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Chamakh to West Ham loan confirmed

As expected Marouane Chamakh has moved to West Ham on a loan deal until the end of the season.

The move was confirmed this afternoon and the former Moroccan international will be available for the Hammers next league game against Sunderland.

Luckily for Manchester United the deal wasn’t completed in time for him to take part in tomorrow’s FA Cup clash at Upton Park where he would have once again had the chance to show he was better than Robin van Persie.

This is the point of the article where there’s some random filler information, perhaps about how many appearances he’s made or goals he’s scored but frankly, we can’t be arsed.

Arseblog News hopes he scores against Sp*rs and all that, but beyond that we’re struggling.


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Rad Carrot

Bye you ultra-Marouane!

Henry's beard

Dear West Ham supporters,

This —->


Arsenal FC


I’m in tears at that picture.


Why not sold? He will still come back and we dont want that


But at least he may get some game time and attract some suitors.


no one wants to buy him. but at least this way, west ham can pay some of his wages.

A gooner in Manchester

like most players at Arsenal, he should build a bit of muscles. For this problem, the Walrus might know a bit about it.

If he scores a few goals, he might come back with self-confidence and a better player physically.

master floda

last year of contract. who buys a player in january if you can get him for free in august? apart from that: who would pay for chamakh? not even we did…




Thank Bergkamp!

Santi Cazorlas coming to town

toodlepip Chamakh.
Thanks and all that…
onwards and upwards!

Arsne Wenfer

Chamack , Carrol and Cole. best strike force I’ve ever seen in the A-league, oh wait………


Mmm. West Ham were ahead of us in the table for several weeks in the first half of this season and they’re currently only 8 points behind. Given our own not particularly lethal strike force, especially minus Walcott, I wouldn’t sneer at theirs just at the moment.


We can laugh at them now we’ve given them Chamakh, though. Right? A clever move which weakens them too…


Great News

maybe a taste of football will make him thirst for more game time.
Hope he does well so we can sell him , there might still be a proper footballer in him somewhere underneath that shisha smoke.


Be nice to do some business with us signing some new players early. This squad is already completely stretched that’s why we have so many problems.

Santi Cazorlas coming to town

Hahaha….. After a few smokes of sheesha, he finally found it.


I hope he gets the chance (in his loan clause) to play against us at the emirates, so I can be reminded of why we let him go in the first place. :p

the only sam is nelson

I’ll be checking the odds on Chamakh to score at the Grove later on this month, could be worth a fiver

hopefully he’ll end up with 20 goals and a £10m offer from WHU to secure a permanent move


Loan players don’t play against their parent clubs.

Unless there’s another Grove I wasn’t aware of…


Walrus took the bait.


May he score the Hammers 22 goals in the remainder of the season so that we may sell him to United/Liverpool/Chelsea for big money where he will then stink it up again.


Not saying he can score 22 goals in 4 and half months.. but *IF* he did, why should Arsenal buy another goal scorer?


think its callled sarcasm


As said by someone else, if he does fuck all but scores the winner againt the Spuds it will be worth it


Good luck to him. Finding his form will help him as well as Arsenal.

Gibbs' Ears

So much abuse for someone who used to score for us when RVP was busy crocking on the medic’s table. And scored twice this season too!

matt senior

Hardly scored enough times to compensate fo the fact he was guaranteed to lose posession if he didn’t shoot.


So so much abuse. Why are all our players either amazing saviours who we beg to stay with us, or useless deadwood who we hate so much we want to sell them to Stoke? Is there nobody in between? It’s Chamakh, not John Terry ffs!


I believe the Walrus faced cunt is hoping to reinvent him. I actually feel sorry for him (Chamakh) having to see that Walrus face close up every day in training. Surely that is punishment enough for any player struggling for form and confidence.


dont be silly he sits in a portacabin all day eating bacon sarnys talking on the phone to one of the newspapers about his next deal


No mention of wages – and whether we’re still paying ’em ? Makes me think we are. Ditto Denielson. Ditto Bendtner – even though he’s at Juve !!!!! Blogs said in an earlier post that he doesn’t feel this squad suffers from lack of motivation and mismanagement. It’s just about getting more quality. I would question that and say that it has suffered from the former – and still does; as well as lacking depth of quality. But it certainly suffers from ‘Contract Itis’ . The state of affairs that means mediocre halfwhits who have it all to prove still,… Read more »


Not sure how you got a thumbs down for that. It’s spot on. I don’t work any better when there’s a lazy fuck hanging around the office with three other lazy fucks, who all earn as much as me but never do shite of note.


