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Sp*rs 2-1 Arsenal – player ratings

A North London derby defeat doesn’t make for much in the way of fun reading, but all the same Arseblog News gets its rate-o-meter 3000©® out to pass judgement on yesterday’s performances.

Wojciech Szczesny: 5/10 – Not to blame at all for either goal, left horribly exposed by his defence.

Carl Jenkinson: 6/10 – Played quite well, got forward and got in some decent crosses from the right hand side. Lack of experience showed at times though.

Nacho Monreal: 4/10 – Impressive for the first 37 minutes, not quite sure what he was thinking for their second though. Suspect lack of communication skills was an issue, would a player more comfortable in English have given Vermaelen a shout?

Thomas Vermaelen: 3/10 – Another stinker from the skipper. Not the first time this season either and when he plays badly, it’s usually very costly.

Per Mertesacker: 5/10 – Forced the goal and was all right at the back, reads the game well, but the sight of him being pushed up front as we desperately search for a goal is depressing.

Aaron Ramsey: 5/10 – Will run and run all day, and was once again shoved into the right back position late in the game. Had a good chance to score but dragged his shot wide.

Mikel Arteta: 5/10 – I thought he was going to pick up a booking for persistent fouling, got away with it, but looks like the legs are a bit heavy at this point of the season.

Jack Wilshere: 5/10 – A game in which you hope you’ll see the best of Jack, instead he was in one of his quieter moods. The talent, the potential, is all there. The consistency is not.

Santi Cazorla: 5/10 – The recent goalscoring hero found it tougher yesterday. Worked hard as usual, was clearly targetted by Sp*rs and was on the receiving end of some hefty challenges which left him struggling to get into the game.

Olivier Giroud: 4/10 – Had a very good chance early on but took a touch too many, allowing the defender to block his shot. At this level those are chances he should be taking. Put himself about but looked limited.

Theo Walcott: 4/10 – Spent most of the first half central and as far away from Carl Jenkinson as he could. Had a 100% pass completion stat, but only made 12 passes in the entire game.


Lukas Podolski: 6/10 – Not given anywhere near enough time to make an impact.

Tomas Rosicky: 6/10 – Added some energy but little end product.

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What a sad bunch we have. That looks like we are Villa or some team ready for the drop.
Sad times for us goons:(


Replace the stale manager and we’ll get a new manager with real verve, real ambition, real passion and a transfer budget of a reported £100m. We are by no means in the shit for the future, we’re just in the shit if we keep doing the same damn tired thing and expect improvement.


This unspent £100-123m you post on every article is not so simply available, if it’s even correct. It’s called cash reserves, something business have to hold when paying off debts (which were still around £90m as of last year) and necessary to keep for when businesses have a low financial period. They won’t simply spend what doesn’t legitimately belong to them. It’s how teams like Leeds and Portsmouth got booted out the Premier League. That’s not good for Arsenal in the long term. It’s important to build a commercial revenue like never before, right now. That’s where a war chest… Read more »


Hence I said reported as I don’t know the full ins and outs of the money we have available. Either way, we do have money available to us for transfers. It just needs to be better spent and the previous few seasons tells us that Wenger is not the person to be doing it.


Wenger has spent what, £100M+ in the last 18 months i believe? It’s not about the money and it’s not about the players we have. Time to change the recipe.

Gooner Tom

To put the cash reserves in perspective, I was reading an article about Bayern last week and the imminent Guardiola regime. They have 240m in cash reserves – doesn’t mean they will spend that much on transfers though does it?!


@mong you say wenger has spent 100+ million but how much of that came from player sales?


Gooner Tom bayern have never been shy when it comes to spending.


@Swish: yet you’re using it in an argument, and I’ve seen it over several articles in the comments sections here. Needs to be made clear.

@deano: Bayern don’t have a debt, from what I’ve been told.


Harish i don’t recall saying they were.

The Grime Raper

You can only thank one man for this shambles.

Emannuel Eboue

Gervinho is to blame, surely.

The Grime Raper

Why all the thumbing down? Are you so blind that you can’t see?
We are a fucking joke – a club that’s lost direction, hope and soul.
Just got to hope these rumours of a £1.5B middle eastern consortium take over are true. Then we can get on with purging the cancer from this once great institution.


Sad times, still a hell of a lot to play for though. 10 days break might be a blessing for a tired looking Arsenal side. Rosicky needs to start for the rest of the season.


