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Arsenal v Bayern Munich – player ratings

A second defeat in four days, this time at the hands of a quality Bayern Munich outfit, doesn’t make for entertaining reading. Here are the player ratings after another disappointing night at the Emirates.

Wojciech Szczesny: 4/10 – Picked up where he left off against Blackburn, teeing up Thomas Muller beach volleyball style for Bayern’s second. Looks increasingly nervous with the ball at his feet.

Bacary Sagna: 5/10 – Battled hard, but needed an outlet in front of him to maximise attacking intent. Left exposed at the back dealing with Mandzukic for the visitors’ third.

Thomas Vermaelen: 4/10 – Out of position and seemingly out of his depth. Hampered by an early booking he got a proper rollicking from Wilshere for backing off Muller in the first half. Not aided by lackadaisical midfield it was telling that all three goals stemmed from action on his wing.

Laurent Koscielny: 5/10 – Unnecessarily hasty clearance led to Bayern’s first goal and nowhere to be seen when Muller scored second from inside six-yard box. Needs to take more responsibility for pushing forward when fed ball by Szczesny.

Per Mertesacker: 3/10 – Didn’t track Van Buyten for second and given run around by Mandzukic who came close to scoring a third with his head before half-time. Didn’t enjoy being closed down quickly by Bayern attack which took toll on passing quality.

Mikel Arteta: 5/10 – Picked up a booking putting himself about a bit, but his dedication to being a defensive midfielder means he takes no risks when passing. So much sideways distribution hints at Denilsification.

Jack Wilshere: 7/10 – It’s getting repetitive pinpointing him as the best of a bad bunch, but that was again the case. Led the charge after half-time and always willing to take on a man before pushing forward.

Aaron Ramsey: 6/10 – Shunted into a wider position after his promising stint in Arteta’s role he gave it his all but doesn’t have the pace to provide an attacking threat on the flanks. Passing for the most part was neat and simple.

Santi Cazorla: 4/10 – Pretty much anonymous all game. Went looking for the ball in central positions leaving Sagna having to pound up and down the right on his own. Switched to left in last 15 minutes but let Lahm race past him unhindered in build up to Bayern’s killer third.

Theo Walcott: 5/10 – Arsenal needed his pace on the wings but resorted to using him as a target man which expectedly didn’t work. Dante seemed to learn lessons from recent England-Brazil friendly to nullify his threat.

Lukas Podolski: 4/10 – Got a goal but did next to nothing on the left-wing. Rarely troubled Lahm, seldom went looking for the ball and might as well have been learning the rest of London.


Updated…and here are the substitute ratings.

Olivier Giroud: 5/10 – Had a chance to equalise with his first touch but fired straight at Neuer. Little service after that.

Tomas Rosicky: 6/10 – Quick to turn defence into attack his influence was soon dampened by Bayern’s third which killed tempo of the game.

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Singapore Gooner


That is all.


But… Why aren’t we a better team than them..We have the stadium, we have the money we have an experienced manager. Why is anyone better than us?? We aren’t Everton with their limited budgets, we aren’t the Spuds with a suspicious character and no self belief, we aren’t Chelsea with their manager problems, we aren’t liverpool with their made up problems, why arent we better?? Go ahead and call me a troll but RVP added that extra class to the team. If we have RVP this year I think we would be challenging for the title. Giroud as the backup… Read more »


Great post mate im just sorry my stupid fat thumbs hit ‘thumbs down’ by accident.


Don’t fall into the pit of what ifs and could have been’s. RVP has bee n in stronger teams with Arsenal than what we had yesterday, some would say, yet he could not win us a trophy, nor Cesc and we played two finals with him in the team and with Henry in one of them. Therefore I think I don’t think its and individual thing, its a team thing and a belief thing, basically things which cant be installed, instilled or bought. I mean Swansea and Bradford are in a final, are they overall better than all the teams… Read more »


Good post, but I’m not sure what game you were watching if you think Podolski deserved to stay on. I absolutely agree that we should splash on a star though, like Bayern done with Martinez – £35m, to take their quality squad (complete plenty of with homegrown talent) to another level. RVP is a cunt, not for leaving, but because he went to United, not Juve or Madrid or PSG. That’s why he won’t have his flag flying on the Ken Friar bridge with Cesc, Thierry, Vieira, Chippy Brady, all of whom left for major European clubs that aren’t Manure.… Read more »




Gearoid the reason Podolski derserved to stay on could quite simply be because he scores goals. He didn’t have a great game but only Jack did before the Stoke match Poldi was starting to play really well but then Stoke on the bench comes on and scores vital goal. Sunderland on the bench not used Blackburn on the bench again and again not used. Heard of overkill but we seem to have overrest.

