Saturday, June 3, 2023

Arsenal linked with defender Alderweireld

According to a snippet in Dutch publication, Arsenal have spoken to Ajax about the possibility of signing centre-back Toby Alderweireld.

The 24-year-old, who is a fixture in the Belgian national team, joined the Dutch side’s Academy in 2004 before enjoying his breakthrough in 2009 when he inherited Thomas Vermaelen’s place following his compatriot’s move to London.

Despite wanting to retain the player, who has only one-year left on his contract, director of footballer Marc Overmars is apparently willing to do business should an offer in excess of €7.5 million be tabled.

Speaking at the weekend, the ex-Gunner revealed that he’d already rejected an offer from Atletico Madrid:

“We have rejected the offer from Atletico Madrid for Toby Alderweireld.

“We were contacted this weekend but it was not considered sufficient for a player of the national team of Belgium.”

As well as Atletico, Spartak Moscow are believed to be weighing up a bid while the player himself has already turned down Norwich City.

It’s a link with a defender, which is at least positive, although whether it’s got legs* or not is anyone’s guess right now. Either way, we won’t have to wait long what with only six and a half days left of the transfer window. Tick, tock Arsene, tick, tock….

*the link, not the player…we’ve enough squad members without functioning limbs.

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maybe we can get him on a free next year??


And Eriksen as well then, his contract expires in 1 year too.
Both players would significantly strengthen this squad.
Alderweireld is quite versatile by the way, he plays at right back for the Belgian national team.


no way would we be able to get such players on a free. Wage wise we can’t and won’t compete with the likes of Chelsea, MUFC and City.


That’s why we should get them in now 😉


kind of a joke, mate.


Wages aren’t the only aspect in consideration. You know, there are still some players who actually want to play and prefer their development over career dead end on high wages.

Android Gooner

If you’d posted a full length pic, we’d know whether it’s got legs or not


Don’t know about Erikson anymore Larry he has been linked with just about every team in football over the last few years but he is still at Ajax. Rather push the boat out and grab Ozil or wait a year and hope Cesc wants to come home. Alderweireld would certainly be welcome though.


Why does the first post, no matter how mundane or pointless it is get maximum thumbs up?

glory hunter

Because that’s how ‘The Arsenal’ roll 😉
And although slightly tongue in cheek, it wouldn’t be a surprise if that’s what we end up doing.


Yes that’s how Arseblog rolls. Like if you write lol on here you are castigated by the boss yet if you write shit fuck cunt its welcome in brother 🙂




…you shit cunt.


i thought the first post was funny because, on the balance of probabilities, it’s true. thats why it got my thumbs up.


Fourth doesn’t usually do too badly either 🙂


Can’t see it happen:

a) if he moves it’s to be a first choice
b) think AW really like Sagna at CB and with him, in AW’s mind, we have 4 CBs and “only 2 can play”.

Dan Gunn

But if this kid plays right back as well…. could cover both postions like sagna.


But then we’d have 5 CBs and 3 right backs! No no no no Arsene no like.

Gunner McQuewin

How can 6 players amount to 5 CBs and 3 RBs? That’s retarded logic.

Having 5 options at centre back and 3 at right back because your players are versatile is good logic however.


This will be a done deal.

Overmars, De Boer and God will want him here for when they take over from AW.

Big Dave

{Homer’s drooling face}


Is there any chance we could buy the Ajax academy philosophy, they seem to churn out talent like no other club.


I’d agree that Ajax seems to have a good formula going on.

But they do have some advantages over us. They can recruit kids from further afield, while we’re mostly stuck to within the South East.

Had the distance restriction imposed on English team been imposed on Ajax, Tobe Aldeweireld would have only been able to join their academy a few years later than he did, for example.

However, that shouldn’t negate the fact that Ajax seems to have an effective system at training these players.


Is this a distance restriction for youth recruitment? (forgive me, I’ve not heard of it before) is it a recent thing? what is the distance imposed?