He must have had an injury troubling him, because there is no other excuse why he hasn’t been starting. He is by far the most committed and productive midfielder we have.

Gooner Tom

Have you all forgotten last year? Him turning his back and not seeming interested as we kept conceding. I, for one, remember Rosicky playing abysmally in that 8-2 Manure defeat and, during that crisis period, he was the Ramsey/Gervinho scapegoat of the time. Then he had a brilliant period towards the end of the season which happened to coincide with signing a new contract. Since then, he has been in and out for injuries and now comes on and runs around closing down well and suddenly he is the new saviour. It was him in the Blackburn match two weeks… Read more »


Gooner Tom Rosicky supplied our best pass for Ramsey’s chance.

Monkey nuts

Blimey no one’s made a comment after 10 minutes.

Is there all out apathy here as well?

Scott Parker has monkey-shit on his balls

Wow, noone made a single comment after 10 minutes? That must be a (sad) first for Arseblog.

After the NLD I’m not left with even an OUNCE of energy to go on my usual ‘rant’.

After the NLD I’ve decided to stop kidding myself thinking we’ve got a chance of beating Bayern Munich 3-0 at their home next week.

Think we all need to inject stem cells in our bloodstream to somehow make it through this week.


3-0 at Buyern would be a dream come true!

Realistically, I hope we just go out there and make a game of it, like we did against Milan last season. I don’t think we can match that kind of performance but we may as well try. We shouldn’t be in such a desperate position to start with but we are where we are. This team/squad needs a lot of work.

Unyoke The Ox

Santi should be in the middle and Jack slightly further back. Just because Jack’s playing well doesn’t mean that he is better than Santi. He has far less end product.

This would also allow Podolski to play on the left rather than be ob the bench. Why we have one of our top scorers on the bench (especially when we’re struggling to score) just to let Jack play further up and in the middle is beyond me.


Couldn’t agree more. Jack’s role for this team should be sitting alongside arteta, his talent is wasted. Besides, we need wingers to remain on the wings. Jerks is overrated by arsenal fans, but he didn’t deserve to be subbed off. I still prefer sagna though.


Dont know if Wilshere has the defensive discipline to sit alongside Arteta that deep in the field?


Arteta hasn’t had a good enough season for me. What about bringing Vermaelen into the middle? That kills two birds with one stone.


Bringing Podolski back in may have helped, but Wenger’s decision was justified as Cazorla’s attacking influence on games is better from the left, the stats are on a recent arseblog article. I agree it would have made sense to bring one of your top scorers back in, he must have felt no need to shuffle the pack I guess. Had we won the game there would be no questions asked. Either way, we are not functioning great right now as a team. We leak goals because our defensive intelligence is remarkably low for a team that should be challenging if… Read more »


sag es A.Wenger,er ist der Boss.

German Gunner


And why doesnt Podolski get a chance in the middle while Caz is playing on the wing, and in a period where Giroud seems absolute useless..


Rosicky played quite okay. Was the only one capable of playing an intelligent pass in the second half. He needs to play AM the next few games.


Wenger – 0


Vermaelen is not fit to be the boss of our defense, or team for that matter.
We need a defensive leader to play along BFG with Kos as back up.,

ive lost it for Vermaelen, his aggression with the ref after the cuntery of Dawson was not ideal captain work and could have seen him booked easily.


The argument with the Lillywhite Cunt Captain was his best defensive move of the whole game.


Maybe he should resign from captaincy citing moral responsibility or some such crap. Save the manager from dropping him and setting off another round of tongue-wagging from the “Arsenal-in-crisis” journos


You got to be kidding. Vermaelen reacted as you would expect your captain to, he was aggrieved and showed the spuds what we thought of their stupid efforts to appeal the decision.


Man AFC’s standards have gone really low. Why do people get excited over Ramsey’s performances even though he simply does whats required of an average PL player?

*not abusing* *not scapegoating* because some sensitive Arsenal fans will say.


Now critique the other 10 players and restore balance.


For Arsenal sake please start poldi in starting X1 Wenger!!. He is the most efficient goal scorer in this team.


It boggles the mind as to why poldi is a substiute. It really does, going by merit he and rosicky should be in the starting xi. Unless something else is up.


