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Video: Gervinho scores Ivory Coast winner

Gervinho was the Ivory Coast hero today, scoring a late winner to condemn Emmanuel Adebayor’s Togo side to defeat.

Tidy goal too, see the clip below. It’s his second goal in as many games, he scored a penalty in a pre-tournament warm-up match.

He’s bound to have a cracking tournament, before missing from 3 inches to win the cup and coming back to us a broken, shattered shell of a man.

Still, we’ll always have the good times. Like when

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Top Gun Gooner

Why can’t he play this good for us?


“It’s his second goal in as many
games, he scored a penalty in a
pre-tournament warm-up match”

that makes it four in his last three.
You wonder why he doesn’t do it for us. But he was doing it in the first games of the season and was top scorer for us after a few games


probably because he’s playing against shit african defenders as opposed to kolo tou… oh wait


What score one goal?

Gunner From Another Mother

He also set up YaYa Toure’s opener with some fantastic footwork to get into the box and cross. As well as create another similar chance for Toure that would have been in if not for some great goalkeeping


He also scored two in last week’s 4-2 Cote d’Ivoire’s win over Egypt.


Maybe this is stupidly cynical, but his technique isn’t actually great – why not use the inside of his foot and place it?

But whatever, he got the goal, well done. Hope he has a better second half of the season for us.

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

That’s the definition of confirmation bias mate.


If he’d have tried that flick volley thing when playing for us, he would’ve either missed it completely, or fired it into row Z.


because he only scores out of luck he will want score when he wants thats for sure


he wont score when he wants*
grammar of a 10 year old there :'(

Touched Your Mother

Hopefully he can come back with some confidence after a good tournament. We desperately need someone to start putting in some goals.


Another excuse for wenger not to sign a striker this jan.. “Gervinho is a top top player, he had a grt afcon..he is in form nd gives us options, so why to sign another striker..?!”


oh f**k, that words! why arsenal transfer news always made me frustating?


Touched Your Mother

You realize he won’t be back until the window closes anyways right? I’d like to see signings but I also would like to see the players already at the club performing well.

Gunsen Gunner


The guy is talented but needs to work harder so he can really impose himself on opposition teams. That’s the only way he can be good for us.


He works plenty hard. His application is a zero out of ten though.

One Arsenal

Problem with Gervinho is his finishing. I hope he sorts it out at this tournament once and for all.
Nice goal though…a bit like Edwardo’s beach goal!


Gervinho’s problems are multiple, starting with his anxiety over male pattern baldness, and the absurd lengths he’s gone to cover it up.

His other main problem is that he’s a pretty poor footballer who doesn’t know what his legs are doing.

I honestly don’t give a fuck what he does for the Ivory Coast. What’s clear is he can’t do it at Arsenal, and that’s what matters. Terrible decision to buy him.

Sorry if that offends.


Shut up bunburyist, just Shut up. You have something against Gervinho it’s clear with all your posts. Terrible decision to buy him you say? well i’ll tell you what’s terrible.

Me having to read all that crap you wrote up there!


Yes, Fred, your considerable powers of detection have uncovered that I do indeed have something against Gervinho, and that something is that he’s a shit player, as demonstrated by his performances for Arsenal. It would be even more commendable had said powers of detection managed to uncover that in fact I have only written about Gervinho one other time on this website. But given that you are willing to look past Gervinho’s general shitiness in order to offer a vociferous defence (“no, you shut up!”), I imagine you’re not the type to let reality get in the way of hyperbole.… Read more »

A visitor

He made the first too. Arsenal bloggers seem to be so used to preaching doom and gloom ( maybe even rather enjoying themselves) they find it impossible to compliment Arsenal players when they score a great goal for their country. Scored a couple of pretty good ones for the Arsenal as well. It’s almost as if you’d prefer him to fail.

A Yank

By ‘made’ do you mean ‘created and assisted’? Because yeah, that.

