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Gervinho wins the African Cup of Nations

Eleven months ago Gervinho broke the hearts of his Ivorian compatriots by missing the 17th penalty of an epic shootout in the final of the African Cup of Nations. It was an error that was to prove costly with the next kick winning the trophy for unfancied opponents Zambia provoking such personal distress that our winger pretty much soiled himself when anywhere near a football for the rest of the season.

Swaddled in Pampers during the summer, the 25-year-old subsequently regained a little confidence and started this season comparatively well scoring five goals during a short-lived spell in which he was deployed as a striker.

While injury has since curtailed his first team involvement at the Emirates it hasn’t impeded Gervinho’s newfound determination to put things right on the international stage.

Indeed on the eve of another African Cup of Nations tournament he has confidently, presumably with the aid of a Grays Sports Almanac, outlined what will happen in South Africa over the next few weeks.

“I missed my penalty last year but this time I will score the winner to offer the trophy to Ivory Coast,” he has told

“I have faith in myself and my team-mates. This year will be the one for us,” he continued.

“I am very excited and I am even more motivated than last year where we lost in the final and got denied that trophy that we have been waiting for so long.

“We have the chance to redeem ourselves. We are determined to win it this year and free us from that spell which has been on us for a long time.

“It [the penalty miss last year] was very tough. I tried not to think about it. It should have been a great moment and it turned into a nightmare. It was frustrating. My aim is to redeem myself this time and I know I will do it.”

Seems like free money to Arseblog News, place your bets now…

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I felt bad for him at the time. Even though he earns more per week, than most Doctors do in a year.


I didn’t know whether to feel bad for him or celebrate that my home nation had just made history. So i just laughed at him, and got absolutely smashed and celebrate for weeks.

Here’s hoping for a repeat!

Mr. T

He’s won my heart already. Nah.


LOLs will be had when he inevitably fucks up.


Please don’t make interenet teen speak comments.


Please use spell check.




Allez Gervinho, we’re all rooting for you to do well in the ACON.

If he plays a blinder, do you think Man City will offer £25m for him?


Fingers crossed!


Only if their scout is blinder

Norn Iron Gooner

Or Grimandi. He’d Prob pay over 12mill for him, even 8mill would be 5mill to high.

Oh, wait……


I doubt it, we only take your best players, so I think we will wait until Wilshire has improved and wants to see what some silverware looks like. Samir has been showing him his big shiny medal and Jack wants some of it


You wrote the same shit on the Diaby post. Just for your sheer laziness, I will repost my riposte:

Shouldn’t you be out robbing houses to pay for your away ticket?


My strategy is to make Gervinho the captain of Arsenal. My other strategy is to write him a letter, as follows: Dear Gervinho, You’re experiencing male pattern baldness, and have been for a while. It’s okay. It happens to many men, and in fact speaks highly of their testosterone levels. Nothing to be ashamed of. However, growing a mop tied down with a rubber band to cover up the problem IS something to be ashamed of. Please shave your head. Who knows? You may even look like Bruce Willis, Yule Brenner, or Telly Savalas, all very sexy bald men. Or… Read more »


Yule Brenner is Yul Brynner’s festive friend.


Ha! Well, in my defence, even “Yul Brynner” was a romanization…

Is that a defence? Probably not. Anyway, join me as I raise a yuletide glass in celebration of the best on-screen Ramses II ever!


Did you used to post on 606 a lot? I seem to recall your name, and Lady Eowyn who posted on another thread.


Why yes, indeed, I was a regular on 606 before its (timely) demise. Wasted many hours there. [sigh]

Anyway, I remember Lady Eowyn very well. S/he was a bit of a legend (was s/he involved in the 606 Helm’s Deep fiasco?). I’ve kept my nickname, obviously, but…who were you?

A N Other

I’ll take half of that now.. Recover our losses and move on.


Stupid headline.

