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Chamakh set for West Ham loan

If reports are to be believed this evening, West Ham are in talks with Arsenal over the loan of Marouane Chamakh until the end of the season.

The Daily Mail (yes, we know) are reporting it while BBC’s David Ornstein said:

Talks held between West Ham & Arsenal over Chamakh. Not done yet, #afc not preparing statement tonight but @LeeClayton_ reliable source #whu

He ‘said’ this on Twitter, obviously. He doesn’t speak in hashtags. That would be silly. The Moroccan striker has been surplus to requirements at the Emirates for some time now, and rarely even makes the bench with Arsene Wenger prefering to select A N Other and Inanimate Carbon Rod ahead of the former Bordeaux man.

A West Ham loan, which would see Arsenal still pay some of his wages, would allow Chamakh to stay in the capital and come the summer should find it easier to make a permanent move away from the club.

Since joining he has made 67 appearances scoring 14 goals.

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Appearance to goal ratio doesn’t seem bad..especially considering Balotelli. Shame he doesn’t always suit our style of play.


And considering almost 30 of those appearances are from the bench(15 of them with 5 minutes remaining in the game). Unlike Balotelli’s.


Balotellis goals/min ratio is among the best so not sure what you guys are talking about. If would have Mr mental in a heartbeat .. No less for the comedy moments only he and TGSTEL can produce and he has the talent TGSTEL thinks he has.

Tottenhams reckoning

I agree with above, but fuck Balotelli, fuck him back to Manchester. I would hate to see people like him in an Arsenal shirt and celebrating a goal from him.

Brian Mendoza

If all these stories (Djorou, Squid, Arsha and Chamakh) hold up Arsene seems to be cleaning house in a big way. Maybe to leave room for some inbounds. One can only hope.


Were cutting the food bill , they are all a bit chubby nowadays. And Loan contract only forces as to subsidize wages , not food so the joke is on them.

Fergie the Gooner

In other news:
Arsenal set for massive Brylcreem surplus!


Well, to be fair to the club we’ve been trying to shift these lads on for quite a while now. Also, the point about a dearth of squad spaces is not exactly valid, as we shifted on the enigma that is park chu young in august. That made ONE squad space available in august itself. I’d say we’d all be happy if we managed to fill that one space with a versatile defensive mid/cb type. Or even a striker. Add the other potential outs: Arshavin, Chamakh, Squilacci (Non-homegrown) and Djourou (HG), and we have quite a few vacant squad spaces… Read more »


The Djou rumors make no sense seeing as he was offered and signed a new contract only 10 months ago didn’t he?


we’ve got too many players still tied to us…i think he should’ve been sold


How many times does it have to be said that nobody will pay the wages we pay for deadwood so there is no chance of a sale? At least a loan gets him partially of our books.


while on loan these guys still get a paycheck from arsenal and with that kind of money (from e.g. djorou, squillaqi) decisions would be much quicker to make….like the theo situation wouldve been solved long time ago……one way or the other THEYVE GOT TO GO


You can scream “they have to go” all you want, but like Asmodeus said, it’s harder than anything to find another club dumb enough to pay our deadwood the wages we fork out.


yeah i understand Asmodeus is right….but its just a painfull truth and am sure if we could, we would


We expect our best players to honour their contracts and sign new ones, but we expect the ones we dont want anymore to fuck off and take a cut in wages? Arsenal subsidised loans are all that will happen with these guys but at least a few contracts end with the season. I would expect JD to take a wage cut to go and play football because he seems to be that kind of decent guy. I wish him well. Dont forget Bendtner has to be equated into this too and nobody is going to match that muppets wages. And… Read more »


A loan also puts them in the shop window. Blogs pointed out that Squillaci has essentially had a two and a half year break from first team football and not many teams will be willing to take a punt on a player who’s on big wages and has very little game time. A loan is a good compromise in the circumstances, although certainly not necessarily a long term solution: the Denilson situation is just tragic, we can’t even pay people to take him! At least Chamakh will be playing football again and if he does alright (he’s hardly likely to… Read more »


The best we can hope for is loans for these players, nobody is going to pay a transfer fee plus the wages that these guys have had from us, it just won’t happen.
We are stuck with them or we loan them out until thier contracts run out.
It shouldn’t be like that and it’s not ideal but that’s the way we have run the club and are now paying the price for it.


