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Wenger: Wilshere quality obvious from an early age

Arsene Wenger says that Jack Wilshere’s talent was obvious when he was a very young player, but has paid tribute to the England midfielder for making the step up to senior football.

Many players shine at a young age but failt to make the transition when they play with the bigger boys. Wilshere, clearly, is not one of them.

“As a very young boy you could see he had a special talent,” said Wenger, “but when you see a boy of 16-years-of-age, you never know how he will develop. He is starting is career now really, having been out for 17 months injured, so the influence he has on the English national team is fantastic.”

The Arsenal boss had no fears that Wilshere would struggle to cope with the pressure and expectation having performed brilliantly for England in midweek against Brazil, thus becoming the latest great white hope of English football.

“It is not just the physical aspect of the game, but also the mental pressure he will be under every time he plays,” he said. “We will have to manage him well physically to make sure he doesn’t have to face burnout.

“I expected Jack to play only a part of the game on Wednesday night, but it didn’t happen. Because of his quality, he will be expose to that kind of issue, but will have to be managed like everyone else.

“I believe that you do not want to set any limit on the development of any player especially when he plays at that level at his age.

“The most important thing for me will be to keep his passion for the game and keep the attitude of wanting to become a better player. If he keeps those two ingredients, he can of course become a fantastic player.”

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Jack the warrior ! Someone bless the king


Warrior? Did he kill anyone yet?


Brazil the other day.


Arsenal producing another superstar. Financial constrictions slowly being lifted with new sponsorship & forthcoming shirt deals, apparent point deductions for those that don’t adhere to financial fair play rules in the future.. Things are looking up!


“that will restrict the amount of losses clubs can make to £105million over three years.”

I’m not optimistic but hope you’re right.

Christiano Ronaldo loves to spunk on skunk

Got to admit, getting Wilshere back in 2012-2013 after missing the entire previous season, really is “just like a new signing”… and a damn good one at that!

Munchini && Abramowitch

$$$ 😀


$$$$$$$ 😀

Munchini && Abramowitch

Too much money in a comment.

Zlatan's Banker



Looks like the breaks are off on the hyping.

Lets hope Jesus can cope with it all.


Lets hope that knob Pearce doesn’t get his way in the summer.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

He is a retard of the highest degree

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Don’t insult retards like that

arsenal DNA

wilshere!!!!u make my arsenal complete


He’s even better than before the injury now.

alex song

i’ve been noticing this as well. am i the only one who’s heart melts when i watch him play? i’ts like having someone pat you the back in a comforting way saying “everything will be alright”.

Oh and by the way, Greetings from the best bench warmer in the league!!!!! so glad i caught that train eh? the benches here are so comfortable


Here’s to hoping Jack doesn’t have Barca DNA, or a child inside him.

Dean '67

He has an inner child that wants to kick rvps’ inner child right out of this earth.







Right, need help. Pre-season friendly when Jack was about 16. Think he came on as sub to play out wide, and absolutely flattened an ex Moan U player.

Anyone remember it and who the player was? I wanna see if it’s on YouTube so I can laugh at it again.

Unyoke The Ox

Don’t know, but I was there when he bludgeoned Salgado. Great moment.

Midfield Corporal

That’s the one I remember too, he didn’t give a shit about Salgados reputation.




Who needs Messi when we have JAW !

Irritatingly Unemotional

We could do with Messi, mate. Or SAMBA.

The Dude

I could do with a Bugatti Veyron or a Kia Sportage.


We could do with Zidane in his prime and Rooney’s head on a spike too.


I was very impressed by neymar as well. gosh I hope we get a great kit sponsor deal as well so I can buy a neymar arsenal jersey. drools….

Arteta's perfect hair

Obviously didn’t see Neymar’s glaring miss from all of 5 yards out….


I remember someone saying the Brazil/Engand game would decide who the most promising player in the world is, Wilshere or Neymar. Safe to say Jack won by miles lol, Neymar was so poor he even made Cleverley look good, if that’s possible.

Fergie the Gooner

I can’t help but feel that the longer he spends playing in Brazil, the more he wastes his talent. He needs to move to a big european club to get experience of playing against tough defences. If Cahill can keep him quiet then there are a lot of other defenders that will be able to as well!

Midfield Corporal

The guardian were saying earlier this week he’s in no rush to leave brazil as he has numerous pre World Cup sponsors and is earning £11 million a year. Plus he gets to nob umpteen Brazilian beauties.


neymar the new robinho , few trick and but get him vs a good team he look like very average.


If Neymar knows what’s good for him he’ll stay far way from the Premiership.
I don’t think he’s spent so much time on flat on his ass in his life.
He needs to go to a league where defenders ‘respect his skill’ (i.e. won’t kick his fancy ass off the pitch if he gets too cute).

Midfield Corporal

I feel I can empathise with Arsene’s sentiment here as I experienced a very similar situation. As a ten year old it was very evident that I was going to be shit at football, and years later I proved to be.


I remember watching an arsenal reserve game against west ham, wilshere must’ve been about 15 at the time, he was bossing the game and scored a beauty into the top corner. Straight away I texted a fellow arsenal fan saying “I have just seen an amazing young player, remember the name jack wilshere”, and he hasn’t let me down, just keeps getting better

the only sam is nelson

Applying the Rosicky co-efficient, Jack is still a teenager

Last week will have been excellent preparation for Sunderland (I’m talking about Stoke not Brazil btw) altho in Steven Fletcher they appear to have unearthed a half decent striker we all laughed at when they blew £13m on him. But really a clean sheet ought to be the minimum we take back from roker park. come on you rip roaring golden glorious gunners!

walcott smooth

Wenger will make a fortune on this man!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Im just excited to see him at gis full potential


Neymar is Robinhos cousin. FACT


The Torygraph website today has a very nice interactive graphic of Jack’s stats from the England game, along with “best two” in each category from both teams.

The tackling stat is particularly cool. Wilshere as England’s highest in number of tackles, coupled with a stonking 100% success rate.

I also like that one as it reinforces my prejudices about David Luiz. A CB with a tackle success rate of less than 50%? The words “revolving door” spring to mind. I guess that being an overrated cunt is contagious and he’s spent too much time standing next to John Terry.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Heh heh, I can see young jack making some more lovely cash for the cartel!! Why can’t I be gazidis?? Boooo! Lol

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