I think it was you can only recruit youth players who live within 2 hours of the club, or less. Something along those lines, however thats still no excuse, the south east of England has a population larger than the whole of the Netherlands!


plus dutch league is much weaker so they can start playing their 17-18 year-olds week in week out, so when they are 21, they have bags of experience already.


@ckmma, True that the southeast is densely populated, but at the end of the day, the less stringent restrictions mean that Ajax can look beyond the Dutch population. After all, Vermaelen and Aldeweireld are Belgian, plus the players from the overseas Dutch territories. But yes, they’ve still done impressively. A list of their youth products are still mostly Dutch, which means the wider net to cast isn’t the major factor. @mik In a sense, our players get games week in, week out in either the reserve league or being loaned out. The quality may even be similar, if the Dutch… Read more »


meanwhile there’s not a single Arsenal player in the current England U21 squad… quite sad to see


We’ve had plenty in the U21s before, many of which did not make the cut eventually.

In fact, many of the U21s don’t go far. So it’s not necessarily the best yardstick for success.


Morgan Freeman?


I don’t really get the constant Overmars love-in by some supporters. He was a complete cock for years after he left us. I remember him bad mouthing us and advising players against joining us on several occasions after he left.

Edu's fake passport

Are you not talking about Ian Wright?


I’ve been saying since the 8-2 game is that when Wenger goes, those 3 should be our management team…


my mum also wants to throw her hat in the ring when Arsene calls it a day…well her walking stick, in fact…she’s fit as a fiddle and a keen proponent of 4-2-4 and zonal marking…well she is 80 , you know…

Thanis Lim

There’s only ONE DENNIS BERGKAMP!! 🙂


They want 7.5? Reckon we’ll offer 3. Good to know we are looking at defenders though.


As long as we’re doing more than looking. Like walking over, buying them a drink and striking up a chat.


They want 7.5? Reckon we’ll offer 3. Good to know we are looking at defenders though.


£3,000,001 you mean 😉


tick tock Dick, tick tock


Dick tock?


or tick dick tick ?


Lets not kid ourselves here, today is 28/8, if we don’t sign a defender, midfielder and striker each before the spuds game, we are fucked, with nowhere near enough players to last until even November.


I am well and truly tired of all these rumours, i’ll probably stay out of the papers till someone rings me to say an actual deal has been done…meh I got a call about Higuain didn’t I?


6 days left. It’s scary.


Yet excrutiatingly exciting in a strange sadomasochistic way… especially when after all this we only sign Gareth Barry in the frantic dying moments of the transfer deadline


“Yet excruciate – tingly exciting in a strange sadomasochistic way…” Ha ha.

I am gonna miss the transfer window. The season itself will probably be dull by comparison.

Where can I get the tee shirt … ‘Arsenal Transfer window Survivor’ ?


will be in the club shop soon no doubt!


So glad that Voldemort is an Arsenal fan.


Please note: Arsenal are able to screw any potential deals up at any stage of negotiations.

Open your eyes Gunners

5 days left now, fans wake up and do something, same excuses will repeat without sign any quality player


the fans have been up all summer. day and night. it’s Arsenal’s dick you should warn, not the fans. about the excuses, you should already know it’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every club and so you should know we’re not happy yet.


ha ha….
“fans have been up all summer”..
its just that Arsenal’s Dick is not getting up in time

I know I know…could not resist it…


I just landed in Madrid. Will try to work out a deal for Di Maria. Wish me luck!


try the dick law school of transfer negotiations;
1. have no idea who di maria is or what he looks like
2. offer random sums of moneys to ‘agents’
3. become embroiled in embarrasing chase-around of said ‘agents’
4. fail at (closing the deal) / (getting a work permit) / (agreeing personal terms)
5. slink off to dallas to lick wounds and deposit very high check from arsenal


not the ‘top top quality’ we’re looking for…


I’ve not seen enough of the current Ajax side to be able to judge. I know that Spurs wre linked with him, so hopefully if he is good he doesn’t fuck up and do a Vertonghen.

