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Sagna talks commitment, improvement and RVP

In a wide ranging interview with French publication Atlantique Magazine, Bacary Sagna insists he is fully committed to the Arsenal cause but admits that Arsenal have struggled in the first half of the season without Robin van Persie’s goals.

The 29-year-old, who will be out of contract at the end of next season, has suffered a disconcerting drop in form in the last few weeks, but despite his personal struggles insists that he and his teammates are fully focused on mounting a recovery over the next few months.

“Slow,” said Sagna, when asked to describe Arsenal’s start to the season.

“It was a difficult to start for several reasons. We lost key players and there were also quite a few arrivals. We know very well that it always takes a little while for everyone to settle. Arsenal has been used to Youth Academy players [stepping up] so it’s a bit more complicated when there are players who come from the outside. But I hope it will come.

“We want the best second half of the season as possible. We have to go as far as possible in the competitions we’re involved in. We have qualified for the next round of the FA Cup. In the Champions League, there will be a lot of matches which we have to stay focused for if we’re to do our best. We are underdogs but we have still a lot of pressure. The fact that we haven’t won anything for quite some time means people expect a lot from us.”

The French international, who also confirmed that his recent injury travails have represented the biggest test of his career, also took time out to praise former teammate Robin van Persie claiming his influence is sorely missed at Arsenal.

“Van Persie carried the team on his own last season and he is doing the same at Manchester United this year. Having a player like him makes a difference. It’s awesome. I didn’t think it was possible to do what he does. When I arrived at Arsenal he had a lot of injuries, but he’s sure to score a lot of goals, the central position isn’t given to everyone.”

Asked about his own future in North London and whether he might move in the future, Sagna stressed that while under contract he was fully committed to the Gunners cause, although he admitted that anything could happen further down the line.

“Honestly I am under contract with Arsenal, I give myself fully as I am under contract with my club. It’s a difficult question. I would like to win something with the club before I leave. I don’t want to give an answer now, because a lot can happen in football but personally I give back what I can to the club.”

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One of the most if not THE most consistent player for Arsenal over the past couple of seasons. However I do feel Arsene needs to give Jenks some more games, especially since Sagna has had some form issues of late.


I hope you can play yourself back into form Bac, because you have been a shadow of your former self of late. Maybe a bit of the Corporal getting game time ahead of you would help motivate you though?


His form might have something to do with Walcott who apparently does not get paid enough to track back & defend… Although it seems we pay him just enough to take our free kicks…
It’s all good tasking Mertersacker with collecting fines but also about time we tasked someone (Jack being the obvious candidate) with giving the players a good slap every now and then…

Gunner From Another Mother

While I agree that Walcott has left Sagna to fend for himself on the right flank as of late, I don’t think that’s to blame for too much of his ill form. There have been a worrying number of poor clearances from him that end up at the oppositions feet at the top of our box. And knowing that Walcott isn’t going to be helping much he needs to remember he’s a defender first and foremost with his positioning


I hope you can recover your form Sagna. We need you.

Wembley Gooner

Love BAC! Always gives 100% and been our most consistant performer since he arrived at the club. Had a few bad games this season but I love this guy and hope he stays. An Arsenal squad with Sagna will always be better of than without him.

Arteta's Hair Gel

i love bacary, and as long as he’s fit he is one of the best right backs in the league so he’s the first option. that being said i agree that jenks would only grow as the fantastic player he’s destined to become by getting games in. i would love to see him deployed as a defensive midfielder once or twice to see if thats an option. he could be a monster like fellaini. paired with arteta, it could also free jack to be the central midfielder we need him to be, and give santi a little rest which i’m… Read more »


You know what, i would agree with you. It’d be good to rotate players and try them in new positions. However i’d rather prefer we spend and bulk up the squad, lose the dead wood too. Also in our current situation, every game counts, so we need the playera in their best positions.

P.s. Sorry for my poor grammar i’m on a phone and it’s tough as shit.

Arteta's Hair Gel

bulking up the squad would be my ideal as well, however the thought of jenks in a defensive midfield position was just a thought as a way to get him more game time, not as a permanent move. i guess with all the thumbs down, its not shared by most here. i would like them in their best positions as well, however we need help in the defensive midfield role and wenger isn’t interested in bringing in anyone, or thats how it seems, and i just thought that maybe jenks could be a viable option.


My favourite player had him on my shirt for 3 seasons running. Ignoring the last couple games which have been uncharacteristic of him, he is just such a work horse, defensively sound and consistent. Also a very private man as in he isn’t flashy and rarely in the news etc. Would love to see him stay longer but if he sees out his contract it could nicely transition Jenks into a first team role.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

good player. he’s right. Van Persie is absolutely terrific nowadays. Incredibly good


“Imagine the worst situation — we lose Fabregas and Nasri — you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that,” said Wenger. “The message we give out is important. For example, you see about Fabregas leaving, Nasri leaving. If you give that message out you cannot pretend you are a big club.


Not really relevant to this post..

Adam, Watford

I wonder if some of his lack of form is something to do with Walcott not being as willing to cover his defensive duties on the wing. is he just a little bit pissed off at having to cover, our new found striker, Theo ? Then to add to his woes, TW14 is being wooed to sign a contract that has been a non-stop saga, with the superstar TJ not looking like signing up, while his own may not have been of as much concern. Of course, I can’t possibly know, as indeed none of us can. Still, I do… Read more »


and we still have not bought anyone in even though were screaming for a attacker and a dm , how long can arsene carry on like this, he lies to the fans , he seems like he cant motivate the team no more, yes hes history was great but hes single handedly transformed us into a team that only fights for 4th place, the funny thing is were are so close to being a great team but its like arsene refuses to adhere to the obvious and wants to prove the whole world wrong, how can any arsenal fan boo… Read more »

Adam H

I agree, RVP always gave his all whenever he played for us and I really don’t blame him for moving at all. Yes I hate United with a passion but I just cannot hate RVP..Wenger and the board show no real intention or hunger to compete at the highest level



Mental Strength

Yeah he’s leaving surely if we don’t improve or win any trophies this or next season.

