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Arsenal make club record £40,000,001 bid for Luis Suarez

Various reports this evening suggest that Arsenal have made a club record bid of £40,000,001 for Luis Suarez.

A clause in the Liverpool striker’s contract means he must be allowed to talk to any club that makes a bid in excess of £40m and the Gunners bid has activated that.

However, the bid itself has been rejected by Liverpool who are in no hurry to sell the Uruguayan, and are, publicly at least, standing by their assertion that they want to keep him.

With Suarez still to sit out the first 6 Premier League games of the new season, Liverpool can play this out right until the end of the transfer window. Something which may suit them, but definitely wouldn’t be ideal for Arsenal who have thus far spent £0 this summer.

The clamour for new faces is growing, imagine getting to deadline day without signing a striker. That is, all things considered, a very real possibility if all our eggs are in this particular basket.

Not to mention the fact nobody else has come in and we need more than a striker.

Still, £40,000,001. Shame we didn’t add 99p to the end too.

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Looks like the next bid will be £40,000,001.01


I am ashamed of my club.


I’m ashamed Arsenal has fans like you.


Yeah, let’s get a racist, cheating bitey prick in. That’s what Arsenal is all about. And he’s banned half the time.

I’m ashamed Arsenal has fans like you. No decency.


Morally he is spot on ts hardly the spending of money he is objecting , I wll accept Suarez and make excuses if we bought him .. But he is hardly somebody we lke is he.. if anything the only thing that could change our dislike for him (and its a big IF on my part) is if he wore our colors and helped us win something. Chelseas owner has blood on his hands , and they ignore it .. and boast about the trophies thyeve bought so i guess I can accept blood on the hands , correction gums… Read more »


Does DECENCY score you enough goals to win the league?


He’s hardly John Terry. He said something deeply inappropriate and racialising to Evra. I doubt he’s actually got a problem with black people. As for the cheating, yeah. He’s going to miss matches and on top of that is he actually better or even as good as Higuain? I’m more worried about our defence and lack of cover for the Ramsey and Arteta pivot. We’ve got 3 (I know it’s a stretch) strikers in Walcott, Giroud and Pod for just one position. It’s hardly the most threadbare area. But then if I had my way we’d be getting about 6… Read more »


Ben, you’re right Suarez is all those things that we all loathe. But doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? Or perhaps a third, or fourth or fifth? And if anyone can set him right it’s Wenger. I don’t think Wenger would also be pursuing him if he didn’t think he could.


I totally forgive him as a person – we all make mistakes – but I just think spending £40m on such a classless liability is ridiculous and pointless and not Arsenal. I’ve supported the club for 30 years and I don’t understand why we’d willingly go into this situation.

Liverpool have given him his second chance. Look how that turned out.


I agree with much of what you say Ben. But as I said, I really believe Wenger wouldn’t be pursuing Suarez, and as adamantly as he has, if he didn’t think he couldn’t set him right. We know Wenger is a very cautious, risk and spending-averse man. But we also know he has a way with motivating players, making them focused and turning them around. Why then would he be after Suarez, and willing to pay more than double that we have paid for any player, if he didn’t think he could do that? I mean, of course, Wenger could… Read more »


After getting suarez, Snap DECENCY up then Arsene then pair him up top with suarez.

close enough!?


Not sure why Ben is being downvoted so hard, seems like the Champ Manager brigade is out in force. £40m > Suarez > Premier League trophy. This guy is an exceptional talent but also a prize bellend who has stabbed every club who has nurtured him in the back at the first opportunity. First Ajax, now Liverpool. If anyone thinks he’ll treat Arsenal with any more respect then you are living on another planet. This is another Anelka/Nasri/Adebayor just waiting to happen, albeit a somewhat more talented individual. Are we really so blinded to ignore his shitty attitude? I was… Read more »

Cyril Washbrook

Let’s wind back the clock with some extracts from the Arseblog News comments on 3 March 2012: —————————————————— “Suarez is a rat faced bucktoof diving cunt.” 25 thumbs up, 0 thumbs down “Agreed. Especially about Saurez. Not only is he a racist cunt of the highest order, but he’s also a diving, cheating cunt. Remember his handball to deny Ghana a rightful place in the next phase of the World Cup? He is such a cunt, and I love to see a good cunt down, courtesy of RVP!” 16 thumbs up, 0 thumbs down “Karma just did what she could!… Read more »


@Cyril, Yup, just like you and every last one of us have made excuses for Arsenal players in the past. Can I just ask why you think it’s okay to mock people who defend the purchase of Suarez based on “excuses” we’ve all made for our players in the past who cheated, or at least were happy to continue idolizing them while saying “yeah, they did that, and I disagree with that behaviour, but he’s a legend”? You’re comments are a perfect example of how subjective our morality is (see my other response below). I think it’s ridiculous to imagine… Read more »


