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Djourou joins Hannover on loan

Johan Djourou’s loan move to Hannover has been completed.

The Swiss international will play with the Bundesliga side until the end of the season having fallen down the pecking order at Arsenal. He had more or less established himself as one of the first choice centre-halves, but injury and a massive loss of form – not helped by being played out of position at right back – have seen his chances limited in recent times.

He did not appear once in the Premier League this season – making just two league cup appearances – and with Koscielny, Vermaelen and Mertesacker fighting it out for two places was always going to struggle to get back into the side.

He has made a total of 144 appearances for the club and fans will be hoping that his departure is a prelude to a new arrival. If not it means an injury here, a suspension there, and Arsene Wenger has little choice but to select the even more out of favour Sebastian Squillaci.

Assuming he doesn’t go himself which isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. All a bit weird. Anyway, good luck to him out there.

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Christ, he had his debut 8 years ago and he is only 25

johan djourou

Damn! Anyone suggest a new username for me?


Don’t worry I’ve got one! I won’t have to change this one anytime soon…


Promoting Miquel seems the logical thing to do. Don’t see how a player like Olsson would strengthen the team.


We got some great young players, Miquel, Olsson, Gnabry, Eisfeld etc. The club got a great future if we manage to keep these players.


I feel with the competition as it is now at Arsenal, Miquel can reach 1st team very fast.


I hate to be pessimist but there were always many young great players but somehow shit happens. So I started a little project. I wrote down few names of players that are highly spoken of right now. Now I write down how they progress and we’ll see in let’s say 4-5 years where will they be. Wish them luck.


You know, Kolololo, you don’t have to wait 4-5 years. You can look through the Internet archives to determine who was highly spoken of 4-5 years ago (or 2-3 years ago) and judge whether they’ve made it. Jay Emmanuel-Thomas pops to mind, but assuredly there are many, many others.

There are actually not so many players who come from our academy into our first team, unlike at, say, Barcelona. Wilshere is very much an exception.


Agreed. There’s also Hoyte Brothers, Luke Freeman. But I’m not doing it to prove something. I do it out of boredom. It’s like my hobby and I want this ‘research’ to be mine through and through.


In many ways, Barcelona is itself largely an exception in today’s football. The attrition rate of youth coming through the ranks is extraordinarily high. The fact that Premier League teams cannot recruit under-16s further than 90 minutes travelling time probably plays a role.



I’ve heard a few people talk about the failures of youth teams and academies in general to bring players through, but it’s clearly nonsense once you take a broader perspective. *All* footballers come from youth teams. It’s just that development is such an unpredictable process, which means that big teams don’t have the monopoly on bringing players through that you might otherwise expect them to have.


Also jay Simpson was a striker who netted few cup goals for us and everyone thought we had the next wrighty, now I think he works at KFC.

flying dutchmen

Promoting Miquel or signing Howedes, would be the smart thing to do. The question is wheter Miquel is good enough to be a first team squad player next season….


Miquel has been very ‘leaky’ in his Carling Cup appearances, can’t imagine him ever being a first-teamer. After yesterday’s Swansea draw, anybody agree that we should have kept Kyle Barley?


All loans & no sale make arsenal’s wage bill pretty huge


The clubs these players get loaned out to obviously pay for (part of) the salaries.


Something must have gone very wrong at the club around 2006-10, for us to have been financially hamstrung by the new stadium, yet still offer such risky and high-wage deals, to the point that no other club would pay for our players.

Djourou doesn’t belong in the deadwood category though, and definitely not the unmotivated/hopeless/end-of-career categories either. Hope he gets a good Eduardian reception if he ever returns to the Grove… (if he does it surely means we are playing in the Europa League or something)


He looks to scared to be new Tony Adams! We need some beasts in our defence, enough of nice guys.


Agree with Lapidarij. We need a big player and influence, in both defence and midfield, voices on the pitch too. I like Vermaelen but he is no leader


He will return after the season anyway…so we might yet see him at the grove.


“Socialist wage structure” at Arsenal compared to “capitalist wage structures” at virtually every other club.