Master Bates

Shut up Jabba


ok ;_;


So far weve lost a striker a wide man and a centre back in January. Can anyone explain to me why the Fuck there is nothing happening on the transfer front right now. For a squad that was already depleted from simply not reinforcing at the start of the season, I’m having a real hard time understanding who we will even have in the rotation of this massive fixture list coming up.

Los Polandos

Never fear, my son, just be patient and remember last winter, which if I remember correctly went: nuthin’, nuthin’, nuthin’, (“for fuck’s sake Arsene, squad is ritzla thin at the moment!”) nuthin’, nuthin’, fuckin nuthin’, nuthin’ and THAN, OUT OF THE BLUE – THE LONG ANTICIPTED TRANSFER NEWS!! Arshavin to Zenit.


Due to Arsenal’s need to keep the books balanced, we have to get rid of the fringe in order to pay a new players wages.


Why are u pple found of shouting when a player who is redundant goes away? Do u expect Chamakh & Dhorouh 2 continue sitting on de bench year in year out? If u were them, how will u feel? I beg allow dis guys go out (on loan) to atleast enjoy their game.


….I am unable to translate the last sentance…


I beg of you fellow Arsenal chums, please allow these dastardly footballing mavericks to leave (on a temporary exchange of clubs) to be allowed to enjoy kicking a round piece of leather to another fellow human being.


cheap shot mega and fyi


We’re very close to signing Walcott.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Bring back Glenn helder I say!!!

Glen Helders Hair Gel

Thats right Motherf*cker


You mean Soul Glo


Arsene says we may need a replacement for gerv because he’s going to the ANC I think it’s more a case of we need a replacement because he’s coming back.


I still watch that miss he made against Bradford when I do something daft to remind myself that no matter how badly I fuck up in life, there’s always a bigger screw-up than me. I call it Gervinho’s Law.


Maybe Drogba can convince him to be his replacement in china. We can only hope.


I think many are harsh on Gerv. He is frustrating but you can’t fault his attitude and work rate. I hope he redeems himself.


I get that, but wouldn’t any of us do the same, given the ?. Surely it’s technical ability that determines the level of positive contribution to the cause and not necessarily the ability to run fast.


I think it is more than just technical ability that determines a players contribution. Gerv has more technical ability than Theo, for example.


It’s easy to say ‘I’ll run just as hard in games’ when you’re not actually playing. I’d imagine that most professional players have better attitudes where it counts – determination, work rate, etc etc (I’m not talking about cuntishness, otherwise John Terry would be out of a job) than the average person. It’s very rare that a player makes it on talent alone, like Balotelli.

A Yank

What does it say about elite footballers when we applaud guys just for working hard on the pitch?


It’s such a ridiculous statement. If I don’t work hard at my job, even though I’m technically “good at it”, I get sacked. Why is working hard and sucking , a la Ramsey and gervinho, seen as good enough for the arse?


He looks great off the ball. The big issues is what he does when he has it.


But when it comes to a certain player from wales then it’s ok to have no skill but some work rate.


If he does win. we might find a new man in gervinho. Return full of confidence…to coin a phrase; “like a new signing” gulp!


Sad cases , do you think criticism would work to improve gervhino . You’ve gotta support the cunt through thick and thin. Wish him well and hope he learns a few from drogba . ( called him a cunt cuz I’m from Australia , we call everyone cunts ) cunts.


I guess this new found confidence from the spot is the reason he stepped up to take a penalty against Bradford then. Right.

Gibbs' Volley

Woke up and read the headline…thought I’d somehow missed a month of my life.


I sincerely hope he does well, as he’ll be playing in my own back yard. He’s a Gooner, and I’m a Gooner. Enough of a reason for him to get my unwavering support.


There’s a good player in there somewhere. We were so excited when he signed. Now it seems like he has the worst touch ever and cant shoot to save his life. I really do hope he rediscovers his form


Lot of people bitterness toward Gervinho on here.

