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Wenger looking for quality not quantity

Arsene Wenger admits the club are ‘working hard’ in the transfer market this summer. And as Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd have all changed managers this summer, the Arsenal manager is hopeful that stability at Arsenal will play a part in bringing silverware back to the club.

The Frenchman has admitted he’s held talks with Ivan Gazidis over a new deal, and that he’s hopeful the club will compete properly for the title after coming through what he calls a ‘sensitive’ period.

“This is the biggest change in the top four in all the time I’ve been with Arsenal,” he said from Arsenal’s Indonesian tour base. “Is the league more open than before? We don’t know, nobody knows.

“But we’ve got the most stability and we hope to take advantage of that. There was a big gap between us and Manchester United last season and our challenge is to bridge that gap. But you go to Manchester City, they will want to win the league. You go to Manchester United, it’s the same, to Liverpool, to Chelsea, everybody will want to win the league.

“We have better financial resources than the years before and it is resources we have created ourselves. That is massively important to us. For years we were out of the race for the top-level transfers but we are coming back now because we are in a better financial situation and also because of Financial Fair Play.

“I knew when I committed to my last contract and the contract before that the club were going through a very sensitive period, because we had less financial resources and the challenge was to stay at the top and in the Champions League during that period.

“We are coming out of that period and I hope in the next two or three years the club will be competing for the Premier League.”

And Wenger spoke about talks with Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis about prolonging his reign at the Emirates, dismissing talk of a move to PSG.

“I am committed to staying longer at this club. I’ve already had a chat with Ivan. It went very well, not a problem.

“The link with PSG is there because I’m French and I know the owners. But if that was the case then I would be there already. I’m not at PSG because my heart is with Arsenal.”

Many Arsenal fans will want to see the club use the ‘better financial resources’ on new players before working on a new deal for the manager, with the likes of Gonzalo Higuain linked strongly in recent weeks.

Wenger said, “We will only use financial resources to bring in one or two players who will give us something more. We will see what we can do until the end of the transfer period and certainly before the new season starts. That’s what we are working on at the moment.

“The fans, the players, everybody is reassured by big names. But what is important is that we don’t need numbers, we need quality. We are working very hard and I’m confident we will be able to do it.”

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Mills (the other one)

“I hope in the next two or three years” – A way of tempering our expectations or a sneaky way to lull our opponents into a false sense of security … I am going with the later


I think it was meant to be that we will be competing for the next 2-3 years, not that it would take 2-3 years to compete.


The Mirror and Guardian are running the quote as, “…I hope in the next two or three years, the club will be competing every year for the Premier League.”

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, he really means what he said, that we will hopefully be competing for the Premier League in two to three seasons. We have more resources but we still cannot match the resources of the teams above us. We still need the financial imbalance to be reduced, and that depends on FFP. “More money” is not quite the same as “Enough money”. We need to get a couple of top class players in to raise the overall level of our performances to something approaching the levels the super rich clubs can reach, but we also need some luck, and a… Read more »


My interpretation doesn’t require any different meaning to what he actually said.

It also fits in with Wenger’s general optimism about how well the club is going to do that we hear in most interviews.


What will it take for the decreasing number of Wenger apologists that under Wenger, we have no chance of winning anything. Optimism? he reeks optimism from every pore. When has he not? not at any point in the last 8 years of abject failure has he been anything but optimistic and carried along the Wenger apologists with him, like a latter day Pied Piper. I am sick to death of hearing of the Higuain transfer debacle. Have we shown interest? not in the least, as admitted by the RM president, who said that AFC have not tabled an offer. When… Read more »


Y u no sing playa wenga?


The thumb-downers obviously haven’t had their brain pills this morning.

twisted cuntloks

no correct investment=no new contract


What has this got to do with my attempt to get a hidden comment?

I earn 8m a year and can't win a thing.

I am trying to out do you !

I earn 8m a year and can't win a thing.

I reckon I’ll get more

twisted cuntloks

I doubt it, I’m usually quite adept at getting the red thumb

Merlin's Panini

I think he’s got a sore throat.


Did he just say 1 or 2 players, quality not quantity, financial fair play, stick to our values all in one sitting? Oh dear!


