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Arsenal confirm new deals for five players

Arsenal have confirmed that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Carl Jenkinson, Kieran Gibbs, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere have all penned new long-term deals with the club.

Following Monday night’s victory over Reading the British quintet, who have garnered over 350 appearances between them, were hailed by Arsene Wenger as the future of the club and the boss has spoken in similarly glowing terms this afternoon.

“We are delighted that these five young players have all signed new long-term contracts,” he told the club’s official website.

“The plan is to build a team around a strong basis of young players, in order to get them to develop their talent at the Club. Jack is certainly the best known, the leader of this group – but the other four players are exceptional footballers, and we’re very happy that we could conclude their new deals at the same time.

“Gibbs, Jenkinson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey and Wilshere represent a core of the squad and it’s an extension for a long period for all of them. I’m a strong believer in stability and I believe when you have a core of British players, it’s always easier to keep them together and that’s what we’ll try to achieve going forward.”

News of the deals, which have obviously been held back so we fans can salivate over them in one sitting, comes as a real Christmas treat in light of recent media criticism but does also highlight the lack of movement between Arsenal and Theo Walcott – a player who has had a deal on the table for much of the last year.

For now though, let’s focus on the positives. Five very talented players, all between 19 and 23-years of age, have committed their future to the Arsenal. Arsene has put his trust in them, let’s hope they can deliver the goods and end this god-forsaken trophy drought.


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Good news.


Now it would even be better news if Walcott signed on!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Good news, but not better, I think. There is some serious talent in that quintet.


Jack is right-handed… I have no idea what that means…


Now, i am not a big fan of Ramsey, i don’t rate him that highly but when it comes to the man, not the player, i would have been glad if he pocketed 150k per week. His leg was broken fighting for the canon so it’s good news he gets rewarded.


So we have 2 defensive players, 2 midfield players, and 1 attacking forward player signing. Now thats odd, we need to even out the equation, who do I know who is a young attacking player that also happens to be British. Hmmm……who is this fella now….


Now that you have highlight the balanced positional breakup of our newly recontracted young brits, has anybody else noticed that these would make quite a formidable 5-a-side team?

big balls

Young guys earning 3-4 million pounds per year = Bad news


Bet you’re one of those fans who thinks we should pay Walcott £100k+ a week?

big balls

NO… £60,000 per week for walcott is more than enough.


What was the source of your information, I heard they were each on £12 million a year?


I personally think Walcott won’t settle for less than PLAYING AS STRIKER EVERY WEEKS!. That’s what he wants right?, I remember a certain moustached gentleman saying.

“it’s not about the money, it’s never been about the money, ”

So all this money talk baffles me.

Or maybe all that was basically shit and it’s just the money that tops theos wishlist. I’ll stop racking my brain over all this and I’m gonna have some good fucking sleep.


These young guys earning 3-4 million pounds per year at Man City= Worse news


That’s what I’m fucking talking about!!!




The British Quintet

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sorry, can’t go any longer just focusing on the positives.

Should have been a Sextet, but a certain Wannabe Arsenal Legend forgot that to be an Arsenal Legend you have to play for Arsenal.

It can be a fairly quick process to work out a new deal as long as you genuinely want to be at the club. It only drags out if you’re hoping for something better to come along if you hold off on committing yourself long enough..


“Sorry, can’t go any longer just focusing on the positives.”

You lasted all of 37 minutes. Personal best?


“Quintet” – I love how these players are referred to as a collective. For too long have we been referring to players individually, or at least individually within lists, whether that be lists like “Fabregas Nasri Song RVP” or “Squillaci Chamakh Park Bendtner” etc. “Class players” is not a collective identity, and nor is “deadwood”. Players seek their own interests to be placed in one list instead of another list, and then eventually on the transfer list. Individualism and listing arrived at a logical extreme when, last year, the list that mattered had only one name in it – Robin… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That Arsene Wenger, he’s a smart feller. Sign them around the same time, and present them together. They can’t help but think of themselves as a team.