But we have had the greatest manager in history running the club for the last fifteen years! How could this have happened?

Daft Aider

Now normally in these circumstances I would be asking people to stay calm or think about the squad depth, not today, news of squilack potentially leaving has put me in very good spirits, now Mr Wenger if we can just get a couple of decent signings in (I’d take Father Dowling before Stewart Downing, or Joe Cole for that matter)

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

You don’t have to go Chamakh! Just sign da ting before it’s too late

Wenger's Zipper

I remember when he was our best Striker. Man management, sexual related issues and Shisha were to blame.


Chamakh or Gervinho for flop forward?


I don’t know, he was our leading goalscorer at a time when a lot of people thought RVP should be sold/would never stay healthy.

Rosicky's flair

He’s just talking about that brief period where he deputized for you know who.

Marouanes Mother

my boy! come home to your mother and i will grease your hair how u like


He was our best fit striker


Agreed. His decline after his holiday in the US was unbelievable, he never recovered. At least one national newspaper and I assume all the others have seen the pictures and it was rumoured that the club had helped him to get an injunction to ensure they were not published. Credit to the club for supporting the player, just a pity he has been unable to deliver since.

Thomas B

At the moment, my left nut is a better striker than Chamakh. But to be fair, he needs games to get confidence — hopefully he will get that at WH. Good luck to him.


God I’ve been saying we should do this with the deadwood players to at least get them partially off the books for awhile. hopefully it helps get them sold in the summer where we can pay people to stay and come for decent wages.

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

Shame that Wenger didn’t listen to random people on the internet earlier, because nobody else has ever mentioned it…


I agree 100% with Disgusted…mainly because I forgot to change my username back.


if we can try and get rid of him, arsh, njor and squil then fantastic. i think frimpong needs to be loaned as well, not good enough for me. lets getvsome good players and sign walcott then we might have success. still its a matter of might coz we are one of the mosat inconsistent teams. southampton game was a stinker really compared to newcastle one which was beautiful. COYG.


I agree with Frimpong to be loaned out! Maybe to Charlton? In fact I recon this should have happend two months ago. Wenger dropped the ball again!



The art of the 3 yard lay off will be lost forever!


Wages HEAVILY subsidised apparently…….

I’m shit at football – I wonder if our board would pay me not to play for us?


To be expected. Although when you consider that either way, he’s going to be making zero appearances for Arsenal, any weight at all taken off the wage bill is beneficial.


Wonderful to clean house – so, that leaves Arsenal signing new or promoting from Reserves. If I were guessing, I would say promoting… it’s the (up the)Arsenal way! 😉

Goon Goon Goon

A loan is the nest best thing. I wouldn’t even be gutted if he started playing well for them as the door is beckoning. The man with 7 hair cuts in one needs to go elsewhere


Sweet. With him and squillaci leaving, that should fee up the space and money in the squad for us to sign both David beckham and frank lampard.


Now that would be a proper “British core”! Heh


Why not JT and AC back while were at it! I jest..


Will they be paying at least SOME of his wages? If not, as awful as he’s become, I don’t find any joy in this news.


I have to say that the wage structure is out of whack at Arsenal. Players like Arshavin and Chamakh never want to leave because they are paid ridiculous wages for doing nothing. When will Arsenal sign players who are desperate to play? I remember Harry Redknapp had the same problem at Portsmouth. He desperately wanted to clear out the deadwood, but the deadwood refused to leave. Portsmouth went broke and Arsenal is wasting resources on completely unproductive players. What does it tell you about Arshavin who turns down every attempt to get rid of him? Rubbish!


Didn’t Redknapp create the problem at Portsmouth? The difference being Arsenal are unlikely to be in the same financial difficulties as a result.

Malaysian Gooner

Chamakh was signed on a free hence the high wages.

Arshavin took a pay cut to join us.