We were simply outclassed yesterday in every position on the field. We have alot of work to do.


In drunkmunk we trust


I’d like to see podolski as central striker with cazorla on the right side sometimes, he is a natural born striker


Rosicky was decent from the bench. Start him ahead of Cazorla for the next game.

jack jack jack

He always looks dangerous when he’s on, always trying to make something happen. What does my beloved Tomas have to do to get a start?

The Arsenal Gypsy

Very Very fair rating Mr Arseblog. I would even go lower for Poldi and Carzola


To be honest, Cazorla has been so anonymous in very many games. The class he showed in his first games and when he came back from that long trip with Spain earlier in the season has been gone for quite a while.


Agree. For all the ball retention and skillful turning Cazorla is famed for, I think his goal/assist return has been a bit disappointing. He’s a great technical player and I love having him in the squad, but I think his effectiveness is questionable at times. Compare to a Juan Mata or a Michu in the advanced midfield roles and his end product is a little below the benchmark


It’s probably in part to tired legs. mf can’t play every game at a top level without rest. plus national team duties. needed more depth obviously


Santi didn’t contribute too much from the right side, lack of a link between a CF and midfields yesterday. Tommy came in and made a different immediately.


Santi has looked jaded for quite sometime now. Its not his fault that we are so lacking in depth that we cannot rotate our key players. He isnt used to playing every three weeks and the EPL doesnt have a winter break either. Wenger could have used Rosicky instead but alas he is fast becoming one of our forgotten man despite his qualities.


Podolski was on fault for the goal for me. When vermaelen lost the ball podolski was next to him i guess vermaelen even let a chant out to getback and could see them scoring when vermaelen put a hand up to get podolski attention of dropping back. Thats shit response from a team mate towards his captain.
Again even if we put a performance in munich the team has left to much to do for the away leg, they had already given up after third the marking from throw in pointed that out.


If we are talking the first goal i have to question the role of our defensive midfielder at no point does anyone close down or block off Kroos basically just given a free shot from the edge of the box.


Where are Giroud and Rosicky’s ratings, Blogs?

Also, I missed the theme ratings.


Rosicky 6/10 at least

chamakh's barber


Nacho Vermertesagna

Agree with all these ratings, but what about Rosicky and Giroud? I thought Rosicky came off the bench and worked hard.


I know its player ratings. But shouldn’t there be a rating for the manager too?
A player’s performance can be affected by the manager’s strategy and selection. ie. Walcott as CF yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still a great great supporter of Mr Wenger, but I am a realist. I would like to read praise/criticism of our manager performance too.


Very good idea! Blogs could this be a thing for the future?

steve boulds hairdresser

i thought ramsey done quite well yet again. it’s good to see him play with more confidence and prove everybody that said (and still do say) that he isnt good enough wrong.




No offense but I think the team is being harmed trying to accommodate him. Wilshere is most effective as CM and Cazorla behind the striker, so when you play Ramsey you are taking 3 players out of their best positions. That does not do your good to the team in ANY way. The reason I say this is Ramsey and Arteta basically do the same thing, playing them together doesn’t make any sort of sense to me. Would’ve rather started Rosicky who can link up with Cazorla and Wilshere and add a real attacking threat in the final third. Wenger… Read more »

John Dale

Exactly what I always say. Ramsey and Arteta are both very good, but play the same role. So you play one or the other, but not both! Or only play both when defending a lead or something of that sort. Because Carzola is not a traditional winger and will not track back often enough. He’s said it several times about how he fancies the free roaming style while playing behind the striker. Putting him on either wing always ends up being very ineffective.


