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Wenger: There’s a psychological problem

For the second week running Arsene Wenger lamented his side’s sluggish start as Arsenal conceded two costly first half goals against Chelsea. While the Gunners certainly didn’t get the rub of the green from the officials, the boss accepted that the timidity which plagued his side against Manchester City again proved costly.

Juan Mata and Frank Lampard did the damage as the Blues dominated the first half and despite being on the back foot for much of the second half after Theo Walcott’s trike, Rafa Benitez’s side managed to hold on to the three points.

Speaking to press after the 2-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge, the boss said:

“Tactically we changed some things. Psychologically I felt we were more on the front foot.

“We had a similar start to Man City last week – didn’t really go for it, didn’t really defend well and gave too much room to Chelsea.

“On top of that, I feel we were a bit unlucky because it was a free kick on the first goal and it was not a penalty on the second goal. We were a bit unlucky. We didn’t play well in the first half.

“In the second half we came out with a different spirit, a different attitude and were much more dangerous and dominated the whole second half.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t come back. We didn’t make enough of our corners and free kicks and didn’t make enough of the chances we created. That’s why we lost the game. It’s very damaging for our position in the league and very difficult to swallow.”

Pretty much repeating himself, he continued, “We had a physical problem to get going today. In the second half it was much better. When you play every three days, it’s difficult to know.

“There’s a psychological ingredient in there for sure. I felt that in the last two games that we didn’t really go for it from the start.

“There’s a great spirit in the team. There’s great quality in the team. The team has to believe more in the quality we have. You could see with 10 men against Man City and today again that we can be dominant in the games. We have to [do that] from the start.”

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Pascal Cygan

Just an ability problem.. Spend some money please Wenger, we need a goalscorer!


Wenger: Our bench is shit! Look at it! What game changing players are sitting there? Ox and Poldi were out but after that you are having us on.

Your recent comments seem to be implying your job as a manager, motivator and tactician is not your responsibility. Do you realize your, I repeat YOUR decisions in terms of squad, transfers and inspiration make me want to see your arse fired in May?

I hate Chelsea. So, so much.

I agree Arsene’s decisions and his stubborn-ness deserve questioning. But i can guarantee you we’d be in a much worse position if he’d not stuck by us (and hopefully will continue to). He does deserve criticism… but i find it so strange that fans pile the blame on the one man whos really trying for the club as opposed to the players themselves. Bacary Sagna was Shit. Cazorla was Shit. Szczesny was Shit. Giroud bless him gives a lot but looks a buffoon most of the time. Vermaelen cant seem to perform these days. The only players delivery are Wilshire… Read more »


This man is getting paid £7 million a year, yet he can’t motivate the team. He doesn’t change formation, he can’t rotate the squad because its awful and never makes effective subs. Why are we putting up with this nonsense? Get a manager in who will work on defending, will work on set pieces, will change strategy to suit the opposition and most importantly will make some bloody signings. I’m fed up with his rhetorical bull. We are paying the most in the country if not the world to watch complete apathy on the pitch. Change has to happen!


Well said. Sometimes, reflecting on the team we have become, it almost seems like a bad dream. Sell your best players to your rivals. Sit on piles of cash. Watch Spurs and Chelsea finish below you the year before and spend big to overtake you the next. Defend poorly year after year when a team like Stoke show it can be trained into players what to do and when to do it. Watch players like Felliani, Dempsey, Ba, and Berbatov, who we CAN afford, and know have the EPL experience, sign for our rivals at decent prices. It’s not just… Read more »


Is it me or does all good players coming to Arsenal start playing shit…as good as RVP was last season he seems to be much more deadly with MUFC.(as much as I hate to see it)…so question is what the f is happening at Arsenal..stopped my seasons, but its still ffing painfull to watch on TV…


That’s because he is surronded by his own kinds of persons = CUNTS

Cuntish atmosphere for a very cuntish player.


@kevs…think you are confused with what cunt means, if you do know what it means then you are applying the word correctly…..bottom line is most of the big players who left won tropies plus more pay to boot…
so who do you think is at loss here…
the answer is US the fans, not the player, nor the club board, its US.


They are all cunts for me.

flying dutchmen

Where was podolski today? Was he sick/injured or something?

Eric Irish gunner

Sick mate


Sick mate? Is that a new signing? Probably not, we know wenger is only in the market for the mexican footballer.

Nau juan.