If Walcott doesn’t sign they won’t be thinking “We lost Walcott” they’ll be thinking “Walcott missed out on being a part of our team”.

He knows, you know.


Yep now i just want to see a mass signing out, imagine how much this lot would save us on wasted salaries. betqeen them they have started 18 matches for us this season and collectively earn around half a million a week ………now that is an effing worry.
eastmond djourou squillaci santos
diaby denilson arshavin
park chamakh bendtner

over the mars

J-A-A-C-K !
If you know what I mean 😉


Lovely, although not a surprise. I know many will complain about Ramsey’s yet again, but there’s a talented player in there. Maybe a new deal will be the confidence booster required for him to relax and enjoy his football a bit more.


Not by a long shot.
Wilshere coming back was supposed to boost rambos confidence…hmmh…still not quite.

Maybe a video of shawcross getting roughed up (headbutt) by fellaini will do the trick.


Ramsey: “If Fellaini can headbutt Shawcross maybe I aswell can dribble past this player and not lose possesion.”

Knitted Character

Nice geezas. Shame they couldnt add Frimpong and some of the Chuks.


Sadly, I think they will be examples of players who don’t quite make the grade for us but forge out reasonable careers elsewhere.


I’m looking forward to this picture to be posted in the media again in some 2-3 yeras later when we win major trophy all down to this five guys and wenger brilliance to secure deal very early.

Blueberry pie with some cinnamon

Somehow, I firmly believe it will happen. I was too young to see Henry become an Arsenal player and his struggles in the begining. But I was there when he became world class. I’ve got faith Wenger will make history again. Proud to witness Wenger’s ambition.


That’s a great pic, can’t help but smile seeing those boys being rewarded for their hard work and loyalty, truly deserved!


It looks like they’re morphing from left to right.


All between 19 and 23? Which one is 23?




It’s obviously squillaci.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, Squillaci. 23 in his left leg, and another 23 in his right leg, for a total score of 46.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Mind you, I thought it was nice to see him play the other day (or did I dream that?)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hey, I didn’t say I wanted to see Squillaci in the team every game you know!!!!

I thought it was “nice” that he got a run out, and it was also “nice” that he didn’t make any mistakes.

It is also “nice” that it will have been noticed that he is still a defender and can still play football, so maybe somebody somewhere will be inspired to buy him this January.

jimmy belfast

Brilliant news !
The futures bright futures ARSENAL!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hope they made the rest of the Arsenal team turn up for the photo shoot of the Arsenal Five and Papa Wenger. Theo should have been made to be there so that he could see what he was missing being a part of.

What was Theo’s answer to Wenger when he asked him face to face “Wanna make it Six?” (If he didn’t put the question he should have)

Agent 419 ITK

Yay ! Congratulations Aaron!



gooner odst

Message to Theo: Why you no sign with other? you no you wants.

(the poor grammar conceals my rage)


See how easy it is, Theo!

Great news! Love the Arse player video with Jack and Ox honoring the badge!

Save 75 cents

Oh God yes it was magnificent. I know I haven’t been the biggest Ramsey fan but damnit he is an Arsenal player and its about time I get behind him.


Exactly its that easy, and walcott says it takes lots of months to sign a new deal. Pretty sure signing these 5 players at a time took 5 times less trouble and time.
Any one saw the video on arsenal.com when JW kisses the Arsenal badge sorry for Chambo cos he didn’t kiss it too lol.


Squillacci is also an Arsenal player, so get behind him tooo….hahahahahaa


OMG! Their contracts expire in only five years! Fire sale! Crisis!

furious arsenal fans

hope it will be the turning point of Arsenal

furious arsenal fans

In addition, I think both Walcott and the club should make a concession to the other. I think it is the best solution

Master Bates


See what Wenger is capable when the funds are available? no wonder P$G want him.

Now for the January signing(s)


Just seen the picture of Jack kissing the badge. I’m in love all over again


Finally, now we just need 2-3 quality signings and then we will have a superb team.


