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Bendtner & Jeffers: A tale of two strikers

Somewhere in a parallel universe an ageing Franny Jeffers is still at Arsenal. Having led the line for the ‘Invincibles’ and broken Ian Wright’s scoring record the 31-year-old fan favourite has just signed a new one-year extension at the Emirates. The deal comes as little surprise given he’s the perfect foil for Ballon d’Or winner Nicklas Bendtner; the pair forming a little-and-large partnership which (much to chagrin of Michael Owen) continues to shake world football to its core.

For his part our Dane, buoyed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s tacit acceptance that he is neither as handsome or as good on the ball as his nemesis, remains unplayable. Now in his prime at the age of 25 he’s so deadly in the final third that football hipsters can’t help but spend their days creating ever-more ridiculously incongruous infographics to pay homage to his brilliance. He actually is The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived.

Alas in this world, the real one…perma-crock Bendtner, currently on loan at Juventus, has been cautioned for drink-driving while Jeffers, back in the UK after a failed spell with Maltese giants Floriana, has been arrested for waving a broom at police after an argument with his father-in-law.

It’s all rather sad. While Jeffers never really stood a chance at Highbury given the competition he faced, it’s flabbergasting to see the way his career has spiralled out of control since leaving the club eight years ago. He wasn’t THAT bad was he?

It’s rather a different case for Bendtner. He still has a chance to rescue a career at the highest level, but as the indiscretions and apologies stack up it does feel like his career is passing him by and he hasn’t yet realised it. From hanging out with Lee Cattermole to taking the piss with his pants, he loves making headlines…just not for his exploits in front of goal.

Tweeting about his latest road-related balls-up the Dane stated:

“Dear friends i was booked for a mild case of drinkdriving last night it was a quite nite but i am very very sorry to all my friends and fans (sic).

“It is not ok to drink and drive. I take full responsibility.”

Amazingly he’s still on the books until the summer of 2014, although Arseblog News isn’t going out on a limb by suggesting his future is not in N5.

Too much too young? Too young to care? Too carefree to give a rodent’s bottom? Who knows…but Nicklas would be well advised to read up on the life and (hard) times of Francis Jeffers.


Update – The Danish FA have banned Bendtner from international duty for six-months following Saturday’s incident.

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Runcorn Gooner

The big if with Bendtner was IF he had scored the late goal against Barcelona and we had won after RVP was sent off where would he be now.
The big IF about the original fox in the box was too long ago to think about.


We’re in 2013, it’s Warevs now.


10 days was just like in hell


please admin to make some moderation about comments, just dont let arsenal haters make everythin worse here…

Rectum Spectrum

After a lively start against Stoke City on 20 October 2007, Jeffers was on the end of a tackle from Ryan Shawcross and was stretchered off with ankle ligament damage. He was out for roughly seven weeks, a big blow after he had caused Stoke’s defence lots of trouble in his 40 minutes on the pitch, helping Sheffield Wednesday to a 4–2 away win.


Let me guess. Stoke put out a PR saying that it must have been a terrible accident because Shawcross is Not That Sort Of Player?


Yes, yes they did


Never knew about this incident but I always knew that Shawcross needs putting down.

Rectum Spectrum

i was going to say its funny how history repeats itself. But its not funny at all.


A “mild case of drinkdriving”?

Jesus wept.


Mild case of drunk driving? What planet is he from? You get a mild cold or mild weather but mild drunk!!!
At least he is super super quality mildly drunk driving


At his funeral people will say he caught a mild case of death.


Well obviously he was caught behind the wheel after working his way through a case of mild.

Apparently there were bottle caps all over the inside of the car, including two stuck in the headlining.

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey



the greatest mildly drunk striker that ever lived.

Mr. Boner

I’m too lazy and disinterested to read the details of the story but it’s possible that he did this in Denmark and that Denmark has similar drink driving laws to Sweden, where driving with ANY alcohol in your system is considered drink driving. So he theoretically could have had a single beer and hour before driving, or something like that.


