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Arsenal 0-0 Everton – Player Ratings

So it was a frustrating night at the Emirates as the Gunners settled for a 0-0 draw with Everton when a win would have really upped the pressure on Chelsea and Spurs. Here are the ratings:

Wojciech Szczesny: 7/10 – A clean sheet on his return, caught everything cleanly and distribution appeared more accurate including one fantastic long throw to the wing.

Bacary Sagna: 7/10 – Did well to handle threat of Baines especially given he was left two-on-one a few times in first half. As always crossing is a lottery with him especially when he cuts back onto his left.

Kieran Gibbs: 7/10 – Got up and down the wing well but as with Saturday his distribution in last third was again pretty poor. Struck a fearsome shot in the first half but has some work to do if he’s to rival Silvinho and Nutty in the screamer stakes. Replaced in final seconds due to fatigue.

Per Mertesacker: 7/10 – Not unduly fazed that the bull-like Anichebe treated him like a lanky matador, the BFG won plenty in the air and was tidy on the ball.

Laurent Koscielny: 7/10 – Didn’t really put a foot wrong all game, has the quality to take the carry ball out of defence and needs to do so more often when teams sit back and slow tempo. Looking like his old self.

Jack Wilshere: 6.5/10 – Still a little off the pace, his first touch wasn’t as decisive as we know it can be and that took a toll on creativity. Did well to survive a physical going over by the Everton midfield in the first half and gets an extra half mark for rightly wanting to batter Kevin Mirallas at the break.

Mikel Arteta: 7/10 – His hesitancy about shooting in and around the box (penalties aside) is baffling for a man who has played further up the pitch in the past. Perhaps he didn’t want to have to not celebrate against his old club? Tick-tock tidy and marshalled the threat of Fellaini well. A standard performance.

Aaron Ramsey: 7/10 – Still prone to the odd ‘aarghfucksakeRamsey’ moment he’s increasingly confident in possession and doesn’t let crowd reactions get him down. He closed down Everton all over the pitch last night and looked one of Arsenal’s fittest players. Giroud should have scored from his fine first half cross and could have had a goal from a corner if he’d been composed rather than trying a flick after his header was blocked. Perhaps some things are harder to change than others!

Santi Cazorla: 7.5/10 – Very quiet stuck out on the left he only really came into his own in the last 30 minutess once Wilshere went off and he returned to the middle; it’s not the first time that’s happened. Quite how he manages to skuttle around challenges with the ball stuck to his foot is beyond me, he’s a treat to watch when he’s skips free of a marker and spreads play. Also had two decent efforts which were well blocked/saved.

Theo Walcott: 4/10 – His proclivity for running away from play is second to none. Went off after 70 mins so perhaps fitness had a part to play, but more likely he just wasn’t in the mood. Will probably have to write his next kiddie book from the confines of Baines’ pocket.

Olivier Giroud: 5/10 – Increasingly polarising figure judging by the reaction on the terraces. There are those who recognise his work rate and the fact he’s asked to do a lot of unglamorous work off the ball and in the air, which for the most part he does well. The rest can’t help but scream in frustration when he misses chances and think the rest is irrelevant as a consequence. Should and could have bagged the winner last night in either half. In tight games its impossible not to hold that against him.


Lukas Podolski: 7/10 – Terrific first time pass led to break which first sprung Cazorla free and then saw Chamberlain pass for Giroud. Could have been a decisive contribution had the Frenchman not been beaten by Jagielka to the ball. Lively enough but unfair to assume he can always pull it out of the bag off the bench.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 7/10 – Made two great passes to Giroud either of which could have resulted in an assist but having initially showed real attacking intent he strangely took up a defensive position very close to Sagna for the final five minutes and barely featured.

Nacho Monreal: 5/10 – On in the last minute he gave the ball away on the two times he touched it in an Eboue-esque cameo. Luckily nothing came of it.