Shocking. Did he plagiarise any acronyms?

Richard Marshall

At least he didn’t refer to anyone coming back from injury being “like a new signing”! That would have been a full house! 😉


Good things come to those who wait lads.
We’re going to land a couple of big signings this window, I can feel it.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I love your optimism. The clock is ticking, but I’m trying to be patient.. I want to believe something exciting is afoot.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I can excite you right now. twelve inches is a foot.


what wit!


I think we’re the most patient group of fans any other big club united, chelsea e.t.c after an 8 yer drought would have fallen apart esp chelsea. so wenger is partly to be thanked for easing the burden with a top 4 finish every year as he is to blame for settling for damn top 4 scraps!.

Thing have changed now he himself said. optimisim atlast but with the handbreak on seeing as he’s already discussing the FFP, blah blah. rant over!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not really. Everton fans are more patient than we are by far. They have been waiting for much longer than us, and living in the shadow of their great rivals all that time. Meanwhile half of us are throwing our toys out of the pram at the thought of going a mere 8 years without a trophy. Trust me, 8 years is nothing.

Cue uproar over what “Big Club” means.

I believe it means sustained high level performance over a long period, not simply “gets a lot of trophies” or “got a lot of trophies since the Premier League started”.


But everton is shit.

confusing greek

Agreed. This summer ain’t over until we, out of the blue, sell Vermaelen, Arteta and Cazorla, to buy Williams Capoue and Grenier for a tiny profit. Wilshere for the new captain 😉


This is just the same tired rhetoric that he’s been feeding us for the last 4 or 5 seasons. Yes there are a few buzz words in there but it’s still the same tired nonsense. All it’s missing is “Super Quality.”

I’d like to be wrong but it all just smells a bit too familiar.


It may sound familiar, but it isn’t the same as past seasons. The reason for this is that people are leaving and there has been a cull on the youth team and reserves. This will leave Wenger with no choice but to go out and but some people before the end of the window, even if they are not first choice targets.


I just hope we don’t eventualy end up with a musandibe from mozambique or an imusonga from burundi.


I read that as he expects us to be competing for the PL in 2-3 years which is a bit disheartening.

Still all we can do is wait an hope for a couple of decent signings… Time will tell.


What, you expect it this year?
Be serious, 2 or 3 good signings don’t make a winning team from the one that barely got fourth last season. If we really compete in 2-3 years that would be amazing, this year I’d be happy with progress in the league and maybe a mickey mouse or fa cup.


“Barely got fourth”, but a reverse of score in the Man C home game and the team would have finished 2nd.

twisted cuntloks

but we didn’t


But but but
but if we didn’t sell Persie but if we didn’t sell Cesc, but if that or this happened we would be champions for 10 years in a row.
It didn’t happen and even if it did, it doesn’t mean that everything that followed would be identical (in fact, it certainly wouldn’t be).
The stone hard fact is, we barely got fourth. What could’ve would’ve should’ve happen is irrelevant.


But we didn’t finish 5th either, I’ll put it another way Man C and Chelsea barely finished ahead of us.
You’re contradicting yourself IMO.

Merlin's Panini

I do think that the stability will help this season. The strong finish last season showed promise. The team had gelled together in the second half of the season. Adding two or three quality players this summer, whilst keeping the team together (barring the fabled “deadwood”) should put us in a position to challenge.

twisted cuntloks

If we don’t get 2 or 3 (in reality, we need more) world class players that we desperately require would you still agree?


I wouldn’t count on it too much. We’ve had consistency in patches the season before and look what came of it .

Merlin's Panini

It depends on how much the teams around us have strengthened. I wouldn’t be happy if we don’t get anyone in at all, I know we have Sanogo and he’s very good but it’s not enough is it? Maybe they’ll surprise us all now they’re a bit older but I think realistically we definitely need three more quality players in.


The stability gives us a golden opportunity. A chance to push strongly for top players like we haven’t been able to do in years, without needing to replace anybody, and build a platform for years to come. Making it happen now will likely mean we’ll compete for trophies and nobody will want to leave again next year. If we don’t do it now… it would be a powerful message about our ambitions, or lack thereof. This summer is so crucial!