He’s hardly John Terry. So the best thing about him is that he’s less of a massive cunt than John Terry? Here’s an idea. I know it’s a bit left-field, but bear with me. Why don’t we buy someone who’s actually not a cunt at all? While top strikers may well be in short supply, it does seem that most of them don’t look like they’re wearing comedy orange-peel teeth, haven’t actually resorted to cannibalism on the field of play, tend to reserve their best diving techniques for use in the swimming pools of their mansions and haven’t been done… Read more »

It Is What It Is

As the saying goes – Fool me once, shame once….shame on you. Fool me…….you can’t get fooled again. Liverpoo were mugs to sign him. He engineered a move away from Ajax the same way he is now doing at poo. They signed a class A liability. They MIGHT have even made it into the UCL or finished above Everton were it not for his abhoral and nonsensical behaviour. If we did sign him, he’d be walking a disciplinary, silk tightrope. Every action would be combed over by the Arsenal bashing press, in turn angering Suarez and forcing him to take… Read more »

Bryan Mueller

Suarez may have a disgraceful past, but if Wenger thinks he can straighten him out, then I am happy to give it a go. Redemption can be a powerful force, and if Suarez it truly looking for a second chance to make it in the EPL, this is surely it. Everyone loves a good comeback story, so I hope Suarez’s redemption arc starts by putting pen to paper with Arsenal.


I think people are “down-thumbing” ben because his language comes out too strong, but come to think of it, the essence of what he is saying is correct…… we don’t support arsenal just because we are one of the best in europe…… but because of our values, tradition, our philosophy and our game-style……. and suarez, despite being one of the best in europe himself, ticks none of those boxes…….. this has GOT TO be some king of weird tactic on wenger’s part, seeing as tah tliverpool turned down the bid straight away……… and also because even if liverpool had accepted,… Read more »


how is it he ticks none of the boxes? i think he would fit perfectly into our style of play. and he’d be a better signing than higuain in that he wouldn’t just be a similar striker to Giroud, but would offer something more. i’m bored to death with all the grumbling. it’s as if we’ve never had shady characters before. okay, they didn’t commit such mistakes – or weren’t so spoken about in the media, rather – but we’ve certainly had some bad eggs. in fact, the last great Arsenal team that i remember consisted of fellows who weren’t… Read more »


spend the money! – dont spend the money!

buy top quality experienced international! – dont buy top quality experienced international!

pay the players more! – we pay them too much!

dont sell the players! – sell the players!

whatever arsenal do there is always a bunch of ‘fans’ screaming abuse about it

Cyril Washbrook

I think there’s some legitimacy in the criticism, but also some misrepresentation. Nobody is saying “don’t buy top-quality experienced international”. They’re saying “don’t buy grossly unprofessional racist punching diving top-quality experienced international who regularly spits the dummy and bites opponents to force his way out of clubs once he reaches the view that he’s too good for them”. You may disagree with those fans who don’t like the idea of signing Suarez, and you may take issue with some of the objections they have. But don’t think for one minute that you’d see this level of criticism if we spent… Read more »

Cyril Washbrook

Also, regarding your use of inverted commas around the word “fan”: if objecting to the signing of somebody who has been banned for racism and thereafter shown no remorse disqualifies somebody from being an Arsenal fan (or a “real” or “true” Arsenal fan), then frankly, the notion of being an Arsenal fan has just become a whole lot less meaningful. Again, maybe you disagree with the views of those who object to the Suarez signing. Casting aspersions on whether they are truly fans of the club, which is the only explanation for why you put the word in inverted commas,… Read more »


@Cyril, I agree that we can’t take our reaction to Suarez’s possible transfer as representative of how we react to big-money signings generally. However, I think he has a point here that demands more deliberation than your dismissive “cheap and lazy way of demeaning.” I would be curious, for example, how exactly some people draw their moral lines when it comes to players for their clubs. We have supported players who cheat. Please don’t be disingenuous about this. As much as we find it distasteful, there are and have been players at our club who have dived and what not,… Read more »

Cyril Washbrook

First, on the question of our position as fans. I’m not the one trying to define who is a fan and who isn’t. In my book, the fans who would welcome Suarez are equally entitled to call themselves fans as those who would be dismayed by his arrival. The comment to which I was responding did not, in my view, accord that same level of respect to fans holding differing opinions. Instead, it cast aspersions on the objectors by suggesting that they weren’t fans, but ‘fans’, hint hint nudge nudge. (I’m open to the possibility that this may not have… Read more »



Right. Context, context, context? Yeah. Thank you for confirming that you are a moral relativist, in which case, I’ll take your judgment of Suarez with a heavy dose of contextual salt.

I assume you would have been adamantly against Arsenal’s commitment to an alcoholic like Adams, in the context of his “unprofessionalism”?

