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Boss gives backing to duo

It would be fair to say that neither Lukasz Fabiasnki or Gervinho come close to the top of the ‘What name am I going to get on my shirt?’ list.

Fabianski hadn’t played for a year since losing his place to Wojciech Szczesny, while Gervinho’s had more misses than Henry the Eighth. But after the pair played an important part in two confidence boosting away wins, Arsene Wenger has given props to both.

On Gervinho

I know that Gervinho was under a lot of negative pressure because he missed chances and as well because I know how big that win was for us. He had the African Nations Cup and came back a little bit jaded but now I’m sure until the end of the season he will be a big force for us.

“He is sensitive – he needs the support. He wants to do well, he loves football – when he doesn’t score of course he is down.

“He gives us something different. He can dribble, he can provoke. Recently I felt he lacked confidence because when he got in front of goal you could see that it was not spontaneous. I hope that goal will give him a lot of confidence.”

On Fabianski

“Fabianski put in outstanding performances in training but to transfer that to the game, under pressure, that is what you learn in competition. The problem for Fabianski is that he is 27 not 19.

“He is at an age where a goalkeeper needs to play. He wants to play. If you raise the question, ‘Is Szczesny happy?” then of course he is not happy when he doesn’t play. Every guy wants to play. They want to play in big clubs as well where there is big competition.

It remains to be seen how much impact both will have between now and May, but with Fabianski now in pole position (sorry) let’s hope his performances don’t give the manager any reason to bring back Szczesny.

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gervinho has potential


And mental strength


…but he sometimes plays with the handbrake on


…and sometimes his handbrake is his potential & mental strength.

Arsene Wenger

I look at you not because you spread misinformation, I do not know if you spread misinformation. Such misinformation has only purpose: to harm.

I believe we have the quality, spirit and mental strength to win, so see you tomorrow!


Oi Arsene don’t you have some arsenwl top players to sell?


Can’t doubt his talent though he needs to be consistent.


He’s consistent in patches though.


…consistently talented in patches, but untalented in other patches. which type of patches will we get? the patches are consistently inconsistent. sometimes talented…while other times skillfully untalented.

Runcorn Gooner

At least he helps the cause and tracks back every time ….unlike Little Lord Theo


some welcomed competition for places, seems like it’s been a while


Don’t really see where competition regarding goalies come from. It usually takes am injury to the number 1 for the second choice to step up. It’s a delicate position though, a dropped goalie either comes back stronger or his confidence deepens even further, not a good thing. Let’s hope with schezzer it’s the 1st!

Mills N7

I think it says a lot for AW to come out and admit that Gervinho is ‘sensitive’ / confidence player (not that we all didn’t know it, but to have it stated publicly is quite exceptional. Still, although he might be a force for the rest of the season, is it really good enough for somebody’s form to go so far down the toilet when they go on a bad run of form? I’m not saying I don’t understand it, but this is right at the top level of sport… am I being unfair? I really root for the guy… Read more »


You’re not wrong. Whether its something external or something within himself, he’s obviously very sensitive to something. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t really rate him and don’t want to see Gervinho playing for us after this season. But in the meantime, he’s what we’ve got and he does deserve our support. While I’m happy to criticise people in forums like this, I’d never boo one of our own players so I don’t understand why people are so quick to get on the back of certain members of the team in public. Whatever we think of a player,… Read more »


The fact is that Arsenal have to make the most of their forwards until the next transfer window. Giroud isn’t deadly enough/doesn’t get good service, Walcott…I don’t fucking know, Podolski is injured, Arshavin ?, Chamakh…now we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel—we need more attacking options if we’re going to make top 4 this season. Look at United; they can pick from RVP, Rooney, Kagawa, Chicarito and Welbeck. Gervinho and AOC both need to contribute more to the team.

Unyoke The Ox

Occasionally Gervinho does something that makes you think “OK, this guy has got something good to bring to the team”.

He does also have the ability to stop time in the opposition area, on some Hiro Nakamura type shit.


He’s probably the best 1-on-1 player that we have. The problem is that once he beats his man / creates a yard of space he usually lacks the execution to do something with it.


Exactly hes gets himself past players and in excellent posistions but whenever he strikes for goal it always seems to go wide or go straight into the goal keeper.


Gets past players on a regular basis. Lacks execution after going past players, on a regular basis.
Theory to encompass and explain these two theories: No-one knows that Gervinho will do next. Not even Gervinho!


– that +what


I think building a better understanding with his full-back could help him a lot. Gibbs and Nacho seem to be decet threats going forward. If they can keep up with Gervinho and he can learn to use them, we might see quite a productive left side.


This. Once I see him settle into his one on one isolation mode, I expect the ball to cleared out shortly, or an erratic shot. If he can figure out the final step, he will be dangerous.


This last week or so something massive has changed within the team and management. Steve Bould is shouting at players and off the bench, he and Wenger are talking, the defence is talking, the keeper is shouting, subs are changing games, new people are getting games. I don’t know what it is that has changed, but something has and I love it. We look like we’ve got a plan in each game, so there is no desperation, Wengers tactics and personnel choices are making sense and his substitutions are winning us matches. The obvious question is why has it taken… Read more »


It feels that the staff has gotten to the point where both players and fans are needing that extra communication. From what I see, Wenger puts a lot of faith into his team, and they’ve let him down- note his increasingly morose post-game comments. Now the players want to see more film, Captain-in-all-but-armband Arteta is not mincing words, and Wenger is admitting some of the humanizing aspects of the squad. Perhaps it is a change, perhaps just verbalization of stuff that’s been ever-present at Colney. Either way, I think it’s both of the above melding together: Wenger being more open… Read more »


Weren’t we saying the exact same thing this time last year?


