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Wenger: Don’t give up Abou

Arsene Wenger has urged Abou Diaby not to give up on football despite another major injury which will see him sidelined until next year.

The French international has suffered 35 separate injuries since having his ankle snapped by Sunderland’s Dan Smith on 1 May 2006 with his latest problem, an Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear in his left knee, requiring his fifth major surgery of his career to date.

It leaves the 26-year-old’s career hanging by a thread and while he still has time on his side to make another comeback it’s feared he’ll never be able to play with the freedom his talent requires and deserves.

Speaking after yesterday’s win over Reading, before which Diaby’s teammates wore t-shirts bearing a message of support, Arsene Wenger underlined how frustrated his midfielder was with the latest setback.

“That was the shock of the week for us because I thought originally it was just a little twist of the knee.

“When they told me it was a rupture of his cruciate, and when you know what this guys has gone through, how many times he has worked day and night to come back in rehab, it is just demoralising. I hope he will find the resources and the strength to come back, because he was quite down.

“When you look at the number of problems he had, the surgeries, he is 26 years old and has had four or five big surgeries. That demands a lot of mental strength to come back and I hope he will not give up and will continue.”

In eight seasons Diaby has featured in 182 games for Arsenal, including 43 substitute appearances. Unfortunately, the fact that he’s only been able to feature on 63 occasions since penning a new long-term contract in January 2010 is clear evidence that not even time has been able to heal his problems. If anything it’s just brought new ones to light.

It’s a real shame given he’s a player who when confident and fit has supreme natural talent. Naturally we hope he makes a full recovery as soon as possible but at the same time the ball is firmly in Arsene’s court when it comes to finding a suitable long-term replacement.

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Really do feel for the guy, don’t think I could go through all that personally

Glory Hunter

I ruptured my ACL too playing Sunday league football & he’ll make a full recovery but I’ve never been the same player since that injury(not that I was any good in the 1st place) & I fear the same for Diaby.
Speedy recovery Abou.


Stay posative Abu we all behind you


Gutted for him, and it’s not often i feel that way about modern day footballers. What a talent. What a waste. I think thats that for his career sadly. I hope dan smith contracts an STD. Twat


If it’s any consolation, his career has been utterly shit


That’s no consolation, it just makes me more angry the fact somebody so far out of his depth even managed to sneak into a Premier League side for just enough time to ruin the career of another 19 year old, who was genuinely brilliant.


What’s important here is that, at no point, does AW state that he will be continuing that recovery or making his comeback with Arsenal…


I understand not feeling he is right for arsenal, but being overtly unsupportive does not help.


With all those surgeries, I’d imagine his leg/thigh looks like john terrys withered face.


You almost wish he were some arsehole cunt of a typical footballer, but he’s not. At all.
He seems like a nice bloke and he looks pretty down-to-earth. He’s disciplined and works hard, trains, and abstains from a wild party life, focusing on his health.
And yet this shit keeps happening to him. I feel gutted for him.


cept the time he lost his cool against barton


I remember that idiot almost breaking Diaby’s leg in half with a retarded challenge. So given his history of injuries, you can see why he lost his cool.

A N Other

I think even Dalai Lama would lose their cool against Barton.


He seems like a nice guy ? Like you know him ? Watch him torturing Ben arfa on YouTube during their academy days


Torturing? hahahah I’ll show you torture my friend my name Kim Jong-un I support the Arsenal


Wasnt he going to join barcelona or at least he said he wanted to right after he started doing good. It was around the time after the world cup


The most important thing is that Diaby does not give up on Diaby.


Coaching job at the Arsenal perhaps? I certainly hope so, could teach a few about running at players especially.

Loop A Hole

Not already!

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Omasi WC

Sorry AboU. Its A shame to C this Happén


Sincerely sad.


If there is a player in this team that has immense mental strenght, it sure is Diaby. Would have loved if he made a comeback and laid all the injuries behind him, but I guess that is just wishfull thinking.

Have a good and speedy recovery, Abou!


I hope he recovers too but lets be honest, he’s never been an integral part of the team and he never will, not with how injury prone he is. Any other manager would’ve long let him go and we probably should to, for the sake of the squad of 25. Not every story has a happy ending.

Tiger Tadgh

Arsene always talks about mentality and mental strength, Abou Diaby has it in bucket fulls I just wish he had the chance to show it on the pitch more instead of in the treatment rooms. Poor guy

Adam Tonys

Sad for him. Life is a lottery and he can take some comfort from the fact that he had been one of the top 1% of the world population in terms of income.

