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Ramsey makes a case for the defence

After a tight-fought run in which saw Arsenal secure fourth place ahead of perennial losers Sp*rs, Aaron Ramsey has praised the team’s defensive ethic, saying it played a major role in the end of season performances.

Arsenal had been porous, conceding silly goals at silly times, but regrouped and worked hard to put that right, and the margin of most of the end of season victories shows just how important that was.

The midfielder played his part in that, but spoke about the team’s focus to Arsenal Player.

“We’ve shown, especially in the second half of the season, we’re so much more defensively solid as a team and we showed that again today. We got our goal and we saw it out,” he said.

“We’ve gone on a terrific run in the second half of the season. Hopefully we can take that into next season and give it a real good go next year.

“Hopefully now the boys can get a good rest and come back nice and refreshed next season and pick up where we’ve left off, taking our great form that we’ve been in of late into next season.”

Arsenal, remarkably, have ended the season with the second best defensive record in the league, conceding fewer goals than both Manchester United and Chelsea, and only three more than Man City.

It’s a good platform to build on ahead of next season. Keep it up, add more goals to the side, and baby, you’ve got yourself a stew going team that can have a go at the title.

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Yeah me too, especially it’s sequel.

Johnny B Goon

The new Parlour, fucking king!

He got ironic cheers for a bad shot a couple of weeks back and I wanted to kill the Emirates crowd. It’s about time he gets the credit he deserves. Aside from Henrik Larsson, I can’t think of a player who has put an injury like that so far behind them. No one talks about it anymore, compare that to poor Eduardo who no one can mention without bringing up the leg break. Love him.


Hatem Bern-arfa……yesterday he was on fire….i am wondering why we dont buy that fella…..


Yes were missing injury prone players.


My vote for Player of the Year for us is Ramsey, only because he more than anyone stepped up his game over the course of the season. From being called the “next Denilson” during the first half of the season, to being our hardest working box-to-box player (a “next Flamini” minus the Flamoney), all in the midst of scathing criticism from his own fans, no Arsenal player has improved as much over the course of the season. His character is matchless.

Koscielny to the rescue again

In case anyone forgot.


Whoa whoa, there’s still plenty of good players in that team. Now you take this back to the training ground, add some midfielders, a Higuain, baby you got a squad goin.


I don’t think many people are getting the Arrested Development reference in the article and your comment 😛

Arsene's left nipple piercing

I buy all my players at police auctions.

Master Bates

Rambo has got a great Engine ,His presence is felt in midfield ,It’s like having extra players .it’s not just his willingness to tackles,mark,run etc ,It’s his ability to do so ,most players get tired


Interesting how he has gone from being the attacking midfield prodigy whose pass could split every defense to the ball winning deep midfield iron. I like his new role. I think he has contributed a lot to the new defensive solidity. I can hardly imagine the team sheet without him.


Hopefully we keep the same defensive stability, but step up 2-3 levels in attack, which has been awful almost all season. I’m really pleased with Kos-Mert, though, Mert proved me wrong and I’m so glad, his lack of pace doesn’t show next to Koscielny at all.

If we improve our attack (part of that might be a new right back, who doesn’t slow our attack down and kills our right wing game), sign a new striker and improve our combinations, we can be a real hit next season.

Theo's Speed

how many years do we have till we get to August?


Still waiting for my payment due from this time last year….


Hahahaha Mr. Fulop! You have such good memory. We will pay with the proceeds from the sale of TGSTEL. Just be patient Sir.

Marriott Hotel Chef

Oh please. I’m still waiting on payment for Operation Lasagne!


That was some genius stuff!!! Just tell us what the secret ingredient was and I’ll talk to Ivan to pay you. It may come in handy next season.

den ice berg kamp

Them spurs fans celebrating that mystry goal absolutely fuckin priceless !

What you think of Tottenham ? SHIT !
What you think of Shit ? TOTTENHAM !