Because people, for you, can be summarily dismissed based on the context of their past actions…



…in other words, folks, if you like your right and wrong to be black and white, football is not your game. Perhaps your first clue would be the fact that we, as fans, ridicule rival fans for supporting teams and players whose behaviour is little different from our own. Please, please make a comment about how Arsenal are somehow higher in the moral universe than any other club. The minute you do, you’ve lost touch with reality, and maybe that’s what being a fan is all about. …unless, one or two of you could get together and write up a… Read more »

Mills (the other one)

Bunburyist – Having read your comments regarding “moral relativist”, I do believe the world works like that, steeling a phone is not the same as murdering someone. We are all “moral relativists” and I am in Cyril’s boat. I have no interest in seeing Suarez at arsenal and I will never think of a man’s struggle with alcohol as the same thing as being a racist and a biter …


@mills(the other one)
” I will never think of a man’s struggle with alcohol as the same thing as being a racist and a biter …”

struggle? oh they were forcing him to drink , held guns at his head etc right? ….

racist? right ok do you remember what happened that day in that game? do you remember a certain evra trying to provoke suarez cause luis was ridiculing him on the pitch? as for the biter…lol…so because he bit ivanovic that makes him a bad person ?

Mills (the other one)


Fair enough they didn’t put a gun to his head, however alcoholism is an addiction, not a pleasant one or easy one to get over

I don’t need to remember what happened that day, the charge was for repeated racial abuse … Link is in the main blog if you can be bothered

Biting doesn’t make him a bad person, doing it twice stikes me as a the least childish and disrespectful or (as seems likely) an excuse to get out of Liverpool by forcing their hand

No thanks


Your Club is ashamed of you!!!


Fuck off with this racist bollocks. Yes he was a dick and said Negro/Negrito, whatever, and while it’s something he shouldn’t have done regardless of what the prick was saying to him it’s hardly on a par with what John Shags Anything I’m not Racist occifer Terry allegedly said.

Yeh he’s a bitey prick but he’s a fucking good bitey prick and we’ve hardly employed saints before.


Come off it, Suarez is a fucking disgrace to the game. The bites are the tip of the iceberg. The man is out of control, and if you think someone with his track record won’t re-offend you’re off your rocker.



I agree, we should never have persisted with Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira, or Robin Van Persie, because they did bad stuff in the past, and will never be able to change or do anything redemptive ever again. People do not deserve a second chance.

Second chance OUT!


Even I’m not particularly convinced he’s a racist man, just someone stupid/unaware at that point in time.

BUT you’d think after that he’d make a special effort to be well behaved at least in the immediate future after that incident. Instead he says and does provocative things, and then bites an opponent, which is hardly indicative of balance and rationality.


How the fuck can you compare Suarez to those players? Take a closer look at Suarez crime sheet, it’s horrendous.


well said gbn. peach stop it ….the real disgrace to the game is the English media and all them cunts who have to kick arsenal to avoid defeat.


I really really think some of us are being a little too harsh on Suarez and a tad too pessimistic too. Let’s face it, he’s an excellent footballer and we are talking football not religion, monkishness or anything of that sort. Am being bias maybe, but I think he should be given a chance like a human being.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He broke the rules of the game twice, in a serious manner, and was given bans as punishment. He is still serving the second. People say that he should be given a second chance, and I assume that they hope that he will learn from his mistakes, especially if under the guidance of Arsene Wenger. The main problem with this, as I see it, is that he has not accepted any responsibility for his own actions, and has not admitted any infraction of the rules on his part. It is well established that rehabilitation (i.e. learning that you have done… Read more »


Hmmm, Suarez a classless liability huh? That’s rich coming from the fans who cheered players like merson….. Suarez is a GREAT striker and the rest is stories for children. Take your pseudo-moral sensitivities and shove them up the English media arses.


I think people are “down-thumbing” ben because his language comes out too strong, but come to think of it, the essence of what he is saying is correct…… we don’t support arsenal just because we are one of the best in europe…… but because of our values, tradition, our philosophy and our game-style……. and suarez, despite being one of the best in europe himself, ticks none of those boxes…….. this has GOT TO be some king of weird tactic on wenger’s part, seeing as tah tliverpool turned down the bid straight away……… and also because even if liverpool had accepted,… Read more »


Interesting to see so many people pointing the finger at Suarez, stating his past unethical behaviour as reason not to sign him. Perhaps it would be better for those people to stop judging him if they are interested in pursuing the moral standards that they so readily claim Suarez falls bellow.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No. Judging people’s worth is something we all do every day in our normal lives. It’s a necessary part of looking after yourself and your family. You did it yourself when you judged that all of the people who aren’t keen on signing Suarez were guilty of failing to live up to the moral standards you believe them to be judging him by.