Squad not good enough – motivation from manager not good enough. If neither are sorted within the next 10 days then is time for you to go AW…….


In my opinion, it is not an ability problem, it is a psychological one. Ramsey, Diaby and Cazorla have the ability to be very good, almost/ actual world class midfielders. However, they are second guessing themselves, trying to make sure every ball is the right ball. That is down to a lack of confidence. We require someone who, rather than having bags of technical quality, is a man feared and respected in the team, like Roy Keane, who can impart momentum to the team at crucial moments, be it a mazy run, thunderous shot or a very strong challenge. Motivation… Read more »


Why the fuck haven’t we bought sneijder to help this team out with a winning psychology. 8.4 mill and Galatasary can’t afford more wages than us!!!


yes we already know that Mr Wnger has mental issues


You know what?, I agree with arsene about the physcological problem. I absolutely agree! as in Giroud isn’t physiologically stable to stick the ball into the net with three four chances he gets.

It’s a thing called quality arsene something you should be in the market looking for. Simple.


Giroud I like him in the air, he seems more physical and wants to get that head of his to every aerial ball. Strives for it actually, encouraging. …… …….. ..But once the ball hits the ground with giroud, just forget it. No real control of the ball, assumes opposition won’t vie for the ball when he has it at his feet. One little push and he’s off the ball, possesion lost. Scores with 1 chance after 101 other (well perhaps not that) We’re not playing to his strengths you say? Well who is the manager?, who should change the… Read more »


“There’s a great spirit in the team. There’s great quality in the team.”


[sick in mouth]


frightening that he continues with this line! up there with this is his greatest squad, gazidis saying rvp was sold for footballing reasons, and we want to sign top top quality players! why change the habit of the last few years if signings like gervinho and squillchi are anything to go by


There is quality in the team and spirit. Just not enough of it


Well, fix it! For fuck’s sake you are the goddamn manager.

I’ve defended Wenger even before January, but you know what? He needs to go. This isn’t working.


Problem solved and all that, eh? It’s amazing that all these smart people don’t see it as simply and clearly as you do. Very astute.


Mate don’t give me that crap. Look at the team. How else are you going to fix this asie from adding new, good players? This was our best starting 11 aside from Podolski I think, and did you look at our bench? And even if it’s fixed now, we are already too fucking far off from achieving ANYTHING this season. We couldn’t win against Bradford City. We win against Swansea on our fourth try(2-3, 0-2, 2-2 and then 1-0). We did not win against a big team yet this season. And Wenger goes on and on about how spending money… Read more »


That Giroud miss & that foul (Right after) that wasn’t called against Coquelin (By Ramirez) changed the game. Still Arsenal clearly weren’t ready for this game or the Man City game, actually Arsenal has really started well in most games. Wenger neglecting to by a few players were we need cover(ST/CDM/LB) has cost Arsenal big time. Sagna shouldn’t be playing every game, and by the way he’s been playing he shouldn’t be playing in any game (Seriously WhytheFuck is Jenkinson not playing at all or even making the bench). Cazorla went missing (Is he tired?). Even Diaby who hadn’t played… Read more »

Rad Carrot

So, Burak, you’d keep the manager and trust him implicitly, I suppose?

For goodness sake. There’s clearly a problem here, it’s alright to criticize the manager when he’s clearly not performing.

A Yank

Apostolos: About the missed chance and the foul… If it had happened in the 80th it would be more of an excuse, but it happened closer to the 8th. Moreover, kinda tired of needing excuses (the sending off last week, the non-call at Swansea, etc.). We played like crap for 60 minutes against a team that was struggling to win at home. What’s the excuse for that? These are Wenger’s players and his management that has put us where we are. I’m not calling for him to get the sack. But he needs to change something, be it tactics, training,… Read more »

Fruit and Fibre

Finishing outside the top four won’t force Wenger and the board to make serious changes, we said that about finishing outside the top two a long time ago and since then what changes have been for the better? What changes have built upon the success of 2003/04 and the FA Cup in 2005 to bring us more success? Absolutely none.


@Rad Carrot, criticizing the manager is all fine and good, but I don’t hear solutions. I just hear whining…

“He needs to go. This isn’t working.”

^- I mean, sure… if you can fix the problem by replacing him. However, while you geniuses are at it, maybe you can explain to the new manager why Wenger is failing — it might help him succeed. …or don’t you know the answer to that?