Yep he was picked up in Denmark, but it doesn’t really make a difference. The limit there is lower there than here (0.08 VS 0.05), so he might not have been over here, but then again we have no idea how far he was over the limit If it was the drink earlier option, then he must have been seriously pissed. In the end it just looks like a mild case of stupid. By the way, I see what you mean about Sweden. Hell thats in don’t have a second piece of Christmas cake territory, or be careful what pudding… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Proberly drunk on mild whiskey


the direct english translation of what he was charged for in denmark is mild drunk driving as opposed to heavy drunk driving


is a real pity with bendtner as i think he could have been a really good old-fashioned centre forward. unfortunately he seems to have the old-fashioned centre-forwards fondness for the booze. sooner we can get him off the books the better, although i doubt we’ll have many takers at this stage…


I am sure Bendtner wouldn’t score with the chicks either even after having alcohol in his veins for the same simple reason he can’t score on the field!


I still believe Wenger didnt show him much trust, he is better than Chamakh and Giroud he just needed to play a lot more…i remember him scoring 10 goals in 11 when RVP was injured.


The lack of trust is justified!!! Only a player of George Best’s quality is allowed the exception of turning up for work in a state. Bendtner as you should remember, often didn’t put the performances in on the pitch.


I can also remember the game (cannot remember which one right now), where he was playing up front, we really needed a goal and he missed 11 shops in a row, including a couple of sitters that my granny would have buried.

Midfield Corporal

Burnley I think.

petits handbag

He scored at the Nou Camp,scored a hat trick a Champions League Knockout Round Game and nearly brought his country to the next round of the Euro’s….
But he is still Shit.
Bendtner not Jeffers


It won’t matter to Bendtner much if his career goes the same way as Jeffers. Bendtner is already richer than the Queen, while Jeffers has probably earned about 3 Grand plus subsidised lunches during his career.


doesnt really how much a character like Bendtner earns… a fool will always be parted with his cash


wow. it’s just so very, very hard to take a charity for professional football players seriously..yes they may only have that one talent and don’t know how to deal with money, but common!


It happens way more often than you think, and not just in football: most other sports, music, throughout entertainment. Take a young kid with not a lot of education, throw more money at him than he knows how to deal with and he ends up with a lifestyle matching his income. More often than not they get surrounded with friends, agents ‘entourage’, even family, who either know no better or have a vested interest in keeping the kid spending. When the money tap gets turned off, suddenly he has nothing left. The ones that don’t fall into the trap are… Read more »


As a dane, it’s a real shame to see Bendtner waste his career. From being a hot prospect when he came back from Birmingham he is now nothing more than another mediocre footballer. Waste of talent…


agree, a complete waste of talent.
when looking at this…

great touch, great goal.
but we wont see that again, not a chance, i do think an italian club maybe, bottom serie A will take a chance on him…


I became sad after watching this. But thanks for the good memories…..


Sorry dude, three great goals though!


1:08 – some guy is wearing a giant Pat Rice head mask


Sky sports news reporting that Arsenal plan to ban (for life) the supporting that threw a banana at Bale.

If true…so stupid.




Dammit, Arsenal should be dishing out season tickets for that and a seat next to kroenke whenever he attends games. So that he/she can yell to his face about how the club needs to be run…Ffs!


And shave his moustache. Or trim it.


We didn’t help paying the bloke 52k a week. Had we payed him what he was worth maybe he could have got a decent club and his career back on track.


This is all bullshit. He’s a better striker than theo and giroud. Wenger stuck him out on the wing, nick lost interest. The amount of shit he gets is lame. can anyone actually say they prefer the chances of giroud scoring over the chance of nick scoring? I call bullshit. This is another one of Wengers massive fuck ups. Bendtner a winger? FFS.