The problem is that the manager has no idea how to pick the team. Christ, he can’t even see the fact that he doesn’t have the players to play this tired formation.


Swish you’ve hit the nail on the head. Wenger is so lost in the forest that he can’t see the wood for the trees! He needs to step back and start again or leave now, he’s run out of ideas i think.


I would rather see him start but even off the bench give him more than 10mins. I was hoping for a half time sub

Dave Gooner

Comment about Giroud is spot on. “At this level those are chances he should be taking. Put himself about but looked limited.” Never a truer word was spoken.

I’d give him less than a 4 though – he’s taking up space on the team. He’s just not the required standard. He has none of the required guile.

Blasting it towards the goal and hoping for the best does not an Arsenal striker make. And it doesn’t usually result in a goal either.


You say ‘taking up space in the time’ as if to suggest we have another player who can play there.


team* obviously.

Dave Gooner

I am not going to play Football Manager with you Swish, but we have to adapt.

We started yesterday without either Lukas Podolski or Thomas Rosicky – both of whom (I think) are playing really well – on the bench, and Olivier Giroud, who literally can’t hit the broad side of a barn door at 20 paces, in the starting lineup.

Just drop the guy. He’s not good enough. How much time does he want? Because we don’t have the luxury of time or games any more.


Play Football Manager mate, at least you’ll be doing something that Wenger appears to have lost his ability to do. Giroud is in theory, our only striker. Sure, we could throw Theo up there and watch him get out muscled by everyone, or Gervinho and watch him miss open goals. But Podolski is the ONLY player who should be playing in that forward striker role, but Wenger is more interested in getting him to sit on the bench. Wenger only sees one striker at the club and based on this season, he doesn’t see Podolski as a viable option. Only… Read more »


To be fair, Podolski is great at distance shots, but not so good in the box. Wenger seems to be putting all his eggs in the “our goals come from our midfield” basket. With the addition of Giroud as a target for crosses.

The trouble is, no-one is ever in the right place when the cross comes in.


That’s because the strikers like me, expect the crosses to either not beat the first man or go horribly wide. We either over hit them or under hit them, still, its incredibly annoying to find a wonderful ball floated or drilled in to the target area and watch our ‘target men’ outside of the box.

It’s just simple, simple stuff.


I remember when rvp said Wenger was telling him not to blast it so much… is he still coaching the players this way? You’d hope so

Dave Gooner

Not if Giroud’s ‘efforts’ are anything to go by…


Quite frankly this was a pacey game, and we needed a pacey clinical finisher to run the lines, as Ape boy n Lemon demonstrated on the other side. It was the make and break of this type of game. Giroud is a great classy strikers, old school in many ways, and so it’s obvious for decades how to stop such players. Doesn’t help though when he can’t out run Vertonghen and when Lloris knows what to expect of his shooting through international games. Also, in this game his reactions were mind-bendingly bad. It annoys me as well in general how… Read more »


Man , this is some bullshit . We should give the back four 0/10 . They did nothing . I don’t give a darn Fuck if metersacker scored , we lost .


When Scott Parker’s threading through assists you know something’s rotten


Sorry but Mertesacker won countless first headers this game, also Monreal was good all game. Vermaelen IGNORED Bales repeated runs behind him (he tried 2 before the goal too) and that is the only reason we lost. Vermaelen was terrible, Ramsey had far too much of the ball and did little with it, and Theo was just absent, for which there is no excuse. You’d be sacked from any other job for ‘not bothering’ like that.

The '92 Away Kit

Really highlighted a lot of our shortcomings yesterday. If the boss doesnt take away from that that we need a new big defensive midfielder, some class in centre forward and a centre back ‘leader’ he needs those ‘professor’ glasses back.

Also, Szcz seems to have regressed in terms of communication. Its very well saying TV didnt run the line well enough, but Szcz can boss the defense around also. Again, backs up the need for competition in goal.


i don’t think money alone is going to solve our defensive woes, we need to learn how organise ourselves and defend as a team and that can only happen on the training ground. Until Wenger starts taking the defensive side of the game seriously we can carry on expecting performances and results like yesterday.