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Thought Ramsey was the best player on the pitch.Giroud was very very frustrating. Appreciate his workrate but at this you need a lot more than that.He does not have enough about him to be our first choice striker.New striker should be top priority in the summer. Arsene waxed lyrical about rosicky a week back.And he didn’t even come on yesterday.As much as i love Wilshere i think Rosicky and Cazorla are better suited to the number 10 positon right now.And on the basis of form Ramsey deserves his place ahead of Jack.Jack like others has to fight for the starting… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Agreed, I though Ramsey dictated the way we harried and pressed, I have the utmost respect for this lad to come back after the injury and critiscm from some fans.
Arsene is obviously pissed off with Giroud, his post match comments kept pointing out his tendancy go smash every shot when sometimes placing it is needed. I think he’s a good second striker but not first choice if we want to win something.
Great game though, I look at it as a point gained.

Bould's Eyeliner

I think Wenger thought Wilshere would bounce back faster as he did previously in the season.. it seems like it’s not quite the case. Wish he took him off at half time… either way let’s have faith Wilshere’s quality; he will improve his game based on his last two performances, I think.

And yeah, I’m honestly happier with a point, than three + injuries. Very glad no one was hurt from all the rugby yesterday…

Why not

Rambo was fucking excellent yesterday. Another man of the match performance for me…..I´d edge him in front of the rest at 7.5/10. Or drop the rest by 0.5, but i feel that would be too negative


I think a small problem with the way these ratings are done is that 7 seems to be considered ‘average’ meaning that players have to do something bad/not contribute much in the game to get below it. This limits the scope in the marking (shown above by the number of 7s).

Surely it would be better to consider 5 as the average benchmark, and therefore anything above 5 as positive? Leaves more room for differentiation within marks, and stops 6.5 being considered negative.


In Spain they rate out of three and they are the best footballing nation in the world…..

Why not


Bould's Eyeliner

these numbers are kind of meaningless. Wilshere gets a half point for being mad. Which is great. But still kind of meaningless.


Also Chamberlain definitely should play ahead of Theo.Played like a complete pussy yesterday.


Sell da thing

Satnam Singh

Only yesterday. Look at Ramsey . 18/19 years old he had potential but were making mistakes but had hope for him . Got slated a lot . Now look at him . He is a fixture at the age of 21. Theo is 24 . We are still waiting from the age of 17 . Hopeless is the for theo no brain what’s so ever. If bacery sagna wasn’t a proper athlete We would have conceded a lot of goal on that side . Never works for the team and I am getting sick of him . The England press… Read more »


Theo Theo Theo give him the 100gs a week Arsene .
Were you one of them . SHAME

Touched Your Mother

I like Giroud for the most part, he is a good passer and can hold up play very well, BUT he needs to score goals more often, he’s a striker for god’s sake. Seeing him so distraught after every missed opportunity also really irks me, a striker should have a short memory and move on, not mourn every missed chance. Midfield is excellent, Ramsey/Cazorla/Arteta combo really looks good, and when Jack gets fit and settled in the new look midfield (compared to what he last played with) we will really look like a threat. Also want to say that the… Read more »

master floda

have you seen van persie lately?


Yep, but Pervy’s had less clear-cut chances than Giroud.. Some of Pervy’s more ridiculous shots in recent times were from downright stupid poisitions, born from despereation no doubt, when he should have tried something else.


Van Persie would have score a lot of goals this season,if he was at Arsenal.


Look no further than Kevin Philips. Sign him up Arsene.


Ramsey’s game has really been coming together over the past few weeks. I think the people who described him as awful and even those who said he was merely ‘a good squad player’ will be beginning to think twice about their premature assertions. He’s simply a good player and his performances of late have been on a par if not better than any of those of the so-called leading lights of the team.

NYC Gooner

Yeah Rambo has been playing very well since West Ham early on in the new year, but he has been steadily upping the ante and in the past few weeks he’s been excellent. Two man of the match performances within a week. Flipping amazing.