He’s ‘sensitive.’ So basically he’s lacking key features required of a top 4 player. Fair play to him on the goal, but he’s so indicative of our mediocrity this year.


He needs to spend a few weeks kicking a ball against a wall! His work rate is good, his runs are good, he’s quick and he can beat a player with ease, he just can’t kick a football. Shooting/passing/crossing is terrible is he could improve his technique when kicking the ball he could be a very useful player

Perry S.

I’ve always said he reminds me a lot of Walcott early on in his career. Walcott was reknowned to bumblefuck the ball every time he received a pass. Both are fast, pacy players who can run like hell and both are not strong with the ball. Walcott has drastically improved in that area (though still not what I would expect), and Gervinho might be able to do the same…a big “maybe”.

Gooner from india

i think the lack of understanding between the players which is completely understandable as arsenal is in phase of rebuilding the team is finally begining to fade. Players have gelled together well and that with the win over bayern has been a massive boost for us. Confidence and mental strength is finally there to see.Just hope wenger builds on this squad this summer by 2-3 quality players and we will see how good we are

That guy

Hey admin! I’ve been a big fan of arseblog since I spotted it a year ago. the problem is that since the update and changes to the site, whenever I use my iPad to come on the site it keep crashing. Is there a way to make the site more iPad friendly like it was before. Sometimes I just don’t want to use my laptop because the iPad is more convenient. Normally my iPad doesn’t crash but lately it’s been crashing when I come on here.


Keeps crashing on my iPad as well blogs.


No problem on my iPad2, but, as I indicated elsewhere, looks terrible on Windows XP in IE and causes my browser to slow down such that scrolling through comments is a jumpy affair. It’s only my work computer so I’m not too bothered. But, iPAD2 fine, windows 8, fine.


Arsene's Nose

Same problem with my blackberry and Ipad too.. Just opening the site makes It crash, I don’t even get to click any link… Had to eventually settle with using the laptop,bit stressfull…


My Firefox slows down and crashed a couple of times when accessing posts with high number of contents. I just put it to high volume of page content.

Admin, do you have the WP plugin Quick Cache?


Sorry Typo: … high number of *comments.


@ Arseblog:

I agree, its nice to be able to read all comments on one page. Breaking them up into bunches disrupts the continuity.

Would also like to add, this is a great Arsenal site. Not just the content, but also the presentation. very user friendly.


iPad 2 iOS 5.1.1 crashes every time I open an article other than the latest.


Gervinho is the type of player who performs well when the team is not under pressure. He seems to be a good guy. I think we all agree that if he could improve his finishing then he’d be better than Theo.

Perry S.

Hands down, if he could finish more consistently, he would be what Theo wishes he could be…i.e. a complete offensive player.


Maybe you should use different browser on your ipad. Like chrome instead of the default safari?


The tone of the comments here is so similar to what it was at this stage last season. The team shows us what they can really do but by then its too late. It becomes apparent that we need just 2 more players to get the league and so wenger (or the board) sells 2 players. And come january next year we’ll be wishing the season was over.
Just take the risk wenger (or the board) and see results, please….

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Pardon me if don’t immediately jump on the Gervinho band wagon. Lets see him put in a decent performances till the end of the season before I decide. We have been down that road too many times and all that. As for Fabianski, I have to admit I am a lot more optimistic. Before he got injured, he had been impressing me, and then of course Chesny got in after the injury and did well enough to hold onto to that spot till now. So I think Fabianski would do well. The one gripe about Wenger, well I have quite… Read more »


I doubt Wenger plays Diaby because he “is impressed with the fact that Diaby is focused and doesn’t drink or smoke.” That’s just silly.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

There u go. Wenger has gambled on Diaby and still plays him cos ““With Diaby, he has a very serious life, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t go out, and is very conscientious in training. So you always feel sorry for him, so you always touch wood it will go well for him.”

Arsene's Waterbottle

O I get pole position, because he is Polish……



Jim Jimminy

So does that mean groaning whenever gervinho does anything at all isn’t helpful?

Hmmm…interesting view.


I was always thinking it would cheer him on to give 110%!


I was saying Boo-urns.


I am sure Gervs 70,000 a week 3.5 Million quid a year wage packet helps his sensitive side.
What about the feelings of 400 quid a week supporters starved of trophies for the last eight years?
Any kind words boss?


Dearest Gervinho, I’m going to support the shit out of you. (every arsenal player really)

Just don’t fall to the levels you did in the Bradford game.

bendtners ego

lads even the mentioning of the bradford game gives me shivers

Bendtner's Ego

Regarding the debate between the two Poles, I don’t think you need to look any farther than that “Flappyhandski” jumping grasp for pure air on that cross near the end of the game to be reminded how much grief he could cost us.

He is not in the Almunia zone, but if you ask me which I’d want in goal on an everyday basis, I go with the Sczc.

He won that Sunderland match for us.

One Arsenal

Competition between goalies is keener than ever now. Both Fab and Sczc share the same birthday too (18th April)…real competition!


A shame that an angle injury hindered his amazing start this season. Not every player (like jack), can just continue where they came from, in terms of form/mental strenght. Lets hope he can keep buiding on this, and he will be a massive winger, that I believe.

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