He also had a nice cut back to feed Yaya Toure for what could have been the winner a few minutes before scoring. Decent game. He seemed to be picking out his teammates more than doing his usual ‘Fuck it, I’m going to fire into the side netting.’


maybe he thinks fuck it side netting because there is no one in the box to cut back to half the time. The amount of times i’ve seen him get past his man and cut it inside, then think to myself if someone was just fucking there it would be a tap in!!!!


Maybe because when Gervinho scores a great goal, the next couple of minutes prove it was sheer luck?


Totally agree. All the negative vibes do no good for our players. Ironic cheers when he’s subbed as well. Idiotic!


i feel that even when he was scoring for us early this season, most of the good finishes (eg against chelsea) were hit-and-hope flukes


That will be enough for Wenger to say we have another forward coming back…no signings needed.


Does this goal remind anyone else of that ridiculous outside-foot Eduardo goal?
I miss that guy


You just made me sad because I saw who gave him this sweet pass.


What about Yaya? Gervinho assisted his goal too and gave him another golden chance to score in the match but Yaya fluffed it..

New Guy

The key difference is that Eduardo did it on purpose.

New guy

To be clear, I like Gervinho. I like his pace and his trickery. I like the way that when he runs at defenders, they look like they want to shit themselves. I think his hair is a little bit ridiculous but you can say that about a lot of footballers. His final ball is lacking at times but I wonder how much of that is down to his quality and how much is down to his teammates. Remember Theo a few years ago used to get to the endline miles ahead of his teammates and then cross to nobody, because… Read more »


I even miss Eboue a little…


Its a nice goal, lets hope he carries that on.


That’s a lovely finish.

You only see it briefly, but nice also to see an Arsenal player with a smile on his face.

Seems to happen rarely at the moment.


Shit, hang out at the bank on payday. You’ll see all sorts of lazy, disinterested arsenal players laughing and smiling.


If they are so lazy why would they not just use internet banking?


Nice goal. Really miss the sound of the vuvuzelas, maybe that’s what’s missing at the Emirates.

george costanza

that goal was lucky….


Weather looks nice…


Summer in South Africa, southern hemisphere and all that. I need the sun desperately.

Zorro in the box

The reason he doesn’t do it so well for us is because the fans and media get on his back so virulently that it destroys his confidence. I wonder if it’s a case that we’re so fond of the manager that we take out the frustrations we have with him on those players that he defends and tries to nurture – Gervinho, Ramsey, Giroud (?).

The blame lies with the fans as well.


Are you serious? They are highly payed professionals and being criticised is a part of the job, it they cant handle that well tough luck.



Zorro in the box

Of course I’m serious. They’re not there to be criticised they’re paid to play. If he’s acting unprofessionally – criticise him. No-one is arguing with giving Bendtner stick for being an arse or Chamakh for his shisha pipe.

But wavering form is not something that should receive insults and abuse. If you don’t understand that I suggest you find a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word “support”.

Top Gun Gooner

In form gervinho – LANS


ATTENTION ALL GOONERS: The man affectionately known as Gervinho, who plays as a forward for Arsenal Football Club, is an impostor. LOBSTERNEWS can confirm that the real Yao Gervais was kidnapped and replaced by the same race of shapeshifting aliens who had kidnapped world-famous singer and dancer, Michael Jackson, about 20years ago. Where these aliens failed to properly replicate Mr. Jacksons darker toned skin color, they brought us a Gervinho equipped with 2 left feet, facing the wrong direction.. That were not controlled by his own brain, but by an infant version of the alien race via an old, broken… Read more »


Jokes aside, the Gervinho in Arsenal doesn’t look like Gervinho I’ve watched everywhere else: Olympics (Where he was actually Captain), Nations Cups, Lille (Where Hazard saw him everyday for 2-3 years and said he’s the best player he has ever played with) and even in Preseason. This gives a very good basis to the news making the rounds that all Wenger does is ‘overtrain’ these guys. And seeing the way Gervinho falls over even on sighting a shadow, I am obliged to concur. Stop training these guys Wanker as if they are going into the UFC!