I actually agree with both of you. Bendtner had the potential to be a very good striker but the ridiculous amounts of money that he was paid, plus the coaching mismanagement of Wenger, ruined his career. There is an entire syndrome in football now where players are destroying their playing careers by chasing money and not thinking of the consequences of signing for certain clubs. Adebayor, Nasri, Fabregas, Hleb and Flamini would all have been better off staying at Arsenal rather than diving for the cash. And look at Man City: would Jack Rodwell or Scott Sinclair be better off… Read more »


That’s just ridiculous. Bendtner had everything at Arsenal, since he left you can see how Wenger and Arsenal kept him on course to become a real player for us because he has simply lost his way. He had the perfect environment, a manager who believed in him, and a manager who played him when most fans were taking the piss out of him. Bendtner ruined himself, why is there a need to blame everything on the manager. Leave your agenda’s aside.

John Dale

Just FYI, Fabregas took a paycut. Move to Barcelona was in not way motivated by money. I can’t say the same for the rest of the players though.

Jim Jimminy

Its a sign of the problems we have when i start to think bendtner could still be useful to us…hope it doesnt progress to chamakh.


True, when he managed to actually play a run of games he was scoring pretty consistently…more than Giroud manages.


This cheered me up so much, thanks blogs!


Bendtner Chamakh, Dennilson, Frimpong, Park, Arshahavin, Squillaci.
500,000 Quid a week . Top top top quality players. Part of our sound economic model. Lol. Can only get better. I hope.


I think Frimpong could be a good player.He is just 20 or 21 yrs old and he as I remember he had a terrible knee injury.IMO he deserves a chance.


How did Frimpong make that list? The guy hasn’t even had a chance with all his injuries. I doubt he is on mega money too.


Trim this fat and add some much needed beef to our DM


So a whole paragraph with shawcross and stoke in it and no mention of “cunts” whatsoever…..his should not be tolerated, no neverrrr!


Would’ve posted this under the Jenkinson/distraught post but some pass holder to the London Zoo caused it to be shut it down… The current situation at Arsenal involves too much emotional investment. Arsene Wenger has become so much of a father figure that his reign borders on nepotism. If we weren’t so emotionally attached we’d have called for his head years ago. For what it’s worth, I still won’t because I don’t think any of us know the full story (Is it him? Is it the board? etc.) If I was to be ruthlessly objective this summer I’d come up… Read more »


It’s easier said than done. Arsenal is run like a proper business, all expenses are covered. Bring a player like Mata into the equation and we suddenly have an extra 150k on the books, all the other players wondering why he is earning more than them, and a sizable chunk of your transfer budget invested on one player. Man City, Chelsea and even United have greater reserves than us, its clear to see. We may be making a profit, but we haven’t been quite ready to move up to that level yet in terms of wages and player investment it… Read more »


This summer really is so crucial. More than any other since the 1990s. Even with money this Christmas, Wenger was unlikely to gamble on a winter purchase. But this will be the summer after the stadium and kit deals to really provide some cash. A really disappointing season could be a blessing in disguise, that will hit at just the right time to convince the right people that we need stronger players.

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Bendtner carried Arsenal most of the season when RVP got injured and did a good job.

But sadly he has a big ego, sometimes thats good but he took it to far.


Amazing how many players we have out in the world that we still own.

too jaded to be angry

19 players out on LOAN at the moment. even in these cases i reckon we still stuck with at least 1/2 the wage bill.


It’s a good thing we have a buy back clause on the Carlos vela contract. I believe that if this lad wants, he can still have s future here at the club. He never played to his full potential and arsene hardly ever used him in the role he preffered. Turning into real deal for sociedad propelling them to/near top four…..that is something.


He never got enough playing time. Maybe didn’t show enough in training, or just didn’t fit into our system at the time. I was truly disappointed when he was sold.


Sadly, you always come back to the day at OT with Vela. People keep saying he was never the same afterwards.

You have to wonder that after being kicked up and down the pitch all afternoon, essentially fouled out of the game with no consequences, part of him thinks ‘what the hell am I doing here’.

Then again, he may have just not liked the cold 🙂

[…] 来源:【Arseblog News】 […]

furious arsenal fans

Carlos vela may more suitable for this article

He could score 10+goals last season in sociedad

He showed his potential but his treatment wasn’t as same as Walcott’s. Not depending on his ability


once a clown, always a clown.

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