Point is, when we signed them it seemed like fair deals. In fact, if we only took into account the first 6 months of their deals; they’d be great bargains.

Fans always tell Arsenal to sign players in their prime and that’s what happened in both these situations. We signed players at their peak. Unfortunately, once they fall off the peak, they fucking rolled down the mountain.

Ken Cham

You forgot Silvestre!

Rohan Sood

I will miss you, my mom loved you. She is all heartbroken you are leaving, please dont leave us.

Rectum Spectrum

Ita amazing how we can strengthen our squad by reducing its size. We are in such a crazy position. I’m cry laughing right now. You know where you sob frantically, sucking in big breathes, and then it sort of turns into frantic laugher? That. Has theo signed? Hahahahaahah sob….


I speak with Yossi and he tell me that West Ham bench seat is very comfortable and I will like. He say I can have his spot now.

Momma! I am adult now. I grease my own hair.


Yossi was more of a man than half our squad right now!


So if the reports in citeh are to believed, ballotelli is done. Would anyone hear fancy is making a cheeky £10 mil bid? I think it’s worth a shot. The kid has loads of talent and if anyone could handle him, it’s Arsene.

I say we go for it. Opinions?


P.s. I know he’s a bit of a bellend, but we need a world class striker, and if Arsene can get him rained in and under control, he could be it.


I’m with you Frog, even though the creature which is your name terrifies me to the point tears. If he would accept a wage cut (which he wouldnt) I’d love to see him at the Emirates. His issues and flaws seem to have a direct relationship with his talent. He’s probably the biggest asshole in world football at the moment, but prim and proper nice guys like Lio Messi are boring as fuck. Mario makes the game interesting for both the right and the wrong reasons. Besides, it would be interesting to see how he and Sagna would get on… Read more »


Chamakh joining WHam.

Hope we get Andrew Ridgeley in exchange. He’d be more fuckin use upfront.


We hate you Sam , for taking away a good centre forward of us.
(Come on fall for the bait you walrus.)


He is super talented.. Agreed.. But honestly hell no to balloteli.. Cant stand him.. Fucking spoilt kid he is.. Hate everything he is and what he represents.. He just gives our generation such a bad name.. it might be stained already.. But damn he is the shit stain running across the underwear of human kind


He’s a dumbass kid. Much the same as Rvp was when Arsene took a punt on him. With the rite guidance and in the proper environment, in two years he could be the best striker in Europe.

Then we could sell him to those stupid cunts at Manchester citeh for a nice little profit. Heh.


He’s a dumbass kid on funny money wages.

Dog Eat Arse

No, we have enough problems to let that stupid fuck anywhere near our club. The only time I want him at the Emirates is when he acts like a spoiled child and gets sent off for Chitty.


‘A West Ham loan, which would see Arsenal still pay some of his wages, would allow Chamakh to stay in the capital and…’

1. Carry on shagging half of London and smoking his Shiska pipe.

2. Play shit foot ball.

3. Pick up an obscene amount of money every week.

Any other suggestions?


To play shit football, one would have to be on the pitch.


He did ok when he started at the club then his form disappeared. Not bothered about him going and he could redeem himself by scoring vital goals against all our rivals especially the spuds.


There should be a deadwood clause in all contracts. When a player becomes deadwood his wage is reduced.


Wait, can anyone confirm how many years Chamakh’s contract has left to run? Is he out of contract at the end of this season or next season?

Jesus, what a dilemma. Ju Young Park too. Ugh.

At least Arshavin and Squillaci will definitely be off the books.


Next season. Chamakh is under contract until 2014. Park until 2015.



That’s a helpful chart. Are all the values 100% accurate? Is Diaby really tied up for an additional two seasons after this one? When did this happen?

Dog Eat Arse

Flappy is off to.


Good luck at west ham, cuntish thing to say this but i hope you stay there.


Jesus we have some shit. How the fuck did we manage to get do much shit in our squad. One word …..Kronke……

Dog Eat Arse

What has that silent c**t to do with it? Wenger signed the players, it`s his mess.


