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Campbell finally receives work permit

Joel Campbell confirmed last night via Twitter that he’s finally received a work permit to play football in England.

The Costa Rican international, who signed for Arsenal two summers ago from homeland side Saprissa, spent his first year in Europe with French side Lorient before moving to Spain where he featured regularly last term on Real Betis’ right flank.

“Happy to have received my work permit in England…Still waiting for the best,” he revealed.

Having finally racked up the necessary international appearances to qualify for a visa, the 21-year-old could now partake in the Gunners pre-season preparations when Arsene Wenger’s men return from Asia.

Despite a raft of exits at Reserve team level, Campbell’s chances of securing first team football at the Emirates next season appear very slim. With the boss on the hunt for a big name striker to compete with Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and new boy Yaya Sanogo the smart money is on Campbell consolidating his credentials with a season on loan at a Premier League rival.

Crystal Palace have been linked with the young attacker.

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Good news!

Hopefefully he’s loaned to a decent club… Why not Everton? With new boss Martinez probably a good motivator for a fellow south-american, that could prove great for all involved.


Martinez is Spanish… cant tell if sarcastic or not.


Costa Rica is not in South America.

Steve McQueen

Costa Rica is a Spanish speaking country and has a lot in common with South American countries. And please don’t say it’s in Central America, because that doesn’t exist.


Costa Rica is in Central America.


CONCACAF: The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football


Having lived in Costa Rica for a time, I can tell you they call themselves being located in South America.


and I say I’m as handsome as George Clooney but it doesn’t make it so


Costa Rica is NOT in South America… We are Central Americans. But we do like to think of the term ‘America’ referring to all North, Central, and South America.
– Tico (Costa Rican)


They have already loaned Deulofeu.

Indie Gunner

Does this mean he is LANS?


No, he is ANS.


Hallelujah! Would love to see him on loan with a Premier League side.


Yes!! Get in!!! Now how about Higuain and a sprinkle of Fellaini to round things up…eh?

Indonesian Gooner

What a waste of space. The result of the brilliant work of Dick..ignoring mata to get him. Hope he gets shipped out immediately.


what is your problem mate? where did it ever say that dick ignored mata for him?


obviously Dick can think of only one thing at a time 😉


If he were, definitely taking a punt on him in fantasy football

Indonesian Gooner

Dont u follow the arsenal mate? Everybody knows dick law went to costa rica for a WEEK to get him while chelsea got mata under our noses when we shouldve had that wrapped up


What facts are you basing this on then? Dick Law wasn’t in Costa Rica doing the deal for Campbell, it was someone else. Mata was never close to signing for Arsenal and as far as I can tell, it was all based on the inane ramblings of Guilleme Balague FFS! Not saying we shouldn’t have tried to get Mata, but your point about how we should fuck Joel off as a result of not signing a player 2 years ago is fucking stupid.

Mildly Amusing Name



He is technicially an ANS (actual new signing) because he has never actually played for any form of Arsenal, youth level or senior.


Sanogo, Campbell getting his permit and Ryo and Diaby coming back to fitness. The club have once again completed transfer activity early. Dick Law can now enjoy his holiday in Hawaii.


Why would abreviate a new signing then write it in full?

Straight bat

Presumably, an acronym derived from a Wengerism being part of the joke, Aimar wanted those that hadn’t come across the new form to get it.

If not that then I don’t know. Why the interest?

It Is What It Is

‘Actual New Signing’. Actual. Actual.

Indonesian Gooner

Oh please you’re just trying to soften the blow by making up alternative stories. At this point arsenal can do to redeem themselves is ship this guy to spain or wherever and sign higuain and suarez as well as cesc.


Alternative stories? You’re the one with the highly improbable narrative, that a multimillion pund deal wasn’t completed because he couldn’t be there in person. If only there were means of communication that would allow someone to commuicate without actually being in the place…
If there really was interest in Mata, it was not for us to get him jsut because we forgot to call him before, it was because Chelsea paid more, clear and simple. It’s absurd to think a deal is lsot, just because you’re not quick enough.


shes a spud troll obvs!


You make it difficult to feel sympathetic for the 7:0 demolition


You are attacking the person (where he came from) instead of countering the argument.


I don’t care.


I hope this kid cuts it, took alot of trouble to sign him. Wish him all the best in the prem.

Abiola onalaja

Lol @ Dick law…arsenal football club cannot compete if They dng strenghthen …wenger is @#%$¿#


What, Wenger is a random cluster of punctuation? Here’s me thinking he was a French bloke and manager of Arsenal. Thanks for the clear – up.

Chu Nom

He’s telling us Wenger is @ somewhere in Vietnam.