Mind you, if he gets games for Belgium in a team that has Kompany, Van Buyten, Vertonghen and Vermaelen, then he can’t be a bad CB surely?


he’s not first choice in the team and will not be selected over any of them, except for Van Buyten (obviously)


u have missed top top top 3 times there mister 😉


I don’t think I know enough expletives to be able to write if we sign Barry.
Surely arsene wouldn’t be that cruel to us.

Shakes head and wanders off in complete depression.


Bros “Open your eyes Gunners” u be Naija Boy abi?

Open your eyes Gunners

Yes…. Arkhitekt, why do you ask


I’m amazed you understood the question.



Mr / Ms Open Your Eyes Gunners is a Naija Boy abi.



i’m still working on it


Translation: “Open your eyes gunners”, you are a Nigerian, right?


On a free! We dont need him next year… we need him now!!!!! (If youre being sarcastic then I apologise). This is easily the most realistic of all the transfer speculation and it is arguably the most welcome one to me.

Ooh Gooner

The first Question is: Is he good enough?
Second: Will he offer enough or is it the norm = 1 P.
Third: 6 and a half days to go, is that enough to bring ‘world class’ players?

Lets hope deals will be done asap!

master floda

1) Yes, he is. Solid, calm, very good passing and positioning, and good at interceptions. More Mertesacker than Koscielny/Vermaelen, so just what we are looking for. He is a Belgium regular, which is quite remarkable, considered the competition in central defence (Vermaelen, Kompany, Verthongen, Lombaerts). 2) € 7m seems quite a lot for a player in his final year, and I’m sure we only offered something around 5. But when we go around bragging about our full pockets, we will sometimes have to spend more than we like, especially as it gets closer to the deadline day. Which brings me… Read more »


Fuck sake, that’ll never scan into a good song.


A defender transfer rumor on arseblog news – great!


Wenger last week (after fener) – it starts now…..

Wenger today (after fener) – it is starting…..

Wenger on sept 2 – it will start in january…..


On February 1st – “judge us in May”.


The thing is, it’s all so predictable now.

I can’t wait for the window to close. I’m sick of refreshing Newsnow for a start.

It’s simple. No new players and it will be just a matter of time before the injuries kick in and our train wreck of a season chugs to a close.

I’ve got my ticket.

That’s life. That’s an Arsenal supporters life.

On a positive note……. Jam and peanut butter on a cinnamon babel. Delicious !



Erm they’re new 😉



The extra €1 for Overmars


fuck it! I’ll chuck a fiver in for Overmars!



Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore


Rad Carrot

I rate this guy – would do a decent job for a reasonable price. No reason why we couldn’t get him. So naturally, we won’t!


Ha ha…


Actually looking forward to something on Mata as well, not that I know anything!


You feel that if Mata was available, then we’d have to go for him. He’s not really a player that we need though is he? Would you play him and Santi in the same team?

Mind you, strength in depth, strength in depth….


I could very well see Cazorla on the left linking up perfectly with Mata through the middle. Not that it would ever happen, unfortunately…


AGAIN. NOT GONNA HAPPEN… Don’t even think about it…

Open your eyes Gunners

Please stop all this argument here, 6days left on transfer market now, do something at Emirates tonight to know the board and Wenger that we need to buy quality player before this transfer will close… I will never forgive the same excuses to end this season without wining any trophy… Please i don’t want to hear about spuds in this site anymore, why you people always compare us with spuds, can you compare yourself with your Father… We need to compare ourself with Man united and Chelsea to complete for Title not top 4… My fellow fans please wake up,… Read more »

Toure Motors

Dick Law is on the ferry. All in hand


open your eyes, Lol nothing man, just wanted to hail a brother from my country

Sunny Patel

I won’t believe this until I hear we’ve had a bid rejected.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Yes, it seems as though we don’t have bids accepted nowadays


good signing if we are really interested

can we also ask marc overrmars if he still wants to play for us

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


This guy can play CB and RB so he fits Arsene’s new buzz word ‘Versatile’ . He’s also youngish (24) almost French (Belgian) and at 7.5 mill quite cheap. Ticks a lot of boxes.