Very well, but socialism doesn’t tend to fare well when surrounded by capitalism (and vice versa). You need to push for “Perpetual Revolution”, for all the clubs in the world to pay in a socialist way, for Arsenal to compete. “Socialism in One Country” or at one club well we all know how the USSR turned out. And Financial Fair Play is as useful as the fucking League of Nations.


In djourou’s case we are receiving a loan fee plus hannover are paying all the wages. in chamakhs case we are paying all the wages but have received a loan equivalent to all of his wages. each loan deal is different for example we actually profited from the loans of denilson and bendtner whilst we break even on park. This board would not lose out believe me.


I’m thinking you’re a bit crazy for believing what you’ve written.

Happy to be proven wrong by some sort of evidence.


All the best to the chap. Hopefully this will continue the ongoing process of clearing out some salary to bring in a man up front.


Would should bring in players regardless if anyone leaves or not.


Absolutely. But I think if we do get rid of all the deadwood in the team, Wenger is more likely to buy. For example, if Arshavin leaves we only have 5 players that can play in the front 3, and one of them is Gervinho. In that case we wouldn’t only be short on quality but also on numbers, and Wenger would be pretty much forced to spend.


If Arshavin stays, we still only have 5…


Let’s count them (I don’t count Gervinho, because “we’re losing him to the African Cup of Nations”): Giroud Podolski Walcott Oxlade-Chamberlain Arshavin (Gnabry) Plus players who have been shifted out there periodically by Wenger (Cazorla won’t be shifted out there because as the last 15 minutes of the Wigan match showed, he can’t defend at all–he’s worse than Arshavin): Rosicky Ramsey Andre Santos So, yeah, we’re very light and need players. But, then again, even when Chamakh, Arshavin, and Gervinho were here, could we really call them viable options for the Premiership or CL? (* – with a caveat for… Read more »


And Miyachi when he comes back

Gibbs' Ears

So no option to buy, seems he’s still in Arsene’s plans? I think Djourou can be useful for us once he gets more playing time.

Good luck to him! More reason to watch the Bundesliga.


Good luck to Djourou in Hannover. True professional but maybe not good enough for where the fans want the club to be. Playing time will get him more involved and hopefully help make the deal permanent.


good luck and play well
its good for you and us…


this is so boring. Can’t tomorrow come now. Need my football. Need to see my arsenal play. Need to see my santi do his graceful touches. Wilshere to do his turns. So desperately in need of seeing my tomas turn and run at defenders, doing that beautiful outside of the boot cross. Need to shout at Wenger to make a change before the 70th minute. I love you my Arsenal through thick and thin. Through chamack and arshavin. Through wilshere and jenkinson. Forever in my heart. COYG!!!

Merlin's Panini

Good luck to him. I hope he can come back a bit meaner. He’s a good centre back and I would be sad to see him leave for good.


Two down, gervinho to go. Come on arsenal!!

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Bring back Colin pates I say!!


Arsenal have hanndover Djorou to Djermany.


*gets coat


You know what?wenger should be sacked just for selling van traitor to mufc


You should be fired for once upon a time being a fan of Rumper Van Cursie.


Tell the truth mate. You die a little every time the CUNT scores for mancs CUNTS.


Wenger this Wenger that – I find you’ll read in a lot of reports of how Gazidis/the board were going to sell RVP to United for 22m or something while Wenger vetoed and held out for 24m. There is evidence to believe Wenger wasn’t the main proponent of selling him, as with a lot of the club’s other policies too.


Excuse me but fuck mr. robin van stapleton and everyone that facilitated his move to united. Infact fuck those paper rvp signed on and that pen. Just fuck, fuck, fuck all round!


Ya! How dare he be the best striker in the world and want to be paid less than James Milner and joleeeeeeeooon lesbot. It’s all his fault we pay chamakh and park and arshavin to sit around and do fuck all, then claim we can’t afford to pay an elite striker a proper wage. Clowns.


Forget Amauri bischoff, chu young park, jeffers. Selling rvp is by far the biggest wenger transfer miscue..


