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Giroud looking to improve

Although satisfied with his tasty two-goal salvo against West Ham night, Olivier Giroud says that there’s more to come from him in an Arsenal shirt.

Given the watersheringham seal of approval by Robert Pires yesterday, the HFB responded in fine style, putting Arsenal ahead in the 47th minute and rounding off the scoring with the Gunners’ 5th just 10 minutes later.

He brought his goal tally for the season to 11, but he’s determined to add more to this total.

“It is good thing to reach this number,” he said, “but I want to keep going and score more goals. I know my team-mates very well, so I feel really good in games. I have scored 11 goals and I have nine assists but I know I can do more.

“It was important to win because Tottenham are on a good run. We have to concentrate on the Champions League places – it is our objective and we really want to get there. If we play like tonight from the kick-off, it will be much better for us.”

And the Arsenal manager has backed his three summer signings for their goalscoring exploits.

“It’s positive because we see the players like Giroud and Podolski and Cazorla, who were questioned at some stage, they have come in this season and are getting better.”

“That’s very good news,”said Wenger. “It means we have done well in the transfer market. That is always questioned.”

Arsenal, questioned about transfer market activity? That’s a new one on us.

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I most certainly agree !!

Olivier Giroud

Yes it is true. I want to improve……on my good looks!


And how on earth could you possibly improve???? Maybe mix some of Thierry and Bobby P’s DNA in a glass with a raw egg and down it in one go?

Oliver Gerald

No please don’t, my french cousin you’ll only overshadow me even more 🙁

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

go do well in the transfer market again then Arsene.
I hope you buy Villa. I’m quite confident you would have done well then

Gunnersaurus Rex

After a plethora of thumb downs in the previous news post. I dare to post the question again How good a buy would be jon obi mikel as the DM?

Gunnersaurus Rex

No reasonable soul??

Malaysian Gooner

Perhaps the amount of thumbs down directly correlates with how shitty most people think Obi Mikel is.


Go home, gunnersaurus. You seem to have had a pint or two.


I’d prefer the real Gunnersaurus to play in DM than Obi Mikel

Gunnersauras Rex

Point taken

Loop A Hole

Cazorla has never been questioned, only your decision to play him every other day has been questioned, Arsene.


I am a fickle f*cker! I was down like most but am hoping that this was the turning block and that we will put Spurs back on Thursday night football as soon as possible.


Too right, and it would be even funnier if Everton were booking the Thursday night flights whilst Spurs fans had no Euro football at all, and burnt their own town to the ground again out of their usual mix of boredom, frustration and anger.


Clive Allen, is that you with the thumbs down again?


I think the 3 players we added over the summer is the first time in a couple seasons most fans didn’t question the new additions.

I love what I saw yesterday but it was 1 game. I want to see that type of performance & confidence in every game from here out.

Loop A Hole

Yes sir.


I’d like to see that type of performance & confidence for 90 bloody minutes rather than only the second 45 and the odd few before half time on a really good day.
Then, once that’s sorted, move to doing it in all the games.


Improve all you want! fine by me.

Recreational Hugs

Sorry my thumbs are too big for my phone… Didn’t mean to thumb you down honest! (Plus it would be a bit random)

Dick Swiveller

It’s giood to see a bit of the old Arsenal back. Or the old new Arsenal. Or the new old Arsenal.

On a slightly related tangent, I’m positively shocked by the lack of links to Diame this morning…Wenger makes a comment that he needs to go and do transfer business, right after a match against the team he plays for, with the previous links and everyone wanting a new midfielder. You’d think they’d be all over that like flies on turd.

Dave Gooner

Is Diame that good? Looking good for WHU and looking good at Arsenal are 2 entirely different things.

Dick Swiveller

I always thought he looked good at Wigan, no idea why they let him go for free and only West Ham picked him up, he’s not exactly the greatest player in the world but he’s strong, quick, can pass and has enough techinque to play here imo; maybe the fact he was never picked up by anyone else indicates he isn’t much cop but he looks decent enough to me.

Whether he’d be any good for us is moot as far as the press are concerned though, it just seems like this is a story they’d jump on.

Los Polandos

Fuck it whether he’s good or not. Squad is as thin as it gets. Buy anyone, I say. You sure need more than him to win with chealskis or shitties, but as thing stand we’re one or two ugly twists of ankle away of getting beaten by the likes of West Ham.
(Yeah I know midfield is the last of our worries right now, but i maintain that we should buy anyone, for PR reasons if nothing else.)


Err REX…id prefair an actual donkey to that muck Mikel

petits handbag

Was Diame cheered onto the field last night…..that’s a sign the fans approve


Giroud 11 goals 10 assists.
Shut up torres.

Dave Gooner

He looked good wrapped in that Arsenal flag at the end.

I don’t doubt the fella’s commitment – I really hope it keeps getting better for him.

Merlin's Panini

I’m really happy for Giroud. He seems to be shutting people up who doubt him. He is a quality player, not just big as some idiot was saying the other day. He is fantastic in the air, holds the ball up very well, his passing is excellent and his ability to improvise a finish is also superb. The only thing he occasionally lacks is a little bit of awareness. There have been a couple of times when he could have passed when he’s taken a ridiculously ambitious shot instead, but I guess that kind of shows how confident he is… Read more »


The quality I don’t think was ever in Question, but it is trying to get performances like that over a sustained period. Podolski was exceptional last night and he has that in him, but we have only seen it when the team is playing with real pace and belief. His movement and Gibbs bombing forward along with the rest of the attacking players movement gave Podolski options which he exploited perfectly, his delivery is excellent. As for Giroud he definitely comes alive in the box, he makes great runs and when the delivery is good he has scored. Great to… Read more »


Nah na na nahnahnah nahnahnah Geee Roooohhh!


To the tune of Hey Jude …? Nice

Los Polandos

Yeah, someone better try it out during a game!


I think last night was a great result. I was delighted that the three lads signed last September had great games but its only one game and against a newly promoted team that will slip down the table as the year goes on because they’re not use to playing in this league. Look at our run of results after the Newcastle game. I still think we need to sign players in this window to if anything give some players a deserved rest against weaker teams. We have to be strong enough to play against the bigger teams the way we… Read more »


If Wenger plays our best attacking combo (Podolski-Giroud-Walcott; with Cazorla behind them) consistently; it will help them gel better & greatly feared by all defense in Europe! These attacking combo has what it takes to wreck the best of defenses home or away.


I like Giroud, a tryer, holds the ball up well and look at his goals … he is actually a finisher too! We need another forward but I am pleased he is leading our line (sorry Theo but you are our second option).
Most of all I like him because he reminds me a little of Smudger Smith (swoon).

Merlin's Panini

I was saying exactly the same thing the other day. Couldn’t agree more.


He needs to start getting into the 6 yard box a bit more for a few tap in’s.

Mohd Isa

Some of the targets Arsenal are linked with have now joined other teams. Don’t be surprised Wenger doesn’t buy anyone after the 5-1 win. Beating West Ham is nothing to be proud of. If the gunners don’t bring in anyone and they lose to Pool and fail to qualify for the cl,Wenger should go,

Save 75 cents

He already understands the importance of St Totteringham’s day. What a wonderful guy.

A N Other

More of the same Arsene…quick, we only got a week left..

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[…] And speaking of Giroud, he’s happy with what he’s done so far but is looking for more: […]


Now bring us Jovetic and Wanyama Arsene..

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