We always need 2-3 more…. I hope something will change within the Board and we will buy at least two 1st team players.

El Fred

Well done guys now come on Theo you know you want to !!!!


More good news, glad to have them all with us for the foreseeable future.

Onwards and upwards.


So it took Jack some three weeks to put together a new deal, yet theo takes a year? Looks increasingly like theo is off in the summer.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hope all his suitors tell him they want him as a winger, not a striker.

The Gimp

Good news

Some signings and some clearing out now please

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I hope people realise that in signing these five guys we will have splashed a lot of cash.

Let’s have a bit less of the old “Spend some fucking money” now shall we?


Reportedly 72.8 million over 5 years.
…cash splashed.


Mark my words fellow gunners, a team with these 5 as the foundation will be a force in years to come. This is the beginning of something special. The time they will spend playing together and gaining an understanding is something money cannot buy. Sprinkle them with a few players with continental flair and we’re on to something. Hate to use them as an example but this is similar to when demento ushered in the United class of 94.Wenger almost got it right a few years back, though the players he bought young foreigners (no offence), who were only using… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So none of these guys has any “Continental flair”.

Just joking… they’re not too bad a selection are they?


I would also like to see our afro/english join in on this luvving frimpong/afobe/aneke add walcott to the signing and we would just be a keeper and 2 centre backs short of a good “british”x1. thats not meant with any racist tones but simply put i think the club needs a bit of luvving from the players at this moment in time and preferably from some players with real passion for the club as well as talent. perhaps charles-cook boateng akpom jebb lipman jeffrey hayden fagan wynter rees ansah and a few more will also come good over the next… Read more »


Super news. Now I’m just waiting from Frimpong to come through and Theo to sign an extension. I believe in this lot.


Only excited about four of those deals. They were four deals right?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So what ya gonna do Desi baby?

Wait a couple of years til one of them has a poor spell and pop up and say “See, I told you two years ago XXXXX was shit!!!!!”

If you think one isn’t up to the standard of the others then come out and tell us which one and WHY so that we can all marvel that you are smarter than Arsene Wenger.


Who’s not up to standard??…..hmmh that’s a no-brainer. It’s like asking if john terry is hideous, the fuck? ofcourse he is.

I’m not particularly over the moon with ramsey, he hasn’t given me anything to be excited about.
I’m just kinda glad an arsenal player has been tied down……..just not that fucking ecstatic!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, credit to you for telling us your thoughts on it. My own take on Ramsey is that we have seen that he can be a very good player, but we haven’t seen it so much in 2012 (for various reasons including overuse). I am really pleased he has been able to continue his career after his broken leg, and I am desperately waiting for him to really show that the injury hasn’t affected him. If he is going to fulfill the potential he showed us, and become the player we hoped he could be, then I am extremely happy… Read more »


Aaron Ramsey >>> Shelfield Wednesday.



Look we all love Ramsey, but in the best interest of the team, hmm I don’t know, perhaps they could make him work for his new contract and not just reward him when he’s performed rather dismally over the past year. Makes him work for it and sets an example for the other guys.

” hey look, that ramsey block landed a new one, maybe I too can sit on my arse and i’ll land one for sure”


You can blame Ramsey for a lot of things, but not for his work.
If anything, he really tries hard and is always 100% involved when coming on the pitch.
Maybe, as has been said before, that’s his problem at the moment, he tries to hard.
He’s just 21 and who knows he might become a very good player in 4-5 years. It would be stupid not to keep him around for the next years.

Gunsen Gunner

Song on the beeb:

“For me to go back there, where I had seven magnificent years, would be something very special,” he says. “If we draw Arsenal I’d be happy to see the fans again and go back to the club, even though if we go there it will be to get the best result possible.”

He’s already wanting to come back. No thank you Alex.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So if we draw them and he doesn’t get picked to play because he is just a squad player and not up to being a starter in the Big Matches ? Will he still be so happy to visit with us?