Good point, and if I had to make a choice based on recent performances, I would start Ramsey over Arteta.


Yeah Ramsey showed a lot of heart and looked for the ball also, Him, Wilshere and Rosicky showed the most commitment. I thought Vermaelen played a bit better in the second half especially going forward, although he didin’t stand out you could see that he tried but that’s all we got from him unfortunately. THe defense overall was shocking. Instilled no confidence or calm.

JJ Gooner

it was pretty jarring to see that jack, aaron and tomas were the only ones really getting stuck in, the rest were all part of the audience to varying degrees!!


I like Podolski but when the going gets tough he goes completely missing.Same could be said for most of the team though.One of the reasons i like Ramsey.Works his fucking socks off


Podolski turns into the invisible man every time Gibbs doesn’t play. Hopefully he can start up a partnership with Nacho.


I thought Podolski had a fantastic few mins when he saw the subs about to come on…


I dont think he actually goes missing. Podolski’s performances are nearly always reliant on who supports him from left back & how much we play the ball down that side. Its not that he hides or loses quality. More a case that hes not used much. We attack far more down the right or centrally without a recognised left back


I said it before, this is NOT our best team. When you play Ramsey deeper, shift Cazorla wide and Wilshere ahead, you are not letting them play in the best positions to accomadate one player, who let’s be honest is not a better player. Should’ve started Rosicky, he is by far our most effective AM atm and can interchange with Cazorla on the right. Also his willingness to close players down wouldve worked in stopping Alaba. Wenger’s reluctance to stick to the same strategy and arrogance to not change has cost us again. It’s madness doing the same thing again… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Can we give Bayern a 10/10 rating – easily the best team I have seen play against Arsenal in 40 years watching. If they don’t win the CL I for one will be astonished. They are much better to watch than Barcelona. In my opinion. I think Santi’s and Podolski’s ratings are unfair. I think they both did ok. I was surprised to see Lukas taken off. Especially when he was replaced by Giroud, who is looking increasingly out of his depth at Arsenal. Giroud isn’t an Arsenal standard striker. He didn’t trouble Blackburn on Saturday, and he was never… Read more »


I’m a Bayern supporter and I can tell you that their performance yesterday was absolutely mediocre. Only short spells of good pressing, too little fluidity and the lowest pass success rate (79.7%) in a CL or Bundesliga game since May 2011. Arsenal wasn’t that bad and I also think, the players were alright. You can’t blame Cazorla or Podolski of being invisible. Podolski was up against Müller and Lahm, both very disciplined and Lahm of course with outstanding tackling skills. Well, the centre-backs were poor. But the tactics weren’t alright. Bayern struggled, but you didn’t challenge us enough. Alaba was… Read more »


How on earth can you be suprised that poldi was taken off in the 70th min? Arsene has made that change in nearly every game this season.

Is Giroud as good as Henry in his prime – no, but who the fuck are?

Midfield Corporal

Kosceilny has become a real panicker in defence. There was one point around 60mins when he was by the touch line with no real pressure. He should have just cleared the ball upfield but instead skewed it off for a Bayern throw, instantly bringing pressure back onto us. I think you can see how our standards have dropped if you look at the personel who are first team starters now. I like Arteta but I’d put him on a par with Edu, who was an important squad player coming in for the injured Vieira or Gilberto. Today he’d be a… Read more »

Inigo Lopez

He was our best defender yesterday.

Anyway, as I see, Jack always escapes criticism. 7 for what?
He didn’t play well. Huffed and puffed but ultimately did little right & strangely looked like falling quite often.
Can’t fault his effort, but no way his rating was 7.

John Dale

I guess you watched a different match then.

Midfield Corporal

If Kos was our best defender that shows you why we are where we are.

Jack constantly got the ball, drove on with it taking men out of the game.


Really miss a Gilberto.