I look at more like this… would you let a man who bites people go on a date with your teenage daughter or babysit your children?


“Liverpool were angered by Arsenal’s second bid for the 26-year-old when it arrived on Tuesday and remain adamant it will not trigger the release of their prized asset. The Arsenal chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, was informed by his Anfield counterpart, Ian Ayre, that Liverpool would not consider a sum of £40m for Suárez when he lodged an opening offer of £30m plus £5m in add-ons. But that has not deterred Arsenal from returning, a fortnight later, with an offer that activates a clause in Suárez’s contract by one pound. Under the terms of a contract signed in August, Liverpool must… Read more »


It means we can negotiate personal terms and, if he agrees to them, then Liverpool are put in a shitty bargaining position as they’ll have a wantaway player on their hands – we kind of know that feeling.


But he had 3 years left on his contract so not really!!!


It doesn’t mean that at all!

It mean we have to tell him you’ve made that bid.

We’ve rejected it (meaning we have NOT given you permission to “negotiate personal terms”), which puts us a very strong position letting Arsenal, and other clubs, know we don’t want to sell and will only do so if a bid that we can’t refuse is made.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bored, that is the whole point of the clause. It makes it possible for him to enter into negotiations with another team without that team being accused of tapping him up (if you go by his interpretation of the clause, and you can be sure that his lawyers got it put into his contract). This would not usually be allowed before he enters the final year of a contract. It means that he thinks enough of himself that he is confident the clause will allow big teams to pay him out of his contract if they really want him, and… Read more »


2 sides to every story including this one. Suarez’s agent has been consistent in his interpretation of the clause as a release clause. Liverpool contends all they have to do is inform Suarez of a 40 mil+ bid but they don’t have to accept it. Its easy to see why both sides are spinning their version of this story to the press…Suarez’s agent just wants to secure the transfer (and himself a nice bonus) as fast as possible for a figure he thinks Liverpool will accept, and Liverpool want to get a bidding war going for the player and don’t… Read more »


Suarez’s agent vs Liverpool’s legal time; I know who I’d put my money on.


Would this be the same agent who negotiated the terms of the contract with Liverpool?

Personally, I think it’s more accurate to say of transfer window silliness that “we don’t know whom to believe,” but let’s not let that long perspective get in the way of your impression of a cornered drunk here.


It it quite clearly reported by reputable sources that this bid has been made and that Liverpool have rejected – that is nothing to do with perspective.

What is my reasonable perspective, however, is that Liverpool wouldn’t reject it unless they were sure it wasn’t an actual release clause.

Calling me a “cornered drunk” doesn’t strengthen your argument btw.

biafran arse

Wow,insightful. I have never been a fan of statistics,all those goal ratio bla bla…xmas is coming early


See, that’s just it, Matt, you do sound drunk, AND you are cornered by a crowd of Gooners (some of whom find your presence here amusing). Your “reasonable perspective” is based on the premise that Liverpool have rejected the bid. Could you point me in the direction of quotes from the Liverpool board in which they declare the current bid rejected? Just as significantly, there are no quotes offered for the stories that we have bid. See, this is what I mean by, “we don’t know whom to believe.” Other reports suggest that the clause is not a buy-out clause,… Read more »


BBC is reporting that Liverpool rejected it so i’d expect a legal battle now.

A la Fabregas, Suarez might have to pay part of the fee himself to settle the dispute with Liverpool and get the deal done if he wants it done quickly. I can’t see Wenger offering much more than this.

Cyril Washbrook

“If you look into GH he played much better against the bottom half of Spain than the top half–where he was nearly invisible”

The reason he was invisible is because Mourinho generally left him on the bench or subbed him on late in those games.


If I understand it correctly, once the magical 40m amount is reached (and we did by all accounts) then Liverpool have to let Suarez know that someone is after him (as people have said, I’m sure he knows). NOW, If Suarez then reaches an agreement with Arsenal regarding his personal terms and submits a written transfer request then I will give this more attention. Until those things happen this is just another painful drawn out game of chasing shadows that I, as a fan, refuse to get emotionally involved in. If you look at it objectively, Higuain looks to be… Read more »


The only problem with that reasoning is that a) Madrid would still have to come up with the £55m that Liverpool want (and they don’t seem to value Suarez at that price), and b) if Bale is still their priority, then it’s doubtful they’d spend £50m+ on Suarez plus £60m+ on Bale.


No the next bid is £000,001 for Joey Barton


Also being lined up is a £000,000.50 bid for Stephen Hunt

If both fail then fund will be redirected towards a £000,001.50 bid for Lee Bowyer


I’m not sure I thnk we will try £40,000,001 + Chamack first before taking it to that level.

That would be awesome really he would be their best striker once Suarez leaves (given he overcomes his fear of playing) and we would once again make a profit on a player.