@Ifaz, I didn’t say anything about adding new players… but I think we should. The original poster said nothing about adding new players, but I’m sure they think we should.

The point was about replacing Wenger. My question is: have you thought about what comes after that? What does this miracle manager need to do differently? “Spend money” is likely part of the correct, but horribly incomplete, answer.

By definition, Wenger is failing… yes, we get it. BUT, how do you fix it?


Oh fuck, you were the original poster. Well, what was I supposed to do? Read your mind about new players? I wholeheartedly agree… but “Wenger Out” is a partial (and only temporarily satisfying) solution. What comes after is an arguably more drawn out and painful recovery period than what we’re currently experiencing.

Rad Carrot

Burak – To me, your argument sounds thusly;

“Oh! We’ve burst a tyre. Does anyone know how to change it?”
“Ah, well then the best course of action would be to keep driving.”

I don’t have to have an immediate solution. But it’s clear that keeping Wenger is not working. We have to try something else. How on Earth is he going to fix it? Keep holding press conferences about how the team might be ‘morally’ tired or some other shit?

Oh, wait.


@Rad Carrot, No, you don’t get it: by all means, replace him. He’s failing us.

I’m just saying that you might want to figure out why the tire has burst, so that the replacement tire can be chosen appropriately. One does not simply “try something else,” and get rid of the problem. You’d better give the job to someone who understands the problem and has a solution. So I’m asking you lot: what’s the problem?

Rad Carrot

Um, we’re 24 points behind the leaders? It’s not my job to choose a new manager, nor do we, as fans, have to come up with a solution. That’s not what we get paid to do, nor do I have all the information or knowledge to make that kind of call. We do, however, invest in our team. We invest money, time, support… so when this fails, we expect results. We expect something for our investment, and that’s not unreasonable. I understand that change is scary, that criticizing a manager who has in previous years delivered us glory seems a… Read more »


I disagree. It most certainly IS our job as fans to understand enough about football to appreciate whether a replacement for Wenger is or isn’t suitable. Are you going to be happy with any old idiot that replaces Wenger? I highly doubt it. So what is the criteria then? It’s easy enough to sack Wenger… but let’s see what you’ve got as a replacement and reasoning about why.

Or better yet… what would you change tactically? Or is your function limited to approving of success, disapproving of its opposite, and asking someone else to fix your problems?


Here’s my fucking reason: Wenger is Not Arsenal! The man is not the club!

Rad Carrot

Burak, I really don’t understand your reasoning. I could give you five names of managers I would like, I could give you ten tactics I think would work. Doesn’t matter – none of those managers and none of the tactics will ever be used, so my point is entirely moot – I can’t prove anything as it’s all entirely theoretical. There’s really no point in speculating, as it’d just cause more arguments between the fans. (“You want Moyes?! Fuck that, I’d rather have Mourinho!” “We’d never get Mourinho, we’ll have to settle with Benitez!” etc etc.) What isn’t theoretical, is… Read more »


Well, whether you understood what I meant or not, you finally answered my question about what you think is wrong. It doesn’t matter who replaces him, if anyone at all, because it’s the changes that we need. The person (could very well be Wenger himself) needs to fix them. It’s still a pretty complicated task, but it’s a planning process that needs to go beyond just the first step of the necessary set of changes (e.g. sacking Wenger).

Gunnin Sean

Burak, hearr yourself. If I could figure out the solution that easy then I should be the one earning £7m a year. Whoever comes in as Manager should figure out how to get the team winning again, afterall that’s why he was hired. Or am I mising something here?

Hugh Honey

If you look at what Michael Laudrup has done at Swansea with a fraction of Arsene’s budget and a lot less talent, the organization of there defense compared with the sloppy benny hill style of our own, shows that is not just about spending big money on big names, we have big names, but they don’t seem to be getting the proper direction’s or motivation.
We need a player that will come in and have an immediate impact to salvage this season, like Arshavin when he first came but with out all the being a load shit forever afterwards.


The simple reality is that this ‘Manager’ has long since lost the dressing room – in the footballing sense. He can still give them big fat wads of cash, so of course those that remain still think he’s wonderful. But those that have left – most of the good ones – don’t. Arsenal will qualify for the CL next season IF they win it this time. Draw your own conclusions at your local bookmakers as to the chances of that. Stick with this Manger and enjoy the course of the long term decline that he’s bound upon. If you want… Read more »


Sorry, but in what world has Wenger “lost the dressing room”? Not one player – past or present – has *ever* had a bad thing to say about the guy.