Agree with the most, however, I feel Podolski deserves better acknowledgement, he seemed most likely to create something for us in the 2nd half and don’t think he should’ve been taken off.

gnarly charlie

He only started running when he realised he was about to be subbed off. He really isn’t any good at all when Gibbs is out.

gnarly charlie

Unfortunately besides Wishere this is a shit team. They go MIA when put under pressure. They lack quality and discipline. Ramsey should be a starter at West Brom not the Arsenal. Cazorla is liable to forget he’s any good. Podolski must be sharing the hookah with Chamakh and the pies with Arshavin. The whole back five don’t understand how to play as a unit. The wingers aren’t wingers, and it shows when we defend. Walcott is about as useful as a moldy carrot as a lone striker. Arteta bless him is passed it and should be put out to pasture.

5pur2 dr00L

Arteta should be played in his natural position, and not run ragged the full 90 minutes game in, game out.


– arteta shouldnt been playing as a DM , he is an alonso style player and can easily support a proper DM like last year with song both were excellent last season as tandem – Ramsey play wide and anyone who have watch him know he cant play there – carzola can easily play wide as he play for spain there and former club but he is never play there – Podolski is a striker play on the left side and should have been use as a CF yesterday – theo isnt a striker and should have been play on… Read more »


its strange how ramsey is riding on fans sympathy to almost get away with anything nowadays.come on guys cut the emotions and put things in perspective for once.ramsey was slow, indecisive with his passing and partly culpable for two of the goals.we are missing the plot for believing he has the necessary quality just because he runs all over the pitch.far from it ge actually inhibits the pace of our passing.i believe a fit again mozzart is our better outlet in the for the thumbs down for stating the obvious…..


I said it before, this is NOT our best team. When you play Ramsey deeper, shift Cazorla wide and Wilshere ahead, you are not letting them play in their best positions in order to accommodate one player, who let’s be honest is not better. Should’ve started Rosicky, he is by far our most effective AM atm and can interchange with Cazorla on the right. And his willingness to close down players wouldve worked in stopping Alaba. Wenger’s reluctance to stick to the same strategy and arrogance to not change has cost us again. Madness is repeating the same thing over… Read more »


I really don’t understand the Rosicky love, he’s scored 20 goals in 170 odd games for Arsenal, he quiet frankly isn’t fit for purpose and should be sold at the quickest possible opportunity. We need some proper defensive coaching, whereby our front 4 actually join in the defending not just leave it to the 5/6 behind them. We need to become far more compact and organised if we want to compete again.


Rosicky’s goal scoring is considerably worse than Gervinho’s, thoughts?

Rosicky 20 goals in 173 games = 1 goal every 8.6 games
Gervinho 9 goals in 57 games = 1 goal every 6.3 games




@ kops – the relevence is Rosicky is an attacking player there to attack, i.e. provide goals, which he’s useless at, not to defend.


This is only an ‘opinion’, not information. To me, the only logical explanation of the starting line up is that it was a result of a manager under pressure. He chose to play it safe for himself. For him, starting with Walcott as CF, was the safest option. He then proceeded to build the attacking options around Walcott, juggling players around and out of their most effective positions. Isn’t it true, Walcott is the darling of most, if not all, Arsenal supporters, and not Giroud? People are less harsh on Wenger if Walcott fails than if Giroud fails. Even for… Read more »


Even blogs said yesterday he thought Walcott would start based on tactics due to his pace and the fact that Bayern Defense might not be able to cope with it.

Unfortunately we never built up enough pressure to do that.

We were outplayed and outclassed.


That Walcott would be bottled out upfront by Bayern central defenders was all too expected. Just pace was never going to be enough. Wenger, in his heart of hearts, must have known it or at least considered it. Theo simply ran from one Bayern player to another, without having any affect. The only real contribution he made was the cross to Giroud, that was as a winger. It should have been a Podolski – Giroud – Walcott starting. Giroud is not just a CF. He does lot more. Even his severest critics felt his absence yesterday. I earnestly believe Wenger… Read more »


unless Ramsey is playing in Arteta’s position i’d like to see him make more attacking moves. he tries hard for sure and adds defensive quality to the team but does little when we go on the attack.


One thing I’ll say for Ramsey – he’s one of the few players who knows how to pass into Theo’s runs. Cazorla and Wilshere can really skill up in this department. Say it if you dare, but Song knew how to pass to Theo.