Yep, I was definitely in the ‘squad player’ camp up until the last 6 or 8 games or so. But recently Ramsey’s work rate has been so impressive – he chases down balls like a boss. I definitely hold him in higher regard now and think he’s edged into my starting XI. I just wish Theo would take example from him and stop looking so deflated and gormless on the pitch, we all know he’ll beat anyone with his pace, when he’s arsed!


Agree with everything except Rambo. I thought he was our best player yesterday- he was everywhere on the pitch. I’d give him at least 8.


Would have given Ramsey an 8 and I think you are being slightly generous with Wilshere. I hope two of Rosicky, AOC and Podolski start against Fulham instead of Walcott and Wilshere…and maybe replacing Giroud wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

Midfield Corporal

Perhaps Prince Poldi up top against Fulham? It’s good to see we have so many options at the moment, it feels like Arsene has let the players know that if they don’t perform for 1 game he’ll put someone else in for the next. Gervinho played three very good games then had a poor one and was benched, I’m liking Arsenes ruthless streak.


He’s only ruthless with some players


Exactly, cuz Walcott keeps on having those very “SHY” games where he seems unable to get in the game yet he starts game after game after game. Wilshere had a stinker game before yet still starts and again did not play well. Coquelin is fit why not play him and push ramsey higher. What does Ox have to do to get a start ahead of Walcott. Gervinho been playing great making chances yet not even given a sniff in this game. Oh well you live and die by your favoured players. Giroud is so not cutting it. very poor decision… Read more »


Amazing how arseblog is so ready to slag off Walcott at any opportunity yet makes a balanced argument for almost any other players poor display.

TO Gooner

Yeah, can’t help but agree to this one. Dog.

Theo deserves the bench against fulham as much as Ox and Poldi deserve a start.


How theo gets a 4, Giroud a 5 & Wilshire a 6.5 is beyond me. He was just as bad if not worse. Lost it almost every single time he touched it yesterday. Gibbs was poor & Sagna arguably motm (dealt with Barnes as mentioned & later Fellaini) & yet they get same rating? Very poor.


Gibbs didn’t have the best first half (wasn’t terrible either) but he was excellent in second. Wilshere was very poor (not even for Jack Wilshere standards) and Walcott too. Ramsey should have a word for him about wworking on the pitch. Sagna was brilliant because he had to. All alone almost whole match until Ox came on. Hope Alex starts on Sat

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

Don’t you think a 4 for Theo is a bit harsh compared to a 6.5 for Jack?

Dave Gooner

Walcott is being judged on the basis of the 100k/week he demanded from us.

Last evening is one of those occasions when you prove you are a 100k player. He didn’t deliver.


So its ok to slag a player off as long as they earn 100k a week. We should have a scale of abuse that’s gets more vitriolic they more they earn. Maybe you should look at the at the fact that he had a superb agent who was ale to exploit the fact that arsenal had sold their most productive players again that season and that put him and his client in the lead seat or maybe look at the reason why the manager and the board allowed yet another player run his contract down to its last year and… Read more »


Theo is limited in his play, we all know that and he was up against one of the best defenders in the league. Maybe you could have said that in your report. I’m no apologist for theo Walcott but admittedly arseblog and not you was very abusive to him when the negotiations for his contract was going on and I just think people need to look at the bigger picture as to why theo was allowed to be given a 100k a when contract when he is clearly not worth anywhere near that. But to beat him over the head… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Sorry V.

He overvalued himself. Arsenal offered a more than fair contract.

With the kind of contract he insisted upon comes (not unreasonable IMO) expectation of performing when needed. Like last night. He didn’t.