My understanding is that the loan agreements are negotiable as to whether they can play against their owner club, and more importantly, as to the percentage of the wages the other club pays.

I am curious to see exactly how much wage budget Denilson/Chamakh/Bentdner free up whilst on loan?


if you look at our midfield and compare it to the other so called top teams, on paper ide say we compare well if not better than most, and yeah we could do with some more quality for rotation purposes but if this squad lacks anything at times its motivation.even early season before we could use tiredness as an excuse we had games where we just didnt turn up.


I think we lack confidence but I’m not convinced new signings will help much with this particular problem. It’s not that we lack quality players. We’ve as much quality as most of our rivals; we’re just not always making the best of it. Chamakh was great at Bordeaux, Arshavin was one of the best players in Europe, Gervinho scored 15 goals in his last season at Lille and, like Chamakh, a good few in his first weeks with us. Fans who are cheering their departure and demanding the lavish spending of money on new signings might reflect on how the… Read more »


I think we lack motivation but on a deeper level I think everyone is just too comfortable. Arsene doesn’t seem to be able to kick them up the arse when they’re playing like shit. The fact that we always play the same way is frankly laziness as opposed to sticking to our guns. Geez even in FIFA if I’m struggling to get a goal or something I change formation or make a sub but we seem to plod through games on auto pilot. As much as I hate to mention them but Alex ferguson I feel would be doing a… Read more »


How are we now suppose to finish in the top 4?!


On the train (fucked off home early). Done Limehouse and next stop is West Ham.

Might take me Arsenal scarf off. Not as if it’s my fault he’s gone there.

the only sam is nelson

bear in mind iain dowie was a hero at the boleyn and i think you’ll find they’ll be thanking you rather than getting their stanleys out, mooro


This is true Sam. And Dowie got time off to appear in that Goonies film, so they ain’t that fussy.


mmmm…Dowie…hero…. not sure thats quite accurate

the only sam is nelson

“cult” hero, then

Arsene's Wonga

FFS Can’t even give him away!
Even now he is still gonna come back


I personally like the guy. never said a bad word when he hasn’t started a prem game since 2011. I was even privelidged to see him score earlier this season in the Carling Cup. Good luck to the lad.


Yay \m/ 25k free weekly


Just heard news that spurs sighed Lewis holtby. Disgrace that wenger allowed this to happen when he himself said he wanted him he a great player who we hav missed out on. Wenger needs to go we would be lucky to attract dean windlass now to club DISGRACE !!!!

Gunsen Gunner

So you’re slating Wenger for not buying a young prospect, something he has been criticised for time and time again, when its abundantly clear we need proven talent? Holtby isn’t really at the level of players we should be looking for therefore he’ll do well at the Spuds 😉


Confirmed the spuds have signed him for july subject to medical. It does make Arsene look a little daft.


Why? Our squad needs strengthening now, not in July. If I were Holtby, I wouldn’t blame him. With Wilshere, Cazorla, and Arteta in our midfield, he might find it hard to secure games.

Let’s see how he does at Sp*rs and who else we sign in this window and over the summer before casting aspersions.


Have you or the people who thumb you up yet realized that Arteta, Wilshere, and Cazorla are not really working out as a midfield?

Holtby looked quite good when Shake made us look average


It only makes him look a little daft because he was purring over a player that joined them spuds straight after. Not that keen on Holtby id like to see someone a little better. Dont think he was that special agaist us Farfan was the difference because Santos not all that quick without his car and TV5 in terrible form.


Dear all, Hammer here in peace… Never disliked Arsenal, decent ground, decent Supporters, play good football, not crazy on manager but cant talk on that one so what the bleedin ‘ell have i ever done to u lot to warrant u dumping that lump of lard of my doorstep… have mocked Gunners mates since he turned us down 2 years agao and then popped up at your place…now’s who’s laughing!!! Cheers for that!


were delighted to share, do enjoy


couldnt have been Giroud could it…had to be him..thanks


Wait till you sign Squillaci mate….


dont thank us yet mate, we have so many more we could give you, we are the club that just keeps giving.

mr cvv

obviuos gooner in peace lol

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the bigger picture here isnt ages or that not sold, its that another striker down. so wenger has more reason to actually get some1 good!



Simao Segunda

I’m gonna buck the trend, and wish Chamakh all the best.