Wouldn’t that take the total back under £40M?


Schhhhhh scousers have internet now.

A Scouser

A A A?

Master Bates

£40,000,001 + Chamack = £40M ?

are you saying Chamack is worth £-1 ?






I know the whole extra pound thing is funny, but, you know, it’s added to £40m. Say that with me: “Arsenal bid £40m for a player.” When did you think that would ever happen? Some of us may have a problem with buying Suarez, but you can’t deny this whole thing puts a rather large dent in the theory that Wenger or the club generally is miserly and unwilling to pay big to land top players. You know, if we were willing to castigate Wenger for being a penny-pincher in recent years, we should also applaud him when he sticks… Read more »


You know that saying, “[insert amount here] and a packet of crisps”?

Arsenal just made sure the phrase needn’t only be figurative.


Looks like we are being fooled again… Theo, Giroud, Poldi, Sonogo those are our striking options. A manager like Wenger knows we won’t get BiteMan but what’s wrong with playing along?
“We tried signing top players… they didn’t want to sell.”
That’s going to be the answer. And what I don’t understand is that there are other positions that we need to look into urgently… Defence and Midfield. What are we doing about that. This Circus around Suarez and Higuain are just the stories publicists are paid millions for. Distractions, nothing more.

Glasgow Gunner

Get Higzaneger and the Williams for the same money. This is silly

Master Bates

who is Higzaneger ? and pretty sure Suarez is a better Striker than Williams(a better keeper too)


This bid isn’t because we want the player, it’s been made merely to wake up Real who are playing the waiting game with us over Higuain.

I would eat a carrier bag of hats if Suarez was to play in England again, he’s wants to go to Spain and we want Higuain. It makes sense to bid for him.


Why not just bid that much for higuain?


because he isnt close to as good.


I’m not sure that is true .. Higuain is less dribbly but as far as goalscoring goes there are very few who are better .. with Suarez you get an allround player with good sides AND lotsa bad ones . My morals say no .. But my fickleness says ok lets do this and I will make up excuses for his racism and general bad behavior, the added bonus of fucking Pool over for the Xabi Alonso stuff and giving Real the middlefinger for hiking up the price. Still I wonder if this is our Chavski moment .. where we… Read more »

Master Bates


We’ll have lost our morals if he does the shitty things AT ARSENAL and we support him . If he joins and stops his cuntiness , we will be remembered as the team that ended Suarez’s cuntiness.

I’d like to think Wenger has a plan


Because Suarez is better.


If you don’t want him for £40m (which is odd because we won’t be selling him for any less than £50m), then do one. You won’t be getting either player anyway.


Do you run the transfer dealings of Liverpool Football Club?

No? Then kindly fuck off.

damien joyce

I know he has serious issues wiv temperament, but I truly think he is 10m+ better than Hig. Hig IS a great goalscorer, though he does not carry a fear factor. But when teams line up against us next year, if we were able to have Suarez and Cazorla on teamsheet, that is a duo we have not had to fear opposition imo since days of DB10 and Thierry Henry, I appreciate some will say Cesc and RVP but they were not winners like the Invincibles. I don’t like Suarez, but if he joins I’ll just have to accept it,… Read more »



Nope, but the club has said we won’t be selling him and it would tale an offer similar to Cavani’s to change our mind.

If you get him for £40m plus £1, then I’ll fuck off; until then: shut the fuck up!


Is this your first year of being allowed to read transfer news?

Clubs talk bollocks about how much they’d accept for a player all the time, e.g. Newcastle said they wouldn’t let Carroll go for less than £35m, but nobody would have been enough of a stupid cunt to have paid that much for him.


I’d agree with you if Liverpool hadn’t already rejected this bid. Liverpool are serious with this one though.

Touche about Carroll, we were fucking stupid with that one.


Buddy, you’re a scouser on an Arsenal site. If anyone, it’s you who’ll shut up and fuck off to your rawk and whatever shit you’re on.


I like your bravado, Matt. I’m sure it’s based on a clear understanding of Suarez’s contract and inside knowledge of what your board wants to do.

Speaking from the experience of several nightmare Arsenal transfer windows, it doesn’t matter what the manager says publicly, or what the fans want to believe, a player dear to your team can move on.

Also, I find it interesting that Liverpool fans have changed their tune from “take him off our hands, he’s more trouble than he’s worth,” to “get your fucking hands off him.”


The thing is we are actually doing Pool a favor is Suarez a good footballer yes , but he reeks of problems and when he wants out he acts up .. Like he did before we started bidding for him. 40m is good for any player bar Messi and Ronaldo .. did Neymar even cost that much? I think if we werent domestic they would bite our hands of and sell us the “timebomb” for 35-40M£.