Midfield Corporal

In the interest of balance, it was Walcotts running that should have resulted in Gibson getting a red. He wasn’t much use but still could have had a bearing on the match.


has to receive the right kind of ball though, i recall a counter where the ball was passed to his feet whereas the pass 10 feet or so ahead suits him much better as he doesn’t need to slow to control the ball, id of rated a 6 on the basis he didn’t do enough but he wasn’t missing shots or hindering play


But that’s just Theo all over Mike, and it typifies his attitude in that he’s not much of a fighter or positive, since the ball to him needs to be perfect for him to be happy with it or even chase it. Contrast that to the attitude of a player like Ramsey, who gives that bit extra in EVERY single thing he does. A 100k a week player makes things happen, like Cazorla who would make a bad ball to him good. Theo has too much of the attitude whereby the team has to work for him, rather than he… Read more »


He ought to be judged on the basis of his performances. Yesterday from my vantage point in the ground it was clear o see that Walcott was MIA. he has an uncanny ability to be in the wrong position. His first touch at times makes me think he has had a liberal amount of anaesthetic injected ino both feet prior to the game. I don’t enjoy slagging him off but the evidence of my eyes after watching him play for 7, count em, years is that he is no better now than when he joined us at 16. Apart from… Read more »


Funny enough though people always want to slag off Gervinho but truth be told he is never shy of wanting the ball and trying to do something with it. Yes he never usually takes the easy route and just cross the ball into the area but usually tries to put ball to players feet after getting pass a couple players. Walcott suppose to be quick but sadly cannot be found by a through ball as he is never in a position to get pass a player or even come back on defense. Poor Sagna has to battle 2 players at… Read more »

Glory Hunter

I agree with Voldermort, compare Gervinho against Norwich on Saturday or Theo last night, who played better? & who was got the higher player rating?
Arseblog(or the Hound) have had it in for Theo before & after his contract extension, it’s very strange!


Gervinho clearly played better. i dont know who got the highest rating. but Gervinho probably did, and rightly so.


Cause he is bloody hopeless


Although I love watching Cazorla make fools of the opposition with his dribbling, does any one else get the feeling that he prefers to twist and dribble his way out of a tight spot rather than do that one, two touch passing?


No. Oftentimes the other players aren’t on the same wavelength as him. He is clearly not a dribble first player.


Fair enough. Watching the game I could pick out 2 or 3 occasions where he could have passed first time to open up the play. But it’s easier to see from broadcast view than on the pitch.


Ramsey work rate is really inspiring.
I don’t know what’s up with Giroud, he needs to chill the fuck out and think about what he’s doing a bit more.

Cazorla’s feet are magical and the Kos bossed it again.

Was Theo on the pitch? For me, The Ox should be ahead of Theo in the first team.


Also, we need Rosicky playing and, dare i say it, Gervinho would have added a lot last night.

Los Polandos

Damn right about Gervinho – in tight games like this one can alwayse use a laugh.

60 + 15 = 75pts = 3rd place?

In my opinion… – Rambo deserved higher than a 7 – Theo’s first-touch still not worthy of player earning GBP100k-a-week, but unlike earlier in the season he did show a committment and a willingness and probably deserved better than a 4 – Wilshere’s first-touch let him down from the 1st-minute to the 68th-minute when he was subbed, and almost every time he got the ball he proceeded to lose it. 6.5 probably too high. – Just like he did vs. Norwich City, The Ox managed to add a new dimension when he came on. But his poor decision to cross… Read more »


I still dont know why cant we change tactics, remember their 6-0 trashing at goodison few seasons back where bendtner was deployed on wings and his height really created a problem for baines. Why cant we thrive upon their weakness???
And getting frustrated with walcott a lot he is suppose to make runs behind the defender because he can hardly dribble thats the only thing he is lethal at dont know why its not happening much (remember the young theo who use to dash and cutback) and ramsey arteta sagna reluctance to play the ball is not helping either.


Love the comment about santi. At one stage there were three defenders around him and i was sure hed lose posession. Next thing you know all three defenders are sitting there with the “what the fuck just happened look” and santi had somehow kept posession and started an attack down baccys side.

I really think rosicky or santi should be starting there in the hole for the rest of the season. Work on jack there in the off season and deploy him next too arteta against fulham. Rambo deserves a breather, and a pint to celebrate cardiffs promotion.