I’d joke about how many spuds it takes to change a light bulb but im not gonna as there always in the shadow……



Absolutely loved how determined Rambo has been this season. His work rate is second to none. Hope he keeps improving next season on other aspects of his game. Not criticising, but like, he needs better balance sometimes as he seems to give easy balls away under pressure. And also better decision making (like that pass to poldi instead of theo) since those are the kinds of moments that make or break a match and what sets apart mediocre players from match winners.

Otherwise, I hope he continues this strong resurgance next season too. One Aaron Ramsey!


Like that pass to poldi instead of theo against United* which would’ve possibly been 2-0

Sue My Chin

There are some top forwards knocking about who could be leaving clubs this summer, we should looking at that position primarily. Then, tie our right back down with a couple years contract extension. If Fabianski leaves we could do a lot worse (and probably will) than Cesar from QPR.

With the players going out, those three signings would hardly even touch the extra money we’ve got coming in… But get a top quality Forward first.


A lot of people talking Arsenal to get top lass forward. So in acway these people are also agreeing with me & what Ive said at the start nd now til the end that Giroud is not up the mark…not for playong alone up front & definitely playing for a top lub like Arsenal. And during Newcastle game he shows once gain how a lazy payer he is!! Podolski was running & chasing when he was on the field…& old Rosicky was pressing right to the las min…sliding, tackling…even when he was on a yellow…and what Giroud did…just jog around… Read more »


I seem to recall Giroud making a successful sliding tackle on the right in injury time, popping up on the left to give support to Gibbs and Cazorla, and also forcing some Newcastle defender into the wayward backpass that set Theo away for the chance with which he struck the post. But then again, I only watched the match live on television.

Clock End Mike

What language is that you’re writing?


failed to convince me thithroughout the season this guy.whats more his misplaced passes and sliws our build up play.This position requires more than just running around the pitch and making heavy weather of a simple game of football.This is a position we certainly need more competition in the coming season.For me ramsey hinders our creative play rather than enhance it.he need to come off bench more next season coz the potential is there to improve.


Are you from a parallel universe?
Perhaps you ought to take off yr shades whenw watching


Next season is ours. Wait and see


that’s great…just a shame we can’t maintain a solid defence for a whole season


anyone know when the draw for the champs league qualifiers will be done?

5280 Gunner

Looks like August 9, with the first legs being played 20-21 of that month.

den ice berg kamp

Second best defence in the league @ heiathi

Clock End Mike

Unfortunately, though, the worst defence of all the top clubs at home. Why have we become so vulnerable at the Grove? It was a stronghold for the first season or two. This season our home record (11-5-3) was barely better than our away record (10-5-4). If our record at home had been as good as, say, Everton’s, we’d have been a point off 2nd place. I’m tempted to suggest it could be down to the quality of the Gunners’ away support, compared to the home crowd who, for some of the season at least, seemed rarely to cheer the team… Read more »

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Aaron Ramsey in 2013-2014 = Patrick Viera in 2003-2004?

Edu's Braces

I’m trying to decide if I would prefer this or 5th + the FA/League Cup. I know they’re not mutually exclusive or anything but I think this is better no? Maybe not. Being in the EL next year would certainly be shit and almost degrading but a nice cup celebration to remember. Personally I didn’t give much of a shit about the 2005 Cup only the hilarity of how we won it, different times though. But I think the prestige of the CL (if we win the qualifier) edges it for me. Yep, decided. Sorry, not to put a dampener… Read more »


The Ironic thing is under the Wenger era when we were battling for the title, for me it was all about the title, winng the Charity Shileds and the FA cups were great but when we didn’t win the league I always felt slightly disheartened that we had to settle for the FA cup as our trophy of the season. Strange how times change and any trophy will kind of do now but as long as we get back to challenging for the big prize(s) they inevitably generate momentum which will carry you through most cup tournaments and increase the… Read more »

Clock End Mike

Aero: “beating all those ahead of us accounts for 18pts”

Not quite – we lost twice to the Chavs, but drew and lost once to each of the Manchester clubs. That’s still 14 points we could have gained, though.


I missed the game. But i followed it via live commentary and i was jumping at the end.

Btw, did anyone see today’s LG? I think world is about to end.


