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Sunderland 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings

After a 1-0 win over the Sunderland kickems yesterday, Arseblog News runs the rule over the Gunners individual performances, players are about to get rated, yo.

Wojciech Szczesny: 9/10 – A touch wobbly from corners at times, but made brilliant saves, and ensured Arsenal held onto their slender lead. Best performance of the season from him.

Carl Jenkinson: 4/10 – One silly tackle you can forgive, two not so much. He’ll have been told to avoid doing exactly what he did, did it anyway. His rawness is still obvious.

Bacary Sagna: 10/10 – Majestic. Imperial. A dreadlocked dominator. Has had his difficulties this season but man of the match yesterday.

Per Mertesacker: 8/10 – Solid and efficient alongside Sagna, after a couple of iffy showings this was much better.

Nacho Monreal: 8/10 – Excellent in his passing (96% completion), had some struggles with Sessegnon but a good showing. We’ve yet to concede a goal since he signed.

Mikel Arteta: 8/10 – Mikel the metronome, attempted 100 passes yesterday, completed 95 of them, showed his experience winning some time-wasting free kicks late on.

Jack Wilshere: 8/10 – Fantastic in the first half, kicked out of the game in the second. It’s a testament to how good he is, even if it’s frustrating. Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious.

Aaron Ramsey: 8/10 – Showed how much versatility he has by slotting in at right back and performing like a seasoned pro in a position he’d never played. Probably should have scored but always gives the team 100%.

Santi Cazorla: 7.5/10 – Brilliant on the ball, wonderful in possession, scored a great goal but loses a bit for the wayward finishing.

Theo Walcott: 7/10 – At it from the start, forced Mignolet into two excellent early saves, good lay off for the goal, but should have sealed the game in the second half.

Olivier Giroud: 7/10 – Like others his radar was off today, fired a number of shots just wide when he should have hit the target, made a terrible decision late on to go it alone instead of playing in Cazorla. But, defended like a lion, his presence at set-pieces was really important.


Abou Diaby: 7/10 – Another one who should have got on the scoresheet but his effort was tame. Took the team a while to adjust ti the difference between him and Wilshere, but worked hard.

Ignasi Miquel: 6/10 – Came on late, made one good header and clearance, added some defensive solidity at the end.

Please feel free to comment and add your own ratings, but also ensure you’ve read and understand our comment policy.

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Moo Moo toure

In a previous post when someone asked who will play Left back if Monreal is Injured i jokingly Mentioned Aaron ramsey…Well i apologize after seeing his performance at Right back yesterday….He was Brilliant! 🙂

Sagna well….no words to say…..Just fabulous..and people said his head was turned by lucrative offers elsewhere…


i would love santos to score the winner against bayern and ramsey to make the goal or score it himself


Ramsey saved mohammed ali! LOL. If he scored yesterday, uh uh. Ali is done and today would have been a dark day.


Ive always liked Ramsey and Ive always hated the negativity he had to bear the brunt of.

I’m happy to see him begin to shake it all off and just focus on his game. He WILL be here for a long time and he is on track to be one of our core players in the future.

Well done Ramsey.

Good move by the boss to play him, I expected Diaby to play or Ox ahead of him but it is a good sign of trust in Aaron he re payed it back the best way possible.

Eric Irish gunner

It helps when he starts in a central position and it must of being hard for him being the fans scapegoat when things were going against us,hopefully the fans give him full support now and he carries on with good performances

Eric Irish gunner

And did you see the pride in sanga at the final whistle makes me proud to be a gunner


Sagna. What an absolute stunning performance.
The way in which the boys played tonight was fantastic. Who said this team lacks leadership? for me there were 10 leaders out there today.


Forgot Miquel blogs

santi's panties

Aren’t you forgetting a sub?

Dial Square

So fucking proud of the lads, Jacks legs must be black and blue this morning – the heart of a fucking lion, Sagna brilliant (what’s happening on the contract front)
and as for Ramsey, that boy takes some stick some times, but my MoTM yesterday, best game he’s played for ages – just when we needed it. COYG…..


LITERALLY ‘kicked off the field’

The Arsenal Gypsey

10/10: Perilous and Calm. Do you know that Bacary actually flies in the air when he jumps. We should send him some love via his twitter account.


please increase Ramsey’s rating really deserves more.


Spot on with the marks. Probably the best performance in terms of effort all season. Got to give Sagna a new contract asap. Jenks a big talent but probably another season away from regular football.

Deadwood Gooner

Hope he doesn’t go into his shell after such a disappointing game. Not only was he off the pace for most of it, getting sent off in such a rash manner could kill his confidence. He has had such a promising year and was very good while Sagna was injured. Hope the other players give him support. We need him for the future

arsenal DNA

seen a 10\10 after ages,but he thoroughly deserved it!!!good defensive work


Congrats Arseblog , first time ever you’ve got the ratings spot on .