Can’t agree more with Savage, I always think he knows where to find Theo.


I think a little unfair of Szczesny for the second goal, don’t know what else he could have done to be honest and also the same for Mertesacker, his job isn’t to track the runner it’s to mark his zone which he did, had he followed the runner and the ball landed where he was supposed to be and Bayern scored would you resolve him of blame? probably not i would guess. Like it or not Arsenal mark zonally and within those parameters Mertesacker did all that was asked of him. The system is to blame not the player on… Read more »


All this focus on zonal marking as the cause of our defensive fragility is nonsense. There is nothing wrong with the system. The Italians used it for donkey’s years to great effect. It is neither better nor worse than man-for-man. Just different. It’s not as if goals are never scored from man-for-man. The fact is there is little or no defensive coaching undertaken. It doesn’t matter if you had a defence made up of Maldini, Barei, Moore and Beckenbauer. If you never drill them, you’ll always be weak at the back, relying on last ditch interventions to get you out… Read more »


I agree and i don’t believe that zonal marking or defenders are necessarily a problem but the coaching. As with all systems there are weaknesses and these are more pronounced the moment you meet a classy team. I said you can’t blame Mertesacker for doing his job, the system however does allow a 6’5″ attacker to target a 5’9″ defender which is the weakness of zonal marking and exactly what happened.


A system is only as good if it is used to its maximum, when make individual errors or have a lapse in concentration or understanding it all falls apart, no matter which system we use or adopt. Like the spartan formation thing from 300. It worked great in the first few games, i think everyone felt that it was finally sorted. But then fast forward to now…. I have no idea where we go from here but I think if we start changing things, adopting different approaches that will cause more damage, the team should just stick to what they… Read more »


Fair comment, remember that Terry goal from corner at Stamford Bridge last season (3:5) when Per has tracked Sturridge and was blamed for loosing position –


Thats true. With giroud covering that position it always gets cleared. I’ve got no problem with zonal marking if players attack the ball in their designated area but think we place llayers in wrong positions. Anything on 6yd line should be attacked by g/k but not level with near post like szcz tries to do. Its too difficult to get there. Tallest, best header of ball should be on 6 yd just inside near post, not ramsey.


Maybe there’s a reason why Bayern let Podolski go! Great player on his day but goes hiding in big/important games when we most need him to step up! Shame that really


Poldi’s number one skill is shooting, but we don’t yet have enough cohesion in the final 3rd to get him into shooting positions. Can still improve.


Er, he scored.

it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

ARSENAL SUPPORTERS who continued to cheer loudly even when down 0-2, bothered to stick around post-match to applaud our squad’s effort as they walked off the pitch, and displayed the ‘class’ missing from ManUre and Chelski supporters by ALSO applauding the Bayern Munich players as they walked off the pitch – in appreciation for them showing us a proper footballl display: 7/10? Happily, we can be confident our other 7/10 last night, Jack Wilshere… will stay. But how many of us supporters will elect to just stay home and watch on Sky Sports / ITV / Arsenal Player rather than… Read more »

I and 3 mates are not renewing our season tickets if we finish outside the top 4… I do not intend travelling to matches on Thursdays/Sundays …
After 10 years and tons of money, I can’t bear to see my hard earned money lining Gazidis’ pockets (have you seen his bonus pay ???)

Also, did you notice the ‘000s of empty seats at the Blackburn game ? Did you notice that there were 25 EMPTY executive boxes ???
Shocking ! These people have paid £150,000 per box and not bothered to fill them.


Although not a season ticket holder, i have refused to buy a ticket this season in protest. With the best will in the world its a minimum £75-80 per head to go to the emirates with all costs factored in, and i just feel i’m being treated like an idiot. My view was cemented when Wenger came out and said he had estabilished a Socialist pay structure at the club, a policy that just shows he has absolute contempt for the fans! If i’m going to charged using Capitalist principles of market rate and competition i fully expect the club… Read more »


“If we don’t finish in the top four”… Seems a bit glory-hunter ish if you ask me? Yes, our prices are extremely high but surely refusing to pay for a ticket while Arsenal are going through a bad spell but happily paying for it while Arsenal are doing well is a bit fickle?


