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Beckham to train with Arsenal

Reliable, peerless, and scholarly as ever, The Sun have gleefully announced the following: “BECKS JOINS ARSENAL (Sort of)”

Helpfully, they’ve included a photoshopped image of Beckham in an Arsenal shirt.

But before you all start wetting yourselves at the prospect of Ollie Giroud’s head getting on the end of Beckham’s balls, STOP.

Because he’s only here to train and keep fit while he figures out his next move.

This isn’t the first time that the Squeaky One has trained with the Arsenal, but he was previously only ever available for short stints before returning to the LA Galaxy. Now though, having finally won the prestigious MLS NAMBLA MVP trophy, he is a free agent and assessing his options.

With his three kids now rumoured to have joined Chelsea’s youth setup, it’s likely that Beckham sees his future in London. And Wenger has always said (of these past training stints) that Beckham was a great example to the kids and a really positive influence around the training ground, so it’s a good move for both parties.

It’s interesting to note though that as a free agent, Beckham could be signed even after the transfer window is closed. With Arteta seemingly injury-prone, and Diaby being Diaby, it’s a nice emergency option to have.

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gervinhos head band

However long his stay, hopefully becks shows walcott a thing or two about set pieces!


Thierry showing him how to finish, and Becks showing him how to take set pieces? He’s gonna be a beast…


You can lead a horse to water…….

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

Yeah yeah yeah, Walcott can’t finish or take set pieces. Maybe that’s why he has 17 goals and 11 assists in 27 games. The Walcott hatred on this site is getting really tiresome.


Oh that’s so cute another dig at Walcott. Did you come up with that all by yourself?

Walcott is my best player at arsenal right now, if I don’t see him on the team sheet I get butterflies in me tummy.


For the setpieces alone i’d pay him what Squillacis’ earning.






Point of correction: Arteta aint an injury prone! tbh, Beckham will give good advice to our wingers.


Seemingly. Look the word up, mate…


If there is still a place for Arshavin on the bench, it can’t do us any harm siging him.

And it would give me an opportunity to say “How does it feeeeel??” to my ManUtd supporting (cunt)friends. I bet they don’t like the taste of their own medicine.


yeah.. they sign RVP and we sign beckham and silvestre..


Beckam is to them like Bobby Pires is to us. Well, not quite, but I can’t find a better comparison.


Would be a great deal for a backup.
But then again, I think his wage demands are waay more than we are able to pay him.
But if he is keen on staying in London (and a wage cut), then I’m all ears.

Brendan Rogers talks like Doctor Evil in Austin Powers

Think it’s safe to say Beck’s missus earns more money than him now. He’d probably sign for free just to stay fit. Would be great to see our free-kick-takers learn to “Bend iit like Beckham”. Only Poldi consistently hits the target. Versus Brighton Giroud’s was 3 yards over the bar and still rising. And versus West Ham Theo’s was a ‘bulls-eye’ straight at the goalkeepers’s chest.


We should sign him only to take free kicks in the second half.. Nothing else


I personally saw this coming. I think this is his way of showing his kids which is the SUPERIOR London club.


Or showing us which club he thinks has better future prospects.

Thumb down all you like, but Beckham (like any father in his position) didn’t take that decision lightly.


Probablly alone on this one but Beckham seems to perform at his best in the last year of his contract. I am not a fan of his but maybe a contract until the end of the season would work out, as long as he is on a tenner a week.


Ivan will macaroni his pants at the thought of all those lovely shirt sales.

melb gooner

bring him on for a free kick


Haha ridiculous. A good option? Really? How deluded have arsenal fans become?


If the price is right, I actually wouldn’t mind Beckham signing with us until the end of this season before he finds his next club. He likely won’t start, let alone play any match for us, but he can only be a positive influence during the training. If needed, he’s still got that freekick and touch in set pieces. His pace and stamina may not be what they used to be, but as a short term option, I see more benefit than loss. I am not too worried about our midfield as long as our regulars stay healthy. I am… Read more »


If Beckham were to ever sign a short term contract like Henry, can you imagine trying to get tickets as a Red member for example?

I like Beckham, but would you want the Emirates full of tourists, like Stamford Bridge, every week?

Podolski's left leg

I thought one of the kids is an AFC fan. He let them join Chelski and now he wants to train with us? He should train with them. Though I wonder what Terry would do at the sight of Victoria.


Is the picture was photoshopped? How in the world can he fit Arshavin’s shirt?


exactly! also 2 wilshere is in his reserves. and 3 this aint our training kit anymore! and 4 dont le me start on jack’s body…
dont do that again mr blogger

Johnny Jensen's Bender



I was just kidding, man!
I’m very glad that a great guy like him train with our players. Whether we sign him or not, it always be great watching him playing football at any level.