I respect your bravado in making shit up and trying to convince people it’s fact. The club has stated on more than one occasion that Suarez isn’t for sale and that it would take a bid of more than £50m for them to even consider changing their mind. My opinion on that is that they don’t want to sell him but will do so if a high enough bid comes in for him. 1 pound more than £40m is clearly not that bid. Also, the club’s rejection of the £40m in a pretty clear indication of the club’s stance on… Read more »

New guy

Matt, you are a brave man, and I think not a stupid man based on the last post (at 1230) – but having been here before with a number of our own players in the past several years, I have to say, it looks like the odds of Suarez playing for Liverpool next year are basically zero. I don’t doubt our ability to cock it up but someone will buy him.


Well, Matt, I respect your ability to shit-talk your way out of conundrums of your own making. I never said you were completely representative of Liverpool’s fan base (you’ll notice, too, that this is distinct from being the “complete” Liverpool fan, which describes a person myopically obsessed with history). I’ve been on a site or two, and participated in an online poll or two, in the last couple of months such that I’ve seen a shift in how your support perceives the departure of Suarez. Your voice echoed this shift, whether or not you personally ever wanted it all along.… Read more »

Luis Suarez

Well this is awkward….

gooner odst

Suarez scored 30 goals last season in a shit team (no offence) and could have gotten the golden boot were he not suspended, chances are that Suarez is more likely to repeat such a feat in the PL/CL/FA cup/CoC cup more so than Higuain.


Suarez: 23 goals from 143 shots in 33 league games
Higuain: 16 goals from 48 shots in 28 league games

Not to imply that Higuain is better, but I disagree that if you plug them both into our team that Suarez is more likely to net 30+ goals.

Personally, I think this Arsenal team needs efficiency more than creativity at striker. Even with just the players we currently have, we will create good chances, we just need someone to finish them.


What you said.

Plus 1£… .

Higuain is well known for his accuracy in front of goal, and that is exactly what we need.

gooner odst

My main point was that Suarez has proven PL quality that is probably worth the extra £ when you consider his age as well. Higuain doesn’t have PL experience which in the view of the Arsenal transfer brigade is not worth the risk when compared.


All of those Higuain goals were poacher’s goal created by Ozil, Ronaldo etc, most of them one on one with the goal keeper(you can watch his all goals of the season video in youtube) and most of his goals are against shit teams when Real Madrid scores 4 or 5 goals. So it is not a surprise that he has a better goals to shot ratio. On the other hand Suarez plays along with shit players, where he has to make most of his chance and score. Another thing is you can’t expect lot of poacher’s goals, when playing against… Read more »

New guy

Look, I love stats as much as the next guy, but what do you want Suarez to do? Pass to Stewart Downing? Yeah he has the stats of a ball hog who thinks he is a one-man team, but come on, he played for Liverpool. From an attacking standpoint, he WAS a one-man team. And a very good one at that.


Okay, so we know Suarez can score lots of goals in the Premier League, but to do so he has to take an ungodly amount of shots and be the focal point and chief creator of a team’s attack. We also know that when Higuain plays striker for a talented attacking side that feeds him chances he will score them with efficiency that is rivaled only by Lionel Messi. We know this not only from his time in Spain but with the Argentine national team, for whom he regularly plays ahead of two strikers who established in the Premier League… Read more »


But the thing with Suarez is that he creates pretty much all of his shots himself. So he might take 10 shots in a game but its not because Sturridge and Gerrard are so amazing at providing him but because he gets the ball outside of the area and creates a chance for himself (although he usually misses).


@Zack Can you give his stats in Champions league matches?

May be I’ll produce that
2012-13 season: 1 goal from 9 matches
2011-12: 3 goals from 12 matches
2010-11: 2 goals from 6 matches
If Arsenal are to bring a striker from La Liga, that should be Soldado. He is better and also costs 10-12 million less than what Higuain costs.


@Zack About your last question, We need a striker who has a bit more direct approach than a poacher. We really struggled to create chances against teams that were defending with 10 players, even when Cazorla was playing.

Master Bates

Because Suarez is better,he’s not just a poacher like Higuain , he dribbles,scores more goals,more assists,bites,dives more,marks. he has waaaay more dimensions .

Wenger will have to work with his attitude , But totally worth it

D Fresh

Holy shit!


I know. As much as I don’t dig this, you have to chuckle at that one pound.


I don’t know how to feel. Wish we were buying someone else.


Who else?
Rooney- overrated, weight issues, high wages which he doesn’t deserve.
Lewandowski- destined to go to Munich.
Higuian- great player but he’s a poacher like HFB and many Madrid fans will tell you that Higuian goes missing in the big games and doesn’t play well in the champions league. His goal ratio in the champions is quite poor so he’s not worth the money that Madrid want from him.
There aren’t many options to look at, he may not be what we want but he’s what we need.

biafran arse

Earth is and will always be an imperfect place and football has never been a pious game,so why this bitterness against one of the top three players in the EPL,top top players dive..simple


We really need a player who can be a bit direct in his approach. The one who can dribble and create his own chance especially when playing teams like Stoke, Sunderland etc. We might really struggle with player like Higuain against those teams. Accept it quality wise Suarez is much better than Higuain.
Btw don’t be sure he is a racist because of just that Evra incident. You know how big a cunt Evra is.