He’s got his weaknesses, sure, but that comment is just silly.


Look up the word “professional” and get back to me.


Good point catbiscuits the sad thing is all our star quality that have jumped ship say “Arsene Wenger was like a father to me and has taught me so much and help me become a man” yet they fuck off something just not right there

H. P. Arsecraft


Wenger is well thought of by former players and that might be a part of the problem. Our past and present teams tends lo lack discipline and you won’t be loved by everyone by instilling that. But we do need it. It’s like a boss that gets to nice and lose all the respect that makes the workers perform. He will be loved but the company will go bust.


Enough, enough, enough of your bull shit excuses arsene… Your the boss, either sort it out or fuck off… Now….

Ron burgundy

Same shit performances/excuses week in week out, can’t remember the last time we really imposed ourselves on a game.

A Yank

An entire game? I’m not sure we have this season. We had an awesome 25 minutes or so against Reading. Of course somehow we fell behind 4-0 to Reading before that.


The Arsenal from around 2006-2011, that was a psychological problem.


He does come out with some shit doesn’t he.

Problem is these problems he is pointing out are of his making.

Sort them out Arsene,

Buy some decent players, and instill some REAL belief in the squad.


There is rotation problem common sir please fix it.this is getting painful.


Wenger would prefer to run our first-choice midfield into the ground, because a) he doesn’t have anyone of decent quality to rotate consistently with them, because b) he refuses to strengthen the squad properly.

It’s really unbelievable.

Cyril Washbrook

Saying that Wenger is “refusing” to spend or that he’s simply deluded or stingy doesn’t go anywhere close to explaining Arsenal’s present situation in terms of transfers and the squad. The club would never admit it, but it’s incredibly clear that Arsenal’s revenue situation ever since the move to the Emirates has been affecting – severely – the club’s transfer policy. In Wenger’s first ten years, he was frugal, yes. But he made an average net transfer spend during that time. Since the move to the Emirates, boom: suddenly the club is making a net transfer profit, unlike any other… Read more »

Built like an Ox

I don’t mean this as a defense of Wenger, I’m frustrated too, but my question is who would replace him? Pep would have been nice, but what are our other options when it comes to top class managers? (this is not a rhetorical question, I want to know who you guys are thinking about)


For starters, I think even a half-wit can manage it better than “this” Arsene!


I’m glad you’re not Stan Kroenke.


I am glad you are “Anon”…but yes, I am glad I am not Kroenke either, I love this club.

the king

anyone alot of top managers would jump at the chance to manage us.
look at spuds dropped there manager that toke them to 4th and there doing better with this new manager…..

Fergie the Gooner

Change isn’t neccessarily a bad thing and can be a catalyst for improvement if the right decisions are made. Spurs have made both good and bad decisions though in recent memory… ‘Arry/AVB both look to have played a part in turning them into a top 4 club while Juande Ramos made them the punchline of every football joke at the time! Also Levy has shown how you can keep the purse strings tight, but still make improvements to the squad. Sentimentality however is quite dangerous and little good ever comes of it. I don’t think I’m advocating ‘Wenger out!’ but… Read more »


Moyes maybe, bergkamp, laudrup. Who knows but I can’t have the argument that he can’t be replaced. How many had heard of wenger when dein first brought him to arsenal. Just because the candidates are not obvious it doesn’t mean thier aren’t any.
And surely that’s what Ivan and co are paid to do. In any big business succession planning is a priority but you have to have the will to change things and this board don’t have it.


Bergkamp won’t fly so I see no chance of him ever becoming a top manager. Still if we don’t qualify for the Champions League then he might be an option!

Jim Jimminy

But if you look at the players being brought in do you really think that the guy who replaces wenger will be a top top exceptional quality replacement. It worries me.

No matter what you think of wenger its a big shame things seem to be ending this way. I always thought it would be old res nose that outstayed his welcome.


Not only that but this might be as much down to the board as wenger, so unless we find out the truth regarding spending then a new manager may suffer the same constraints as arsene and do a much worse job, who knows, we don’t have a clue what’s going on At the club and that’s the problem when making calls like wanting a new manager.

Jim Jimminy

Its not a big ask for some honesty for the supporters is it. They seem to care more about external perception than that of the people who give up time and money to support their team.

I understand clubs cant reveal details of everything they do, but a consistent message would be nice. See press conferences as an example.

