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Wenger: I will be busy

Arsene Wenger says he will be busy in the transfer market this January.

We’re not quite sure what kind of busy he means. Busy like a bee? Busy like a hive of ants? Busy like a … er … a warehouse boss that’s got a very important order in and somebody made a mistake just as it was about to be dispatched and they had to pull an all night shift to correct it before they lost that customer to a competitor who routinely tries to undercut them with increasingly underhand tactics? Whichever it is, it’s busy.

“Yes, I will be busy,” he said, which is where we got the whole concept of this article from. But obviously, as with the Demba Ba bit, he was keeping the names of potential targets under his beret.

“I don’t feel under pressure to name names because you find them on your own. We have the potential to be in the Champions League with what we have. We are open to strengthening the team, but the difficulty is to find what strengthens us.”

Might we be so bold as to suggest that there are lots of players out there who could strengthen us, the issue is more to do with January availability than the potential pool of recruits.

Wenger also revealed the club have not had any contact with Reading regarding Andrei Arshavin but made it fairly clear he’s willing to let him go should the right deal come along.

“I have not had a call from Reading, but if he finds a solution that is satisfying for him and for us we will consider it.”

Speculation increases regarding Marouane Chamakh’s future too, with West Ham said to be interested, which would be curious because it would finally mean that Sam Allardyce has become as stupid as he looks.

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Love that picture.


hahaha! agreed!


there’s been a trend of awesome pictures lately. The pat rice story was top stuff aswell.


I hope he’s busy getting rid of that little scroat Walcott.. Am I the only one sick of the sight of him ?

Dial square

I haven’t seen him since the Wigan game kicked off.


must have missed the penalty huh, dipshit

or his shot on goal that forced a save, the whole attack sucked on the day, bar the Ox (who in the process turned over the ball all the time), Walcott was the most productive with a shot that was saved and winning a penalty. I understand people being fed up with Walcott, but lets stick with reality.

Dial square

@neutral. Of course I didn’t miss the penalty you twat….it was humour…something you are seriously lacking.


Sorry, but making Walcott the new Ramsey has got my panties all in a twist


Sorry, but making Walcott the new Ramsey has got my panties all in a twist. Its all negative all the time, give the boy a chance.


Isn’t that what the comparisons to Henry in the papers today are for?




He was total crap when he won the penalty that won us the game against Wigan, what a knob! He could at least have been more prominent like Podolski, or had some more shots on goal like Santi, I mean the whole midfield and attack was clicking but Walcott was hiding. I for one am tired of the team carrying him. Dream boy Giroud has been on fire, how can Wenger consider letting Walcott in ahead of him? Seriously, Blogs does little but stoke the flames. Mediocre players are protected (Ramsey, some degree Giroud), while Walcott has to eclipse Henry… Read more »


I may end up cyber stalking you dude, this comment is amazing.


Sarcasm eh? I never get it.


Beautiful Neutral, beautiful.

Adam, Watford

How did you get so many thumbs down, fella ? It is sarcasm, isn’t it ? Heh, just checking !

I like it ! Especially the ‘ WAGNER ‘ bit ! Funny !


Away fan

Still think so?


Hello spud moron! Did you watched tonights game?


how do you feel now?


Of course his busy.

Deciding whether its to early to sell Cazorla is a hard job


This is just frustration. sorry guys/girls.

Big Chief from Antarctica

I’m with Wenger if January means there isn’t a lot of available “top, top, top” players (we don’t need more deadwood), but I would be more than happy if Arsenal can release at least some of the deadwood.

Ps. Hope that we can give Newcastle a thrashing, I mean the balls on those guys, they should have beaten Manure. That pissed me off.


Releasing players doesn’t strengthen the squad. Replacing them does.

It is what it is

I’m indifferent to Walcott’s future. However, I’m sure any of Park, Chamckalackal, Squid, Denilson, Djourou, Arshavin’s wages would compensate any financial outlay afforded to him. Then there’s St. Nicklas. Wellington.

Could be worse though, we could have a 7 million Portuguese baby on our hands. Gonna go see how Joel Campbell’s doing.

joel campbell

I’m Costa Rican F*ckace


He should sell deadwood first, loan Ramsey and extend Walcott. Then, after that, we can wait and see the real change in arsenal transfer policy. Buy at least 2 Santi level players.

