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Arshavin linked with Sevilla move

Spanish newspaper AS says that Andrei Arshavin could join Sevilla this summer.

The Russian is out of contract at the end of June and Arsene Wenger admitted that the former Zenit man would leave the club. While he hasn’t made a Premier League all season, and his last appearance for the club was way back in January, Wenger praised Arshavin’s professionalism, saying, “I must say that publicly I would like to give him credit, because he is working absolutely every session at 100 per cent commitment.

“He is an example to everybody, because he has been questioned about his commitment many times. If you saw him every day you would respect him for what he is doing on a daily basis. It is absolutely fantastic.”

Despite reports that he might retire this summer, it seems the Owl will seek pastures new, and Sevilla, and a chance to play in La Liga, would certainly provide him with a decent challenge.


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Gooner UP

That’s a great opportunity for him if true…
Thanks for you input Arshavin…


here you go Arshy. have a great time!

Jimmy Neill

but is there mcdonalds coupons?

Wenger's Glasses

Everytime I read about Arshavin, can’t help but feel sad. Still don’t know what’s the real story with him. Wenger seem to just givin’ up on him since last season. 🙁

Borneo Gooner

I don’t think Wenger ever gave up on his players. It’s very much of Arshavin giving up on himself.


I heard it was because Russia failed to get into the world cup, which was his last chance to win it at his peak. Obviously next year hes gona be 33, he doesn’t rate his chance of getting called up again. Quite sad really, doesn’t help hes seen a lot of good players leave since he arrived and not won anything. Its a shame from going from winning the eufa cup and super cup which was against a full strength manu team to this.


I can’t imagine Wenger ever giving up on anybody. If you put the effort in he will back you to the hilt.

Just look at Diaby, Van Persie etc.


Go on arshavin


Didn’t help that he was never played in his position.


Niether was Ramsey, but he persisted. Dont be a cry baby

Arsene's bottle of water

When played in the wing Ramsey persisted in being shite, that’s what you mean?

Ramsey’s only decent performances come when he’s played where he’s supposed to. He works great alongside Arteta and Cazorla. But when he goes forward he runs like headless chicken and couldn’t hit a barn door with his finishing skills like that.

Perry S.

Compounded by the fact that he can’t seem to understand that you have a better chance of scoring when you kick the ball at the target, not towards the linesmen.


For fucks sake, not this myth again. He put in some of his best performances for Russia on the left cutting in, just like he does (did) for us. He worked his ass off up and down the pitch for them sometimes, but not for us. So it’s a lack of application on the pitch that ended him. Besides, I imagine you think CAM is the best spot for him, but if you look at Roz/Caz/Jack in that position, you can see them harrying the opposition and pressing (at least we play better when we do). Can you see Arshavin… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

Will always remember the Arshavin that mullered the mugsmashers, He was unbelievable in that game!

a gooner in Manchester

many great memories, two Liverpool away games, barca at home, and a number of brilliant pieces. He would have been much more useful if we have had a solid back line and a dominant midfield over the years. Asking him to run up and down the pitch, chasing the big strong and reckless opponents and throwing in tackle after tackle is insane. Fans got on his back rather quickly, which didn’t help at all. Some will say that because footballers earn lot of money, they have to take the stick. But remember, price is a feature of market. They earn… Read more »


Good that he’s going to sevilla for his final 3 course meals……change of menu….pay cheque! I mean Pay cheque!


I heard suarez could not taste defeat, so he settled for Ivanovic.

a gooner in Manchester

enough of jokes on him.

I guess, Suarez’s a slightly malfunctioned product of the education which embraces the mentality of “winning is everything”.

He’s nothing compared to the spoiled, criminal Joey Barton who is guaranteed a place in the British media business.

Arsene's bottle of water

We could use a guy like Suarez in our attack when I look at some toothless performances from us. We certainly need more bite there.

Dennis Classy Bergkamp

Sevilla sounds like a great opportunity for him. If this is indeed true and everything works out, I wish him all the best. I’ll always remember him for his goal against Barcelona…one of my happiest moments being a Gunner


His commitment in training cannot be questioned……I wonder if the “first to arrive, last to leave” clause applies to him too.

a gooner in Manchester

if you ask AW about any of his players publicly, then that would apply to every one of them. Which means, in fact, everyone comes to training ground on time and leaves when the session is over. Santos tried to make the time and got caught at insane speeds. Walcott stays and practises his run and shoot with ‘no opponents’!


The revenge for The Squid.


Minus the transfer fee :/

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Who ate all the paella?


I remember his 4-4 days to him coming on against Chelsea and walking it out for a goal-kick. How far has this man fallen? I just hope he feels rejuvenated in the end.

Gilberto Silva

When he joined I watched so many Youtube vids of him in Russia, and of course we all saw him light up EURO 08. It just never worked out, funny guy, but a funny player. Still, thanks for the Anfield 4 and Barcelona, Andrei


I’m going to guess that sending Arshavin to rival Sevilla was part of our deal with Real Betis.


Asharvin was useless and cost us millions we could have spent on some one decent. Good riddance to bad rubbish

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