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Sagna out of North London derby

Bacary Sagna has been ruled out of Sunday’s North London derby.

The right back missed last weekend’s 2-1 over Aston Villa with a knee injury and Arsene Wenger has revealed the Frenchman won’t recover in time.

He is not ready for Sunday. It is too short for him,” the boss told Arsenal Player, and revealed there are doubts over Abou Diaby too.

“Abou is an uncertainty. He has a calf problem, a minor one. It is question of days. He will have tests and then we will see if we can use him on Sunday or not. It is a 50:50. Actually maybe a bit more for him playing.”

While it’s hard to suggest Diaby’s absence would be keenly felt, the loss of Sagna is something of a blow. His experience and commitment in big games is always welcome.

However, it does provide a chance for Carl Jenkinson, and there’s no doubt the life-long Gooner will be well and truly up for this one. Other than that it seems we have a relatively clean bill of health going into the most important game of the season so far.

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Dave Gooner

Sorry for Bac, but happy for Jenks

He needs to keep his temper under control though. Tempting though it will be to kick the world’s only trained diving chimpanzee up the hole.

Cometh the hour Jenks. THIS is why you play football mate.


The boy jenks won’t sleep a wink on Saturday night. He’ll be there on Sunday after being up 36hours more awake than anybody, focused, on tearing bale a new arsehole so wide he can dive down it and fuck off.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Quite confident in jenks ability. Going to be a top right back. One area of the team I’ve felt comfy with all season. Feel like we rely on Carl

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

We can rely on carl


love jenks but he has got a lot to learn, esp after that last red card he got, so hopefully he doesnt do anything rash. id imagine its gonna be tough for him as being an arsenal fan first and a player second, it’ll be hard not to put his foot through bale’s face…


Jenks against ape boy? Oh dear…


and against an in-form Bale no less ..

Dr Baptiste

So in-form that he only has 1 more goal than Walcott who is classed as inconsistent…..


Tabloid speak

Support the young lad you never know in a game like this: the boy might turn into a man a star man


Just like an inform Sterling was going to rip him a new one, then spent the whole game getting owned by Jenkinson.
Ok Sterling is not as good as Bale I’ll admit, but Bale while a very tidy player indeed, is still over-rated by the media hype machine, and does look good against shit defences. (There are much worse back 5’s than ours out there)


Fuck the spurs loving media in this country. They try to get everyone against Arsenal for pretty much completely baseless accusations of being a diving foreign team… …while the ape who has been booked the most in the HISTORY OF FOOTBALL for diving is their own precious Gareth Bale. And they love him! Every weekend Gary Lineker “Bale is the best footballer in this country” Phil McNulty “Bale is better than Messi and Ronaldo” I hate the English media just as much as I hate the spuds – that’s because they’re the same entity. They can go fuck themselves and… Read more »


Bale has 15 goals from the EPL and 19 total for Spurs.

Walcott has 11 goals from the EPL and 18 in total for Arsenal. 5 of those, came against Capital One Cup opposition.

You’ll find that Bale has scored in tougher games and in a wider variety of situations. I’m an Arsenal fan too, but christ, you’ve got to be blind to think that Walcott can compare with Bale. Bale is stronger, a better dribbler, a more lethal finisher, and deadly with free kicks.


I thought Jenks did well against Villa. Hopefully this will match will be a great step in the coming of age of Carl Jenkinson. Sagna has looked lazy recently, at least with Jenks you know he’ll be putting everything he has into this game.

a gooner in Manchester

you can do it without the ‘lazy’ comment about Sagna


Jenks’s athleticism and passion means this won’t be as big a blow.

jack jack jack

Although I would never doubt Sagna’s determination and skill as a defender, he does appear to have lost a yard of pace in the last year or so. If anyone can match Bale for pace and fight it’s Jenks, and as he would run through a brick wall for our team, I assume he would happily run through a spud ape-boy any day of the week.

Dick Swiveller

Problem is though, any mistimed tackle and his dying swan act will get him another dodgy pen; Jenks needs to be on his game but I got faith as he knows what this means.