Arsington Pompery

For me I think Jurgen Klopp has a lot of potential, keeps having to replace star players in his team yet they’re strong every year since he’s been in charge.

And I know it’s one potentially a lot of people may not agree with, but I always felt David Moyes is someone who could do a good job for us. He makes everton ruthlessly competitive every year on a shoe string, what might he be capable of with Arsenal’s facilities at hand?

Eric Irish gunner

Agree if there was chelski would have him, wenger just needs to start spending fucking money and bringing in quality to strengthen the squad


It scares me that Arsene will have a say in who succeeds him as the manager!


Who would replace Wenger?
1. It has to be someone young and hungry for success;
2. Has high respect as a player;
3. Played under great manager;
4. Has deep understanding of tactical game, defence especially;
5. Likes Arsenal as a club;
6. Able to command dressing room with an iron fist;
7. Should come from outside the club but preferably British;

I never thought I would ever say that: give the job to ….GARY NEVILL



Just because he’s likeable as a pundit doesn’t mean we should straightaway get him. Even if he likes Arsenal, it’s only out of respect, not exactly affection.

Eric Irish gunner

Great pundit but fuck that not red nev


This is an excuse for keeping Wenger and frankly, I think it’s a weak and poor excuse. Everyone with a brain should know that replacing Wenger is not a panacea. However, not replacing him is basically ignoring the most consistent part of our problem over the last 8 years.
No one should be daft enough to believe that Wenger is irreplaceable. Pretty much any top tier manager would do, although they would have to spend the first year or so unloading all the garbage that Wenger et al have accumulated.


We need new ideas.

Give Dennis Bergkamp a chance.


I nominate Moyes, Klopp and Mourinho, in that order.


To be honest im really not up for sacking Arsene as yet although we have been terrible at times this season. But Im getting a bit annoyed with “who can we get in to replace him” it is a bit of an insult to the rest of the managers in the world. There are probably quite a few out there who are pretty good. You know Jurgen Klopp who alot of people have been shouting about and i admit im a fan of his aswell came from then second division Mainz to take over at Dortmund. Look and you shall… Read more »

not renewing my season ticket

Mourinho would be nice! The link with Arsenal has been dismissed in the papers because he once called Wenger a ‘voyeur’. I had to look up what ‘voyeur’ meants, and although I found it quite offensive it also made me laugh!


Shit happens

[…] Read More Here: Wenger: There’s a psychological problem […]


Tel us something we don’t know Arsene. The bottom line is the boss is accountable for these poor starts to games. He has to get the team going from the first whistle not after half time. We always seem to have to respond to going behind in games and even when we go in front we seem to sit on the lead rather than go and confirm our dominance in games. All these problems Arsene points out to us rather than doing something about them. They say a managers personality is reflected in his team and at the moment the… Read more »


Shouldn’t have loaned out the psychologist to WHU then.


“We didn’t make enough of our corners and free kicks and didn’t make enough of the chances we created.”
Then tell Theo to stop taking them!


Didn’t he blow all the corners he took? Cazorla should take them.


At the moment Arsene isn’t doing his job properly, he is pretty much repeating the same mistakes game after game. It isn’t the first time this season that this team have done a complete shit first half


Rephrase: “There’s always a psychological problem.”


On the old days we had Patrick Vieira to sort stuff out on the field.

Now we don’t. And haven’t won anything since.


bullshit! our defending has been shit for years now.And it has just gotten worse.I don’t get this whole’can take positives from 2nd half’ nonsense.How often have we carried the second half positivity into the next game?in PL so far only 5 times did we gi into halftime leading out of 22 matches.handfuckingbrake!

Toure Motors

I can think of 7 million reasons why this psychological issue should go away very quickly


Wenger: “Diaby is the closest we have to Viera”
Isn’t something about that strange and oddly disturbing?
It’s like me saying that “I am the closest, in my family, we have to Brad Pitt. But that’s because no one in my family but me, is as tall as Brad…Yay!”
Bottomline: Forget Paddy, for the flying cunt…look ahead!!


Comment taken out of context. Good job.

It’s like someone saying “Yeah, your body frame is the most similar to Brad Pitt, you might thrive in nightclubs” and then you go off and say “Oh my God you’re saying I’m Brad Pitt? Jesus.”

Look, read. Arsene said Diaby’s build is the most similar to Vieira. Don’t be a sheep.