I was excited when we signed him, I was delighted by the excellent start he made, and I’ve been bewildered by the way he just completely disappeared off the radar. I’m convinced he is Premiership quality, and once he gets a run of games going, I think he’ll do well. If he scores goals against the teams close to us in the league, then so much the better.

Good Luck, Chamakh.


Yes, he made an excellent start. So did Gervinho, so did Arshavin. It’s not too late for Chamakh to revive his career so I’ll join you in wishing him luck.

Mrs Squillaci

One down….5 to go!
Spudz sign Lewis Holtby from Schalke….Wenger dithers and misses out again.


that really is shit news ,this boy is meant to be the nuts, am sure ivan had his easy jet flight booked for the 31st of january to tie down the deal.


You were expecting us to sign Holtby? After yesterday’s announcement that we weren’t looking to sign anyone until Walcott has signed a new contract (a happy event we can confidently predict will be taking place imminently)?

Holtby’s a promising player but in fairness to Gazidis on this one he plays in a position that’s not our highest priority for strengthening. The excellent rightback Newcastle have picked up for 5m seems a bigger miss given Sagna’s likely departure in May.


not expecting miranda just hoping against hope, we need players all over the field for the squad.
what wenger said about theo just pisses me off, regardless of theos situation we need players, arsene says that theo will not leave in january no matter if he doesnt sign, so why the fuck do we have to wait, unless arsene was telling fibs about not selling him of course.


Fibs? Wenger? Panic-buying at ten to eleven on the last night of the window because we first needed to bank the money for a player we absolutely definitely weren’t going to sell – he loves the club, he’s committed to staying, etc. etc.? Such events have never been known under the Kroenke-Gazidis regime.


I seriously am worried about our lack of business till now. Between chelsea, spurs, and arsenal……we are the ones who urgently need signings and yet again a transfee target has been scooped up.

Wenger: “we are looking at Holtby”…..well I guess you stopped looking now that he will be in a spud shirt!


Which part are you thumbing down?
The true part where Holtby (a wenger transfer target) slipped from us or the also true part where we also need signings, Arsenal fans. We are our own worst enemy……


Wenger never said that he was in for Holtby, the media did. He said, “We have looked at Holtby, yes. We have played against him.” Here’s how it works: 1. Wenger is asked about a player and gives a generic response to the question. 2. Media says Arsenal are after the player. 3. Player signs contract with another club, or renews with own club (cf Huntelaar). 4. Media claims that Arsenal have ‘missed out’ on signing a player that he may not have had any intention to sign. 5. Mongs go on internet and type something along the lines of,… Read more »


Yep go on and ignore the elephant in the room…..”WENGERS DITHERING”. Thing is, in the recent past we’ve had potential realistic targets that one way or another have not found their way to the club. Juan mata is the most prominent, we almost had him for a few more £2million quid is it?. We didn’t increase our offer, chelsea came in and the rest is history. Holtby: you cannot tell us whether he was a wenger target or not…..Arsene rarely reveals who is after. But the “we’re looking at him” should serve as a clue. He’s off to spurs now,… Read more »


He didn’t say “We’re looking at him”, they are your words, he said, “We have looked at Holtby”. He was asked about Holtby (due to his contract situation) whilst talking about the scouting situation, about how Germany and Spain are the ‘new France’. At no point did he say, or infer, that Arsenal are going to make a bid for Holtby…the media did that. Arsenal scouts look at thousands of players per year, that’s their job, and just because we’ve looked at a player it means fuck all. It’s almost guaranteed that Man Utd looked at him as well, and… Read more »


Shame really. I had so much hope for this guy when he signed.

You remember how physically tiny a team we were at the time? He really looked the part for a while.

Wish him the best. Hope he gets his career back on track. And of course that he plays like shit if he ever plays us again.


Chamack will score goals for West Ham,I have no doubt about it-firstly he might actually play some football,& secondly his new club might appreciate him & play to his strengths (no shortage of high balls into the box with fat Sam in charge).
The fact it hasn’t worked out at Arsenal for Chamack is not wholly the players fault,Wenger has to take much of the blame for mismanaging a player that started quite well at Arsenal-especially in the Champions League.I wish him well & hope he scores hat tricks vs spuds,Everton & the other 4th place trophy wannabes.


I hear he’s already a “cut” hero. As in when guys heard of the transfer, they wanted to cut themselves.