“top top players dive”

By this metric we can see that Arsenal have no top players, thus WengerOut. QED.


Yes, that quite clearly proves Suarez is shit, doesn’t it? It also proves that your striker, who are actually shit, must be quite awesome because they do play in the CL. Nope, Suarez is clearly better than all your strikers, but that’s not a fair comparison because your strikers are absolutely shit! He’s better than every striker in the PL bar RVP, and that’s arguable because RVP had 5 more games. I can understand Suarez wanting to go RM, but, if his aim is to win trophies, then why would he want to go to Arsenal???? Yeah, he’d be in… Read more »

A Yank

I do wish him luck at Seventhpool and their Champions Lea… oh wait. The Europa, yes, their Europa Lea… Wait, not that either.

Oh right, my bad. Liverpool at shit and can’t even win the league after 20 tries.

A Yank

“Are shit” not “at shit.”

Stupid typo.


Shame we aren’t still in it, there’s too many clubs in it who have no chance of ever winning it and are just there to make up the numbers, if you know what I mean 😉


Because it’s a step-up from liverpool. It might not be the highest step he could get to currently, but it’s a hell of a lot higher than the step you’re on.


A “lot higher” is a gross exaggeration.


This Matt guy must have nothing else to do tonight.


Matt, you must be one hell of a masochist. You come by to an Arsenal news site, comment and stir people up with mild to moderately provoking statements and start this chain of shitposting and insults. You do realize that the basis of the insults have been “Liverpool are 7th, Arsenal are 4th, haha, haha”, and for Arsenal fans being the weakest Top 4 team is better than being the team with 0 European competitions on hand? You are not going to: a) change people’s opinions b) understand the fanbase better due to obvious confirmation bias But on the other… Read more »


“Shame we aren’t still in it, there’s too many clubs in it who have no chance of ever winning it and are just there to make up the numbers, if you know what I mean ;-)”

Probably how Liverpool is making up numbers in the EPL, I guess.


When it looked like we were close to signing Higuain everyone was talking about how fantastic he is and how he’s what we need. Now it looks more likely we could sign Suarez and everyone is banging on about how much better he is than Higuain. Give me a break. Higuain has been a top striker for several seasons now. And people are trying to make excuses for him like “oh he doesn’t really create much for himself” etc., as if many people here have been following both Suarez and Higuain closely last season. Higuain has the proven record and… Read more »


Maybe it was Real Madrid’s way of doing a favour to their “special relationship” club Spurs so they can get Bale at a good price. Maybe they just led Arsenal along initially and kind of indicated their price and then later on decided that they wanted another 8-10 million more for Higuain. They knew Arsenal will probably walk away from the deal once they jacked up the price. We don’t really know the facts behind the story. Perhaps Wenger has faith in Giroud to have a breakout season this year and he wants to play Suarez and Giroud together. With… Read more »

A Yank

Same. Suarez is good and has proven he can score loads in the Prem, but it’s not like he comes with a halo and free pass by St Peter. I’m sure I’ve shouted “Spend you French tightwad” before, so I’m probably being a massive hypocrite here, but don’t think the bitey-divey aspects of Suarez are being priced in properly at £40M.

New Arse

I’ve read this three times and I’m still not sure if Blogs is taking the piss or not.

Frank de Boer

What good is a release clause if the bid can be rejected? I have no idea how any of this transfer business really works but this has been confusing me.


From what I can work out, it’s more of a ‘have a chat clause’.


If we can bid £40M for Suarez, why not £30M for Higuain? A brilliant player who isn’t racist, divey and bitey.


higuain aint premiership proven.

Si in Galway

but Suarez has proven himself as premiership proven liability (as well as racist, bitey, cheatey divey, vicious scumbag player, etc., but I digress) and he’s not THAT good.

Can’t believe that we sold RVP and are now looking to shell out £40m for fvcking SUAREZ. What I wouldn’t give to have Jeremy Beadle take an Arsene mask off right now and announce it was all a prank…

Mr. Boner

Suarez is pretty great. He’s had moments of madness and at first I was completely against any attempt at signing him on principle (I don’t care about the biting TBH but who wants a racist at their club?), but I’m sort of starting to come around to the idea after seeing him playing the media caricature of him in some commercial (ridiculous, I know).

A N Other

There a lot of players last year who have proven their premiership quality despite having never played in PL before. Mutu, Benteke, Cazrola, Monreal, etc..