Oh, you are right! I forgot there might be people close to Arsene who really know what he means. Speaking of out of context comments, shouldn’t you be on the wrong side of North London?


“Wenger: There’s a psychological problem.”

No, Arsene, there’s a quality problem.

We’ve just sold the best striker in the Premier League and replaced him with Lee Chapman. We have a struggling back-four who aren’t being coached properly to defend. We have a 100k-a-week winger-cum-striker who is no more than average and usually doesn’t turn up. And worst of all we have a manager who is well and truly past it.

Even though fourth place is now in jeopardy, I bet you won’t buy. That’s why we’re fucked.

Please go now.


If he doesn’t buy, and we finish 6th, what happens? He has always said he honors his contract and he wouldn’t quit. Nobody has the balls to sack him. So do we go into next season with the same shit squad with zero chance of winning again? I just don’t know what to think at this point. I mean, the guy is fucking crazy and nobody at the club has the gumption to tell him to pull his head out of his arse. Would it really kill this club to fork over a shit load of money and buy falcao… Read more »


If we finish below teams like Spurs and Everton, both with much smaller wage bills, then the Board should finally wake up and put Wenger out of our misery.

Enough is enough.



I don’t think we can qualify for the Europa League with the current “quality” squad.


They will not sack him no matter what. That’s why I asked the question. I’m really just don’t know what to think anymore. This has gone beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I know all teams go through the ups and downs. I saw some pretty bad arsenal sides when I was a kid in the 80’s, but this is like a repeating self inflicted injury. How many times can one guy shoot himself in the foot?

Spend some fucking money.


I thumbed up that one fatgooner because ive been comparing Giroud to Lee chapman all season.


It’s not too late to save this season but they need to show some intention . No more lies please, I support the club and resent being seen as unworthy of the truth and it’s turning us against you Arsene.


Giroud playing like he’s in a fucking beauty

He gets the ball and thinks no one will hassle
him for it. It’s football for gods sake, a physical

Eric Irish gunner



To be fair we are not exactly playing to his stengths. Got to improve our crossing if we are playing Giroud every week

Gunsen gunner

I whole-heartedly agree Arsene, there is a great quality in this team but only when they can be arsed to play football which only seems to be half of the time.The quality of the squad is almost non-existent and needs augmenting.Just a DM and a Quality striker will put most squad issues to bed.


Wenger keeps mugging us off with his lame excuses. Address the fact that WE take good players and turn them into average players. Eg arshavin, podolski, giroud, cazorla, arteta. As much as you can say “they’re good”, I argue they were better at the club before arsenal. Even RVP’s movement looks stronger now at MUFC, much as i thought that’d be impossible. What the hell are you doing in training, Arsene?

jack jack jack

Sorry but I can’t let this go. You’re using RVP as an example of us making players WORSE? Wenger was the one who decided to play him as a centre forward in the first place (much to everyone’s disgust at the time) and turned him into a world class striker. Watch his goals for us last season, he was fucking incredible. It shouldn’t be surprising that he’s still improving considering he hasn’t had a spell like this without injury for pretty much his whole career.


Tippy tappy bulls**t is what they’re doing in training. Whatever they’re doing it’s not translating into results.


RVP scored with a header today. Thats four headers he,s scored already.
How many for Arsenal?. I would guess about 10 in 7 seasons.
Giroud is one of the best headers of a ball in the epl but today was one of the first times that people were looking to cross to him.

not renewing my season ticket

Gibbs did an excellent job dribbling into dangerous positions but his crossing/passing/shooting is absolute sh!t and wasteful. How’s Giroud supposed to score headers when the crosses coming from the left are either fast-and-erratic, or accurate-and-travelling at 3mph.

If Leighton Baines were to join, he’d help ‘unleash’ the powers that are Podoloski and Giroud.

When Patrice Evra dribbles into similar positions, the opponents absolutely panic!

You can see opponents aren’t bothered at all when Gibbs gets into those situations because they already know his delivery is sh!t.

Get Leighton Baines!!!


Yeah it’s called “lack of balls”.