Campbell, Sanogo, Coquelin, Djourou, Bendtner, Park, Santos, Chamakh, Diaby, Girvinho, Ngabry, Eisfeld, Zezalem, Akpom, Bellerin, Miyaichi, Miquel, Yennaris, Frimpong, Olsson. Stars of the future or Next Gen Deadwood ?


What is it with these attention seeking pricks?


Whats the difference between his post and yours?


Time will tell, David.


Sid already did.




this.player.was.signed.for.just.£ You can’t write him off, until properly evaluated.Moreso, as he is a National team top striker


The first time I saw this kid play was during the 2011 Copa America. He just oozed class dancing around the wings, midfield, and forward line for Costa Rica. Picking the ball up in any position and dictating play. I said, Arsene i hope you’re watching. Couple months later it seems Arsene was indeed taking notice b/c we signed him. Then that performance against Spain in a friendly (against a pretty much full strength La Furia Roja) couple months after that where he was one of the best players on the whole pitch. This kid will not disappoint if he… Read more »


Now, if you wouldn’t mind just posting ‘Arsene, please sign Higuain now’, hopefully that trick will work again.


We are not getting higuain, are we?
First yaya, now joel….
Hey hey…jst kidding ok….keep your pants on!!!


Cool, so when’s his first day at the Armoury?

harry rednapp

Get him out on loan to an english club …. im guessing hull or wigan due to eoin coyle and bruce being wengers bitchesss. Id take him to qpr but for some reason wenger dont like me


It’s not you, it’s the dog. We know where the nerve cenre of your operation lies. The dog can open an offshore account whilst you can’t manage to open an email.


He would make a good back up for Theo if the plan is to use AOC more in central midfield. It will be a long season and injuries are inevitable.


we used to send young players on loan for experience and then KEEP them as they grow stronger. check out Lukaku.

we had Campbell, Wellington Silva, Afobe and Philip Roberts (who kinda looks like Lukaku, i think) out on loan… and still nothing. where do we go wrong?


No need for Higuain anymore

Indonesian Gooner

I still remember the horrors and failures of simmer 2011. We had to take action and didnt do a single thing until we got battered at Man Utd. If wenger misses the opportunity to strengthen this window, might as well give up next season. We might even finish below the spuds; at least theyre quicker to get deals done

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

You’re a miserable bastard arn’t you. What does anyone else think of the idea that we might want to sign a forward who can play the wings as well? Giroud can’t do that, Higuain can’t do that, but Suarez/Jovetic can. I was wondering if the hold up is Wenger wondering whether it’s worth benching Giroud for the rest of the season and signing Higgers, or signing a slightly more versatile forward so Giroud can still play. He bigged up Giroud a few days ago and I personally think he’s gonna have a solid season coming up, possibly 20-30 goals. Although… Read more »


That is precisely what I feel wenger is trying to do. Suarez can play all across the frontline. If we buy someone like higuain, it restricts giroud who has done fairly well so far.

You could’ve just ended this response at “You’re a miserable bastard, aren’t you”.


Wish the Ghost Dog well, looks a decent player, him and Yaya will give us options up front that we didn’t have last year.
Not sure about Higuain now. I think we should go in big time to get Cesc back, he can play anywhere across the midfield and as proven with Spanish national side, he can play the lone striker.

Suarez stuff is all a load of bluster, if you ask me. Handball The Cannibal will be in Madrid for certain next season.

Indonesian Gooner

Oh come on. Everybody is moaning how we had one proper striker last season, now youre saying we could do with Giroud all season? Its also the case that all top teams have at least 2 good strikers to alternate tactically depending opposition. Look at madrid..benzema nor higgers cant play on the wings

New Haven Gooner

Just fuck off already.


I’ve seen a lot of Campbell this season as I live about 10 minutes from the Betis stadium and have adopted them as my team away from home. He started the season amazingly and was fantastic against Barcelona, rember the game when Messi broke the record for goals scored in a calender year. Towards the end of the year he really faded and he was a bit of a Podolski; in as much as he would only ever play 70 minutes per match. He’s clearly gifted but I don’t know about his attitude, he seemed to throw his toys out… Read more »

Indonesian Gooner

Lol character assassination now?Why dont you reply to my arguments with civility? Or u know that im right?

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

I think justarsenal dot com is the blog/moaning page for you


This kid is good and if given the chance can become a legend Anfield. He has passion only to win and be successful, not money.


Gotta be one or the most tedious/boring comment thread I’ve read on here in ages

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Indonesian Gooner

A lot of people cant take the bitter truth surrounding club sometimes. Every criticism, no matter how true, is always thumbed down. Only when we win the treble would every comment would have more thumbs up!

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