Hahahah NAMBLA. Just so you know sul, it didn’t go over everyone’s head.

Dave Gooner

Let it down in the sleeves and out in the waist?

Ivor biggon

How is this even “news”? Who gives a shit? What should be news is what the fecking hell are we doing sniffing round a striker that can’t even make a first team when our defence is turning into an embarrassment?


I can only assume your nom de plume relates to your ego. It sure as shit doesn’t relate to your intellect.

Ivor biggon

Your name should be cock end rider u little maggot!


Of course it’s news. DB is looking for a final contract in Europe after leaving the MLS and he is training at Arsenal. And while he is at Arsenal there is a (albeit outside) chance he could sign a contract.
Beckham as an impact sub?? Yes please

North Bank Gooner

Arseblog in ” Reports on Arseblog News what is in the papers today ” shocker!!!!

Merlin's Panini

If he’s really still got it then why not?
Can’t really see a 37 year old who’s been playing in the MLS for the last 5 years or whatever still being able to cut it here, but what do I know?
He is a model professional and always seems to be keeping himself fit. Certainly a good presence on the training ground but would he really sign for us? He’s often said he wouldn’t want to play for anyone other than the jcloth shirted reds, but then why the fuck isn’t he training with them?


Money. How much would you pay to have Beckham join us? The only reason would be commercial. It might sell a few shirts. But footballing value?

As for why he’s training with us. Our facilities are possibly the best in the country. Everyone trains at Colney from NFL teams to last-gasp, nearly-ex-footballers.

I’m not even sure this qualifies as a story.


He might not be training with them for two possible reasons; 1) him and his family have been quoted many times as wanting to live in London, set up HQ there etc, and 2) Wenger redefined football fitness in England, so if he’s intent on doing it for fitness it may be the logical choice for him to train with the Gunners.

Merlin's Panini

Makes sense.


Nice…ill take david beckham over gervinho anyday.


Allowing your children to have anything to do with Chelsea’s youth system is nothing short of child abuse.

Dave Gooner

I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near John Terry. Even being in the same city is maybe too close.

Cultured Left Foot

He should play for West Ham.


all this “he’d be a good influence on the training ground” nonsense- why? is mertesacker passing round a crackpipe?midfield sleep in again?arshavin treating everyone to mcdonalds at lunch? its one of those comments that have gained currency this last decade without having any truth or importance to it.Absolute rubbish-i can understand an exclub legend being a boost to the returning club,but if you think a media whore 10years past his sell by date is going to be a good influence i strongly suggest you do not have children.


Can’t believe it’s nearly 40 comments and no-one has said anything about:

“Ollie Giroud’s head getting on the end of Beckham’s balls”

Gold dust Blogs, gold dust.

Gooner Til I Die

Can’t stand Beckham. Every time I see him I’m reminded of all the years he spent at manure, cheating, fouling, whining at the ref etc. I think we should’ve told him to get stuffed. He’s probably gonna tell fergie about our training and players. On top of all that he really is a tool, remember the Olympics? What a ponce! I hope Jack smashes him in training.


That cunt face Fergie has got Arsene’s number. He doesn’t need any inside info.
Even if he did, he has our former captain playing for him now.

I think we Arsenal fans need to come to terms that we are no longer Man United’s rivals.

Chuck Ekemezuma

All jokes apart. Why not train with Man U? What don’t we know?


Man Utd’s training ground isn’t in London.


Man Utd aren’t based in London (though a significant part of their fanbase is- just this morning I saw a guy walking around Angel in a MU shirt- He didn’t exactly ooze class if you know what I mean).


…..and he’d be ‘just like a new signing’

Worse still – IF it was to come off, it would be Wonga’s only activity during the transfer window. That just about puts things into perspective.


Do you mean to say that we have got a player with OVER ONE HUNDRED ENGLAND CAPS training with us? My God, why haven’t we signed him?! He is not under contract, so we could get him for nothing! Let’s offer him 100 grand a week: maybe he just might say yes!


The photo of Beckham with Wilshire is certainly a keepsake one. Someday he will be able to say that he knew and played with the Great Jack Wilshire.

Perhaps he is back to get it autographed.


I really hope they do much more in training than what we see in those videos =).
I mean of course they do but.. i would really like to see how our defense training looks like for example.


We fans are so desperate for a signing that even this type of training stint for a player way past his best seems LANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

Lukas Podolski looks like a giddy kid in the club pictures.

igor stepanovs

off topic, but can’t believe how old beckham looks / is now. makes me feel fucking old.

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