The '92 Away Kit

Fair point. I do wonder though if the coaching side of the current set up needs a bit of revision though. As well as the defensive side of the first team, the youth sides are shipping goals like its going out of fashion also…


@Breezy well said. In recent season and with this season most especially what we lack is more coaching and organisation rather than quality players. However you look at it, our current squad should do much more that what is being delivered on the pitch. I strongly believe we have a squad that can match that of Spurs this season (yes….Bale is in form at the moment ,Walcott was in a similar form couple of months back too) but organisation, inconsistency of play and coaching\tactics have been our bane so far. Just look at the goals we concede week in week… Read more »

Wenger's Glasses

I feel bad for our defenders. TV & Per (& Kos) are quality players, but without a real DM, of course the defence is gonna get caught every now & again. Our defensive scheme (is there any?) & our lack of communication between players don’t help the cause either.

Feel bad for Theo also. I mean look at how those cunts use Lennon & Defoe. They have a scheme on how to open our defence up for those two pacey players. We don’t.

Oh whatever.


If the defence can be sliced open that easily by one simple, glaringly obvious through ball, then DM or not, they will get caught out and exposed like they have done all season. The defence just can’t maintain focus, that’s partly down to Wenger and partly down to the players brittleness. Saying you feel sorry for them is ludicrous. As for feeling bad for Theo, you must be mad. Lennon and Defoe actually showed for the ball, if Walcott showed for the ball and actually played as a winger instead of a striker in the centre of the pitch, perhaps… Read more »


Leave Theo alone we had shit tactics and a shit midfield that ddnt even make an effort to create for the strikers. Bale and Lennon had acres of space to run…Home many times did our forwards try make a run for the midfield to pass the ball sideways or backwards?


He had 26 touches and he is our highest paid footballer and you reckon he isn’t accountable?


I agree Swish. Theo didn’t offer much yesterday, he should be pushing on now and be a consistent threat. I am a big Theo fan and I am happy with his new contract (something you shouldn’t use as a stick to beat him with), but the last 5-6 games he hasn’t helped our cause at all. We need Theo and many others to start dictating games. We are gifting points to shitty teams too often.


did any of you watch MOTD2 last night? theo made great runs in behind all game but nobody played him in. you can’t blame him if he never gets a decent ball…

The '92 Away Kit

The MOTD2 footage was (as usual) a joke. Hardly showed any of the first half hour that we dominated, then only showed the highlights from spurs attack and our goal. Its virtually propaganda.

The analysis showed Theo making lots of runs, but looked to be offside on most occasions, which shows why he wasnt picked out.

As a total aside, Sol Campbell is so frustrating to listen to. Actually makes Mugsmasher Murray seem like quite the likable broadcaster.


Tomas Rosicky: 6/10 – “Added some energy but little end product” –
Oh just fuck of man – idiotic comments like this make my blood boil.


How is that comment in any way idiotic? He did add energy when he came on, like he always does. But there was next to no end product, if there was end product, he would have created a chance. He didn’t create any chances, so there was no end product.

The only idiotic comment was made by you. No need to tell people to fuck off because you didn’t understand.


Pass to Ramsey wasn’t a chance?

This guy hardly gets any playing time when he’s fit, when he plays, he’s usually the best playerr on the pitch. Suddenly bringing him on in the 2nd half you expect him to deliver an end product. How much of an end product has others in our team been delivering, albeit playing week in week out?

What didnt I understant idiot, just calling out a bullshit comment when I see one.

Scott Parker has monkey-shit on his balls

Rosicky should’ve started, Ramsey’s not bad but opponents aren’t afraid of him the way they are afraid of Rosicky’s vision (through balls splitting defenses etc. like the ones to Ape-Boy and Lennon).

Think about it....

6/10 for the substitutes.. that’s champ man qualification that. start on a 6 then up or down.

Big Dave

Bugger this. I don’t think I can be bothered to watch anymore. I don’t think I’m a glory hunter (although a drama queen maybe). I can tolerate a bad run or bad performances, but this has a whiff of something else about it. Its more than just a bad run; we’ve lost our soul.

alex cutter

Soul was lost the moment they sold Robin to MU.


You mean sold our soul to the devils.

alex cutter

“You mean sold our soul to the devils.”

Not sure what the difference is?


Just putting a better quote alex cutter chill out.


In other news Bendtner has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Copenhagen (even driving in the wrong lane). Juve are trying to terminate his contract. Looks like we might get the greatest striker that ever lived back soon!

Gooner Tom

TGSTEL has been back for months now. He got injured and his season is over so Juve sent him back. Like Frimpong last year. So, yes, we have to cover his ridiculous wages.