It’s obvious he has talent, he’s still relatively young and hopefully he’ll turn a corner soon. He hasn’t been in the Premiership that long, and i reckon he had a huge knock to his confidence in the last ACN which has been affecting him thus far this season.

Good luck in the ACN, Gervinho, i hope you return to us a better player who can help for the rest of the season.

Trust me, we need it.


Hey Penfield!, I graduated from there and played as a Chief. Koolz!

Norn Iron Gooner

Is he hiding this ‘good player’ in his forehead? Like some sort of parasite? Fuck sake crack that thing open and get him playing, throw the host in the bin.


He was in good form for a few weeks earlier this season. I was even optimistic enough to think that it would last. If we find a way to get THAT Gervinho back it would add some much needed depth to our squad.


It’s disappointing to see what’s happened to him. When he started out at Arsenal, he looked like a solid if not spectacular signing. Finishing was always an issue, but his movement was good and he was capable of creating some havoc up front. Nowadays, I’m not sure if he knows which foot is which. The ACN would have hit his confidence, and I suspect that Van Persie’s departure has also played a role. Gervinho’s early impact at Arsenal came mainly by partnering up with RVP (e.g. providing the assists or drawing a defender in order to create an extra bit… Read more »


When does he leave?

More importantly, will City be Yaya-less on Sunday? (How convenient Na$ri is serving a suspension)


Nasri suspension means the emirates will be one cunt less.


The space is in your post is very important though as we’ll be far from cuntless. What with Tevez and all.


Question. What happened to Gervinho?

I mean seriously, after his productive in patches first season, I thought he was gonna set the premier league on fire this season. I mean he’s definetly not the same promising gervinho we saw in a 1st arsenal season/Lille shirt, he seems drained. It’s like he woke up one day and the “football” in him just dissapeared.

Afcon destroyed our gervinho, let’s hope it can patch him up together this time. Good luck.


Gervinho is a terrible footballer. Full stop. I don’t understand why everyone thinks the ACN was some kind of watershed for him. He wasn’t that great before he left, and he just completely sucked shit afterwards, and has since. To think he’ll get some kind of mojo back after the ACN is absurd reasoning.


Oh how i’d love for him to prove you wrong. I’ll admit Gervinho isn’t the best player right now but to dismiss him completely is now the “absurd” you were talking about.

Come on you gervinho.


This supposed fan site never misses an opportunity to stick the knife in, does it. Shame.




The hell with all this hate. He’s a gooner and while he’s a gooner I hope he finds his form at the ACONNCONCCONNC…. and comes back a beast for us.
Good luck and get your goddamn form back son!


…..and a decent mother fucking haircut. I think his bad form is down to the fact he’s constantly fucking embarrassed with that ……. thing on his head.


I still think he’s bald and it’s really a wig


Let’s hope he does it and regains his confidence.
Ashavin suffered the same fate when Russia didn’t qualify for the World Cup. He never got over it and his confidence and form took a major dip for the worse.
They really need to work on the mental side at Arsenal. Too many mentally fragile individuals.


You either have it or you don’t. Nothing to work on.


A good start would be learning to run 5 fuckin yards before falling over…..


In other news.

Diaby come through 65 minutes of FOOTBALL! unscathed.


An attacker taking the SEVENTEENTH penalty of a shootout? (and missing!)
That says more about Gervinho than any comment ever could…


I assume they’d restarted the rounds, which means he was probably the 6th penalty taker originally.

Still not great though.

Goon Goon Goon

I don’t mind gervinho but I just don’t see the point in playing him up front. I’d prefer to see him on the wing over Ramsey (bit digging him as he himself has been played out of position).

Good luck to him in the African Cup. I hope he puts some demons to rest


Sorry Gervinho but its Nigeria all the way.. Let the games begin!