Bob Smith

If we win the FA cup then I don’t particularly care about results such as these, short term thinking but a trophy should be the priority to bring the team together. It was once again annoying to see the team play well when there backs were against the wall, should have been like that from the 1st minute. I’ve got a lot of time for the HFB and it’s hard not to ask for more end product (even if he does get some lovely assists), but he needs to up his efficiency lots. Also, I see no harm in if… Read more »

Jim Jimminy

You started this whole point with IF. Its always if with arsenal. If martin atkinson had given the foul and spotted the dive we might have won today. But he didnt. If we hadnt sold van persie we would be top. But we sold him. If we win the fa cup you wont mind these losses. We wont win the fa cup. We have a team, bar a couple, of bottlers. They dont have the mentality of winners. We dont even have a proper captain. Big big changes are required to get us back where we belong, i just hope… Read more »


Win the FA cup…i don’t think so mate

ack ack ack

boring, boring. Arsenal.

It’s the same every time these days. Sick of it.

£oyalty for $ale

Game is quite simple: kick the ball, run, pass it and don’t let the bastard in different shirt score on you…

Too Drunk To Be Offside

After the Arsenal match I was watching Spuds vs United … reduced to rooting for UNITED to win … who would have thought …

Fking pathetic from the gunners … reducing the fans to cheering for United

Angry Bird

Years back, I used to root for spu*rs to beat United so Arsenal could win the league; But now, I root for United to beat spu*rs so Arsenal could take 4th spot. Fucking sums it all up.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

I just wish there was someone at the club who could sack the useless cunt. Still, he will be losing them money soon so they’ll wake up and smell the coffee soon


Arsenal bench. Mannone, ramsey, arshavin, jenkinson, frimpong, koscienly, santos.

Manu bench. Rooney, Valencia, Hernandez, Smalling, Lindegaard, Ashley young, Buttner.

And we still wonder how we’re a whooping 22 points behind united. Shit bench when the squad is depleted and someone somewhere says we have a “good squad”. Fucking sad.


psychological problem really? who should have solved it ?????
Surprise! YOU should!


I’m so sick of hearing what a great spirit and togetherness this team has – its been blatantly obvious at times this season that they have anything but! But psychological or not, the main problem is we just don’t have enough good enough players! So here we are, over halfway through the transfer window, Walcott contract out of the way, and who honestly believes that Arsene will significantly strengthen the squad? Anyone!? Of course he won’t its going to be the usual crap of looking for super super quality and not finding it, then going on to panic buy some… Read more »


Apologies for the rant, just getting very demoralised with the whole situation at our beloved club – I’ve reached a stage I thought I would never get to, and the last 3 or 4 games I literally haven’t been able to bring myself to watch. We’re just that frankly awful at the moment. The way we’re going we will be lucky to place higher than 10th come May. 🙁


Our talent level is far closer to Swansea and Norwich than it is to the Manchester teams.

Poliver Girolski

God damn szny needs to go, he makes to many mistakes, last week he gifted City a goal, despite what Wenger says that was a penalty today, then he runs out of the goal and fucks up again leaving TV5 to save his ass!! … Look at Cech he caught every ball where our silly pole in the goal seems to push/punch it away normally into the path of the teams players, at least for now he has stopped passing it defenders who are under pressure or taking to many touches and fucking up… but damn definitely one of worst… Read more »


You are not doing your job, you need to take a break away from football and most definitely away from our beloved club. The lack in depth in the team is there for all to see, having to keep playing the likes of Ramsey and Arshavin when they clearly aren’t first team material. Players like them would never get a game in any top club. If you don’t want to spend money then use your reserves, contrary to what some people might think some of our reserves are better then our first teamers. Just do something, anything, be more unpredictable,… Read more »


What Arsene has done for this club, is absolutely phenomenal. Without his dedication and hard work, we would not be contending for top 4. Before Wenger, Arsenal wasn’t exactly a consistently top club. He came along, and season in, season out, has managed to finish in the top 4. We even won titles and cups in his early days. Instead of taking momentum and building upon our success, we’ve slowly been declining. Yet we still qualify for the champions league. The main reason we’ve not been genuine title contenders in recent years is because clubs like Chelski and Man Shitty… Read more »


Yadda yadda yadda…you AKB’s are always sprouting the same bullshit. Come up with something new FFS


“You may not use half-witted, shitbox acronyms like AKB to describe fellow Arsenal fans simply because their opinion differs from yours.”

Respect the blog’s rules.


Calling people AKBs on here is a bit shit . Check the house rules.