It kills me when I see him score like tonight, with jack back and cazorla in the middle, rvp would have been scoring for fun and given the others the confidence we are lacking.
What a fucked up crazy tranfer policy this club has.


how can you say that the rapist deserved more money when he was being offered 130k pw by arsenal to stay, and he decided 250k pw was better as long as he got to join rudolph and rub it in to the Arsenal fans who stuck with him throughout the 7 years of severe mediocraty (lets face it after the letter where he said that the fans, club, team and manager weren’t good enough for him, he does hate us). arsenal was stuck with a choice of either taking 24m for him then or losing him now for nothing, where… Read more »


I hate Van Persie as much as the next arsenal fan, but calling him rapist and that “she said no” song is just too much. We are better than that, that song is for cunts.

Call him a cunt and what ever you want, but leave that rapist shit out of it.


ok sorry about the rapist thing i shouldn’t have said that but it was the only name i could come up with then. its just he was a player i put all my faith in throughout those seven years, a player who i was laughed at by my mates when i said we had a player who could be world class in our squad if he could only stay fit. to see him finally throwing his injury problems away made me proud that i defended him, but to see him attack the club, the fans, the teammates and most importantly… Read more »


well said mate! 🙂 I agree with the things you said, but i’m disappointed on the board and Wenger for selling our best players. I think some of our current players are lacking the passion needed to play for arsenal, some matches there is no fighting spirit. I want the players to feel something for the club. We need players like Jack Wilshere, we need players that loves this club. We need players that are proud to playing for the club, for some of our current players seems to don’t give a shit. The invincibles was not just an amazing… Read more »


Sry for the awful spelling.


Mr. Van Persie can go and fuck himself for being such a big traitor. He was arsenals captain and he was loved by the fans, and what did he do?! He left for man utd, as an arsenal captain.. It’s a fucking disgrace.

Van Persie is a traitor cunt, i wish him bad luck in life and in football. But lets face it, a big fucking disgrace to sell him to Man Utd. I would rather have seen him on the bench than selling him to manure.


Sign David Villa ffs. Class is permanent.


Unfortunately, 31 year old knees aren’t permanent. We should offer man u £22mil for their best striker and see if they’ll sell him to us.


He is a winner though. We soo need a couple of those around the place.


Haha spot on frog. Manu regardless of the situation would never sell us their best striker let alone their best.

We are supposed to replace class with class right?. Well I guess Villa is available isn’t he? but here we are, still pondering.

What wenger said today makes me worry even further. Here

“At the moment we have (Olivier) Giroud
available, (Theo) Walcott available, we are not too short in this department, so we will see.”……are you kidding me?


*their worst striker let alone their best. Stupid me.


I agree about the winner part. If we had any balls we’d cough up the asking price for falcao and pay him. Make a true statement of our intent to win more than fourth place. By summer we should have a list of losers off of our wage bill. Pay the man what he wants and let’s win something.

Blogs had a saying a few years back when we were dealing with another cheap ass club. I believe it went ” cough up or cock off”. It’s time for us to C. U. O. C. O.


Seriously I refuse to believe wenger is that stupid that he won’t sign another top class forward, I just cannot believe that he won’t. We are on our knees at times and the need is so obvious. Lets see what happens.


You know what will happen mate. “We’ve signed Walcott to a new 5 year deal, plus we have giroud and poldolski and gervinho can play there as well. We also have tgstel returning from juventus, who actually have ambition and will sign two proper strikers. “


I know frog and I can see it going that way, but I just hope for our sake we are wrong. Our lack of attacking options has been so chronic at times that I just dont believe even someone as stubborn as wenger cannot see it. The ironic thing is we could end up signing a 31 year old for 16 million or so on we’ll over a hundred k a week and yet we sold rvp. It’s laughable if it happens. Ide welcome villa because we need someone and the bloke is very good but what a shambles of… Read more »


Yes sir. I would loves to be proven wrong. The thing is , Arsene is just about the most stubborn man on the planet. I just can’t see him admitting that the team he put together is too weak. Id love for us to sign David villa. I’d have welcomed Ba. I’d shit myself if we signed Falcao, but to be honest, I don’t think any of those guys are as good as the guy we gave united. What a fuck up that was. We pretty much just pulled our pants down infront of the whole world and said “look!!!!… Read more »


The squad is not weak, but it’s not strong either. We need more players, to rotate properly, and we need the players to show some fucking pride. At some games there are no fighting spirit, just take the 8-2 lose against manure last season. Wheres the fucking pride? They were just taking it.