Bale has not been playing on the left for some time. He’s in the CAM role now.


fuck no this is bad but we still have jenkinson and he being an arsenal fan will give his best which is good
but sagna’s experience and never say die attitude will be missed
still remember his header which led to the comeback

Scott Parker has monkey AIDS

Despite being his first goal in over a year, poor Bacary Sagna didn’t even get a chance celebrate his header against 5pur2 a year ago at Emirates which got us back in the game, as we were still 1-2 down at he time and he had to grab the ball and rush back to the halfway line gunning for an equaliser before halftime.

Bac will be missed against Spuds but unlike Santos, Jenks can provide quality as backup – even against Monkey AIDS.

Hope Bac is rearing to go against ‘Munchen’ in Germany!

Arsene's Nose

I think Carl can hold his own against Monkey Boy,cos that’s the only threat 5pur2 pose … I do think if we work together another 5-2 could be on the cards..

Won’t mind a clean sheet tho…


need a midfield of rambo arteta and either caz or wilshere. Writing this made me realise how much competition there is in midfield. likey likey

jack jack jack

We need a midfield three of Rosicky, Rosicky, and one of either Rosicky or Rosicky.

Mikel Artekkers

I love the irony: your name is Jack Jack Jack!

jack jack jack

Now that would be a midfield!


Jenkinson – play with fire, passion and run till you drop but please refrain from making silly tackles…be smart…whack that bale fellow when the ref is not seeing and camera is not zooming


Oh by the way Carl, should that olympic diving wannabe launches another customary antics of his, please reciprocate by simulating a lost of balance and hard fall with your elbow on that proning piece of shit…


Let’s score 10 and have both Adethe**ore and The mokey sent off!!



No worreis mate , jenkison knows the improntance of this match and will bring his A game . Now let’s deck them cunts !!


Oh to be a gooner.

Mr. T

No time to get worried, it’s time go and get the result. Surely, Jenks will be extra-motivated and stuff like that. Come on you, Reeeeds.


Oh too bad for Sagna, he has always found a way of keeping monkey boy quiet…..oh well

Time to step up and get counted ya jenks!

Porno Gil

I believe in Jenkinson hell do what is necessary to win.

petits handbag

Think ape boy is playing through the centre recently no?

Dick Swiveller

He goes where he wants, it’s easier to find the space that way as his talent lies in exploiting space rather than creating it.


Handbag, you are correct. Amazing to see the number of posters who didn’t know that.

Tom Entract

hey ive come up with a song for derby day. lets all sing it and get behind the gunners.

*to the tune of macho man*

jen-kin jenkinsooooon
i wanna be carl jenkinson
jen-kin jenkinsooooon
i wanna be carl jenkinson


Norn Iron Gooner

God, not ‘chant man’ again. Make a song up about yourself. Something to the Coronation street tune should suffice.


I know that Bale of a boy will be very happy after reading this news only for him to be disappointed cos Carl boy is ready to make him the average player that he ℓ̊s by pockecting him througout the encounter.

Dan Gunn

Bale is playing centrally. It is the team’s job to defend against him. Occupy the space in front of him and force him down the wings. Easier said than done. We have our own weapons. This game is about more than simian boy. Podolski, Cazorla, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud are all capable of inflicting pain!

jack jack jack

His main weapon is his shot. Close the fucker down!

Gunnersaurus Rex

And there goes Diaby… Again.
I think a lots would depend on who AW plays on the right wing. He would have to work his ass off. Wasn’t Bale present when we beat spuds 5-2 this year, or was it the last year……. Oh wait 😛

Big Chief from Antarctica

Jenkinson will do fine with facing Bale. I’d focus on possession as free kicks just outside our penalty box will be nervous. Ape boy can score from the with ease. (yet that’s Chesser’s strong point, he usually makes me nervous with the high balls from corners.) So keep fucking possession in order to avoid silly tackles and corners.

Ah fuck it, just thrash them again.


Twateth Bale will tear a raw Jenkinson apart with his pace. Dislike all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that this is bad news. Play Koscielny there.

Dr Baptiste

Didn’t Jenkinson keep up with Agbonlahor, who’s actually quicker than Bale?

jack jack jack

Jenko used to run track for an athletics club. The boy’s got fucking pace to burn.


