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All Arsenal’s goals from 2012-13

YouTuber SlimSwaidy has put together a compilation of Arsenal goals from the 2012-13 season.

Apparently he’s missed three of them, but after 3’30 of rendering, 30 minutes uploading and who knows how long editing the whole thing together, it’d be a hard-hearted man who’d complain.

ps – Can you figure out which three?

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Jeezzz. I tried to push the top picture for almost a minute. Thought my computer has frozen πŸ™‚


same but i realised my mistake after clicking two times……… arseblog needs to work on this problem……..


Enjoyed that πŸ™‚


Gutted if this gets taken down for copyright


Love Mert’s failed-knee-slide-turned-pirouette celebration against Citeh!


Liveblog half-time pic πŸ™‚


Brilliant video, but it shows how much our attack has deflated in the last few months. We were bangin’ them in on the earlier stages.

Jacques DeCock

We also leaked like a two dollar whore in Bangkok.


Wow. Just wow.

NS Gooner

Agree with the above (kind of as I’ve never been to Bangkok). How many times did we go ahead, then have to go ahead again, then have to go ahead again. We may have been boring at the end of the season but we were damn efficient.

I’ll take 1-0 to The Arsenal all day long.


Hadn’t seen the wonderful Arshavin goal v Coventry [04:30]. Ox hits a cracker in the same game too.


The uploader missed the 2 goals against Swansea when we drew 2-2 in the FA Cup, who could forget that Gibbs volley!


Mertesacker’s goal against Sp*rs away was left out too. Good job by the uploader though!


The Mertesacker goal is there at 25:02


he also missed the podolski ucl volley


He didn’t miss the Poldi volley, third goal he missed was Cazorla’s second against Villa.

Jim Jimminy

Dont think he did. I’m sure i saw it.

Miami Hurricane

Poldi with the goal of the year for me… The infamous Montpellier volley, but his goal against West Ham was a cracker too


Great vid, goals missing: Cazorla’s second vs villa and Podolski and Gibbs’ goals against swansea in the fa cup


I think it’s the 3 goals from the 3-3 draw against Fulham at home?


Ah, no, found them!


I want to say 1 or 2 goals were missed from the home Schalke match.


actually it’s the 3rd one against Bayern in Munich, since we’re talking made up goals


we didnt score any that match

Jim Jimminy

We beat villa 2-1 in feb, but only one is shown in the video. Not the only place there has been a ghost goal though, so i’ll let it go.


Do the penalties against Bradford count?


After watching that how can anyone claim that Poldolski or Giroud have been failures this season?? Both were bloody excellent for their first season in the Prem.


Podolski today scored (in “his” and Merte’s charity match) from the centre spot, when he striked the ball into the upper right corner of the goal. (O.k…the keeper could have been my grandpa, but I hope you get it..) I think we know his qualities, he just needs some rest.
At Cologne the squad had to support him, now he has to support the squad. Which means a lot more running. I think once he gets used to his position/role he will be an even greater player.


Brilliant point of view about Podolski, absolutely spot on.


We could also say Chamakh was half decent based on the two well taken goals in the video.


Missing Gibbs (!!!) and Poldi against Swansea in the F.A. Cup and Cazorla’s 2nd against Villa. Great vid nonetheless, really looking forward to a busy summer and a prosperous new season. Love this team we have


Thanks for sharing my video! πŸ™‚


Great video mate!!


will the real slimswaidy please stand up?


25:31mark–“Oh, dear”
Never gets old


You have to say Gervinho did pretty well when he played this season.


When he scored he did, yes. I dont think it helps him when he has no set position, like Ram earlier in the season.Then again, Ox does what he can wherever he’s put and it usually works well.

Scott B

Just upping this onto my Mac via iLivid in case it gets taken down for copyright. Ta much n much ta


Absolutely shows how great these guys can be.
Next season it has finally got to come together


Great Work.

Hopefully next seasons’s title winning Video will be about 30 minutes longer!

Tunde Adedokun

Gervinho’s miss at Man City ground which we ought to have won.

Henry's beard

Cazorla’s goal against West Ham at the Emirates is Goal of the season for me. What isn’t shown is the team work and build up play that went into that goal. Combined with that cheeky backheel, that was a rare taste of what this Arsenal side is capable of when firing on all cylinders. Here’s to some tasty additions in the summer.


Watching that i realized that really the most used attacking players for us this season almost all had their 1st season for us and their 1st season in the EPL. Surely they gonna understand each other even more next season and surely they are capable of producing even more being now used to english fotball. If we do indeed add even just 1 top forward to push Giroud and to have different option, given our newly found defensive stability it gives you real hope for next season. Now i think we shouldnt expect to see money being splashed this summer.… Read more Β»

Merlin's Panini

Thanks SlimSwaidy. Please stand up…

…and take the applause you’re due.

Gervinho fan

Once I started watching I couldn’t stop


Man, watching that i dont know why i fretted so much, great video thanks very much. Personally Theos goal against Newcastle when he went through about 15 of them, Podolskis volley, Oxs 25 yarder, Giroud’s diving header, Cazorlas against Man u…..infact theres some mint goals Thanks Slimswaidy and Arseblog for keeping me sane up here in the NorthEast.


I’d love to know what Gervs celebration is. He must really like having a clean left shoulder, at the beginning of the season anyway. Good luck to you if you do leave Gerv!


I think it’s a reference to WWE and him being a fan of it. Not sure there’s validity to that but I’ve heard it once or twice.

gunning for glory

the missing goals were the 2 against swansea and cazrola’s second against sunderland… i think


*Aston Villa.

gunning for glory

My mistake, cheers


Listen lads, when you love a team, truly, you should have no expectations. I just love Arsenal through and through and I appreciate the hard work the players, the manager, the staff and the fans put into every single match. I want the best for Arsenal, but at the same time, I am proud of my team and everyone associated with it no matter what happens. Arsenal FC is true love my friends.



There are actually four missed goals…carzola vs Sunderland, carzola vs aston villa, and the two Fa cup replay goals


I love all the responses on here!

Maybe though the summer holidays I can make a montage on a specific player from the 2012/13 season?

Entre Dans La

not many goals but i’d like to see one of Ramsey. Thought he did a lot for this season.


A cazorla montage would keep you busy enough.

Entre Dans La

I think Giroud was excellent this year. Hard-working guy and never heard a peep out of him. I expect him to get better next year. He is 26 and hopefully will peak at 27-30 yrs.

If I had to criticize I would say his 1st touch in tight spots is pretty bad. Then again King Walcott’s 1st touch in open space leaves a lot to be desired.

Goatee of Robert Pires

Complain all you want but judging by Walcott’s contributions over the season, he does deserve the 100k pay.


Podolski’s long shot against West Ham is not on the video.. My favourite goal all season.


21:39 mate, atleast watch the whole video


Nevermind… Found it.


Watching that makes me so glad Walcott stayed. He is ruthless with his finishing. Well he’s proven me wrong, he’s worth the money he’s fought so bloody long and hard for.



Cheers mate that is fucking brilliant. Three months of no footy now Jesus!


Rambo's jungle knife

Can’t wait for Poldi next year! His performances this year bode well for the next years to come. His striking is akin to the Dutch skunk without the little boy inside of him. Hope he’d be healthy and stay healthy for the coming years.

Red Cannon

Man, this highlights how if you take all of his fuck-ups out of the picture, Gervinho is really good! Unfortunately he has a lot of fuck-ups.

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