They need to show some passion for this club and show that they are proud to play for arsenal. Something have really gone wrong when the best players are leaving.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, they weren’t “just taking it” when they went down 8-2 to United last season. Don’t look at the dross we produced against Southampton and project it all the way back to the start of last season. We put some gutsy effforts in last year, and it wasn’t all down to RVP and Song. These guys have lost their mojo and it’s going to be a while for it to come back (Three wins on the trot is not enough to do it, we need nearer 10. Or we need a decent bloody sports psychologist.)


Good luck to him. He is not as annoying as Chamak and Arshavin are.


Demba Ba scored twice.
Should have signed him!


Wenger: “It was either Ba or Giroud, we chose Giroud” So that’s that.

Eric Irish gunner

Best of luck


Tom watt’s excuses that he keep making in support of Arsene is becoming laughable every time I Listen to him. I quote. Because he has helped to build our stadium we shouldn’t sake him, now that the good time are coming. Good times??? What good times?? Wake up Tom, stop trying to keep your job, and be honest with your self. Frankly Arsene has been shit for quite some time. He will come up with things like, if we find ( top top top top quality we will do it) and we end up with the curent crop of players!!!… Read more »


Thank….You! The excuses people come up with in defence of Wenger have started to weaken. They get shittier and shittier by the minute. I really am happy Gazidis came out to publicly say wenger has the funds for transfers in January. The ball is in wengers court now I guess, the clock is ticking, the fans are waiting. This should be fun.


Have you looked at the way the books balance? Guess what Des, we don’t have 50 million pound to spend on players! Ivan says the moneys there so chumps like you can continue to blame the manager and not the hierarchy.

Stop reading economics by sports journalists and take a look at the books yourself.


Andrew, do you honestly believe that an intelligent bloke like arsene would let himself become a scapegoat for the board knowing full well what the situation is ?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You must be a young ‘un. You’re thinking too short term. Arsenal is for life, not for dessert. If we’re shit for a decade or two we’ll still see it through and come back strong. I have just had “another” birthday (lost count of the number now) but I am still expect to see Arsenal back at the top before I die.Chill out, Cheer Up, Cheer the Team no matter how dire they get. If you can’t cheer then just boo the opposition for being “not us”.


See what you did there Andrew?, it really doesn’t get any lamer than that…..
Ok sure it might not be £50 milli, so then what?. We are in the january transfer window with no funds at all?. Me don’t think so. In retrospect though I agree that the hierachy is part problem but we would be fools to dismiss the manager of any blame if we do not sign anyone significant after all it’s his team, he should advocate for some few new signings and not sit back and watch the arsenal slump.


Yesterday you stated that Arsenal had £70m to spend in this window, so what happened to the other £20m?

Did Wenger stuff it under the mattress? Has Gazidis taken a punt on the 3.30 at Epsom following a tip off from Barry Fry? Did Kroenke want a new syrup?* Maybe Hill-Wood hired some pirates to enslave a dozen Cuban virgins to roll cigars on their thighs for him?

Please enlighten us with your intimate knowledge of Arsenal’s finances.

*It may just be Grecian 2000.


