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Koscieny backs midfield for defensive improvement

Laurent Koscielny believes that Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey have played a big part in Arsenal’s recent defensive displays.

Having kept four clean sheets in our last seven games, and conceded just 3 in that same period, is a significant improvement on a team that was the very essence of leaky for most of the season.

The French defender says better communication has been a factor, but was quick to praise the midfielders who have been working hard in front of the  back four.

“I don’t know what the English word for it is,” he told Arsenal Player, “but in France we have a name for the sort of player that runs in front of the defence all the time.

“We have this in Mikel and in Aaron. They work very hard and very well in midfield. When we have the ball, they play with passes. When we lose the ball, they have the quality to stop a lot of counter-attacks.

“They give themselves for the squad. I think they are the first and second players who run the most on the pitch during a game.

“Aaron puts in a lot of effort for the team. He’s playing very well. He has good passing, he loves going from box to box so he’s very important for the team – like every player. The season is very long and we need to have all players fit and confident for the squad.”

Both defence and midfield will face a very tough challenge when champions Manchester United arrive on Sunday, let’s hope the improvement continues.

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You have 2 give Ramsey 10 out of10 4 his efforts over the last few weeks lets just hope he can start scoring goals again Sunday would be a great day to start


and we all know when ramsey scores what happens the next day
so rvp bye bye sunday will be your last day


7AM says:

Did anyone else see van Persie’s volleyed goal against Villa and think he had that worked out to try before kickoff? Like he took Rooney aside before the match and said, “hit me one over the top, I would love to volley one in like against Liverpool last year!”

I think he did. I also think he did it out of spite for Arsenal. Either that or it was
coincidence of the century.


Are you sitting in front of your computer wearing a tin-foil hat and with the curtains closed by any chance?


Im actually trying to say rvp might have done this so as to piss us off. And 2nd, im actually echoing @7AM KICKOFF earlier statement on his blog. This is infact a copy/paste!

How are you people reading/understanding this? Im trying to say rvp might infact be a miserable cunt.


I agree. It’s van Persie and Illuminati great scheme to piss us off (and conquer the world)!


if ramsey scores kim jong un might wanna hide.

And who gives a fuck about van persie. All of united’s goals in that 3-0 win were offside at some stage. Fucking Surprise, Surprise.


Do you remember what the the Dutch scunk was doing at this time last year. – Having parties over at his house and inviting the players over. He played our asses for delirious,trophyless, fools. He always knew he was not going to be an Arsenal player the next season. But we still kept hoping that he would change his mind, we never gave up not even when he came as a substitute in the pre season game at Colgne we kept hoping until ther was absoulotley no hope for him to change his mind. Having witnessed the aftermath of the… Read more »


Thumbs up just for the image of Wenger throwing a boot at the cunt’s head


I cringe when people talk about Ramsey and how hes “played well for the last few weeks”

He has been busting his balls for the team since January, not just “for the last few weeks”

Bould's Eyeliner

But he has played remarkably better the last few weeks than since January, no one questions his commitment. Or if they do… well enough has been said about that.


Amen…what about all the moaners in the first part of the season.They shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy him

Malaysian Gooner

I’ll hold my hands up and say I was a moaner. He looked way off pace in too many games. But like many others, I said I’d be over the moon to be proven wrong.



“busting his balls for the team” and “playing well” are not one and the same. You can have one without the other. This is why players like Paul Dickov never won shit. Rambo needs to keep working hard because he’s not as effective going forward as someone like Jack or Santi. The second he stops working hard he’s out of the team for me.


Erm the second anyone stops working hard he’s out of the team for me. Every single player needs to bust their balls for the Arsenal, every game. It’s a team sport and the collective need to produce results. No one cog is ‘undroppable’, not even Santi or Jack, as much as I love them both. Ramsey has set an example for the rest of the team to follow (ahem Walcott).


Has been positively vocal of late, could only mean he’s enjoying his football. Hopefully he bosses skunk for the weekend, ever noticed how cool and composed he is?, yeah, he’s gonna boss!


Wat to share the love Kos. Think there is a correlation that the team has now played with each other for a season and now they know what one another can do?


should be “way to share the love”. I hate you coffee and what you do to my typing skills!


Hopefully Walcott watched the BVB game and saw the wingers(ESP.. Reus) help defending. IMO him and Wilshere doesn’t do enough of this. Just my opinion.

Dick Swiveller

Hopefully he picked up a few pointers on going to ground too, he’s English so we should take advantage of that, right?

Perry S.

We need a guy like Reus, badly. Reus must be studying Rosicky from his time at BVB, because his direct running is incredible.


you can Defo tell his hero was Rosicky

Arsene Wenger

Gotze is leaving BVB, so maybe we can pry away Reus now his best mate has left. He always liked Rosicky.

I feel sad for Dortmund though, they remind me of the old Arsenal fighting off United (Bayern, in BVB’s case.)