If we haven’t won something 2-3 years from now we’ll be looking at losing Vermaelen, Szczesny, Koscielny, Ramsey, Ox, Giroud, Cazorla…of course Arteta and Sagna will already have gone, get a move on, Wenger.


It is pretty obvious there are gaps in d squad that must be filled. These gaps will be filled. I understand the anxiety and pessimistic attitude of most fans but pls, signings will come and we will all smile. we have 4 weeks to go.

Merlin's Panini

how can you take the time to type “anxiety” and “pessimistic” but not “the” or “please”?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…he asked a poster called k9ine

Merlin's Panini

good point.


“…he asked a poster called k9ine”
This comment just made my day! 😀


I smell bullsh*t. But hope for roses

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I smell flowers, so I’m looking for a coffin.

gooner odst

To be fair, if its a choice between replacing Gervinho with Suarez or nothing, then I would go with Suarez. Mainly because we are seemingly out the the race for: Rooney, Jovetic, Villa, Fellaini, maybe Higuain etc.

Is Wenger confident in humbling the feisty and volatile character that is Suarez? Personally i’m not sure anyone can. Are we so desperate for a top signing that fans won’t care? we’re slowly approaching that viewpoint.

Merlin's Panini

I would feel sick if Suarez came to Arsenal. I would cheer when he scored, but not because it’s him, because it’s Arsenal scoring. I just can’t stand him.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No No NO. I can’t even put into words how WRONG it would feel for my club to buy him. We are Arsenal. We are better than that.


Let’s not get ourselves worked up about Suarez (or Rooney or Felanni for that matter).

Can you remember AW ever signing someone who was already an established Premiership superstar?

It just lazy journalism.

THE Arsenal

Get it right mate. We are THE Arsenal. We have a long glorious history that extends way before Wenger turned up. Try reading about it


The problem is that we will loose fans around the World if sign a retard like Suarez.


We won’t. Unless it’s the kind of fan that changes his colours every other season. Here’s what would happen… a few would boo him at first but then when he started to win games for us those boo’s would quieten each game until they disappear or until he has a crazy moment. Even then the only people that will speak out will be the few – like Blogs I expect – that stuck to their guns. Don’t get me wrong the bandwagon would get nice and full after one of his little episodes but let’s be realistic about it. People… Read more »

gooner odst

absolutely agree with you Merlin, the transfer window hasn’t closed and its not as if Suarez is our last option yet. Arsene and his backroom staff may be squeezing clubs for a good deal but when we get nearer to deadline day without any news…[insert player name] may end up being better than we have already. If we end up scoring more goals and winning more matches with Suarez than without, are we really better than that Gutbukkit? Right now we still have other options available so its not really a desperate situation at all but if those options dry… Read more »

Gooner of Navarone

We still have baggage that we’re finding hard to get rid of. Then we need to fill the gaps with a good mixture of experienced quality and deserving youngsters. That’ll take another 2-3 years. I am ready to wait out that time for a decade of domination.

Finsbury Park Gooner

We can’t wait 2-3 years to fill the gaps in our squad. If we’re not challenging by then, players like Wilshere, Walcott etc will all be approaching the ends of their contracts again and won’t want to be back at square one with assurances about how we’re on the cusp of challenging for trophies.


Yes, Wenger must act this summer. Wage bill has been trimmed by the continuing clear out. GK, DEF are short on numbers, the forward line short on quality. Midfield is well stocked in my opinion, Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta, Ramsey, Oxlade, Rosicky and plenty of simmering youth. Cesar and Suarez good options but no move necessary until they are back from their hols (Aug 2nd) or served their suspension (Sep 2nd). Hopefully Higuain will happen first early next week to put us all at ease a little.


Arsene’s good old “one or two players”. Classic


Only a matter of time before Mr.Super quality makes an appearance again..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We do have more money to buy them with this season, but like wankers we have told the world we can afford to splash out a bit. They will now be more expensive which kind of wipes out the benefit. I blame Arsenal fans. They/We kicked up such a fuss with the “Spend some fucking money” calls that we spooked the club into trying to pacify us by publicly declaring we had the extra funds this year to “spend big” if we choose to. Now all prospective sellers will MAKE us spend big. Arsenal, shooting itself in the gonads to… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…and that’s why we haven’t had any deals yet. We are being asked silly money for players we could have afforded if we’d kept our fucking mouths shut.