Time to cut him loose though Arsene. His wages will pay for a decent cover player or lower ticket prices!

Dial square

What else was Arsene going to say? Yes it’s a massive blow to Abou and surely signals the end of his Arsenal career, a lot of fans saying give him a pay as you play contract, but they forget that, that still takes up a valuable squad place which would be better served going to someone else, a real shame though.


I know all must feel for Diaby but Arsenal must let go of him we can’t hold onto hope that he’ll stay injury free because we all know it ain’t going to happen. The staff must get rid of all the leechers in the squad that don’t contribute a damn thing to the club like Squillaci, Arshavin and build the squad from there.
Just my 2 cents.

Midfield Corporal

I understand your sentiment but I’d rather pay Diaby £60k a week to work hard at trying to be a footballer than Giving that to Bendtner, Arshavin, Squillachi who show no real effort.


One of the first names on the French team sheet when fit. The guy is such a role model to young players, an anti-Barton if you like. Best of luck for the future, inshallah it’s at full fitness at Arsenal, if not I will always cheer your return until I’m horse!


Please do not waste more money on him, just ditch him he is useless


I would love if supporters who are lucky to attend home games at Emirates (‘lucky’ maybe is not the best word if you consider some of team performances, however watching Arsenal for over a decade I’ve never been able to make it to the stadium) show a great support to Abou Diaby at next home game and behave as well as yesterday giving a moment of respect to magnificent Rocky.


Keep believing Abou!


Come back stronger,Abou. I still wanna see u lift trophy for Arsenal fc.


…he’d probably drop it on his foot and break a metatarsal 🙁 Seriously though, hard not to feel for the guy when you compare his attitude to some players who are out drinking, smoking and God knows what else every weekend, happy enough to sit on the bench taking home their ridiculous wages and yet don’t seem to ever get injured (certain Moroccan forward with a terrible haircut springs to mind.. ) and yet a hardworking guy like this who does everything right and clearly wants to play so much just doesn’t get any luck at all. In all honestly… Read more »

chamakh's barber

The only thing i want more than a jenks goal is a diaby goal, after all he has been through he deserves a moment of glory. A fantastic goal unassisted, purely a result of his skill as 60,000 fans burst with applaud, not some pity applaud but appreciating the true talent of diaby goal.
How i wish his injury goal is just a pre-planned april fools prank


First time i heard the news i was like WTF? Why him again? That’s life sha,He should stay strong and keep believing. Get well soon Abou!


The first time I read the news I was like WTF? He’s still only 26?!

Time is on his side.

That said, Arsenal can’t stand still in wait. A move for Lars Bender may be on the cards.


Before sleeping monsters check under their beds for joleon lescott.


It would take an adult man on the minimum wage 2000 years to earn the money Diaby
has been paid while he has been in the Arsenal rehab programme.


Arsene gave an extended contract to a player who had been assessed as physically so fragile that just walking could cause injury. Now this will cost the club ten million pounds….a total loss. keeping Diaby has meant we could not sign a quality dm which means our defence has suffered and the team performances have suffered.
Jack Wilshire is going the same way. Jack should have no more than a 12 month contract, Rosicky and Gibbs the same.There are no Arsenal players worth having on any more than a two year contract right now.

santi's panties

You know what would be better, outsourcing players to an agency that would send us new ones every week if they weren’t performing.


Jack on 12 month contracts?? A guy of his talent on a yearly renewal policy…

I am glad your not the manager or involved at Arsenal in any shape or form!


Wait, you get flamed for pointing out what the manager doesn’t say now? Haha! Ok then, he also didn’t call Diaby a cunt either! Flames mother truckers!


It sucks because I love the guy and want to see him succeed but at this point it’s pretty clear that all hope is gone. I want to see him reach his potential, but it’s not going to happen.


It’s RVP all over again, he’ll spend his Arsenal career on the sick bed then the minute he’s fit he’ll jump on a trophy winning band wagon.


I only hope that one day, you will not come up with a ” the little boy in me ” cunt story when you regain your full fitness



We called him the new Vieira and he proved why when fit. He should be our main component in midfield, a box-to-box player springing defence to attack. He has the ability to become a great in football. As much as some will console themselves on the fact he earns mega bucks, I would hate to feel what he is going through. The guy is human and this could well destroy him mentally. I hope he stays strong and does his best to come back for the Arsenal.








You again













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