I was kinda replying to Andrew there who brought up the £50m quid. Look here, it’s pointless to speculate on the amount, I obviously haven’t got a clue of the exact figure. I’d love to be Arsenes right hand though and point him on who to buy and whom not to buy but I guess even Arsenes advisors right now aint enjoying their jobs coz Wenger is as stubborn as they come, this much we do know. I want the best for my team, but we sold that to united, I want new quality signings and not the bischoffs of… Read more »


Off topic but Van Persie just scored for United again, and an important goal at that. I know we shouldn’t be thinking about him but the board and/or Wenger really got this one wrong. I can accept he’s on the last year of his contract etc, but to sell him to already one of the strongest teams in EPL is just laughable. Then you try to convince the fans that we’d compete for each trophy. Bloody joke. You’re selling the EPL top scorer to the second placed team last year, only missing out on goal difference, then go on to… Read more »


While it makes me sick everytime Percy scores, I do find it funny that he is essentially doing for them what he did for us last season. How many points must he have saved them already this season? Without him they would lower than us

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Don’t worry about it. There must be an international break coming along.


Why is it that Arsenal do not have money? We have been erroneously saying this for years now. Please kindly help explain why we do not have money? How can you explain Wenger selling RVP to Manure? It’s like Burrissa Dortmund selling Gotze or Reus or loewendoski to BayernRe Munich? Do you think klopp will be that foolish to do that? Do you know that Manure is the most lucrative club of the last years in the world? But even after spending money the still make profit. In economics you do not make profit by not spending or by not… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We don’t need RVP. We have Giroud. All we have to do is put him at CF and make Theo play on the wing and send the ball to him or slot in bhind him in a 4-5-1. If Theo leaves buy a left winger who can cross and slot Podolski in behind Giroud in a 4-5-1 because he sure isn’t a winger. Never, ever play Gervinho at CF. He isn’t one. Problem solved.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Anyone else abit worried about another disappointing January? I’m sorry but the failure to capitalise on strengthening the obvious areas that need strengthening.has ruined our seasons since I can remember. And it all started out by saying we are clearing the deadwood, but the problem is the deadwood were never replace We absolutely need a January arshavin type injection to lift everyone at the club. His first 6 months were the difference between finishing 7th and 4th, and that alone for me makes arshavins purchase worth while even if he did fade away. Without arshavin, we wouldn’t of been in… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You must be young or have a mediocre memory. You would have loved it back in the good old days of 2004.

We absolutely do not need a January Arshavin type injection. We need somebody who will stay good all the way through til the summer, even when played out of position, or when the team is defending.


Sorry bud I am neither. You can’t compare 2004 to now, because the squad is no where near the quality at the moment.

I meant we were on the back of what 3 or 4 nill all draws at the time arshavin was bought. He came in because of his name and reputationthe club lifted and we managed to get 4th.

Which is realistically what we are fighting for this season? The title is not coming to the emirates this season…

It is impossible to tell a player will be good all the way through


That telegraph article from Bonjour earlier in the thread says it all really. The club and Wenger are pursuing a ‘socialist’ model. When the normal convention in top clubs is to reward top players better in a ‘capitalist’ model. Socialism is a nice idea, but proven unworkable given human realities (greed and desire for self advancement mainly). And I can’t think of a more obvious example of greedy, self obsession than most modern footballers. Can’t see many top players buying into getting roughly similar money to a clown like gervinho. If the model doesn’t change it’s only mediocrity for us… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Capitalism works because there are people at the top, more people in the middle, and many more people at the bottom. We can play capitalism if we want, but we do not have the kind of sugar daddy owners who will spend a billion of their own money and then have their borther’s, son’s, half-brother’s cousin who also lives in the palace give us a 450 million a year sponsorship deal with their oasis cleaning company.


Socialist wage structure my arse. Basically translate that as = ‘I know I f**cked up, and really I should have nothing to do with player’s wages at all, so I’m just going to throw out some more psuedo intellectual economic bulls**t for anyone foolish enough to beleive it’. His ‘socialist’ vision is ruining our club. When are you AKB goons going to wake up and smell the coffee? The man’s been a failure for 7 years. At any other ‘top’ club he would’ve been given his marching orders a long time ago. The more I read Wenger’s statements, the more… Read more »

[…] the only piece of concrete transfer news from yesterday is that Johan Djourou has joined Hannover on loan until the end of the season. Good luck to him out there, and I can’t help thinking that […]

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