Remember jenkinson vs javi garcia at the etihad? Boy’s got pace mayne, even road runner couldn’t keep up!


in all honesty, bale would’ve raped sagna this time around. Carl is younger, faster. Inexperienced, i know, but he is going to rise to the occasion and match bale for pace

Memphis Gooner

maybe there’s a better word than rape . . .




Between Jenks, Verminator and Jack I have a feeling the monkey boy is going to be back and blue when this game is finished… 🙂


*black and blue

Judgement day (once more)

Oh, for fucks sake..
Would love to see Carl smash that cheating prick of a Welsh into the stands.

Meanwhile in reality, Bale continues scoring last minutes goals and being really, really good at football.


Scott Parker has monkey AIDS

Judgement Day you’ve brought up two contradictory points :

1) If Jenks smashes Monkey AIDS between the legs hard enough, he’ll have to be substituted, therefore…
2) He WON’T be on the pitch scoring last-minute goals like he did against West Ham.

So I vote for #1 which should prevent the possibility of #2 happening in the first-place. The trick is for Jenks to avoid getting red-carded whilst doing this. Let’s just hope it’s not Mike Dean officiating!

Judgement day (once more)

Look at my thumbs down, look!
You have ruined me!!

Pak Gooner

Jenkinson just doesn’t give up, even if he has to track back the entire pitch. With good support from the right centreback and whoever the right winger will be, I believe Bale can be managed. Chimp-man-zee may be in form, but this is the Arsenal. We will bury them. COME ONNNNNNN!!!!


Sagna’s injury is a loss but look at it positively. We will have Jenkinson there. And an Arsenal fan cum player is all you want for the NL derbies.
Come on gunners!

Eric Irish gunner

Jenks is a gooner he’ll be up for this and jack will run the game

Pak Gooner

And if he really is going to play through the centre, then he needs to and will be stuffed out by Mikel and Co. Our players fortunately know what Derby Day is all about, and it would be the best thing ever to see Verm cripple that pacy monkey.


It’s looking like this could be the end for Diaby
Can’t keep a run of fitness for any period of time. Sad but I think it could be his last season with us and when he has been fit he has looked skittish going into tackles and not great with the ball.

Yankee Gooner

As a stateside supporter, I’ve wanted Clint Dempsey to have a chance at Champions League football. Until he signed with sp*rs.


Honestly, I think it’s good if Diaby doesn’t play.

Midfield Corporal

It’s funny how a year ago Everyone wanted rid of Diaby, then a good game against Liverpool ( where he was given acres of space) and everyone is talking about him being a definite starter when fit. A couple of injuries and a few average performances and he’s dispensable again. Fucking Dan Smith.


Diaby had good half hour against Liverpool. He was shocking in first half. Always overrated. Ramsey should always be picked ahead of him.


I wouldn’t be adverse to playing Ramsey at RB. I fear the simian will tear the corporal to shreds


Though Diaby’s presence and long legs will help control midfield. I think Ramsey should start, the midfield works better with him, he’s quicker, his all-round play is better. Diaby can come on later.


Or Diaby can just sit on the bench for the whole game


lets be realistinc, were all gunna be holding our breath when bale runs at jenks with the ball, but i think if arsen properly prepares him and the team theres enough committed player to see this out, i dont quite see another 5.2 but 3-1 is my prediction 2 goals by giroud 1 assisted by jenks 1 by walcott and 1 cazorla goal. v us a bale assist and the unspeakable headstamper to score (though maybe he just saw van pursestrings for what he really is? maybe rvp owed him money and didnt wanna pay up, sounds plausible, still a… Read more »


Dont care who plays just want to see the same passion and intelligence which we showed and home against them. And yes please dont switch off during games, last year they won because of this dont wanna see that happen again. And you can stop bale just stop giving him any space because what i have seen he rarely has his headup he just shoots from his slots i guess which he has practiced at spud shitting ground.

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Gibbs & Jenkinson - Attorneys-at-Law

a real shame Rosicky seems to be being frozen out of the team. We could use his drive against their midfield.

maduforo uche

We will surely miss sagna no doubt… but i hv faith in Jenks… for now, IN JENKS WE TRUST…. Lets go and do it guys.