Does anybody know which celeb died after he scored against Wigan?


Paul Shane aka Ted Bovis in Hi-De-Hi.

That’ll probably mean fuck all to a lot of people on here.


Rambo is one guy who is humble n works hard..,he has some few flaws but thats normal with any human,what we need is a new STRIKER who can carry the team alone and a new Rightback….


“Like we say in the snow-plow business, I’m your astronaut.”


Good that Ramsey is improving….but realistically I don’t see him as first pick in a title challenging side yet. We need more quality in his position.


“Arsenal, remarkably, have ended the season with the second best defensive record in the league, conceding fewer goals than both Manchester United and Chelsea, and only three more than Man City.”

Only at the Emirates… but I’m sure from a coaching perspective they will be looking at this and being happy in the fact that it looks a lot worse than it is and all they have to do is build upon it rather than overhaul how we go about things.

I feel we will be seeing the influence Bould has on the team a lot more next season.

Clock End Mike

Certainly NOT at the Emirates.

Can I also take a piss on Ramsey?

Hey, I admit that I was screaming “get him of the field” in the beginning of the season but for the second half of the season, playing in a central position he’s comfortable in, I must say that Ramsey really has excelled! For me he has been the key to the succesful run of games we’ve had this spring and a quick look at the statistics points in the same direction. First of, Ramsey is the best tackler in the team, 90% tackles won! This has been vital for Arsenal as a club this spring! Secondly, Ramsey is often portraid… Read more »


Same as…
I have watched the transformation with wonderment. I think Ramsey is now a force to be reckoned with. Any who speak different are deluded. 😉


As a fellow Welshman, I’m thrilled Ramsey is doing. He is most improved player this season without a doubt. He has a great drive, and did a great job in the final 3 months that nobody expected. But now is the time to build. Time to add serious quality to the squad. As much as Ramsey’s heart and drive are good- he still gives the ball away and lacks that world-class eye for a pass and final ball. Bayern signed Javi Martinez last summer, City have Yaya Toure. We need that kind of a player to dominate the middle of… Read more »


I think it would be detrimental to break up the Ramsey-Arteta partnership which has been at the heart of our come back this season (as was the case with Kos-Per). Ramsey is continuing to improve game by game and I have every confidence he will be amongst the best and I think he has earned his starting spot at CM. I can’t help but think that people tend to focus on the guy when he looses the ball (when the stats show he retains it better than Jack at CM) or when he misplaces a pass (when he has one… Read more »


PS that wasn’t aimed at you JB, just a general comment 🙂


All good sir. Im impressed by your sats – how can I argue with that ?!?!

What will be will be. If he starts every game next season and does well then we’ll all be happy. Let’s be honest – we really care who plays what position as long as they are playing well and the team wins, hence we win a title…

Don’t think anyone was complaining about Flamini playing LB on our road to the Champions League final…


Things I hear often ”Ramsey has so much workrate” ”Ramsey has an amazing engine” ”Ramsey’s passion and commitment is amazing” Yes this is true. Ramsey’s character is admirable. But why do people ignore that he lacks so much skill and technical ability? This is Arsenal FC not Sunderland. We should not be getting excited over a player that just runs around. He’s getting wayyy to comfortable in his position. We definitely need a replacement or at least competition for him that has the work rate and SKILL. Ramsey has not got the latter. AFC fans standards have gone low. Negs… Read more »

Clock End Mike

Couldn’t disagree more.


“Just runs around”?

Jesus Christ, words fail me.

As for lacking ‘technical ability’, I think I’ll trust the staff at the club to decide that (not to mention the recently retired red-nosed one), rather than take the advice of an anonymous internet voice.


Wowza you clearly haven’t seen a game since January, or are blinded by hate. Either way I’m sad I’ll never regain the 30 seconds I took to read your absolutely inane post.


coudn’t have said it any better @Jb

Did any1 notice ramsey succesfully do a rosicky’s turn, it was around 70mnts or so, We need to keep our little morzat, there’re lots of things our younger players will learn from him.

Happy Gooner

I saw that.

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