@Kops – no it isn’t fickle. Arsenal are more than happy to take the money from the fan’s but don’t want to reinvest in the team. This is not an issue of not having the money, Arsenal have made healthy profits for several years, this is an issue of a policy where the club spend enough and only enough to maximise their revenue because as far as they’re concerned the investment needed to win doesn’t justify the outlay.


I’m sorry but I think these ratings are rather unfair. Especially Kos. Given the squad we were facing, I thought they actually showed some willingness for a change. I mean, how many of u, secretly, expected a cricket score. If we had played as bad as we have been recently we could be looking at pointless match in Munich


We still don’t have a settled first XI. The quality of players individually is there, but they don’t have a plan or cohesion in the final third. I understand if Giroud is missing chances, but the shuffling is not going to help.


How pointless is the second leg – are we allowed to give a walkover?

Maybe the team can stay at home and do some proper training – maybe there is a website where we could hire out a new coach or trainer for a few days?

I really really need to know one important thing – will Arsene be gone by season ticket renewal time so I can get to 51 years of going because this club is breaking my heart and I’ve lost all hope.

it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Agreed we need to train properly. Dutch Skunk raved about the coaches at ManUre and as much as I get sick in the stomach when he compares the two teams publicy… I got a sneaky feeling he’s genuinely pointing-out an obvious and gaping difference between the clubs. We can also start by ditching the Asia tour every summer which effectively prevents us from preparing the players properly for a long and hard season. If you’re ManUre and have like half-a-billion fans in China… then sure. But we earn fuck-all commercial revenue out there and just travelling there getting jetlagged ain’t… Read more »

1. The idea that United have half a billion fans in Asia is ludicrous. If they had their revenues would be off the scale. 2. Ditching Asia and returning to Austria is no guarantee of anything apart from the fact that we will not be developing the marketing potential of the club in an area of the world which is going or increase in wealth and therefore attractiveness in the coming years. As opposed to mainland Europe which patently isn’t. 3. It’s not as if since moving stadium the annual training camps in Austria yielded more success. 4. I would… Read more »


Man Utd’s fanbase is 277m, according to them, or 659m if you count their ‘followers’.

Followers are defined as people who read, watch or talk about Man Utd regularly. So according to that definition, I follow Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs, as I regularly call them a bunch of cunts.

Upper East Gooner

6 out of 10 for Ramsey seems generous. He was partially to blame for the first goal, and largely to blame for the second. Like so many others in the lineup, he’d make a perfectly good squad player in a team with ambition, but not a starter.


There was no support whatsoever for Sagna on the RW. He often run himself into abyss with 3 bayern players around him.

Cazorla has been disappointing for sometime now too.


I think the justified anger at losing to Blackburn has boiled over into the slightly less justified anger at losing to a team that had Robben on the bench.


Somebody might have said this already, but Ramsey played in the middle with Cazorla out wide. Ramsey played alongside Arteta. I though he did well, he never hides. In fact we didn’t lose that game in midfield. I saw plenty of pundits saying that their midfield was streets ahead of ours. I disagree, we had significantly more possession and we kept the ball fine. 90% of the difference between the two sides, in my opinion, is their ability to defend and our inability. I don’t think its necessarily a personnel thing, although we’re crying out for a Gilberto Silva type… Read more »


Ramsey played through the middle in the same role as Diaby but was worse, I don’t see how he could have got a 6/10 for that performance. Also thought Podolski was better than a 4/10 as he seemed to be one of the few who wanted to get stuck in and at least he scored! That was the worse performance I’ve seen from Cazorla.

The one bright side apart from Jack was Rosicky whose pass to Theo for the Giroud chance was a peach, we should have started with him instead of Ramsey.


I like Arteta, I really do but can’t help but think that he (like others in the current squad) is somewhat out of his depth at the very top level. We aren’t a very tactically astute outfit at present either and don’t ever seem to be comfortable when off the ball, particularly when it’s just been turned over. Fed up, quite a bit needs shaking up in our club. Still hope that Wenger is at the helm to implement the required changes on the player side which I know a lot of you will disagree with and fair do’s. Think… Read more »


Sorry premature send, annoying phone!

but fucking hell……what has happened to the Thomas Vermaelen I was starting to adore a few seasons back. Shell of the player he was then and very sad to see.