Double Canister

Never going to happen now.
I wanted him here more than the other 2 but BvB ain’t going to clear out the squad.


Sorry!Reus is an Attacking Midfielder Gotze and Blashcovski[Kuba] are the wingers


That is a good Mikel photo.

Santi's Class

His hair is still fucking perfect.


If there’s something to learn from those German sides over the last 2 nights it has to be that the pace and work rate of those 2 sides is unbelievable. Correct me if I’m wrong but even Robben was putting in a shift. 2 big, powerful, yet superbly technical CM’s who just sit so Alaba and Lahm can bomb on. The thing is, I see a little of this in Wenger’s philosophy but he doesnt seem to do one or the other, the full backs attack, but dont get in the box, the CMs sit, but (until recently) haven’t particularly… Read more »


Absolutely This^

If you have a team of Ramseys with the odd skillful talisman then you have yourself a Borussia Dortmund that can beat anyone.

Energetic pressing/chasing is so underated.

Dick Swiveller

Aye, it’s what we do when we’re playing well imo, the mystery is why we don’t do it anywhere near as often as we should.

Arsene Wenger

It’s not easy to press consistently and play with such quality. For example, Di Canio has found great success by simply improving Sunderland’s fitness and work ethic.

In the end, football comes down to three factors:

>Skill (dexterity on and off the ball)
>Mentality (you need the mentality of Baconface)
>Stamina (without this, you can’t press, make runs, chase players or even compete at all)

Ramsey has shown all these for a while now and just needs to improve his skill slightly.


I think it’s called a sweeper and that’s what Wenger used to play as.


Pretty sure that the sweeper plays behind the defence, not in front of.


A la Beckenbauer


when I played a sweeper played behind the defense, a stopper played on front of the defense


“Stopper” was the word that sprang to mind for me too.


The word Kos is looking for is “Gilberto Silva”


In the actual vid interview Kos called Mikel and Rambo our “sentinels”; I am inclined to agree.


It is a fallacy to assume all sweepers play behind the defense. The role of the sweeper is essentially to be a spare man. Which is why in Italian he is called libero, the one who is free from marking responsibilities. Probably the easiest way to define his role is that he plays the space around the strikers in a 2 striker-system, a bit like Kim Nam-II, who was aptly nick-named the vacuum cleaner. And a lot like Gilberto. In that sense, Murukesh is right, Mikel plays a sweeper. But with the single striker systems around lately, Per and Kos… Read more »

Jermaine Pedant

Kos: he’s worth it.


We won the league at WHL 9 yrs ago today.

Yeah Right

The spuds celebrating like hell after Legendmahn gave them a penalty in the last minute for covering Keane’s eyes. Magic!


Ramsay has indeed improved of late. Maybe Wenger threatned he was going to sell him to Stoke or something.

A N Other

Yes by offering a new contract just few months ago. Not much of threat was it?

Perry S.

Honestly, I’ll be the first to give Ramsey due respect for what he has done over the past month. But I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, as long as he doesn’t get carried away by trying things he’s not meant to do, but rather sticks to playing that certain role he has in the team, then he’ll do fine. He’s a role player, but not a world beater and I hope everyone here doesn’t get carried away thinking as much. He’ll never be a “star”, but I think he can be that player who we can fit… Read more »


To be honest, I agree with you about everything you said but for one thing – you say Ramsey will ‘never be a star’. Think its too early to call that one. He’s not a world beater yet but he has massive potential for sure, he’s only 22 and him and Jack together could be an electrifying combination for the future. Dunno that’s just my take on the two of them. For some reason I feel like Wenger has a plan laid out for the two of them.


Off topic but a brilliant article by grimbo on 7amkickoff. Do give it a read, articulates my sentiments rather aptly.


You’re right there Oz, brilliant piece by grimbo.


Amazing piece, got me so riled up.

Bergkamp's Bald Spot

Smooth as butter that Koscielny. Go on and boss that skunky son of a bitch on Sunday!


The word Koscielny is looking for is “scottyparker”. Though the difference between a proper scottyparker like, uhm, Scott Parker and Ramsey/Arteta is that the latter are able to do more than JUST run around in front of the defence like a headless chicken.

Double Canister

Scott Parker is a cunt.

The grover

Come on you beautiful gooners of mine. Let’s do the poznan this sunday. The skunk deserves nothing but our backs, a dishonourable, treacherous man indeed.


What? And have every sodding pundit say that we’re copying citeh?

No thanks.

[…] Premier League games. Laurent Koscielny puts this down to the protection offered by the midfield, Ramsey and Arteta in particular, but there’s been an improvement all through the […]

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Double Canister

I wantta dance with Koscieny
I wanna feel the HEAT with Koscieny
I want to dance with Koscieny
‘Cos Koscieny’s a gunner!

[…] Premier League games. Laurent Koscielny puts this down to the protection offered by the midfield, Ramsey and Arteta in particular, but there’s been an improvement all through the […]

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