Rad Carrot

But when we don’t qualify for CL football this year – what then? All four clubs in the CL will be strengthening. salford with their cunty big bucks. shitteh and the chavs with their billionaire owners. sp*ds with their unfathomable wealth. And us, with £100m in our hands. I can tell you right now all the good players that we could get will go to those other clubs, as they can not only pay as much as us, but also offer CL football. Then Wenger will say something like, “obviously, it’s difficult finding the top, top players, fans will have… Read more »


Top 4 blah blah blah. What’s the big deal about top4!!!? We gain entry to a competition we have no chance of winning and get a lod of cash that’s never spent. This top 4 bollocks has to stop. Arsenal should be competing for the Premier League not ending up 20 point behind every season. They can’t even win a crummy domestic cup because we either bottle it or lose as soon as we face a decent time. Wenger’s time is OVER. I wouldn’t trust him to spend any more money because quite frankly his scouting system is fucked and… Read more »


Yeah, who the fuck wants to see their team playing the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter every season?

Oh wait…every fucking fan, of every fucking team in the world does.


Some supporters are so blinded by their own idiocy it’s incredible.

not gonna renew season ticket

As we’re not even going to make Top-4 this year, please spare Arsenal fans the indignity of playing Thursday nights in the Europa League and make sure we finish 7th-place or below!!!

You see what Europa League football has done to Newcastle, Liverpool, and Spurs – all of whom dropped points in the PL due to the needless hassle.


Just need to point out a few in return mate. Chelski and Man shitty are run by billionaires. Our two main shareholders are billionaires one as rich as Chelski’s. Everton constantly snapping at our heels. They are skint. Manure half a billion in debt yet they sign our best player because they wont give up the fight to win trophies.


If we had had a fully fit diabyesc player and a really great forward today we would probable squeaked a draw today at least. Still that would have made everyone happy till the next shitty 0-0 at the Emirates. But the defending is shit, the finishing is diabolical. the squad is lite. The team never starts the game appearing to be up to the task and is always up for believing any hype they manage to generate. And today was the day to bring on TH14. Yep today was the day. But shit we forgot to sign him or anyone… Read more »

Gareth knight

Arsene Wenger – if you can not motivate and inspire 11 millionaires to start a london derby with passion, aggression, concentration and desire,
Then you are not fit to manage this football club.

Wenger out ! I have no confidence in him anymore !


100k a week and Theo’s still on a trike???


This is becoming very boring.


in wenger I trusr


In Arsene We Trust 😀


He is just taking the piss at this stage yeah?


I getting tired of watching us lose. I know Wenger is frustrating, but I know he isn’t stupid, i’m sure he can see where he is going wrong. People are complaining that he is doesn’t change the shape of the team, but he has been sticking to his tactics for as long as I can remember, even the successful years. Tactics is not the problem. We had enough chances to win this game. We missed Podolski’s decisiveness today. If Wenger is as clever as i think he is, he will sign a striker. Not because Giroud sucks but just to… Read more »


We didn’t miss Podolski, he’s lazy and does nothing. Whenever Arsenal lose some arsehole says it was because a player was injured etc. and when that player is back and we still fuck up you say it’s because we miss someone who was previously in the team when we lost. What a joke. Some supporters are so blinded by their own idiocy it’s incredible.


Have to say think Poldi done ok this season.


Almost funny goon if we dont make the champion league we will only be able to sign players a certain standard. maybe we can get say a Chamackh er Squillaci er denillson er park oh and a Bendtner…. ah wait.

not gonna renew season ticket

Demba Ba WANTED to come here and he only cost GBP7.5mm!

Assuming we sign fuck-all rest of January, rotate Poldi/Giroud at center-forwards, put Theo back where he belongs on the right-wing, and promote Serge Gnabry to the first-team at left-wing.


“There’s a great spirit in the team. There’s great quality in the team.”
Keep sayin and you gonna believe it. But I don’t. And perhaps we don’t.
You used to be the best manager in football. Now you keep saying bullshits, and your only goal is to reach top four and make maximum profit.
Perhaps you are right. There is spirit and quality in the squad.
But what about you?


I love you Arsene but I’m losing faith bit by bit. Last 3 and a half years we have been going backward.
The fact that there is a psychological problem is YOUR FAULT.
You train and motivate these players.
I’m still confident of a top 4 finish but you haven’t been getting the best out of this group of players.

The team is unbalanced you say? WELL THEN FIX IT FOR FUCK’s SAKE YOU ARE THE MANAGER. YOU HAVE MONEY, come on Arsene motivate this lot or buy some new players. Preferably do both.

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