It started well then… no I should stop lying. It is all just too awful right from the start.


This was for @lobster.

Vic Viniger

I have noticed that every time Gervinho misses the goal his forehead grows a bit bigger, much like Pinocchio.Its estimated that by the end of this season he could look something like this……..

Dave Gooner

Hey Frrrred, everything all right in the critics section? Plenty to drink have you?

The Gimp

Great when he gets back:
He’ll be like a new signing


Жервинью (Zhervinyu) strikes again!

LANS calendar

vash ruskoe napicanie neploxhoi

Absentia Rose

We should sign Bamba and Maestro just because of the names! Nice goal though.

Absentia Rose

No shit! Would thumb down myself now if I could..

Dial Square

If he tried that while playing for us, he’d have hit the fucking corner flag..


We have giroud for that. Thankyou.






LANGS – Like a new goal scorer?

H. P. Arsecraft

Good raise the resale value and lets business in the summer!

You hear that Mancini! What about a cracking Ivory Coast striker as good as RVP. 2/2 in his last African nationals! Let’s wipe that smirk off Old winenose face with a sly bid of just 30 mill. Loves chinless womens so he will fit right in at right wing!

Teflon Goon

I get it 🙂 The thumb down dont.


To be honest, that was a pretty neat goal.


It’s a goal that Giroud on his best day would have fluffed.

Merlin's Panini

Nonsense. Giroud would finish that on his best day. I really think we need to see Giroud have a proper run of games now. Some of the goals he’s scored in Ligue 1 and some of the things he’s been trying suggest a player of real quality. He’s a great physical presence too. He’s most similar to Alan Smith of all the strikers we’ve had that I can remember. A proper centre forward.


If he’s a ‘proper centre forward’ because he’s big and, erm..big, i’d rather have a ‘fake’ like Thierry, Dennis or dare I say it some bloke who plays for Man Utd….

jack jack jack

Get off his back. 9 goals and 9 assists so far in his first season in English football is hardly bad. His movement, link up play and hold up play is very good and his physicality is much needed. He just needs to add some ruthlessness in front of goal, which is a confidence issue, but we’ve seen flashes of a great finisher in there.

Merlin's Panini

Nice finish. I really hope he has a good tournament. He’s a player who could be fantastic if he had more confidence in himself and built a bit of resistance to criticism and disappointments. The way he talks about wanting to be the best ever Arsenal player, although some might laugh, is really the attitude needed. If he really believes in himself then determination should see him do well for us. He is one of the most frustrating players to ever wear an Arsenal shirt. He can do something sublime and follows it up with something a child could do… Read more »


Can you change your name back to smear Nasri with shit? I think our bad form started when you became a panini.


Hahaha. Love the ending.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

It’s a shame the play people headed cunt doesn’t do fuck all for us


I’d rather see him score a few more normal goals first rather than odd ones (\flukes!) Still, the guy needs confidence and that ought to help! A long long way for him to go to prove his worth at the mighty Arsenal though!


You lot are so frickin negative on here.

Well done, Gerv and good luck for the rest of the tournament.


I saw the goal live, so I clicked the article simply out of morbid curiousity. I wondered, how many comments in would I get before reading a cynical, derisory statement concerning Gervihno. I was confident I wouldn’t have to wait long. After all, even though he set up the opener and scored the winner in his country’s tournament opener, this is news.arseblog. I didn’t even have to finish the damn article! Jesus wept.


Now wenger definitely won’t sign anyone, argueing that an in-form gervinho and 100k-theo are his two january “signings” 🙁


Well newcastle just announced mbiwa signing.
Now watch Wenger :” we were never in for mbiwa”

Old man.


So you want Wenger to go for a player who just signed for relegation threatened Newcastle? And you fault the club for lack of ambition? Or are you at the point where any old signing would do?