Even if by some chance we do make the CL
I am not looking forward to next season as I believe the summer spending will be another disappointment. We will have all the top names put in their by the media and then buy some 19 year old from The ass end of nowhere


And that’s the problem with sticking with Wenger. Like I said yesterday, I believe that this takeover is genuine. It looks like we are about to get shot of the useless bloodsucking parasite that is Stan Kroenke. Fucking brilliant. But the new owners absolutely must not continue with this “Arsene is a genius” policy. He’s not. He is finished and over the hill. The first thing the new owners must do is to pay off Wenger and then bring in a top quality manager to sort out the horrible mess that The Nutty Professor has left behind. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES… Read more »


Harsh think the midfield especially did ok along with Jenks all 7`s Christ only knows why he was taken off far better crosser than Rambo quicker etc think you’ve marked them in the context of the season, as for the centre halves pathetic again when it mattered just not good enough clearly the biggest fault lies with the management whose idea to play such a high line and offsides shite! the human efluence where there for the taking yesterday and will drop loads of points before May but so will we cunts



Would like to see this till the end of the season. Rosicky and Cazorla need to play every game together if we want to get into the top 4.

Please select the best 11 and not players you like. Yes I am pointing out to Ramsey and Diaby too. Reason:

1.They are good players but NOT THAT good to bench Rosicky and Podolski.
2. The system simply doesn’t work with playing them because they do the same job as Arteta. Seen that against Bayern, now Tottenham.


Quality wise, this is our best 11. I would consider a fit and performing Diaby over Arteta because he has that ability to turn defense into attack and Arteta can frustrate me in games where he only plays sideways.


Agree, but atleast Arteta keeps the ball rolling even on a bad day . Diaby on his day is a beast but, you really don’t know what you’ll get out of him. Very inconsistent right now. Let him get his form back.


Diaby will never be the answer. Get over it.

Aziz, KL-Malaysia

Typical, why AW can’t play Podolski in central attack. How long he want to keep Giroud there misfiring ???
Cazorla left, TW right, Poldi in the middle, can’t lose cos goals will go in (not out with useless Giroud).


yeah, i don’t understand that talk that we have only one striker. podolski has played CF most of his career! that wenger plays him on the left wing doesn’t mean he’s not a CF anymore and can’t play there.
as g. neville pointed out in the game so accurately, giroud is a decent player but he should understand his limits, not take a pass down with his chest 25 yards from the goal and bang it on the terraces with 5 minutes remaining when we need a goal.

The Gimp

This is the team that AW built 🙁

What has not changed at Arsenal in the last 8 years…..?

The Manager




Mert “reads the game well” is the daftest assessment I’ve read in along time. He’s too slow and positionally naive. An Adams or Hyypia he aint.

Did anyone watch MOTD 2? Walcott ran his heart out and never received the ball. The punditry team highlighted about 6 occasions where he was “in” but never received the killer pass. Santi and Jack both guilty. Terrible.

Dan! Dan! Dan! ......Dan! .........Dan!!

I got the impression yesterday’s game was us playing at our absolute maximum…..100% attitude and effort….but living proof we are full of average mid table players. Ramsey, Giroud, Jenkinson, Walcott and Vermalen are just so poor. Giroud is at an age where he won’t really get any better as well….Wengers John Hartson.

Arsene Wenger

I don’t know where people ge this notion that players can’t improve aswell as they get older. This is not FIFA. A 27 year old is just as capable of learning as a 21 year old. I’m not necessarily saying Giroud has a lot of potential or will be very useful, but if worst comes to worst, he has at least 3/4 years before his legs start to fail him.


Does anyone else think AW plays Santi on the left wing to help his compatriot Nacho settle? If that’s the case I hope he settles soon.

The Grime Raper

Comes to something when the only solace we can find is ‘we made Tottenham look good’.


To be fair, Walcott had some decent runs behind their defence but no one noticed and he never got the ball.

Arsene Wenger

Hopefully he makes some more good performances so that other clubs take notice of him and I can sell him in the summer.

Fed Up

I watched Dortmund’s game on Sat where Lewandowski was sensational and then i saw our game and realised just how much we need a truly world class striker cause Giroud must be a backup at best!
And I swear Theo had borrowed Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak even Jenks seemed confused to see all that space and noone to pass the ball to !! So Theo fucking Walcott would you please stick to that fucking wing for Bergkamp’s sake !!!!