A major part of our defensive success recently is the Ramsey-Arteta double pivot that shields our defense yet still offers some attacking verve. Wilshere lacks the defensive nous and positional awareness to play alongside Arteta in that role. Rosicky is the perfect balance for the midfield at CAM with Santi out wide. Also given Rambo’s work rate I highly doubt he wants a breather or wants to sit out the rest of the season – nor should he.


Giroud’s positioning was wrong when crosses came in, at least one player should have stood next to the goal post for a tap in. Theo is so one dimensional.

The result doesn’t change anything, we need to win all games between now and the end of the season.


Hope we had Gervinho on the pitch yesterday. A small bump on him while inside the box by any of those violent Everton boneheads would have sent him flying to the corner flag and give us a penalty for the win.
I can’t believe Arsene missed Gervinho’s strategic value in this game

NYC Gooner

Think that Rambo deserved an 8 at least, he was our best player and put in yet another MOTM performance, guns blazing from the beginning and was holding his own in a way oversized Everton midfield. That cross to Giroud was pure class. Honorable mentions to Gibbo and Santi, who both had good games especially in the second half.

Denis V

Ramsey was my MOTM, should’ve have edged everyone else out in the ratings me thinks. I was astounded how he seemed to pop up everywhere.

Just saw the Arsenal official feed and he won the poll again, this time by an astounding 52% (Santi rightly at second with 17%).


Giroud had a shocker. Either he can’t play with his right foot or he’s just not good enough for Arsenal. What bugs me is that some of these players are incredibly one-footed. Theo especially. Did he even get a touch on his left-foot? Way too predictable.

JAmes vagaBond

Giroud sure as hell can hit it with his right foot…remember the goal he scored off the bench against Newcastle? it just wasn’t his day is all, and like Blogs mentioned in today’s blog, when he’s off his game, there’s no one to pick up the slack (striker-wise)

glory hunter

I wonder if he would have been as kind to Theo if it was him that missed those chances!
Actually there’s no point wondering, cos we all know he wouldn’t have
A bit more consistency & less of the favoritism blogs 🙂

AFC is a class apart

Theo theoroughly deserved 4/10… Sometimes he overtakes the ball, at times it is the players and other times it is the play itself. Come on man, add some value to the game besides pace.
And Giroud, dude how did you miss the best chance of the game? Frustrating forwards we have… COYG!

Fed Up

Hope we dont see theo starting next game. Deserve to be dropped just like yao for his bad game! Ox showed much more in his cameo than ”woolcott”

Fed Up

But i can see him as an impact sub (theo that)

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

It was so frustrating to see our team carry Wally for 70 minutes. He just wandered aimlessly around the pitch – I think he got about 4 touches in the first half, and it was very generous of Wenger to give him 25 minutes to prove himself in the second. It was as though someone had left the mascot on the pitch and told him to go and get some touches on the ball. Some of the positions he took up where just confusing, and the first time a player made a decent run up the right wing (I think… Read more »

Neddy Boo Boo

I don’t know how many Arsenal home games Rednose attends each season, but when the camera pointed to him making notes last night, made me think that he was there to rate the referee and give his review notes to the FA… I’d say these said notes would have been very appraising.
FA : “Look here swarbrick, you’re under pressure tonight, fergie’s in the stands…”


Time to drop Giroud to the bench now, he’s not been good for months now. Give Podolski a run in the middle, can’t be worse atleast.


Rambo is a traction engine.

Also I love jack but at the moment his stats show he doesn’t really score or assist so i don’t see why we are playing him as the creative hub.

Despite his size he has that ‘driving dribble’ skill that Yaya has and I think that is best suited to a deeper starting position.


Wilshere should get no more than a 5. A downward spiral by the player is not what we need right now. Ramsey was just fantastic, those xabi alonso-like passes are really coming together now. Upwards and onwards.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

Nice comparison.

Erwan C

Love your name!