Dial square

Arrggghhhh. He can’t sell the dead wood, no one in their right mind would pay Bendtner etc what we are paying them, so they won’t leave and take a massive pay cut….Would you?


In order to sell the “dead wood” we need someone willing to buy the “dead wood”.

Dial square

I hate it when Arsene comes out with “we will bring someone in, if they will improve our squad” Fuck me, Titus Bramble would improve our squad at the moment…ps that’s no reflection on our defenders…pps exept Santos.


I hate it when some dicksplash makes comments like how Titus Bramble would improve a defence that’s fourth in the league in goals conceded, and act like he’s making some sort of interesting point.

Slap yourself.


the jist is true, we are lacking in many areas. Bramble v squillachi? Carlton cole v chamakh? We sadly have many poor players, over paid who were stuck with. There are players out there who will improve the squad, sadly the frustration is I hope for signings but already know we certainly wont sign what we need. th again certainly isnt any answer


absolutely!Walcotte is about the only decent player in that outfit!


Cazorla, Arteta, Sagna and Vermaelen, are all levels above Walcott.

Proud Gooner NK

Don’t forget Diaby, Rosickÿ, Wilshere, Gibbs and some others …- they’re all better than Walcott too.


Comparing these players with walcott is just stupid, he is a young player with his best years ahead of him. Yeah Wilshere is probably better than Walcott, but he could very well become better than Fabregas.

He is the fastest player in the premier league, selling him at this moment or not extend his contract would be a huge mistake.


And gervinho is , well,………………. Shit.


Yes, Gervinho have not been good at all, but at least he tries.

H. P. Arsecraft

Vermaelen has actually been shit this season.


Answer to all problems.. Eduardo! I love Eduardo..


my neighbour?

they have the name!


i mean the same name…


oh forget it


All he thinks about is champions league football not a dam trophies for over 7 years i hope we miss out this year to make a point that fans are not about how much a club makes its more about the success on the pitch!


As much as I think the club needs a bit of a shake up, I’ve never been convinced by the idea that the way to do this is by losing games.

It’s a bit like going on a “donuts fried in lard” diet to lose weight. Or modelling yourself on Sam Allerdyce as part of your bid to become a handome, well dressed playboy about town.


Of course you don’t want Arsenal to qualify for the Champions League…as you can’t see your team of cunts at the lane finishing above Man Utd, Man City or Chelsea, so you won’t have any chance of being in the top 4 unless Arsenal fuck up.

Why don’t you go back to knocking one out over a picture of that diving cunt Cornelius?


You sir, are a genious!
Lets lose games and lose our spot in the CL, that’ll be some real success on the pitch!

jack jack jack

I hope you realise that the whole reason we are so frugal with our finances is so that if we were (Dennis forbid) to finish outside the top 4, we wouldn’t implode and be left in desolation for a generation a la Leeds. Instead we would have some money in the bank to reinvest, and to take the hit of losing the £20+m cheque we get from champions league football. Therefore your hope that we finish outside the Top 4 would actually only give their strategy credit as the contingency plan falls into place.


What goes through the minds of Spurs fans who come onto an Arsenal site spouting rubbish??
They must be bored at Xmas……..


better plan of action, extend walcott, because even if your going to sell him id rather it be when we have a few years on contract so we actually get some real money, some idiot aid loan ramsey, thats retarded hes got the talent its up to us to use him how best suits him and the team. a big strong holding mid is needed yes. and a new striker, ba would be nice with a contract less geared to a high wage, more towards a high reward rate for goals and assists. reina is not the answer to back… Read more »


It’s so fuckin irritating this endless loop of speculation and the reality that even if players are available we don’t figure into the negotiation because of our wage policies. For example sneidjer for all we know is fed up at inter And no one could argue that he would improve us but he’s not an option because wel never pay him the wages. I think for once we should just roll the dice and try for a player like him or even David villa at Barcas quoted 16m price. Who gives a shit if we only get 18 months out… Read more »


yea wenger will be busy buyin more cheap rubbish we need a serious change at arsenal!


Cheap rubbish?! 12m for Giroud and 16m for Cazorla.

That’s a lot of money and a lot of quality for the money i would say. We can’t buy the Falcaos, we need to develope new ones instead and stop selling them to rival clubs..