Frankie AFC

Surprised to see everyone saying how good he has been. I think he’s been playing like a player who wants to leave in recent months. Crossing has been awful and without thought, just blindly crossing without looking up. Defensively a fair few goals come from his side too, Sunday being the best example of that. First half against Chelsea he was awful (I know everyone was but him in particular). Obviously want him to stay as before this season he has been one of our more consistent players and as Mr. Bloggs always says, his header against the Spuds last… Read more »


I’ll tell you the drill: Sagna leaves, Jenkinson promoted, Bellerin promoted to back up, AW says Sagna was 30, understandable, adds ‘Jenkinson is the reason why I didn’t sign anyone’

Merlin's Panini

Is Bellerin ready? I would have thought Yennaris would get a look in ahead of him.


His form has been terrible because he has not been rested, remember when he came back from injury started so well all praising him and all because he is good. Reports suggesting from arsenal sources him not being committed is just bollocks, a guy who has been professional throughout his career wont just do that , if he wanted he wouldnt even play a game and sit back and collect his wages but we all know he is a fighter. He is not a kind of guy who will go down easily when getting kicked, but last game he did… Read more »


*Will not go down easily*

Gervinho's Forehead

“…the central position isn’t given to everyone.”

Bacary implicitly laying his judgement upon Theo?


You’re the man Bac. I can’t wait for you to head home the winner against Sp*rs at WHL.


no word about new contract!… sad!! look at chelsea and cashly situacion!,
we losing another experienced player and I think RVP was right ….I still hate him but we going down deeper and deeper.
dont get me wrong,we got good players but best ones gone and it wil be hard build wining team this way!
Sagna ,hats off!!

igor stepanovs

good bloke. good player. will always remember that headed come-back goal against spurs – calmness under intense pressure. hope he regains his best form.


Does arseblog news not deal in transfer news. I’d like to have to read somewhere. Eg. The telegraph about how arseblog news is linking arsenal to players a or player. I guess you guys ain’t fully pledged journalist plus we don’t pay you to do this shit, so why give more than you already are right?


“Written by : arseblog news hound”

Did somebody get too excited around the keyboard?

Wengers Trench Coat

Just wish this guy had his own song. He deserves the crowd singing his name more than others i neednt mention


Last few games he has… Goes something along the lines of “are you Oleg Luzhny in disguise?!”

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

To be fair, its not the norm at arsenal these days is it, losing key players just before the start of the season? And then not replacing them properly? You can see how this new occurrence has slowed us this season.


Fingers crossed Giroud is on the bench. Can’t stand anymore of his misses

Adam, Watford

I’ve not seen his Mrs., but I bet she’s as good looking as him !

In other news, he’s scored twice already tonight !


Beat me to it!


he scored two and setup another today. glad you aren’t the manager…

King Toby

He will be gone end of season. In fact i dont blame him…Who want to play for a no ambition manager?


Ramsey starts? Oh dear, mark my words. We are either losing or drawing this match. See you after 90.


If you actually watch the fucking game you’d see the guy is playing well, passing well, and actually made a goal saving clearance. I’ve marked your words, and will be back to throw more egg in their general direction.






Tonight’s game would be an ideal one in which to drop Sagna. His recent form has been crap and Jenkinson needs a game. Second-rate West Ham would be comfortable opposition for our English/Finnish full-back.

Only a win will do tonight; anything less and the alarm bells will really start to ring. I think we’ll do them 3-1.

Eric Irish gunner

Agree start Jenks and let him get his crosses into giroud up front who I fancy to get at least one


Past it. Has to be dropped. Sooner the better.


OMG podolski……what a shot!

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if you were to choose at the end of the season – 4th place, nothing else or 5th place, win FA cup what would yous choose?

North Bank Gooner

4th place all day, screw Europa league, Thursday nights are spuddie nights!!

Silverware is pretty, but people dont sign for clubs that win the FA Cup, but it matters to be in th CL.


Bac speaks the truth. This season we don’t have a special goal scorer to carry the team!


have you not seen what podolski’s been doing tonight?!


I don’t base things on a few games


Well of course not but players with the talent and consistency to literally carry a team don’t come around all that often. If we can get the boys we have to play the football they can, and add a little just a fucking little bit of squad depth, and manage to keep a core team together for at least more than one bloody season, we may actually start to produce some results.

(maybe) gunner renew season ticket

Sagna is (understandably) unhappy that Arsenal have only offered him a one-year contract extension. He privately labeled it “disrespectful” and I have to agree. Sagna is partly at fault because this message of “disrespect” from AFC is in response to Sagna’s comments in September criticizing the Alex Song sale (which every fucking fan agrees was a mistake but the players shouldn’t publicly comment on it). Sagna immediately apologised afterwards. Will AFC please just overcome these ‘tit-for-tat’ childish games and offer Sagna the 3-yr contract extension he deserves?! And will Wenger please rotate Sagna/Jenks (2/3rd vs. 1/3rd of the matches, say)… Read more »

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