Father Totteringham

read: “Congrats Arseblog, first time ever you’ve got the same ratings as the ones I had in my head.”

matt senior

What would jenks have got if he had stayed on pitch? If we had 11 would the others have had the adrenaline to perform like they did? I dont know. Loved the performance overall feel like we just won a fight, more please!


It most likely was his injury as the biggest factor to his form but yesterday showed how great a player Sagna is! Man enough to realise he was poor and man enough to fix it! Brilliant! He may may well possible be the most consistent performer Arsene has ever signed. He just plays and scores the odd ‘middle finger to the world’ header. Bar his performance against spurs this has got to be his best game. The whole defense was brilliant. There was a lot going on in the game which we could have used to feel sorry for ourselves… Read more »


Outstanding performance. Really happy for Ramsey in particular. Its amazing how much keeping this simple can improve a player’s performance. Hope he keeps it up. Cant wait to see Tomas R!!!

chamakh's barber

Still love jenks as much as wilshere


Why is there no mention on Fletcher’s play acting to get Jenks sent off? Am I the only one who caught that? As soon as Jenks was carded and went into a tackle on Fletcher, the cunt rolled around. But on replay evidence Jenks didn’t even touch him!


Arteta is great!

So easy to overlook what he brings to the team.


What an effort from the whole team. They weren’t football players yesterday, they were actually Gunners. Everybody up for the fight. You’ve got to love this attitude. No one played bad. Sagna-what a warrior, what a pro! Arteta The General of Midfield. Cazorla-Cavalry Colonel. Great and quick attacking but couldn’t finish off his enemies. Szczesny finally won us some poinst. Keep it up man. These saves were unreal. Ramsey-does he ever stop running? Warrior, marathon man. Did better vs Sessgn than Jenk and was filling our right wing during attacks when we were down to 10. Love his commitment

Arsene's Nose

Ex Navy Seal Sir???


A touch harsh on Jenks, seen as a whole, his performance was better than a 4. Ramsey is forcing me to revise my opinion of him, as is Szcz. Jack though, that lad has the heart of a champion.
The last half hour was hell on my nerves, but its the sort of result that makes me want to use words like grit, and resolve.


This ref was hardly balanced in his decisions, but Jenkinson is going to have to learn to read and adapt to the imbalance of refereeing within a game. We’ll wait a looong time for the English FA to sort out its refereeing.

So yes, although a 4 for naivete seems harsh, ultimately he left his mates in a tight spot. Arteta regularly gives a master class on tactical fouling — my heart skips a beat every time, but he’s so good at it!


Bacary Sagna, came from Auxerre, and we brought him to the Arsenal!


Welcome Bac, Backry!
He proved that form is temporary and class is permanent.
Sign him up Arsene!

Dick Law

Good to see both Wilshere and Ramsey deal with whatever (& Lee Cattermole) thrown at them .

Ramsey: You can be my wingman any time.
Wilshere: Bullshit! You can be mine.




Watching Arsenal play Sunderland yesterday,felt as if something has shifted with this team.Despite being a man disadvantaged,they gave it all they got instead of letting it weigh them down.Kudos to them,the gave us a good game(though not without nerve racking moments),it makes me mighty glad that i am an ARSENAL fan.


Might want to send the ratings to that toiletpaper called “The Sun”.It looks like they didn’t even watched the game.

Sagna – 5 What the fuckity fuckery fuck is wrong with them?Oh sorry I just said its toilet paper

Bergkamp is Great

Sorry but why do you read the Sun?


My TL was going crazy about that I followed the hears.SMH

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Here’s my joke today: Sagna was LANCP (like a new contract please!) LMAO!!!!

Was I supposed to laugh?


Yes,i do agree with Sporadigooner about Jenks!The 4 given to him is kind of an injustice to his perfomance before he was sent off.There were some rough tackles from a number of Sunderland players the refree overlooked.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

On a serious note though, I hope I never see jenkinson in an arsenal shirt again. I know its probably his first ropey performance but enough is enough.


I can’t agree that we should dump Jenks based on yesterday’s performance. The guy has literally just turned 21, and to be honest shouldn’t be in an Arsenal shirt much yet. He is likely going to be a beast for us, so we have to take a few growing pains.

On the other hand he completely deserves the 4 for yesterday. No matter how much of a fuckwit the ref was being (and perhaps because of…), after the first yellow he had a responsibility not to do anything rash.


“I know it’s probably his first ropey performance but enough is enough” so after one performance you don’t want to see him in an arsenal shirt? riiiiiiight

Gunner From Another Mother

that’s got to be one of the dumbest things i have ever heard…you are kidding right?

I'm weird

Sagna, Sagna, SIGN DA TING.


Please, for the love of God, don’t start the sign da ting song again.


I think the thing I loved most about Bac’s performance yesterday was the couple of times he started rampaging into their half with the ball and you could see the thought process….’shit, I’m playing Centre Back today’. Each time he stopped, offloaded well, then drifted back into position.