Walcott has said thanks for the cash guys and now I can return to my old unreliable self. But because I am so important now I can do whatever I want and play any position I want because I get paid the most.


Ramsey’s chance in the 2nd half was MASSIVE! I’ve defended him whilst (nearly) everyone else was on his back but as an attacking-minded player (forget which position he was playing right then) he has to be more convincing than that in front of goal! 2-2 would’ve been nice. Think we deserved more. Not much made of the foul on Cazorla leading to Sp*rs’ 2nd, only me who thinks a freekick should’ve been given?


He was playing right back


Yes, the referee clearly saw the foul on Cazorla and looked long and hard at it. We would have been penalized for it (world is on our back sob story, i know!).

We were wasteful in general, Giroud had the best chance when through on goal but he took too long to pull the trigger. I like the guy, but we need another option. Time to try Poldi there, something we should have carried on with at the start of the season in certain games where physicality isn’t as important as taking your chances.


Thursday night drinking,is going to mess my weekends right up.Thanks Stan!


I’ll be drinking seven days a week now to combat the fucking depression of yesterday

Scott Parker has monkey-shit on his balls

It’s Monday 3pm, and I just got back from the pub, where I’ve been drowning my sorrows ever since lunchtime.

And despite the juicy burger, chips, and 3 pints of Kronenburg, I’m still depressed as fuck.


A few more defensive showings like yesterday and this aint gonna be a concern.

Fed Up

As for our Munich game I don’t think we have that little magic in this team to even dream of turning it around. We just don’t seem to perform against big teams as we saw time and again this season and we don’t have the kind of player who could win us games. Even the most optimistic gooner would see that only a miracle will get us through. But every time I tell myself “yes this time they’ll do it” they never seem to show up! I’ve simply lost any hope of us doing something exceptional this season… 10 games… Read more »


Only Giroud can do something good and bad at the same moment…controls well with the first touch(at times) and then does a headless thing with the second one! As much as I like him as a player purely because of his work ethic, at best he is a good back up and not yet fit to don the main strikers position. Did anyone else notice the cute passes exchanged between Rosicky and Cazorla? Reminescent of the Xavi-Iniesta combination there…FFS please start both of them centrally till the end of the season, that for me is the only hope we have… Read more »


I was astonished that AW choose to play such a high line against some of the paciest strikers in the PL. Spuds attacking is not near the Barcelona level so I guess we wuold have benefitted from sitting a bit more back. Agree with the case for Poldi by the way. He is a fine, resolute german striker


Theo Walcott is one of Wenger’s biggest problem at the moment. He no longer will play as a RW. He likes to hover around the box waiting for others to do the hard work and hand him goal scoring passes on a plate. Because of where he positions himself, Jenkinson had to keep overlapping on to the RW, leaving gaps in the back which, without much cover from our midfield, our CB’s have to cover. Theo has also given up on his defensive responsibilities. Neither does he seem bothered to protect the RB. Yesterday, both their goals originated from our… Read more »


Completely agree with you. Problem is with Theo he thinks hes better than he is another example for you is Theo is taking all corners and free kicks.


Easy way to chalk up ‘assists’.

Also now with his contracted image rights, he will always have cameras focused on him and not get lost in the crowd of players in front of the goal.

Fed Up

That and appointing TV as captain


My opinion is that Ramsey is not a player for Arsenal.He can play for West Ham or for Reading but is not player for Arsenal.Cathorla which is our best player must be play midfield behind Giroud.Becuase Ramsey is the favor player of Venger,he change all the team in order to find place in the team for him with result to destroy all the team.


Il be honest iv never been a big fan of Theo Walcott.

If a big club offered us a good deal for him Id sell him and get a proper striker or winger to Arsenal.


We need a good RW immediately.

What the heck, drop Theo, play Jenks up right, put Sagna / Ramsey in RB. Can’t get any worse.


The manager has got nothing to do with this defeat, the players are responsible for it. The basic defending is awareness of danger around you and deal with it but defence line did opposite but im confident we will come good and finish above the yid scumb


Are the players also responsible for every other defeat this season? If so, who is picking them on their form?