We got a great youth team and great young players, we got a good future if we keep these players.


Ur right, lets lose games! That’ll show…..them?




How about pre-contracting Llorente and Sissoko for the end of the season?

Sign Carvalho on a 30-month contract if he’ll do it to bring some serious solidity and nous to the defence.

Loan Villa til the end of the season as a shot in the arm for the team.

Sort out Theo cos he is a decent player in fairness.

And try to find a decent, young, left back who can challenge Gibbs.


if some of u arsenals fans are happy with 7 years of no tropies no ambition then u dont expect much of our great club and thats sad. but im not he has run out of ideas, even stevie wonder can see that! This year u will see that selling ur best player to a rival was not best thing to do trust me!


I simply must know.

What on Earth made you think of Stevie Wonder here? That’s a whole new level of random.


ahahh u think cunt im a arsenal true fan that loves my club and want to see us win trophies for a change like we used to stop licking the french mans arse and think logically top four finish this year aint good enough we will never win trophies with this dude. Trophies is success get it.


So you expect Arsenal to finish above Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea, despite not having financial resources that are comparable to those clubs?

Liverpool spent heavily to maintain Champions League football, ditto sp*rs and Leeds.

Liverpool and sp*rs want to build a new stadium, with all the financial constraints that goes with that investment.

Yet Arsenal are the only club to have managed to maintain Champions League football and build a new stadium.


We won trophies while Arsene was the manager, he brought in the most successful period in our history, with the best football team England had ever seen. He helped move us into a beautiful new stadium and has kept us in the top 4 with a shoestring budget. Yes, I hate it when we sell our players. Yes, I want Fabregas back, yes selling RVP to Manure felt like a kick in the balls. Could and should Wenger have done better and gambled a bit with our finances in 2008,2009, or even 2010? Yes, we clearly should have been doing… Read more »


Thats a poor excuse mate…. double were a big club mate whose used to winning things we just need to buy decent defenders a,goalkeeper,and a centerhaif, midfield has always been strong mate we are sorted then , wenger too blind to see that doesnt believe in defence mate every one know that, that the reason we havent won jack shit for god knows how long. get real mate hes no longer the man for us.


Firstly, don’t call me mate.

Secondly, you believe that 3 clubs who can pay more in transfer fees and wages than we can is irrelevant to whether or not we win the league? Seriously?

Do you think it’s just a coincidence that Chelsea won the league when Abramovich took over – considering that they hadn’t won it since the 50’s? Or that Man City won the league when the billionaire Arabs took over – considering that they’d won fuck all for 40 years?


Yeah mate its just a coincidence mate trust me mate


Really hate the transfer windows, everyone and his wife saying lets gets this player from so and so and all we end up with is park.
Woudnt surprise me if the only business we done was selling Walcott.
I for one won’t be to dissapointed as my expectations are so low.


For now all I care about is three points. A possible signing wont help us at 17.30 anyways.


ahah charming ill call u thick cunt then!

Are u related to wenger are something?
Look if wenger had a brain he shouid of brought in a decent defender, center haif and extra striker back when we was 6 points a head i believe we wouid have won the league that year i think it was 2007. Hes too stubborn and has too much power over the club. Thats not good anyway lets see how u feel when we dont make top four this season! hes buys of late have been mainly pants too apart from santa!


You really shouldn’t be calling people thick when you are borderline illiterate.


Toby, you were the one wishing for us to drop out of the top 4. With the sugar daddy clubs that can outbid any decent transfer targets, you are a fool to think changing a manager would win you the title. You are really quite thick, aren’t you?

[…] Wenger has revealed that he will be a busy man during the transfer window. There are various positions that need some fixing in the squad. For me, […]


You know Toby, I dont think that many people disagree with a few of your points, but you’re just being a dick about it. Think about shit logically, if say Wesley Sneijder wanted to come to Arsenal cos he likes London as a city, found a great place to stay and school for his kids right? Chelsea can easily come along and offer him twice as much as we can, and if Wesley is a business man first, he’ll obviously go for the deal that’ll secure him more money, as football is a short career, so he’d want to live… Read more »


ahhah o yea …The only illiterate dunce person on ere is u thick blind cunt who cant see that arsenal are going no where under this french trash… im not a deluded fan that follows the club blindly like u the truth hurts but i live in the real world sir no tropies for 7 years how many other managers wouid last so long with a record like that? Get u finger out ur arsehole and start thinking straight! im not hear to play mr nice guy truth hurts dick head when we dont make it u will say the… Read more »


I apologise for calling you borderline illiterate earlier…you aren’t borderline.