You could see he wanted to be part of everything but had the presence of mind to keep his discipline, where I’ve seen quality, experienced centre backs get caught out (and punished because they ended up waaay out of position).

Dial Square


[…] Read More Here: Sunderland 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings […]


Sagna – the dreadlocked dominator. Love it!


I love Sagna, i really do, and I always have, and I think he was incredible last night, But I think, you might be too head over the heels about him here. Yes, he has done well as CB yesterday, but he did not really have anything much to do in the first half, and the last 20 minutes was really a whole team effort. In my opinion, you are undermining the team’s effort, which I feel was the highlight of the match yesterday, We have never seen them playing with such drive this season, and giving too much credit… Read more »

Dial Square

Leave it out, we are not taking anything away from a fantatic team effort, just praising a guy who gave a superb fighting performance whilst being played out of position, (and after one or two ropey performances lately) Credit where it’s due!!!!

Dial Square

ffs *fantastic


Beat me to it. All I’d add was not only that he was played out of position, but probably only found that out about half an hour before the game.

Added to which, his stats in the backs to the wall last 15-20 minutes, any specialist center back would be proud of.


Read Vermaelen is out for three weeks, not good at all


Sagna should be 11/10. Impossible rating? Well his performance was such. Out of position with a man down and defended like the best damn centreback to have ever played.

Santi Cazorlas coming to town

Did you see the way Bac celebrated at the full time whistle? Like he had won the World Cup! Good man!
Well done boys, very hard earned 3 points


Should Sagna be our first choice centre back now? Probably the best individual defensive performance of the season, while special mention goes to the excellent Ramsey at right back. Would have given Giroud a lower rating personally but I agree he was essential defensively and hopefully he’ll return to his scoring ways next week.


It would seem that we play our best center back at right back. How very Arsene Wenger.


Jenkinson had a day off and was rusty, the differance between Jenkinson in the beginning of the season and yesterday, was that during the start of the season our defensive shape was completely differant. Now he plays with Walcott instead of Chamberline who works very hard defensively and Walcott tends to leave Jenkinson on his own. One bad game, he will learn, but i agree that he isnt ready yet, but will be a important player in the future!


He is most definitely going to be a great player in the future


Haven’t seen Ramsey’s rating but he deserves more of course

Eric Irish gunner

Szez 10/10

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Sagna: he’s bigger and boulder and ruffer and tuffer, in other words sucker there is no other. He’s the one and only dominator!


Rambo did well yesterday. And it comes from a person who’s “negative” at times. But his rating should put it: he had an ok, game in midfield and a perfect game at right back. He gave away some cheap free kicks, the odd blind pass, and that moment where he could have cost us a goal. When he shifted to rb, he made his first successful tackle of the day and looked a different player from then on. Those cunts targeted him and he won everything they threw at him. And i have seen more senior pros panic in the… Read more »

mills n7

Rambo reminded me of the last time we played a central midfielder at full-back for an extended period: Mathieu Flamini. And that worked!

SoCal Gooner

Perhaps Wenger should start deploying Sagna in the Centre back position more often


Yeah? And Ramsey at RB then?


i love how when the ref blew the final whistle, sagna spread his hands apart, looked to the heavens, and let out a might roar, like YEAHHHHHH! because that’s exactly what i did too.

he’s one of us. SIGN HIM UP!!!


^^ Ramsey lost ball only twice and his first tackle (successfull) was in first half when he won the ball back after he was dispossessed. Very dangerously lost the ball in the second half and we could have really conceded a goal. Also one blind pass giving the ball away. What’s important he didn’t repeat these mistakes till the end of the match. I wouldn’t say he did only ok in midfield though. 3 brilliant passes to Walcott, 6 tackles, many good passes forward and 2 shots on goal. At RB was fantastic. Going one way and the opposite all… Read more »


One fault for me when I was watching him at RB (and this is clutching at straws) was he hoofed the ball a bit when we really needed to keep it and take the sting out of sunderland. He was good today though all that considered.

Sagna.. wow


Come on man he is not even a per time right back!

Mate Kiddleton

So proud of the lads, mammoth defensive performance with one man down and a completely rearranged backline. Inspiring stuff.

i've got '3 Sagna' on my shirt and can't afford to buy another one

Let’s look at this from Bac’s perspective: 1) Offered long-term deals from both Man$hitty & Chelski at GBP130k-a-week . 2) Turned down those $hitty and Chelski fuckers in loyal Gunner fashion, remained at Emirates for GBP60k-a-week. 3) Makes public his disappointment about Alex Song leaving. That stuff should be kept in the dressing room, but who could disagree? Receives spanking from Wenger. 4) Contract running down, negotiations with Gazidis result in only a ONE-YEAR extension at the SAME wages of only GBP60k-a-week, which is what Squillaci/Djourou earn, ’nuff said. 5) Leaks his disappointment about contract, calls it DISRESPECTFUL. 6) DESPITE… Read more »

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