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Adler talks Arsenal as Fabianski weighs up one more year

Wojciech Szczesny may be starting Sunday’s game with Manchester United but there’s still little to suggest his status as Arsenal’s number one is secure as the transfer window looms large.

Yesterday the Evening Standard claimed Lukasz Fabianski is prepared to stay at Arsenal for the final year of his contract so long as he gets a serious shot at the number one spot, while today Frank Arnesen, sporting director at Rene Adler’s club Hamburg, has publicly stated, “It is known that Arsenal are looking for a goalkeeper.”

It’s long been assumed that Fabianski would make for the Emirates exit this summer having had first team chances hard to come by in the last two-years, however, with a decent recent run of form under his belt it appears the Pole is willing to stick things out for twelve more months in the hope of fulfilling the potential the boss has so often spoken about.

Should Fabianski stay it doesn’t necessarily rule out the option to further strengthen in goal. While tittle-tattle about Spanish duo Victor Valdes and Iker Casillas has never looked like anything more than headline fodder, rumours have also persisted about Stoke’s Asmir Begovic and German international Adler.

While the former is seemingly wanted by a number of clubs flush with more cash than us, the latter seems open to a move coyly telling Bild of his pride at being linked with the Gunners.

“For any player, it is an honour [to be linked with Arsenal],” he is quoted as saying.

“It is something that inspires me even more, but it is not distracting me.”

With Vito Mannone still on the books and young Argentine Damien Martinez getting regular game time in the reserves there’s much for Arsene Wenger to mull over in the coming weeks and months. One thing is for sure, high-level competition between the sticks is vital if we’re to get the best out of whoever is number one and those in front of him. That’s certainly not always been the case in recent years…

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Adler looks a great addition to the squad and I really hope this is true. Would be great if we kept Fabs but seeing as he’s injury-prone, Adler would be a perfect replacement.

Don Vito

All this talk!

*off to the mattresses*


Adler is equally injury prone.


Adler had one long term injury two years ago since returning from that injury hasn’t been injured since, going on to appear in 29 of 30 games for Hamburg this season and winning his place back in the German squad with some commentators in Germany around Christmas suggesting that he should play ahead of Neuer. Not exactly equal to Fabianski.




Sir gooner

Adler has only played 16 times this season, and didn’t play the whole of last season ….


Nope, he definately played 29 games this season, that means about all of them. I don’t know where you picked your numbers from. He was first injured last season and when he came back Leverkusen had already siogned his replacement which was one reason for the little number of games.



I know we could do with a new keeper and he is decent but this is not exciting for me, mabye at seasons end it might have been but not today.


adler would be a very solid signing, experienced and consistant. just what we need


Anyone who says he is consistent obviously doesn’t follow him week in week out.


I don’t know what you’re talking about, this season he has been sensational. Hamburg’s best player by far. He was supposed to be Germany’s number one before the WC 2010 but he got injured. Neuer took the role and never looked back but Adler is back in contention, being number 2 again after his hiatus.


I’d be happy for Fab if he left, knowing he gets the first team football (throughout the season/s to come) he definitely deserves. Also, Adler is a more than adequate replacement for him, who Szczcczz can learn from and compete with. If this deal comes through, then logically I see Szczcczz’ improving a lot more.


Ze German connection continues to grow.


Have we ever had any bad German players? – Moritz Volz is exempt.


Stefan Malz was German as well. Though didn’t feature that much in the first team

Dr. Silent

Adler is just the kind of goalkeeper we need. Experienced, consistent, and has very good ability. Exactly the sort of guy Szcz could learn from and compete with.


Our last great sides were built around a strong period for the French, could it now be the time of the Germans?

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Looks like it – not a bad thing you have to say considering how much talent is coming through over there at the moment. Le Boss is also fluent in German, which helps quite a bit you’d imagine.


And so the bullshit begins.


Begins? It never ended.


I’d rather we let Fabianski and Mannone go. Fab isn’t imposing in his area and is looking rather injury-prone. Mannone simply is not good enough.

As for Szczesny, he needs competition and if he doesn’t like it, then he is also free to seek employment elsewhere.


I’d stick with Chesney to be honest, and Fab as a backup if he’s willing to stay. Save money for strengthening other roles.


We’re just “one or two players” away from challenging for the title next season.

more Cazorlas less Girouds

Yes, two more Cazorlas 😉

The grover

And 5 injury free rosickys then 4 rambos.


Well last season we signed 1 or 2 big players, and at the same time lost 1 or 2 big players. Don’t know what that makes.

David Caddell

This has been a rumour for a long time I like szzz fabs improved but for some reason I don’t think he’s an arsenal number one if alder does sign it would be great and help improve the younger players


I also talk Arsenal. Arsene please sign me, even as a 30 years old ball boy 😀

Henry's beard

What is it with Bild at the moment? They’re everywhere!


Julio Cesar


Adler was unfortunate enough to be on the wrong side of the recent 9-2 against Bayern.

more Cazorlas less Girouds

Is this your way of saying that there’s only one Rene Adler?


Chesney was unfortunate enough to be on the wrong side of last season’s 8-2 against Man U. And most people agreed that he actually had a decent game.


If you let in 8 (or 9) goals, you haven’t had a decent game.

Perry S.