The only conclusion I can come to for Chamakh’s decline is that he gave up once RvP got fit. He started incredibly well, both in terms of goals scored and how he integrated into the team. His link up play was very useful and he worked hard, then boom. Nothing. Obviously he was not going to oust RvP with form he showed, but he needed to dig deep and be a very useful squad player, Wenger also has to take some of the blame for not giving him the required time on the pitch. Would be good for all involved… Read more »


Now we have just one real CF in the team! Gooooooo and buy somebody at least good as a Giroud, asap.
I don’t want to see Gervinho playing there ever again.


Go buy somebody *better than Giroud. We should be aiming for that atleast don’t you think?

Ju Young Park

You can call me back from loan if you need a striker guys.


holtby is not the type of midfielder we really need tbh.

£oyalty for $ale

Does this mean West Ham are also getting that creature on his head?

Merlin's Panini

Bye for now, you weird headed long thing.

In other news it looks like we lost out to the shit on Lewis Holtby. That’s if you really believe we were in for him in the first place. We’ve got loads of his sort. We don’t need him.


Strong rumours M’Villa is on his way. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s true. He’s now about 15m cheaper than he would have been 18 months ago and there’s no doubt he’s one of the most talented young players around. Snag is, unless he’s somehow managed to get his head together already, I’m not sure either London or Arsenal are quite the calming, disciplined environment that he needs to resurrect his career. Still, too good a bargain to pass up on, I guess.


I said this yesterday and got slaughtered. M’villa fits the bill perfectly, aside from his well documented troubles, he is still worth the gamble, I mean the lad is only 22, perhaps the “big headedness” is still there, Arsene though I believe could help him with this.

A good DM, with proper ball distribution and we wouldn’t have to break our wage cap to land him. I hope he comes in,

Did I say he is big and tall?, well he is .


Yes, he’s terrific, the best young defensive midfielder out there and far too talented not to take a risk on given the ridiculous price. He makes Balotelli look like Mother Teresa, though. Not sure I agree about Wenger being the right manager to calm him down – Wenger himself being these days hardly a model of calm and clear-thinking, but maybe Henry can talk a bit of sense into him, at least for a while. Be brilliant to have a player who’s not going off to get exhausted/injured on international duty as well. Just hope for once the rumours are… Read more »


Holtby didnt look great against us in champs league. And even though you cant judge on 1 game…. I am. We have all said need a physical presence (hes not), and a winger who takes people on and has final product. (not a winger). Buying Holtby would simply make it harder for players like Eisfeld to come through and get game time. I believe Wenger thinks alot more of him than Holtby. Positives are we have managed to shift nearly djorou and chamack, and the wages and squad place with it. Lets support wenger for trying to do what we… Read more »

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Bring back marouane chamakh I say!!


I hope you stay there for ever, you are not good enough to play for arsenal.


I’m glad we have got rid of Chamakh. And, I hope he does well enough to make Allardyce put his hand in his pocket at the end of the season. I remain only hopeful on that front. My other point is with Wenger’s comment about the teansfer market being calm! Erm… Seems pretty lively to me! It also seems that when Arsene says we watching the likes of Holtby, what he meant was he was never going to make a move for a strong midfielder on a free, because spurs already had a shoe in! Same with Debuchy, an excellent… Read more »


Not to bothered about Holtby… We’ve enough quality players in his position… M’villa….now that’s another story… Get him signed up pronto…. So far so good on the dead wood leaving… Keep it up please…. But MUST replace with quality…. And have had enough already of Wenger’s “Theo’s the most important” crap…. Bollocks Arsene…. Utter shite…. We need reinforcements….NOW..!!


now that chamack is gone.I will not watch any Arsenal favorite player! damn you arsene


Just sell the deadwoods for free and spend the money available on the bank. The clubs board is worser than the QPR board ffs. Just fuck off from the club, Gazidis and Kroenke out out out.

The supporters deserves better than this shit. The players are looking exhausted and does obviously lack passion for the club. The club are selling the best players to rival clubs, it’s a fucking joke ffs.


good luck to him. I hope he scores a few goals which will alow us to sell him in the summer. We definitely need to invest in a striker this transfer window!


Let’s see what Chamakh can do in West Ham. And Wenger said he is busy in transfer window, but why he is keep missing on those “potential target” and Walcott hasn’t been tied down with a deal?


I dnt understnd why some to most arsenal supporters are still crying.. Will you guys ever be satisfied? You say yeah sell the deadwood and all that.. As we movimg them on you people still not happy.. Then why are you supporting arsenal? I know we supposed to be the biggest critics of our team but damn some of you guys are idiots going on and on.. So sad can’t find joy with a team you supposedly love lol

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