Rad Carrot

Did I read that right? He’s only looking to get one or two players in this Summer?

I hope he means one or two big names, and lots of smaller names. While I appreciate the Summer cull that’s happening – especially if we get £10m for ol’ fivehead as well – we must strengthen again. I’d say we’d need at least six signings to keep our depth.

Merlin's Panini

I reckon we only need three good players to keep our depth. Most of the players who are leaving or left hardly featured at all last season so it’s not like we’ve really lost any depth. We were lucky to survive on 3 quality centre backs last season without having to pull out the Squid and without Djourou around. We definitely need one more in, a quality striker (not Suarez) and a versatile or defensive midfielder. I think we might see some of the youngsters getting a chance to show their stuff on top of that, and some of them… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Mmm, I disagree. We’ve lost several games because of our weakness in depth. To bring it up again, I remember the chav game earlier this year, where we only had a couple of injuries. We looked to the bench to change the game, and there wasn’t a single goal-scorer there. Most of them were reserve/young players. Unsurprisingly, we lost. I’m not saying we need six marquee signings; Yaya was a good acquisition, and a few other younger/lesser known players is certainly welcome, but just signing “one or two” when it looks like we’re getting rid of – what, nine players?… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Yeh but again; how many games did those nine players play, for Arsenal, between them? Le Coq pushes the average up but between the rest it must have been what, 15-20 max, and most of those would have been in the cups or as late substitutes when a game was already won.

Rad Carrot

Very true, but we knackered ourselves out playing those last games. The team was dead on their feet, and imagine if Santi or Mikel or Kos or Per had taken an injury in the run-in – almost guarantee you we’d be sitting here, fuming that the sp*ds had taken our place.

Imagine this – we replace those nine with six quality players, so when we’ve got an injury crisis, we’ve got cover in all areas. We haven’t had that at the club for a long time now.

Merlin's Panini

Fair point. I definitely agree we could have been cut short very easily last season and seemed to get a fair rub of the green by way of injuries in that respect. I am intrigued as to which positions you think these six players would need to be brought in for. I’d be pleased to see three more really good players come in for the positions I’ve already mentioned (maybe plus a keeper but I don’t know if that’s essential if we keep both Szczesny and Fabianski) and then use some of the kids like Eisfeld, Gnabry, Ryo, Sanogo, Miquel… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Yeah, I guess we should be breaking in the youngsters a bit. I guess my worry is that a lot of our recent youngsters – not all of them, mind – haven’t cut the mustard when we’ve wanted them too. Miquel, Eisfeld, Afobe, Aneke, Bellerin… would like them to get a run-out all next season. But there’s no reason we can’t have both, as these players don’t count toward our squad limit. We could use having a few experienced players on the bench for the big games, and use the youngsters like you’ve said. Where do I think we need… Read more »


2 to 3 yrs? Of late i’ve come to realise that wenger will never give in to media and fan pressure,he won’t buy 5 stars at the same time,maybe one or two quality players ,this tells me he is building his future team,slowly bt certainly,as a fan i find it hard to understand his policy of patience but what can i do? If u can’t beat them?

Fergie the Gooner

*sigh* he says some new stuff that gives you hope and then crushes it with that all too familiar bottom line.


Me personally id b happy with a striker and a goal keeper. Anymore aignings would be a bonus. I dont want wenger to break the bank i just want a experienced goal keeper.

Why is my name required

Bla bla bla…wake me up in August will ya? Im going back to sleep. Ta ta

Merlin's Panini

See you tomorrow then.


I’m getting tired of this punk and gazidis. Keep building for the future, while spuds and looserpool start catching up with us. Face it guys, he’s lost his magic. Time to go sleep Wenger.


Wait until the transfer window closes before passing judgement. No doubt about it though, he can’t get away without signing at least two “big names” this summer. Wenger the clock is ticking.