That’s all, ta.

Midfield Corporal

Agreed, Artetas a good solid player but he’s not top drawer. He looked great at Everton and Rangers, but just looks ok with us. I’d be happier if he was coming in as back up for a better player.


i think you’re being a bit harsh on arteta. he battled manfully last night and tried to dictate the game but whenever he got on the ball he was surrounded by black shirts and had no options for a simple pass. that is down to the players ahead of him hiding behind their players and not making themselves available for a pass. too many on our team like to hide when the going gets tough and are too scared to show for the ball and take a bit of responsibility for making things happen. thankfully we still have jack and… Read more »


Like how Rosicky took on like 3 players at one time cause there was no other options.

Bayern were awesome without the ball.
I thought they werent that great with the ball, cause we made live easy for them. We gift wrapped the match with our nervousness.
The tactics deployed made it seem that bayern were playing with extra players.
On paper we dont look at bad team at all, just something is fucking up the team tactics, are they not training enough?


Cant blame arteta, what can he do except pass sideways when there’s no movement ahead of him. That was the real difference between two sides, they had brilliant movement off the ball which terrified our defence.


Not blaming Arteta, most of the team was average and yes good point regarding the movement, at times ours was terrible but Bayern had an excellent shape off the ball and made it trickier for us than we did for them. I seriously just think that Arteta is unfortunately a notch below the top level though in my humble opinion….and he’s not the only one at that. Shame, because I do think as a team we have the potential to be greater than the sum of our parts and win trophies, but sadly not the Champions League or Premier League… Read more »


I think yday showed just how average some 1st teamers we have, let alone squad players. Now whether thats AW’s fault is up for debate, are his hands tied or is he being stubborn with money, who knows. I’d like to think that if the board, or like PHW said are true arsenal fans like he said the other day, they would insist on investment if they thought that was best. Which leads me to the hands tied idea. But in my opinion the only players in yday starting 11 that have the quality to be so are, Vermaelen, Sagna,… Read more »


Can’t say dissapointed coz I was expecting 3… the squad is simply too stretched to perform as well as we have seen in pieces this year. Someone mentioned that with RVP we’d be challenging for everything, i’d have to agree to a point, but not that Dutch cunt…I think the team is there we just lack depth. If we could’ve stepped up to a 442 after half time, perhaps a different result, we had momentum and then the German’s quality simply absorbed and defied… On a positive I thought Rosicky’s display shows good promise for the games ahead, he had… Read more »


Yesterday starting Theo in the middle was a good idea as long as Bayern didn’t score. As soon as they did Wenger should of either got Giroud on or shifted Poldi into the middle and Theo out wide.


Never a good idea to have Theo up front on his own whatsoever. Giroud would have given us a target to aim at, both from crosses and long balls, and his link-up play is really good. AW really should have made the changes immediately after we scored but chooses to make them at a set time, indicating his lack of tactical nous.


is it just me? but I swear I saw 2 yellow cards given to Muller yesterday, 1st in first half and 2nd in second half.


1st was for Schweinsteiger


The first booking was actually directed to Schweinsteiger who will be banned for the rematch


Until such time that AW comes out and declares that the board stops him from replacing class A players like-for-like and instead he goes for class B players like Arteta, Gervinho, Squilacci (class Z) etc etc… I WILL BLAME AW for this mess…
If he says the board forces him to sell high and buy cheap, then I BLAME THE BOARD !
Just look at the replacements for Viera/Petit , Pires, Henry, Fabregas, RVP, Song. We got Gervinho, Giroud, Arteta, Park and promoted Ramsey/Walcott.
Not in the same class. are they ?


How did anyone even think of buying mertesacker??? Or was he strong at least and may be a bit more agile as well before we bought him n it just happened he lost all that as well as his self confidence and composure after joining us??? Totally not a CL team cb. Not even a championship cb actually. We could have done with some steel in defence. Even kos is clumsy and weak. Everything, everyone with the defensive jobs should be changed. The youth coaches, the first team coaches, the gk coach, the scouts. Tbh, we have been producing cbs… Read more »


He was Germany’s first choice CB for a reason. In the WC2010, I was impressed by his quiet efficiency. And his stamina, he played full 90 mins in all their matches.