I’d rather have an well-aged Italian keeper between the sticks, someone like Marchetti. But Adler will do 🙂

Steve McQueen

I don’t see where the apathy about Fab is coming from. Before his injury last season he was much better than SZS and proved it again when he had a run of games, a kick in the ribs hardly makes you injury prone, the exception being the shoulder problem he had in the past. Fab’s command of the area was obvious to see when he came back into the team, it was reminiscent of the early command the SZS showed but went onto lose. Had Fab not been kicked in the ribs, I would have seen it hard for SZS… Read more »


Get Adler; flunk Fab and Vito. Keep Martinez as fall-back. I watched him when Argentina played the Super Eagles in Nigeria and I saw a great keeper in the making.


I am only thinking about the next game against Man u.


For the first time in ages I am no longer seeking to get 1 over on Utd, I simply want those 3 delicious points.

petits handbag

Adler would be a good signing, our last German keeper worked out alright.
Memories of saves from Solskjaer in the last minute at Old Trafford in our last win there and the save from Raul in the 2nd leg arise.
So let’s keep signing these players,15-16 million is great business for Cazorla level players. They’re still out there.


What Blogs didn’t mention is that Adler also said that “sometimes you should just be content/happy with what you’ve got”. He seems like a down-to-earth guy and has only really settled in Hamburg this season. Don’t believe he would chose to leave. Though I wouldn’t rule it out completely. Especially if Hamburg don’t make it to Europa League this season. Arsenal would have to pay more than the corpulated €6 million fee. Rather €9-12 million I suppose.


Adler is ambitious though, he only went to Hamburg because after he stalled on signing a new deal at Leverkusen he was waiting for a better movie and got injured. Leverkusen then brought in Leno, another young keeper and Adler was out the door. He was actually hoping to have a shot at ManU. Then there were not many options left to rebuild his career and he’s lplaying a phenomenal season, on form alone he’s the best goalkeeper in Germany at the moment which considering the depth of talent in that position is saying a lot. Hamburg is sort of… Read more »


I might add, that Hamburg is cash-strapped, so they do need the money, so they might very well decide to cash in even though he’s been their best player by far this season.


Jurgen klopp. Possible next afc manager?


Not happening, not anytime soon. If he ever decides to leave Dortmund though, Arsenal might appeal to him.


Fly Emirates connection?

Click here to cancel reply

I think we should finally let go of Fabianski, it’s only fair that we let him go regardless of us signing another GK or not . Even though The GK position isn’t our primary priority this summer, I like the fact that we are being linked with Rene Adler; He is very dependable and expirienced. I gather the impression from his interviews that he is extremely smart & thinks in a different way and doesn’t give a fuck about what people think about him.It’s about time we had a personality like this in The Club. Although i maintain Sczcesney’s long… Read more »


Pretty sure Fabianski’s contract is up in two months time?


I hope he isn’t that keeper who played against Bayern Munich 2 or 3 weeks ago.


None of the goals were his fault though. Hamburg was totally inept, he was actually their best player on the field.


I didn’t see the match, just saw the score 9:2. But I’ve just watched videos about him, he looks good.


Best keeper in the Bundesliga this season and the standard in the league concerning goalkeeping is really high, I might add.


Adler: yes please!
Valdes: noooooo!!
Casillas: yes, but too expensive. Older and about the same level as Adler.

Peter Lavelle

Ah, season ticket renewal time approaches, hence the talk of “quality” signings…

Arsene Wenger

It seems that ‘season ticket renewal time approaches’ has been going on since even before the loss at the North London Derby, does it even end?.

Lifetime Gooner

Robins a cunt

The grover

Whats that?
Did you just say robin is a two faced mercenary cunt? U shudda.


Adlet is the best goalkeeper in Bundesliga for me


Can Alder play the harmonica?

Bill Ellison

If Arsenal have expressed an interest in this guy put your money on him going to City, United or Chelsea


Fabianski has a lot of qualities–he’s a great shot stopper and is good positionally–but he doesn’t command the area. His catching and punching leave a lot to be desired, and this is what is needed to be a great goalkeeper. Jens was one of the best at those skills. Szcesny has shown promise, Vito too, but Fabianski just lacks that little bit. It’s too bad.

If Adler can add that aspect between the pipes, then I’m all for a move for him. If not, then I’d pass. We have plenty of keepers who are at the moment good-but-not-great.

Wenger's Waterbottle

Come on Irene.


One player that i’d like us to sign is: Stocker. Watched him play for Basle and was impressed.


He was busy against Chelsea but utterly lacked the quality to play for Arsenal.

Gunsen gunner

Salah was much better.He looks like he could get a move to a much better club in a few years similar to Shaqiri.Besides we should set our sights a little higher on someone like Julian Draxler.He’d cost 10-15m but he’s got the potential to become an absolute monster of a player.


Anyone see dragovic for basle last night. we were linked with him before (altho that means little enough) a very strong centre half. would be a v good addition
time to look forward with hope.


rene Adler braucht einen top club,und bei arsenal würde er zeigen das er zu den besten der welt gehört.
ich würde arsenal raten ihn zu holen.

google translate german arsenal fan !!

Double Canister

Mmmm. Makes you wonder why average joe keepers in the Prem are coated at £15m?


Why not Cesar?
Qpr is going down and he is pure quality.
Enough of the miserly business.If you want at least some quality..u have to shell out money.
We r short of a decent goalie for quite some time..maybe after Lehman..
Wenger obviously doesn’t believe so hence we keep conceding soft goals..
Often the opposition needs only one strike on goal in the entire match to score!!!!

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