Hoping this will be a positive sign as the club not usually linked with big names in previous years and knowing Wenger , never will speak directly on transfers , you’ll never really know. We used to hear when we linked with decent players back then by ” we’ve never in for him ” from wenger but now he seems more positive by stating “they’re realistic targets , quality wise . But not all of them are available “. This might not be very exciting , but I reckon something is going on behind the scene and again knowing Wenger… Read more »


What annoys me is when the club trot out the lines about signing quality, we have x-amount, we could afford to pay the top bracket wages. Which is great. So why aren’t we in the running for Lewandowski, Cavani. They are proven quality and we could afford them?
I appreciate that we won’t and it probably isn’t wise. But don’t mix the ‘only signing quality’ and money available when we won’t actually go in for them.


Money is the biggest factor but it is not the only factor. A footballer has a short career and they want to win as much as possible. Citeh can offer more wages and trophy opportunities. Some of you deluded knobheads need to realise that it’s not like Arsenal has the most pull in Europe.


Well, we have gotten Sanogo, so that means 1 more big name!



we want that SUPER QUALITY


Arsene Wenger signs a new contract, and we go trophy less one more season: DOUBLE WHAMMY


“In the next two or three years, we’ll be competing for the premier league”.. Hmmm, I don’t like this, why not this season?


We are only now “coming out” of financiallly stressful period? I thought we were out! 2 or 3 years? One or two players? Working hard until last day of window? Same spoof as every transfer window….sickening

Hank Scorpio

Good to see the old ‘quality’ Chestnut in use again. What odds we’ll hear ‘not losing any players is like signing a new player’? We’ve been promised the world but I expect we’ll all have a shiny new atlas for our bookshelves by the start of the season. Hope I’m wrong though.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

SO what did you want to hear? We have a shitload of money now and we want to buy lots and lots of shit players with it?


I imagine Fatgooner’s doing those jumpy heel clicks at the news of AW talking about an extension – exactly what he was advocating a few days back.

Or maybe he’s sitting there in a party hat with one of those curly things you blow, but it’s broken and just going paarppfffftttt.

C’mon FG, how you celebrating mate?


I’m just laughing as I read Wenger rehashing the same old bullshit all over again.

So come the close of the transfer window, when we haven’t signed anybody, it will be because we couldn’t find the “top, top” quality that he was looking for.

And I still think he’s going: if he was going to stay then he would have signed a new deal by now.

Of course, the Wenger-lovers, who still can’t see that this man is a washed-up, senile old fool, will continue to worship at the alter of his mediocrity.

We are so fucked up right now.


I know right, it’s almost as if he gets asks the exact same questions over and over again.


I would of preferred him to say we will be more competitive this season… not 2-3 years…


Don’t forget Wilshere is back from injury. That is like a new signing! And when Diaby comes back from injury in April 2017 that will also be like a new signing (and using the Rosicky thought process Diaby will only be 18 years old or so) 🙂


same old talk every summer
Does he consider Chamakh, Squillaci, Park, Denilson, Silvestre to be super quality?


Manchester City, they will want to win the league. You go to Manchester United, it’s the same, to Liverpool, to Chelsea, everybody will want to win the league.
Ahh Wenger, picking Liverpool over Tottenham you sly dog


God has everyone gone to the far east! I hope we didn’t leave the immersion on….


Haven’t you heard?
This is the the new Arsenal that can afford to leave the immersion on.

Tapscotts testicles

Patience. A word which seems to be invented for Arsenal fans everywhere. Is there a more patient bunch of supporters amongst the top 8 clubs? I doubt it. Couple this with the highest prices in the game, a media that delights in fucking us over at every opportunity, a board that says nothing about transfers to keep its loyal supporters in a positive mood when nothing seems to be happening but falls over itself in a rush to announce it wants a new contract for its manager (4th contract since he last won something)……wont the club throw us a Fucking… Read more »


Wenger owe AFC fans an apolgy. we have hard of those lines severally and each time we end up getting disappointed. He should pack his belonging and fuck off before we get sick once more! I dare say here that if wenger does not sign players with good quality this window, fans should eject him together with this incompetent board be4 end of season

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Everton. Why does everybody think we are more patient than Everton fans. We quadrupled our fan base between 1997 and 2004 on the back of an unusual period of sustained success and now a large proportion of our fans are kicking up a fuss about a trophy drought only 8 years later. 99% of “one life = one club” supporters have never experienced anything except “drought”. Fuck, even Spurs fans are more patient than we are. That is because they haven’t been spoilt rotten at any time during the last 17 years. Arsenal fans (on the whole) are not patient,… Read more »

A N Other

I think it’s high time now and we should act.. It has been 8 years and counting.. Just look at the way others doing business. Chelsea and Man City has already have 2 20 mil signings and closing one more each.. We? None.

