and both are top, top crossers of the ball


Please tell Theo that.

flying dutchmen

Why does the kid want to play striker? Its annoying…


There’s no glory on the wings, i don’t blame Theo, for idol worship he knows he has to play central


I dunno, number 1 glory hunter Cristiano Ronaldo is a winger.


*glory cunter


just a thought.

verm for the song role. he has the ability in my opinion.


At the expense of Arteta?


Chamberlain needs to go down the line more instead of cutting inside. He has the pace and skill to take on the full back, but his final ball is poor at the minute.

I prefer him than Gervinho, who I don’t think even knows what hes going to do himself with the ball at his feet.


Has anyone ever thought about Djourou playing in font of the back four? Strong, quick, good passer, got presence and not such a liability in front of defence……..just saying

Dr Baptiste

He’s also played there before, so knows the role


Apparently that was his preferred role before being moved to a centre back, maybe he could be a decent DM.

A N Other

can’t pass as well as Arteta..


I have all the patience in the world for JW10 and Ox. They are young and coming back from injury, one was very serious. There is no cause for concern as they are still learning, developing, etc. Ramsey as well. I do have very little patience left for Diaby. His injury record is too worrisome for Arsene to continually use the LANS excuse. I also have no patience left for Wenger in terms of the Jan transfer window. We just signed a very nice deal with Emirates. We know what the squad lacks in terms of strength. We need another… Read more »


I read it here all the time – what is “LANS”?

pauly bear

Bit of a cop out if ye ask me sterling at Liverpool looks more dangerous then Theo and ox together. And he is younger than both of them.


That’s a fucked up thing to say. I agree.


that is just fuckin’ stupid. if Sterling is not good, stop being so ignorant. and if he does go over and reach his full potential, he would then only be as good as Lennon. while Chamberlain on the other hand, has speed, and strength (shot and physical), and can take on defenders in every situation (like Messi, but not as good).


1. Manchester United – $2,235bn (£1.4bn) 2. Real Madrid – $1,877bn (£1.17bn) 3. Barcelona – $1,307bn(£1.07bn) 4. Arsenal – $1,292bn £800m) 5. Bayern Munich – $1,235bn(£770m) 6. AC Milan – $989m (£615m) 7. Chelsea – $761m (£473m) 8. Liverpool – $619m (£385m) 9. Juventus – $591m (£367m) 10. Schalke 04 – $587m(£365m) 11. Tottenham Hotspur -$564m (£351m) 13. Manchester City – $443m (£275m) if that list is true, the board should be sacked, yes i know city and chelsea got rich owners, it`s a list from summer 2012.. But we spend less money on new players than any of those… Read more »

Bacary's right leg

you do realise how many players we have signed this season and last season… the problem isn’t the amount of players we sign.. far from it.. the problem is having to sell our best players as a make weight to break even


no the problem is that they sell our best players and replace them with average players.. Yes they signed Cazorla, he is a really good, but can Giroud and Podolski replace RVP? I doubt that very much…

Dr Baptiste

Are we talking about RvP when he first joined or had been at the club for 8 seasons and finally had one injury-free season? Because if it’s the latter, then that is harsh but if it’s the former, then together they have already done better


At this time and age, moaning about rvp is just sad. He doesn’t deserve anyone but the sickly pricks he’s with right now.

I used to care and have bad words for the guy but now man. He gone, he gone!



You mean the same Podolski and Giroud who have about 13 goals between them and 5 or so assists?

I’d say they’ve done a great job so far replacing he who shall not be named.

fuck off

Giroud and Podolski is not good at all compared to uniteds, citys, chelseas strikers, and they are no strikers to win a trophy with…

Dr Baptiste

Ha, as soon as you put Chelsea I knew this was a joke post. Are you really saying Fernando ‘can’t score’ Torres and Daniel ‘ I think I’m better than I actually am’ Sturridge are better than Giroud and Podolski? Good grief…

Not that handsome french bloke

Did you just get that list from Football Manager?

jimmy belfast

Sack the board ! Give wenger the option of takin the board over and picking the new manager , ya couldn’t just sack arsene , give him the option to step aside !
We need a breath of fresh air about this club and how its run !


We all know that Everton will be set up to negate Santi and Arteta to destroy our rhythm. Moyes will set an enforcer on them both. Here’s an idea. Play Verm or Djourou in Arteta’s position and play Arteta and Wiltshire in front of him. Give Poldolski a rest. Slot Santi in on the Left wing and Theo on the right wing and Giroud up front. Give Verm a chance to get right in Fellaini’s face maybe throw him off his game. Not big changes in personnel but Stiffens up the back and makes the attack faster and a little… Read more »


people forget easily dat d ox is still just 19 and learning his trade……i‘d say we give him time……..


I don’t know anyone who is getting on the ox’s back, as you say he’s 19 and arsenal fans are sensible enough to realise he needs time.
The problem a lot of fans had Saturday was with the giroud substitution. But that’s down to our lack of options up front, but that’s a whole bigger story.

Mr Wenger

yes- give him time instead of me buying world class players to replace the ones that have left

Hmmmm potato

The ox and Theo are different players why the * does everybody want to talk about them like there cut from the same cloth.

He's got not hair but we don't care...

Wenger urges patience.

He reminds the media and any concerned Gooners what happened last year.

Seriously?! So, we fall back, with no chance of winning the league and then celebrate putting a run together so we finish in the top 4.

How about not letting that gap appear in the first place and then putting a run together that can challenge and scare the shit out of the petrodollar clubs?

Of course rather than say I have a point, I’ll just be blamed for moaning, right?


wtf is that about?


John terry is apparently furious he didn’t get the chelsea job.


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say “John Terry is a CUNT!”


BREAKING: Theo Walcott is NOT on the Arsenal calendar for 2013. What this means, I don’t know??. But Theo, being one of our better player’s, should surely be on the calendar. I sincerely hope he doesn’t leave the club in January because that will be another disaster for us.


Don’t forget to Take this years Calendar down on the 30th November and replace it with a Chocolaty type Advent Calendar !


Wale, most people have known all year that he’s going and given that we now play a game where we have to feed giroud with crosses losing theo is crazy, but then when did good sense ever stand in the way of arsenal selling a top player.


Cannot wait for the Jack and Ox (since he is a CM) combo in the midfield… It’s funny, a couple of years ago we used to be lambasted about not having enough English players now we hold the future of England in our team! The Ox, Gibbs, Theo, Jenks and Wilshere!


I do not care about the arsenal board, I just wanted Wenger more creative in preparing strategies and Bould more active in organizing players to be more excited and passionate in every game

[…] 来源:[arseblog news] […]


This is true. I feel theo fits into the system well enough now reason being, theo is a good crosser and giroud needs those to score. If we loose him it’s a disaster my friends. Moreover, I feel more confident now when he starts than when chambo starts. We’re fucked mate and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Naija Gunner

We’ll have patience, but that’s more reason why we have to make Walcott sign a new deal.

Arsenal is not an Academy where u wait for footballers to grow or mature in to stars and later sell them, the old Arsenal should be brought back, pronto!


Kos iznt also in the calender …leaving also????

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