Tenzo why we sell our best player to man united then? Just imagine we had van da man this season? we wound of been right up there plus we wouldn’t be losing to pub teams like Bradford. Its wenger the problem all him and his crones thinks about is profits we are a rich club stop using the tired excuses we cant compete with the likes of man city etc we can we got billionaires on the board now ur going to see him panic buy in January what a joke!


So we were supposed to pay the wages of a player whose heart was no longer in it, and have that player as our captain as well? Then after that period, he leaves on a free transfer and we dont get anything for him? And what kind of effect do you think that would have on the entire squad? Being led by a man who no longer believes in the cause you all are fighting for? I’m sorry brother, but if we kept Van Persie we would have gained goals, but it would have had a detrimental effect on the… Read more »

Titsan Arse

Toby as a true Arsenal fan I really can’t see why you’d want us to not qualify for the Champions League? Do you know what that would do? We would be left behind. It would significantly effect out finances. These good defenders you want would be unlikely to want to come to team not in the Champions League. And if you want Wenger out that’s fine but who would you realistically replace him with? Especially if we were not in the Champions League. I don’t think me or you can really have a discussion about how much Wenger really has… Read more »


Yeah right?

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


ahahha I hope we lose today so i can gratefully rub it doubledouble double stupid deluded face what a dreamer.


You want Arsenal to lose?

You claim to be an Arsenal fan.

Something doesn’t add up.


you twat please shut up…



The main definition of “supporting a team” is hoping that said team wins and does well. We can’t lose and do well at the same time you twit.


7-3 awkward!!!!!!!!!!!


Troll alert.


ive been a supporter since 1983. Yep sorry to say if that means change then so be it double ive had enough of lack of progress, crap signings, selling our best players, i want to see us win things not just top four finish thats lack of ambition.Were a big club with a proud history wenger has turned our club into a business venture! Its not good enough anymore many of my mates feel the same. And another thing we get to the champions league every year and do nothing anyway whats the point?


So its all about top four thats good enough for arsenal football club really? shame on u guys!


Titsan Arse u made some good points mate… im just fed up of the many disappointments. I love this club i wound love to see us win things that’s all im just unsure if wenger can deliver this hes lost his magic touch it seems.


thumbs down for this anon.


Look Toby, what do most good players want to do? Play for either champions league team, or a rich one, or both. The Arsenal are a champions league team, which means we need to maintain that standard before we can dream of being the best. Say we drop out of the Champions League right, who will want to sign for us? Only greedy whores who want cash, and then what, we end up being the new QPR, with a massive wage bill, players who couldnt give a shit while we sit at the bottom of the table, and are managed… Read more »


toby is it wenger that has turned us to a business or the board?
and you might want to remove the s from the word billionaires.


Strong rumours in the papers this morning about us buying Nani. Looks like Walcott is on his way for sure now.


As much as I expect to see a million red thumbs next to this comment, I wouldn’t mind Nani.

Even though he comes across as a bit of a cock – and I don’t see why he’d join Arsenal when he wants to leave Man Utd due to them not paying him high enough wages – he is a proper winger.


How many players can we sign anyway (given 25-man and home-grown rules) ?


I often wonder how the majority of you manage to tie your own show laces. I’m so often reminded me of a scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

“Yes, we are all individual!”



[…] injuries, and a midfielder with some physical presence wouldn’t go amiss either. Arsene said he was going to be busy, let’s hope that’s the case. The window opens tomorrow, we ought be to queuing […]

[…] injuries, and a midfielder with some physical presence wouldn’t go amiss either. Arsene said he was going to be busy, let’s hope that’s the case. The window opens tomorrow, we ought be to queuing […]


As i said before and now i will say again arsenal has no ambition today once again proves my point agains southampton top four is not a good enough is it we need a change arsene wenger aint it ahaaa bunch of jokers.

Austin Bud

Hopefully he signs cabaye

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