It happens every year.. Why should we made to wait until deadline day.

Glazidis have been talking about big deals.. 2 months have now passed since the month finished and yet they are no signs of big deals he talked about..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You don’t understand do you? Man City and Chelsea do not “do business”. They take what they want because they have no fucking business limits. Nobody can match that unless money is effectively meaningless to them too. PSG, Monaco, Barcelona and Real Madrid (Until their banks crash), a handful of other clubs around the world with names I can’t pronounce. They are the clubs who can compete on equal terms with Chelsea and Man City, because only they can absorb constant expense and not notice it. We are only the sixth most valuable club in the world (that is what… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Only 11 players can play at any one time, mate. Doesn’t matter how many stars these clubs get, they’ll just get snippy when they’re not playing week in, week out.

It’s a frustrating time but try not to get too low about it. Remember; “The ball is round. The game lasts 90 minutes. That’s all we know.”

A N Other

I meant since the season finished..

Manchester Gooner

Calm down. All what AW said in a press conference during a commercial tour with plenty of time in the transfer window still ahead was meant to preach calmness into the ill-informed, clueless but hopeful fans. Talking about competing for PL title now is too early, even we bring in all the big names we have been drooling over. Let’s wait and see where we are and how we play after 10 league games. Is the midfield gonna gel and dominate? Is the strike force firing? Is our defending solid and organised? A lot of questions have not been answered… Read more »


So we are gonna wait until we have played 10 games to see where we need to strenghten in the januari window? And why shouldn’t we talk about a title challenge? Our main goal as a “big” club must be to challenge for the title every year.


Yes we had a good run of results near the end of the season. I sadly went most of those games and I witnessed some of the worst games of football I’ve ever seen. We beat mainly poor teams playing very very poorly ourselves. We lost almost every game we played against our main so called rivals. And apart from the odd stand out result we had a poor season football wise. This squad as it stands is not good enough to compete for the major trophies I don’t need to wait ten games into a new season to fathom… Read more »


Blogs is this the same article from previous transfer windows? Or did Arsene read this again from his “transfer window assurance speech-if we find the right top top quality player we will do it” ?


Stop using txt speak…. Arseholes….


So we need qualintity?


Who does he play for? We should bid £50m.

Merlin's Panini

that sounds like a Chris Waddle word!


We need quantity as well as quality. Arsene ran the team into the ground last year and we were lucky that key players like Arteta, Santi and Kosh didn’t get injured in the run in of last season. We had no cover for them. Think Verm and his form instead of Kosh. Or no one instead of Arteta. We lack the squad to challenge for the title, not just the the “top, top quality”. You have to have two players of top quality on evey position in the team to challenge for titles. Does anyone Think we have that? The… Read more »


What we need is a fucking new manager! How can it be “make or break” for Wenger after EIGHT YEARS of failure?!

He’s finished and should fuck off right now along with his clown sidekick from South Africa.

Canadian Gooner

I absolutely agree. I used to be a huge Wenger fan but enough is enough. Between the whole lot of them they couldn’t wheel a tire down a hill. Next press conference you’ll hear “Well this is the first season have had the full team for a per season training in a long time. Everyone will be ready so in a way, they are all like a new signing.” There will be no new signings. The thing that is most restarting is that he relizes that this year there is huge instability in the top four with Man U, Chelsea… Read more »

Canadian Gooner

Hahahah a oops! That was supposed to say frustrating instead of restarting. My bad.

Dick Swiveller

Because it ain’t 8 years of failure.

4 years of transition, followed by petulance ruining a growing team.

Don’t sex up the numbers when we know what happened with the stadium debt.