Ok….. so what happens if Ivory Coast fail to make it out of their group? We have to deal with a mentally broken Gervinho again? He completely shut down last year after his miss and we didn’t see any glimpses of promise from him till he was played as a striker this season and that was very short lived.

wengers furrowed brow

gerv or no gerv… my only fucking questions are: when does the transfer window exactly start for Arsenal and when will these fucking clowns eventually start to sign the much needed DM, ST? Its 9th january already. Why in the gods name are we wasting such precious days? What are we waiting for? How can any top club with so many well documented on-field problems be so amazingly, scandalously, horribly & irresponsibly late to react? Is this some sort of a conspiracy to deliberately undermine the team? Laughable excuses of LANS by our beloved manager, is it ever going to… Read more »


Gerviiiiinho, you’re breakin my heart, you’re shakin my confidence daily.


Build a mud hut and stay there

Dave Gooner

Steady on mate.


Race based assumptions is exactly what the world let alone football doesn’t need right now or ever.

Keep your head down.


It’s not a race assumption Mr. Sensitive. Gervinho is African. He’s going to Africa. Some African people build and live in mud huts in Africa. I would not like him to return to Arsenal. Ergo, he can build a mud hut and stay there.


You tried to explain yourself and made it even worse. It’s clear you’re prejudiced, get off the net and get on with the rest of us. It’s 2013.

The Loving Hands of Wenger

Yeah and some people build houses in Africa, and I think with the amount of cash Gervinho house he could build a fucking in Highbury and Islington, and you’re the one who could only afford a mud hut in such an area.


hmmm…I live in a 3800 sq.ft. house in New York (on a golf course). Sorry if the “mud hut” suggestion got your panties in a bunch. Gervinho should build a mansion in Africa…and stay there. Better?

Dave Gooner

I wish him well. Maybe the change of scenery will do the trick. He certainly hasn’t been the same player since he came back last year.

Fucking international football – I hate it.


Oh how i’d love for him to prove you wrong. I’ll admit Gervinho isn’t the best player right now but to dismiss him completely is now the “absurd” you were talking about.

Come on you gervinho.


Most of us are quite funny, Gervinho is an arsenal player and if at all we should pray he finds his form in this competition , because that is a big plus for us, we would have felt this time 2 years or even 3 years ago that walcott could hold arsenal up for ransom, but here we are, one of our worst players before turning out to be one of the top earners and top players at our club, if Gervinho becomes better its only to our success either cup wise or finical wise, so it would be nice… Read more »


The fact that Walcott can hold us to ransom and is classed as one of our top players is not a positive reflection on theo rather a fact of how bad arsenal are and how far we have fallen.

Dial square

The fact that half the first team are even playing for Arsenal shows how far we’ve fallen…..Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, Vieira etc etc We’re falling so fast when we hit the ground it’s going to hurt like hell.


I agree, but I think that we did hit the ground already last summer, but Arsene and the Board have a tick skin so they will feel it when we dnt win the trophy – 4th place.
It is not that I would like that – I just think that we won’t be lucky every season.


good luck, but please buy a single ticket


Point on. Come to think of it, he’s the only player to get what he wants after blatantly going for it. I remember cole wanting a few more quid to his salary but Arsene thought it would be wiser to let him go. Now we’ve stooped to theos level and have caved in to his demands. Reflect how far we’ve fallen really.

[…] 来源[arseblognews] […]


With the exception of times when they’re clearly not even trying (i.e. Chamakh), I always blame the manager who signed them and plays the player rather than the player himself. If you don’t have the talent to maintain a good run of form, what can you do? I’ll support even our worst players because it’s not their fault they’re out of their depth.

The Loving Hands of Wenger

Use that massive fucking mountain on top of your head and the ball shall burn a hole in the bag of the onion bag.

The Loving Hands of Wenger

*the back of the onion bag.



It’s a shame there’s no Welsh Cup of massively underachieving players

Nicholas Bender

Don’t forget about me chaps!!!

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