Brian Mendoza

Please, include the whole quote. “For me to go back there, where I had seven magnificent years, would be something very special. If we draw Arsenal I’d be happy to see the fans again, go back to the club, even though if we go there it will be to get the best result possible. Arsenal’s a big club, but I think Barcelona’s a level above, because of the talent of the players there. “That’s no disrespect to Arsenal, because they have talented players, but I think the Barcelona players are above. I saw a lot of people come and a… Read more »

Stevo Goono

Brilliant news, Like the fact this has come out before Theo can run and jump, shows our future is bright regardless.


Small part of me thought they would wait and Walcott would join them. Wont read into it to much though… Great news!


Also love how on the video the guy sprints over to get Jacks contract when they finish photos haha! Wouldn’t wanna lose that one…


Finally great news! After horrible two years when we sold everybody who was asked for this is a BIG step towards Arsenal as we all want.
Now all we need is patience and some new players coming asap.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“Now all we need is patience and some new players coming asap.” Aren’t they mutually exclusive? But you are right. It is great news, and it would be very nice to get a couple of new players in though, as you say. I think we should try to raid other PL teams for a couple of players with a bit of PL experience and pedigree, a bit of grit, and a never say die attitude. People who will keep working hard whether we are 4-0 up or 4-0 down, and play as if every minute of the game was the… Read more »


They are not mutually exclusive. We can not expect to buy players and next thing you know: everything clicks perfectly and we are wining all over. We ll need at least 2 years to be really dangerous.


gibbo is left handed aswell as left footed! what are the chances.
amazed some are still so young, seem to be have been around for ages

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think the chance is around 99%

Yep, when you start to introduce players at 18 they do seem like veterans by the time they’re 20. Imagine what they’ll be like at 27 if they’re all still with us.


Slow day at work mate. 29 posts on one thread is enough me thinks.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Middle of the night here. Out of work. Stark bollock naked cos of the heat. Nothing better to do than talking to other Gooners on here because I don’t know anybody outside my own family here in Australia,

Don’t worry though, I think 30 posts is my limit. I’ll get bored and go look at porn soon.

[Photo by Request]


Heh. Fair enough. Carry on.

Santi's Sack

That photo warms the cockles. Take note Theo. That’s how you do it. Just pick up the pen and sign your name, it’s really very easy.

One Arsenal

Why do you people keep encouraging Walcott to sign when clearly, being absent from that picture, he’s telling us he doesn’t want to be a part of the “British Core” at Arsenal.
Let the disillusioned little boy go wherever he wants. AFC is and will always be bigger than him.
It appears he trod ding the same path as RVP, wearing his boots too


Looking at the picture one line popped up in my mind “And your time starts now”.


Yeah this is great news..
But we forgot Theo and Sagna????

Asian Guunneer

this is aweesomeeeee!


This week keeps getting better and better. To be honest it’s really nice to see these young lads showing their appreciation to the club and manager that helped them develop into the players they are today.


I was a little surprised to be reminded that Ramsey is only 21. Someone had me believing he was an underperforming 28 year old.


Kwalitee post.


I wish everyone would just let the theo thing go. He’s gone. Stop bringing it up. It’s not like we’re losing another Rvp, cesc or even Nasri. He will be playing for Bolton or Norwich in three years. Shame,yes. Too bad. Move on.

One Arsenal

Couldn’t agree more. Plain and simple

Butter my Arsenal

Wow. Renewed hope! What a lovely feeling. An excellent gesture from Wenger and have to agree with those praising the strategy of presenting them all together. Something about it just fills me with excitement for the coming seasons. This is the best thing to happen this season, on or off the field, in my view.

Come on Arsenal!


I’m not too excited. Here’s why. The Ox – quality,but hasn’t been consistent this season. Still has a long way to go. Could be world class on day. Jenkinson – Has made a massive improvement since he joined, but still has a few critical flaws. The jury’s out. Ramsey – shit, and will never be good enough to play for Arsenal. What does Wenger see in him? Wilshire – top quality. But will he want to stay at a club with no ambition? Gibbs – decent when fit. But is prone to making horrible mistakes,and always seems to get injured… Read more »


Baffling reaction, just baffling.