It’s not great but misrepresenting the facts helps nobody.

twisted cuntloks

superb quotation

twisted cuntloks

to Blogs that is….

Top Gunner

Fool me once, shame on you!
Fool me 8 times then I’m clearly retarded!
Hope I’m wrong but i doubt we’ll make any big name signing, if we are lucky we might get another Cazorla type signing -where the selling club is desperate

Most importantly if we don’t strengthen significantly & struggle in the league like we have for the last few seasons.
Then I’d rather Usmanov take over cos the current board are unambitious liars.


Arsene’s greatest hits.

‘One or Two’ & ‘Quality over Quantity’

Soon to be followed by

‘No value’


Déjà vu


Jam again tomorrow then it seems. How many times are we going to fall for these lines that come out the club.


Chelsea have identified targets and made signings. Man City have identified targets and made signings. Arsenal have identified targets and signed, wait for it…Sonago.

What exactly is going on at Arsenal? If the club are serious about competing and using their resources to bring in quality, what’s the hold up? Weren’t we told that we are ‘working hard’ on bringing players in before the end of last season?

Half way round the world, no new players, and talk of new contracts for the manager? I think the club really need to think about the message they’re sending out.


You appear to have forgotten Man Utd…


There was a change of management and as such new manager have got to find his own targets its a different story dude!


They won the title by crushing the opposition and dont need to sign anyone. The big difference between us and Manu is that they can sign a World class player if they want too. I’m not too sure we can.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

All their winning players are a year older, and some have retired. Next year they will start going backwards if they do not buy new top quality players. You know the old saying…”If you stand still you go backwards.”

Arsenal have not been standing still. If we had been standing still then we would have been going backwards, but we have not been going backwards, we have been standing still, which proves we were not standing still.

Did you get that? Is it clear what I am saying.


Heh I Think I got it 🙂


They’ve just won a title by paying the market rate for a top quality striker. When are we going to do the same.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Would we have won the league if he had stayed with us?

They won the league for a combination of reasons, not because they bought RVP.

Life isn’t as straightforward as you would have us believe.


Love the bit about being financially better off. Is he talking about his and Gazidis wages?

I earn 8m a year and can't win a thing.

I totally agree:
no correct investment=no new contract


You mean to say that the absence of a new contract is equivalent to bad investment??
How do you pretend to get thumbed down for that? We are all Wengerites here! (apart from the intellectualy challenged few.)


No we are not.

Tapscotts testicles

By the way, did anyone else almost choke to death on their breakfast the other day when the Special Egomaniac stated he would not talk about other clubs players (Rooney & Utd) as it was disrespectful and “not right”…?
But its totally acceptable to poach world class full backs in hotel suites, even if they are monumental cunt buckets? Hypocritical cunt.

Arty's Art

Wow, just wow.

I’d always considered Arseblog commentators to be intelligent individuals; people who shun the gossip pages and care more about the whole spectrum of the football world.

I was apparently wrong. This comments thread reads like something from Le Grove and you should all be ashamed. Its the 13th of July. JULY.

Calm the fuck down and give them time.

twisted cuntloks

no hysterics here but you may be repeating the same post on the 13th August


We have a great chance in the league with our rivals all with new managers, but we simply do not have a big enough squad to compete. We need 3 maybe 4 quality players, if we do not make the move now, we could be in danger of losing players like kos and others who will not wait another three years or so. Strange how these statements where never aired before arsenal fans had to renew thier season. We need both quality and quantity without either and with our rivals all strengthening again we are in for another very tough… Read more »


My optimism has faded further than Chamakh’s form about any big signings putting on the shirt this start of season. I’m back to thinking we’re going to fill a kit with our transfer funds and stick those pound notes on the pitch.


Wenger at least says he will sign big names. He even suggested that he wants to close the tranfer gap bw Arsenal and Man City, Chelsea etc. He therefore understands, only big quality signings will look to bridge those gaps

arteta's perfect hair

I think that Wenger is taking so much time to sign a player due to the options available. One one hand he had jovetic and higuain, and on the other hand he has rooney and suarez. Frankly, i would prefer the first hand, but would not complain if we could get both hands

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