I reckon this premiership quality characteristic is grossly overrated.

Would you not want Arsenal to bid for Messi, Gotze, Cavani, Falcao, etc. if these were available?

gooner odst

A N Other, its the risk that you take considering the price you pay for non premier league quality players. Benteke, Mutu, Cazorla, Monreal, Berbatov, only cost no more than £16 mil while they were still at there respective previous clubs. High risk – low cost

Once that premier league seal is stamped on their CV, the risk lowers significantly and the cost skyrockets in sync (classic case Bent and Caroll) even then the risk is a bit high unless you have a superstar. Low risk – high cost.

Arshavin's Dietician

I’m sure you meant Mata & not Mutu.

All Mutu proved was how willing Abramovic was to blow millions of pounds


Woah your profile picture is so cool



I put my kit on underneath just in case.


Everyone dives, and I’d much rather have him dive for us than for Liverpool. The fact is, he’s one of the top strikers in the world right now, and if there’s anyone, who can make him act less like an ass and more like a football player, it’s Wenger.


I think, it was not so much the case of bidding 30million. It was more the case of Real not being sincere in negotiations. Imagine, you go to buy a car from a dealership and are quoted $20,000 and when you go over to finalise the move, they jack it up to $30,000. Would you be keen on doing business with the guy? Probably not. If Real Madrid started playing games with Arsenal after indicating a willingness to accept a certain price, it was pretty certain that Wenger would walk away from the deal. With Liverpool, it has been pretty… Read more »


This is silly. Hes not worth tHAAAAT much.. More trouble than worth it.
Call off. Move away. We go for better value for money.


Maybe his charackter is not the best but a fact is he is a very good striker and not just a talent!

Peter Lavelle

If this is true, then this is the moment when Wenger “jumped the shark”….. Google it!


That clause in Saurez’s contract makes no sense at all. What’s the point if its activated, he can talk to us but Liverpool reject our bid??? Am I missing something or are Liverpool shit at drafting contracts?


Here is a key quote from the linked article:
“Arsenal have evidently been encouraged to believe that £40m-plus is a sale clause and a legal dispute over the wording of Suárez’s contract cannot be discounted”


No it was a clever clause. It would have been shit if he was aloud to leave to a major rival for £40m

D Fresh

Really don’t know how to feel….if true,we should be paying what Madrid want for Higuain,no?

Mills (the other one)

Hell yes!!!


If only we started doing this 1-2 years ago, Chelsea got Hazard for what, 32m? Imagine Hazard arriving and Judas staying…


I’m taking this as satire. But looking forward to this being picked up by one of the Murdoch rags with the word EXCLUSIVE somewhere in the headline.


Hopefully if we add another tenner on they will throw in Stewart “the thunder bolt” downing

Nas Amenbovillage

Lmao imagine reading this after waking up from a nap?

D Fresh

Also where’s this come from?,can’t find anything on it?

Nas Amenbovillage

Various reports*

it's hope that kills

40 million and 1 one pounds…keep the change

A N Other

Its getting ridiculous now.. This transfer is not only immoral but also financially wrong.. We could easily spend less money than this and get a better player..can’t believe Wenger is risking his reputation on it..




Higuain is still better in my opinion. Bring on the thumbs down biatches!


Look at all the liverpool fans disguising themselves as gooners and attacking any gooner who shows reservations about him.


Far from it mate I’m a Liverpool fan and I know he’s no saint but with the position we are in it’s not just about selling him to a major rival but also regardless of who might buy him we are in no position to be able to replace him with similar quality no matter how much money we might have


Hmmm yeah , liverpool fans are really classy . No infantile comments on this thread from obvious liverpool fans yet. Plus years out of contention for cups has burnt off the bandwagon.

steve boulds hairdresser

If blogs is indeed taking the piss, I wonder how many “transfer news” websites will use this story…


They will hardly buy both Suarez and higuain?
I kinda think they will.

Glasgow Gunner

Arsenal bid 40 million for any player is a staggering amount of money for us. Stunned!

How many good players could 40 million give us …


And the first player we choose to bid this much on is Luis fucking Suarez. The people that run this club are bewildering.

New Arse

O.k so its true. Mad. Only Arsenal could make a bid with one pound added to the end. They probably had a meeting over whether it should be fifty pence or a pound added on. Then after two hours of heavy debate someone said ‘ fuck it lets go the whole hog and add the full pound’


One part of me is thinking: 40 million for the son of Sam? Arsenal are supposed to be class man. Please send that racist cannibal back to the jungle. Another one tells me: I love to see this guy play, he is a game accelerator, always trying to create something, scores a massive amount of goals, better player than Higuain (by a mile imo). But I think principles should go before football because the Arsenal is the crème de la crème of English football with a long history in mind and not a casino like City, PSG, Monaco and other… Read more »