If we wait until the Ox and others are world class before we offer them an improved contract, it would be too late by then, and we’ll find ourselves in a RVP/Walcott scenario again.

It is an investment with an element of risk in it. Invest in players who are showing potential, so that when that potential materialises, we will be in a good position to keep it, or cash in on it.


FG, with the exception of the view you express on Ramsey, none of the others are reasons not to tie these young players into contracts.

With all the shit we seem to suffer with contract situations, particularly lately, that does seem a really strange reaction mate.

the 1992 away kit

i bet your not even fat


Heh. We extended there contracts FG. It’s not like we just bought these guys. Jesus mate, ease up a bit. You’re going to bust a nut. I agree though about the Gibbs and Ramsey part however.

Jim Jimminy

You might want to avoid Arsenal for the next 5 years then.

The Loving Hands of Wenger

This makes Theo look like an utter, UTTER twat.

Dial Square

Good news, but a bit of a PR stunt wheeling them all out together.

Surely curtains for Theo as i’m sure they would have wanted him in as well if he was ever going to sign, but fuck him, you either want to wear the cannon or you don’t, can’t help but think he’ll regret it one day..Liverpool pfffff


great, they are the future of afc


Great news I hope Ramsey regains his form, could be a world class midfielder but I’d settle for Arsenals version of stephen fletcher. I just hope we will not hear about how we already made five signings come january. Also a bit worrying that second string players like Jenks, Ramsey, and Ox are on such relatively high salaries. a lot of comments on the BBC point out that Arsenal has nearly the same wages as United, but they can afford to pay their top players because they don’t overpay their average ones. Arsenal really needs to free up the salaries… Read more »


Could someone please tell me the length of the contracts and what wages they’re on now?


5 years. First team basic plus london waiting 50-60,000 grand a week.


They are all on 10 year contracts starting at £250,000 per week.


Where can i get that picture all blown up and stuff? Love it.


I wonder where they signed them…look at those four pictures hanging up in the background.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Good, but I hope this isn’t a Wenger diversion to cover for the fact that he might not splash the cash on any superstar talent in January…

New Guy

Wait, I thought we had six British internationals aged 19 to 23…. Oh right. Thanks for the memories (?), Theo.


HA take that theo, do you wanna buy an extra few ferrari’s a year with that 100k contract or do you wanna play alongside a fine young batch of english players who could potentially blossom into world beaters? I don’t know why any sane person would pick the first option..

Cool Gooner

Just read this on malawi dot worldcupblog dot org Could this be true? Arsenal to confirm January deal for talented defender Supersport (18 December 2012) Chipolopolo defender Stoppila Sunzu is set to join English Premier League side Arsenal after Zambia’s participation at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. Sunzu told fazfootball.com on Monday that talks between Arsenal and TP Mazembe Chairman Moise Katumbi had reached an advanced stage. “I will be travelling to England to sign a deal with Arsenal after the friendly game against Tanzania. As we speak, Mr Katumbi’s personal consultant Salomon Eskadela is here in Zambia waiting… Read more »


Again, this has been discussed in other comments sections. Doesn’t seem to be any firm, verifiable information from the player himself, much less Arsenal FC. Reading were said to be in for him a few months ago–if you ask me, that seems like a more likely destination for the guy.

Cool Gooner

You are right Witoldo.

“I will be traveling to England after the Tanzania game but I won’t be going to Arsenal. Arsenal want me to do trials first but that’s not ideal. Instead, I will be going to Reading where I will just sign instead of doing trials ,” Sunzu spoke before he left for Accra yesterday,” Sunzu has been quoted in The Post newspapers.

It seems he won’t even sign for Reading.


Seen that a few times now… don’t know if there’s any truth in it

Cool Gooner

No truth at all. He thought Arsenal would sign him without trials? Who is he? Messi?

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