Arteta should learn to release ball on time and not too much conscious of possession. He delays the ball. Wenger should please learn to remove Giroud and use Podoski as striker that is if Giroud doesn’t know how England Ball is played. A striker should be tenacious and able to hold ball. He is dispossessed alot. Please he should learn to take his chances and not Chicky passes each time he should move with the ball. Wenger should learn to make changes on time. The game changed once he brought in Podoski and OX. He should have removed Giroud and… Read more »

padantic George

If you are going to give Theo 4 and Giroud 5 then Jack gets 4.5 at best.Or has he pas a get out of jail free card?


Player ratings are entirely subjective and prompt discussion. I’d have given Jack less (in fact I did for the Norwich performance – but these aren’t my ratings, and there’s no definitive right and wrong score.

Except for when John Terry plays and he gets CUNT out of 10.

Midfield Corporal

You have to admire Talkshites unashamed anti-Arsenal bias. This morning they have a Tottenham supporting journalist on to discuss Arsenes ‘moaning’ about Evertons strong tackling in the first half, expect a reasoned debate there then. I’ve switched over to Ken Bruce now.


You missed Popmaster for that shit?

Serves you right then.

Midfield Corporal

I love pop master, turned over just as it was ending, schoolboy error on my part!. I find Talksport is like a scab, every now and then I’ll pick it even though I know it will hurt.


Having removed a number of comments this morning which looked more like kindergarten maths than actual English, I’d ask people again to read the comment policy. Thanks.


I think Ramsey was a solid 8 and Sagna also. Both players put in a shift and a half and displayed the battling qualities needed to get maximum points in these types of games. Unfortunately, we couldn’t put away our chances. These games are always tight at the top of the table, chances must be converted. I like Giroud and I think he can develop into an all round striker for every game. He just needs to improve in a few areas of his game so he has a complete striking tool-set (this is required in our system). Not having… Read more »


Giroud the worst player on the pitch by some distance. His link up and hold up play is nowhere near as good as you claim, and he’s incredibly lazy for a man with so few other qualities to his game. Number of times the players around him just fly past him and our lone striker is stood on the edge of the box when the ball comes in is incredible. Classic arseblog though. Only one person really to blame for all our woes innit. In the real world, Ramsey was great again, as was Kos. Santi and Gibbs did what… Read more »


I think you were too harsh on Monreal for that yellow. To me, he snuffed an attack that could have lost us that one point. He wasn’t the sharpest but what could you expected from his 5min cameo?


Defence: add +0,5 to all except Sagna (he slows the tempo down far to much) Add 0,5 for Rambo (he a starter now, plays really well. 2 things: final ball can be sloppy and sometimes he does pressing on his own when the rest of the team is falling down) Add 1,5 for Giroud (did enough to get minimum 6,5 yesterday. Didnt score but will do that next game. But we do need competition at this position next season) – 1,0 for Jack (had a bad day, specially last 10 minutes. Wenger should see this earlier and make the substitution… Read more »


Arseblog is by far the best argumented Arsenal blog in the world, but I cannot agree with how poorly Theo is rated. He received 2 decent (should have been much better) balls in the whole game and everyone is acting like its his fault?


The thing is he is meant to be one of the best players at the club, yet does not understand that he shouldn’t stand out of the way of play and wait for the ball to come to him. He might have tried hanging a little deeper and wide right, so he could play one twos for space, and also to make Baines wonder “do I go press, do I drop off?”, so that space is created for the attacking midfielders in what was a very congested game in front of Everton’s defence. When we come up against a tough… Read more »


Thanks for your great reply and I could only agree with your vision. Theo certainly hadn’t his best game, but he was overlooked a couple of times (can happen) by Cazorla or other players and the balls he received were just not good enough: for example the pass from Ramsey in open play was a fraction behind him so he lost his advantage against the Everton defenders, a better ball would have almost cetrainly resulted in a one on one with the keeper. In this case I find it harsh to give a player a 4 while he is a… Read more »