Yes remy signed for qpr, he must be shit. Yes now that M’biwa has signed for relegation threatened magpies he must be shit aswell. Julio cesar too, oh he has gone to qpr, he must be shit. Just the other day……..”M’biwa would be nice” All this players looked at first team chances time” and perhaps “paycheque” let’s not brush them aside as shit just coz they went to bottom of table clubs…….. Anyway, it’s clear you are a Wenger fan boy, I shouldn’t have bothered explaining coz one way or another you’ll come up with some sort of crazy idea… Read more »


Interesting points Frrrred. By no means did I say they were shit. But the point of my comment was to highlight the hypocrisy present in the comments of many “supporters” who claim the club doesn’t have any ambitions and then pulls names of players (who aren’t necessarily better than our players) out of their arse left right and centre , as if management is a FIFA career mode. Anyways the jury is still out on Remy and M’biwa. Furthermore, these press conferences Wenger has with the media are nonsensical. The media is looking for potential news stories that may be… Read more »


sun shines out of the dogs butthole sometimes

Vic Viniger

Stop putting your dick in that poor dog!


Send him out on loan to the Cote D’Ivoire national team then


what the hell does LANS mean!?!?






like a new signing


LANS-Like a new signing
A quote Arsene uses that causes us to cringe and feel like killing something.


It basically means “you are not from around here”

Dave Gooner

Go for a long walk Frrred. Get some air.

Merlin's Panini

Chill out Frrrred! Newcomers are welcome. Not everyone knows these things automatically. Some of the lingo can take a while for people to pick up. Are you lacking a bit the sharpness in the final third today?


remember pal, there was once a time that you yourself “werent from around here” you tit.


“He’s bound to have a cracking tournament, before missing from 3 inches to win the cup and coming back to us a broken, shattered shell of a man.” Seriously? Can’t we just support our players when they are doing well. Wish I hadn’t read that… that’s the most shit piece I’ve read on any blog.


Why didn’t he try to finish that with his left foot? Odd.


Again I’ll go against the stream here and say, even after this goal, Gervinho doesn’t have the quality to play for us.

If one goal changes the perception you have of him, then good for you.


Let’s hope this tournament gives him a chance to rediscover his form. Admittedly he has been woeful of late but there is a very good player in there somewhere. Btw does anyone else think he looks quite a lot like the predator?

[…] Read More Here: Video: Gervinho scores Ivory Coast winner […]


Last year’s ACN final penalty miss broke him.

Let’s hope this year’s ACN fixes him.

Hope he has a good tournament and comes back full of confidence.


You jammy bastard Gervinho……..and will someone to him to cut that fucking hair off. We wana see that forehead you cuuuuuunt.

Also, lovin that commentator. Must be the calmest bloke in the world.


**just picking myself up off the floor after being knocked over by a passing feather**

Gervinho scored? Did Togo turn up for the match?

Pong of the OxCoq

I would argue that Gervinho kicks the ball like he has tits… Technique wise, compare him to Marta or that Wambach chick… Way too many similarities.


It was a clever run, even it the technique was iffy, but what the fuck he scored, hope this ups his confidence, if we keep getting on the players backs I don’t see the required 11 wins to maybe secure fourth place happening.


i am looking forward to gervinho’s return. he will never score a lot of goals, but i think he has a lot to offer this arsenal team.

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Vic Viniger

I bet Ade is staying well clear of the bus system this time around, i would hate for him to get shot, but i wouldn’t mind if someone hit him in the balls with a snooker ball in a sock.

Built like an Ox

that looks nothing like the Gervinho we all know and love (to hate).

maybe you could even say when he comes back he’ll be like a new si…..
I can’t even bring myself to make the (very much overused) joke, it pains me too much


Awesome finish.. But is he still an arsenal player !! No offense but why is he on the bench wenger ??


Mother of God! the hate here…*shakes head*

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