Gunsen Gunner

Jenkinson will keep Monkey Boy in his pocket.He never struggles with kick and run type players but the more against tricky wingers which he showed against Sunderland when Sessengnon kept getting past him. Its irrelevant anyway because Monkey Boy has been given a free role so the the team will have to keep their shape and defend as a unit regardless. Just need to take our chances up front and we should be fine.


In other news did anyone see the marsielle psg match? Barton starting on zlatan what a lad!


“Barton starting on zlatan….”

The would only be interesting if they both threw punches simultaneously, knocked each other’s teeth out and then both got sent off for it.

…..and then Barton picked up an additional 8 match ban for being Joey Barton in a public place.

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Please be advised that early arrival to the Lane on Sunday will ensure a parking space for your caravans. As a kind gesture the good folk of Spurs will be handing out soap and shower gel prior to kick off. We strongly recommend you take this priceless opportunity to have a good scrub and wash before taking your journey back to the woolwich swamplands. The Spurs reserve the right to refuse entry to any woolwich nomadic fc supported deemed to unfit to enter the stadium. Non-usage of soap will result in a life time ban.

best regards,


Dr Baptiste

It must be hard to get dirty and sweaty when you’re constantly out of the sun due to being in our shadow.

Fergie the Gooner

Gah, beat me to it. Well played sir!


… as well as rickety and depressed.

Fergie the Gooner

Judging by the way they smell I didn’t think spurs fans had discovered soap yet! They must just be festering in our shadow…


Punctuation, general syntax, and semantics apart … an admirable randomly-typing early effort. Though I think I’ll wait until you actually come up with Hamlet.

North London is OURS bitches!

Speaking of nomads weren’t you sad fuckers trying to move to the Olympic Stadium not so long ago, only to lose out to the Hammers?

Eric Irish gunner

Can’t help yourself coming on a Arsenal blog you fucking soap dodger, that dirty shithole were you play is that bad you’s burned it to the fucking ground yourselfs, I guess you won’t be around our blog on Monday when you get fucking stuffed again


Spurs ambition is little born of childish need.

Arsenal have always had greater ambition and that will wont change.


Is the Physio going in for a smooch with Sagna saying “Not tonight, I’ve got a headache!”

£oyalty for $ale

This means Walcott has to come back and help Jenkinson defend that monkey from space. He can’t just fuck around midfield and final third waiting for scoring opportunities.


Yo, every calm the fuck down. Bale has been playing centrally for the last month or two. It’s Arteta and his pace that we have to worry about, not Jenks.

Dan! Dan! Dan! ......Dan! .........Dan!!

Sagna was sooooo good at Sunderland, I think this a massive blow. Jenks lame header played a part in Villa goal last week…plus recent sending off. I hope this game isn’t too big for him. Everyone has to be on it against the Scum.


Benitez meltdown.

Lets hope it really affects the club cause the fans wont be happy thats for sure.

Can you imagine a top 4 of City, Man U, Arsenal and Spurs.

Thats just cheese.

Eric Irish gunner

Rather chaves then spurs cunts


you have a long and nomadic cheating origin. This photo was taken from the swamp many moons ago 🙂 dont forget soap will be available from 1pm. We are expectimg a woolwich stampede once hand outs begin dont miss out!!


£oyalty for $ale

Remember one thing boy, London is- and will forever be- bleeding red. Not fucking oligarchs or you twats (spending money you don’t have) will ever change that.


The teaches of Master Sagna towards apprentice Jenkinson

“We must not loose to the enemy.”

The legend goes on

Glasgow Gunner

Poor guy, he’s had a particularly tough season. I really hope he is given the chance to turn it around in the next one. He’s likely on less than arshavin. It’s nice the club are taking a stand against irresponsible contracts but at least pick your opponent more wisely. Seems we are ready to punish a guy that had delivered more consistency than most.

The ideal

Sorry for this but… Can’t Jenks just take out bales legs… Please. I guess, it’s not with the 10 men but… Still, disabled monkey sounds good.


Why does Bale look so pale (it’s true the guy’s as white as an iceberg)? Because his club has been living in the shadow of the mighty Arsenal for 100 years and counting.

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