He doesn’t invest any money in to the club, if he don’t want to do it, he should sell his shares. He doesn’t deny that he will be taking money out from the club.

He owns a lot of clubs in different sports and their situation is like ours, they have also sold their best players, coincidence?!

Dog Eat Arse

I´m not a big fan of our current board with that slitheringh thing Gazidis running the strings but we are a self sufficient club that doesn´t need the Silent ones money.
We should never ever take them if he offered. I know that he “owns” the club but if he puts money in he will see that as an excuse to loot the club when he needs to. We need to get him out and not put us in a position where we rely on that bastard.

Fever Pitch

i give an OSCAR to the fotographer…or Nobel…or Pulizzer or wtf else they givem !

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

its true. we should have bought Oscar


Get M’villa in please.

Dog Eat Arse



Coz he’s readily available.
Coz he’s big and tall.
Coz we perhaps need a real DM with good ball distribution. One who can get stuck in like never before.

Or just for the simple reason: he’ll be an actual signing!

Dog Eat Arse

But would he improve the team? I dont think so. We do need what you are describing but not M’vila.


i ll bet you havent seen him play for the last 1 oneand half season . he has been terrible last year (lose his place in french team for poor performance at club ,then manage to get ban from it) and this season he has been meh!
Much better player out there than the overrated Mvilla


Whom do you guyz want then? Coz we sure do need a DM and it doesn’t get any better than M’villa…….(wage + price)


I can think of x1 players that could leave tbis window and i wouldnt have a problem if all were replaced from within. obviously i would prefer new signings but if this x1 were replaced by the 2nd x1 i would have no problem at all
eastmond squillaci djourou santos
gervinho denilson arshavin
park chamakh bendtner

yennaris angha miquel meade
eisfeld frimpong henderson
gnabry afobe ryo

all of that x1 would do a better job and probably reduce the wage bill by 26m a year.


On 3 January 2013, M’Vila agreed a £14.7 million move to Arsenal, after admitting to be unsettled at former club Rennes. He was assigned the number 17 shirt.
– Wikipedia



wtf i read that to, but anyone could change the text at wikipedia.


Didn’t Alvarez’s Wikipedia say something similar? Just before he didn’t sign for us?


If it’s on Wikipedia the it must be true.


Wikipedia……….”Yann M’Vila (born 29 June 1990) is a French international footballer who plays for English club Arsenal in the Barclays Premier League. He operates as a defensive midfielder and is described by his club as a player who possesses “excellent defensive abilities”



On 3 January 2013, M’Vila agreed a £14.7 million move to Arsenal, after admitting to be unsettled at former club Rennes. He was assigned the number 17 shirt.

at wikipedia


i dont want to sound like a worry wart……… but our squad is being depleted well before there is rumors of anyone coming in?

Based on the rumors of outgoing players, we will need to sign atleast 3-4 players this window? Wenger always says at the end of the window “the players we needed weren’t available”

So whats different this time round? fuck i hope we are just playing our cards extremely close to our chest, as the silence is frightening.


Going out in media saying “we will sign 3-4 players” isn’t that wise either.


Looks like Villa wont be coming. So Adrian iy seems then.


That is a way sweet pic of Chamakh. That is all.

chamakh's barber

After this news even atheists have to believe in god’s existence


Not if you’re a West Ham fan you don’t.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Judgement day (once more)

How is it possible that a player of his “quality” still is milking my tits?

I read somwhere that Chamakh is a natural talent in math and when he´s off on holiday he works at his brothers restaurant doing the books (and waits the tabels!!).

How can you not like this greasy bastard with the mouth of a duck?


we dont need arsenal rejects he could hot a barn door with a hot air baloon waste of space another donkey to offload in summer eeaww

Merlin's Panini

I always liked the wafting smell of shisha. Oh well…

The Loving Hands of Wenger

Fuck off Chamakh!

Even relegation fodder clubs have better strikers. We are an embarrassment!


That’s good cos maybe in the summer he will be even posible to sell for some decent money.


Can anyone explain to me why we didn’t sign Holtby and subsequently allowed him to join Spuds?

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