Yeah I get what you mean. He’s quite an “efficient” player, as Wenger puts it, so when there is a chance to put him through, even if that’s rare, the team does have to try and find him well. They know he is weak on the ball, so play far ahead so he doesn’t have to wrestle, but it can be hard to do so as Everton pressed the player making the pass well. I think Walcott needs to learn to vary his play for the good of the team though, since some nights it wasn’t going to be his… Read more »

Adewunmi Olajide

As far as am concern Olivier Giroud is worse signing of the season,look at yesterday he waste all the chance we have and he will never being position for goal, i wonder what kind striker will run back to take ball, football has element of division of labour ,each department play is part well the result will come but he fail other team mate, i think he should play as assistant striker not main striker, wenger should note this.


Cazorla 7,5? I thought he was poor again yesterday for the third time in a row. Right his dribbling among 2-3 players is incredible and his 50m crosses are brilliant and inch-accurate but beside that he wasn’t productive for most part of the match. His “normal” simple short passing (not 40-50m) was off, didn’t create at all and didn’t shoot (I don’t count this one time when the ball dropped on his foot in the pen box). And his corner kicks… Everton are big guys side and we don’t have many Eiffel Towers in the team but no wonder we… Read more »

John C

I thought Wilshere was terrible yesterday and kept on for far to long. How Wenger can spend all day saying that he rushed him back them play him later that evening was ridiculous. Ramsey has really found his place in the team, always felt he was a central midfielder. He does have quality on the ball, what he doesn’t have is pace or the ability to play with his back to goal, which makes him unsuited for any attacking position. Little unfair on Walcott, if we don’t have control of the midfield he’s always going to stuggle. He isn’t a… Read more »

Butter my Arsenal

Personally, I thought Ramsey wasted the ball a lot in the first half. Perhaps statistically his pass completion was good but there were at least 3 promising attacks in the first half where he gave the ball away. I agree his performance against Norwich was great but he was frustrating on the ball yesterday. The cross for Giroud was his best moment but beyond that I thought he was disappointing. Inside the stadium he is targeted by the fans I must say, along with Gervinho, and I’ll never agree with that, but the praise for Ramsey on Arseblog over-compensates sometimes.… Read more »


I think the rating for Theo is pretty harsh, he was up against the possibly the best left back in England right now and he took a clattering first half when it was a little more open, 2nd half Everton defended very tight with numbers, none of our attacking players really found it easy. Jack is certainly off the pace at the moment, he just needs a couple of more games but not necessarily from the start, that game really was crying out for Rosicky last night, high pressing and dribbling at pace would have committed their midfield an defence.… Read more »


All you lot do is slag off Walcott at every single opportunity, all it ever is is bad, bad, bad or something sarcastic! YET when another player plays bad you always look to a positive, it’s laughable and it’s got to a point now where it’s just ridiculous! You call yourself Suppoertters?lol You should be ashamed of yourselves… Even when Walcott does something right you make out it was lucky, for example his assists against Norwich and Bayern…one biased blog. I was glad for Arsenal that Theo signed a new contract but I knew he would be making a mistake,… Read more »


In my opinion Arseblog is one of the least biased blogs on the net, but you are right when it comes to Theo. His performances are always underestimated and the example you give about his last two assists being “lucky” is a perfect illustration of that. Theo is probably our most productive and lethal player for a couple of seasons and opposing teams always need two players to keep him quiet. There is no single player in the country who plays well in every match, especially not in this position so I would appreciate a bit more support for our… Read more »


Sir chesney 7/10 – returned from exile well. Handled well, distributed better than usual. All you can ask of someone who has been dropped. Gibbs. 7/10 – contained the in form mirallas well. Only beaten once by my count. Final ball can use work but that criticism can be leveled at every single player on the field. Some whose actual jobs it is to do. Kos. 7/10 – solid, anyone who has seen everton should realise how well anichebe has been doin recently, add the fact he’s in drogbas mould I was unsure whether our cbs could handle it. Colour… Read more »

Ian Wright

Giroud is a fucking donkey

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