Wenger. The manager. Responsible for all, get over it.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Walcott needs to be MANAGED. The defence needs to be MANAGED. I do actually wonder what the fuck goes on at the training ground between games. Never been an ‘Arsene Out’ doommonger, but I’m rapidly running out of faith in our set up. Team selection, tactics, motivation, consistency.. All largely problem areas in our team and all arguably down to the manager.


Yeah, well said mate.


Unfair in my opinion. It was Walcott and Vermaelen who lost us the game, and perhaps a bit Giroud. I thought Jenks, Nacho and Ramsey were all very good.

petits handbag

Is Giroud even better than Bendtner….I’m questioning this kinda Shit today now.


put Rosicky at ’10’, Wilshere next to Arteta and Santi left, its the best option. Seriously what does Rosicky have to do to start.


middle finger to those who gave me the thumbs down when I claimed that we are in need of a world class striker!

Walcott/Girioud are not good enough


Another frustrating result, mainly due to poor defending. Tommy V needs a rest, it’s been his worst season in an Arsenal shirt unfortunately. Merts and Kos need to start in the next Premier League match. As for Wenger, I’m a fan and we all need to be careful what we wish for in terms of his replacement if he went. I think he needs to freshen up the backroom staff, let Bouldy do his thing, get rid of this pony zonal marking and get defenders to well, defend properly… 10 games left, we need to get behind the team and… Read more »


Some of the most pathetic performance I have seen this year from any player. The keeper is immature and over confident. Both CBs looked like they are way out of depth and extremely nervous. Midfield had zero control, wingers had no impact and striker had nothing to do but battle for lost causes. No game plan, no teamplay, just usual sideways passes and holding onto the ball to long and losing it in the process. No desire or direction. No one wanted to score or defend. Seemed like the players were there just because they were told to…. Shambolic. The… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

I thought bringing Rosicky on was a good move, but would’ve dropped Arteta, not Jenks, and moved Ramsey into Arteta’s spot. Jenks had some good services from the right. And then I would’ve given everyone a puppy.


Walcott could have won us the game if we actually passed the ball to him when he was making those runs, even Sol Campbell saw that! I would agree though that he needs to be wider more often. Cazorla too, we really lacked width when they both came inside and didn’t come back. Looking back, starting Walcott up front and Cazorla in the middle, with Podolski and Chamberlain (WTF happened to them?!) either side would have been the better option. Doesn’t solve our defensive issues though. Christ, we have too many problems, don’t we?


Arsene always says he has a list of players for each position when buying new players (that can be realistically be purchased without financially ruining the club).
This summer we need 4 great signings through the spine of the team.
No fucking about ’til the last minute of the window, no excuses that buying will “kill youngsters coming through”. No looking at the lesser Aldi options.

We get it all done by July 1st. Work extra hard pre-season on defensive shape and not switching the-fuck off in games and make 2013/14 a memorable one. COYG


GIROUD OUT! Poldi at CF plz!


a lot of bullshit is going on here. it’s funny how fucked up Arsenal fans are (i’m one too). the names that appear here most frequent are Ramsey, Rosicky, Giroud and Walcott. no mention of Wilshere and Cazorla. if you reckon Ramsey as rubbish (which i don’t t think he is) then he played on his very decent level yesterday. but Wilshere were much worse than him and still nobody says a thing. same with Cazorla. we can’t win if almost all our attacking players go missing. but these two (Jack and Santi) are apparently already in the zone where,… Read more »


You spoke my mind dude, I don’t think we lack fire power in the front, it’s the 2 creaters who had been in bad form. Cazorla n jack makes good run but don’t produce end products at the end.they just take the ball alot but doesn’t pass when needed. I think rosicky coq,ox should be given more time.


Good lord man, this, this and this again!! You literally exactly spoke my mind. Sometimes its really irritating to see the double standards that some fans hold our players to – some can do no wrong, others can do no right. Its ludicrous to call Ramsey poor and for him to be dropped after a game like this where he was one of our best players on the pitch on Sunday! Then to go on about the greatness that is Jack – I love him, and I think he will be world class. Its just a matter of time till… Read more »


Sczeny deserved 3. It was his worst performance. Would have let more goals for advancing when not needed.
Ramsey n jens were my best players for the day, both fought very well, good energy, really wanted it more than anybody on the pitch.


Jungs ! es kommen wieder bessere zeiten.

German Gunner

Arsene Wenger

I hope so.

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