I was quite please when he was signed. If I remember right, he was signed just after our 2-8 humiliation. I believed his presence would bring a calm efficiency. It just didn’t happen.


Yea, even I was excited. I just hadn’t seen him. Only heard. N first game in, you’re sickened by how slow he is. Weak. N clumsy.
The board, wenger should accept this was a bad deal, sell him cheap or whatever n get a stronger, fitter, confident cb.

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Arsenal had the chance to buy that Raphael Varane guy who now plays for Real Madrid (in only his 2nd season there Varane has deservedly won ‘first-team’ status there ahead of more established players like Peppe, and he’s only 20). He’s French so he was gagging to come to London to work for a French manager. But Varane cost EUR10mm and Mertesacker only cost EUR8mm.




Hello Gunners I was working last night and got into the car and Poldi scored. I thought great arsenal are one up, but then Alan Greene said that will bring them back into it. I realised it was too good to be true. Was I surprised that Bayern scored again? – No. They are a very good team, as witnessed last year when cheated out of the Final by the Blue Nosed diving ******* ****** ******** ******** chavs. I do’t like swearing. Basically I cannot trust the Arsenal defence at the moment, whatever happened to Bouldy ‘s influence that was… Read more »


I think Wenger’s refusal to adjust tactics according to the opposition is hurting us against the better teams. Because we are lacking in talent in various areas, we must efficiently exploit the limited strengths we do have. So I don’t understand why it takes Wenger so long to make in-game changes when it is obvious things aren’t working. Walcott as central striker in the 1st half last night received little service and was not winning any of the aerial balls we were pointlessly sending towards him. Why not bring Giroud on at half time and adjust tactics right away instead… Read more »

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I think the ratings are pretty spot on. Don’t really understand the folks who are saying Ramsey had a bad game, I thought he did quite well. That one comment about him being worse than Diaby is absolutely ludicrous. It was our defense, and mainly Mertasacker and Vermaelen at that, who were our main failures. Woj for the second goal too. Add to that the anonymity of Cazorla and Podolski for large chunks of the match and Arteta putting in another uninspiring performance, we did well not to come out further harmed than we were. Though his impact on the… Read more »


Hi, good show i was just thinking Roman Advamanvic. buys players for Chelsea eg Hazard, Torres and he may or may not be on the board. And so by buying players, his shares in Chelsea rise in value. Whether or not he is on the board or not. As the club more valuable and successful. if Usmanov is such a big arsenal fan So why doesn’t Usmanov buy Arsenal a player e.g. Cavani £ 50 million [fee and wages]. is it just because he’s not on the board – yeah i get that ,but here are good reasons why he… Read more »


You can’t just go out and buy a player for a club if you’re not involved in the club.. Yes he’s got shares but he’s not the majority shareholder or on the board. Do you see Usain Bolt buying people for United?


what am saying is roman abrav. isn’t chairman at chelski…thats Bruce whats his name. Roman has shares gives money to buy player simple as that. another example At spursspuds you hear of someone who puts up money for players , who wants to remain annoynemous and in the background. – is he on the board ?- Does usmanov just say this so he would take money out the club like silent stan… usmanov has shares, he could put up money…

8 Year Itch Needs Scratching

If I go to a customers house, and do some work for them, and completely fuck it up, I wont get paid. Fuck this bullshit with 250k a week, earn your fucking money. Performance related pay structure is the only way to go with the main part of professionals nowadays. Imagine the likes of Liam Brady, Alan Sunderland etc being told they are on 250k a week, they would never ever stop trying/running/working. The games gone soft as shite. Make the cunts earn their money, if they play well/work hard/give their all, then so be it, shit happens. If we… Read more »


If we flipped the line ups of Bayern and the Arse, I still believe the Arse would have lost.


Tommy Gunner and Jack auto starters for me, only players that seem to give a fuck.

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