And that’s the precise reason we won’t get him.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The Belgians absolutely fucking hate people like you. His name has started popping up connected with different teams, but is he really the sort of player who will happily sit in the team behind Mertescielney? Belgium are a pretty good bet to go to the World Cup Finals, and with three qualifiers left to play he’ll want a regular starting berth wherever he goes. He’d be taking a big chance with us.” If we don’t get him I hope the fans are smart enough to realise it will not be because Wenger and our transfer team have failed to bring… Read more »

Peter Lavelle

Wenger values him at €3.5m and not pay a penny more!


He would !!! Meet half way 5.5 mill and one Fenning 🙂

Jimmy Brain's brain

Not a cent more, surely.


If there any players coming in, you can bet it’ll all happen on Monday night. What are the odds of any signings being done before the weekend? Pretty low you’d have to say!


Well there is no time to prepare a new player for Spurs and it would be a slap in the face for the present squad if a new player slotted straight in. It could also give the new guy an inflated sense of his importance even if he is good. Besides there is the inter lul coming up then we play Sunderland then ECL group stage 1. I think the new guys should be phased in during the following three games against Stoke , the Capital one, and Swansea .

Rad Carrot

I bloody hope that they’re not coming in on Monday night, as that would mean that they wouldn’t be able to join us until January!

Remember – Transfer window closes MIDDAY on Monday 2nd, not 11pm as per usual. Knowing how our glorious leader operates, he’ll probably not know this and gleefully announce he’s spent £100m in the last few hours of the window, only for the media to tear him a new one as they point, laugh and say that he’s ten hours too late.

Rad Carrot

Actually scratch that – that’s bullshit, what I just said.

Move along.


After nearly 20 years, what makes you think Wenger is the type to miss these kind of details? it is fine to criticize this our handling of this window. But ridiculous comments and hyperbole drowns out legitimate concerns and complaints and rather defeats the point you are trying to make don’t you think.


Starboi na Naija too oo, correct giddy boy…wenger could sign the new nigerian revelation..Nwofor that VVV striker that bagged 2 against South Africa..he’s young cheap….Afican, versatile..#typicalwenger


Earlier I saw Blogs reprimand someone for typing “abt”… this is Anthony Taylor level inconsistency


What language was that now again? What did you say? English?! Surely not.

Edu's fake passport

Ehhhhhhhhh! Youuuuuu can’t put dat dereeeeeeeee!!! Ehhhhhhhhh


will this transferwindow never end?? I need to get some work done……..

The fool of a Took

Holy shit, a great player at a great age at a great price at a great time!

No way he´s coming…


It’s been torture waiting for Arsenal transfers…I give up!


So did the transfer dept as well!

bendtners travel case

Good addition should he come, instead of the problem we have right now; imagine competition for places! IMAGINE IT.. Now discard that thought…thats how we do transfer business

Sagnas Indestructible Neck

All Martin Jol could do after his Fulham side were beaten 3-1 was to praise the opposition. He said: “If you see Santi Cazorla, he is one of the best players who can play with two feet – he can score with his left and right. (Theo) Walcott with his pace, (Olivier) Giroud is getting better and better, and their midfield – you can’t figure out who is the defensive midfielder and who is the offensive midfielder because they rotate all the time.”

Keep the faith, somethings happening.


Sven Claes (@svenclaes), a Belgian football journo has tweeted to say that there are no truth to these reports, and that Arsenal HAVE NOT contacted Ajax about Alderweireld at all, much less made a bid for him.

(From the Guardian)


Oh well if Sven Claes says so…

(* Think his old man used to bring me presents every christmas morning when i was a child)


Great to see we are looking at options at the back, he’s a very promising defender, Ajax have churned out some very decent defenders as of late.


Good signing- i hope it happens

You don’t need to break the bank to sign quality and improve the squad


would be a good addition to the squad, how about £17 million for both Eriksen and him ? both on last years of their contract! Would be a good idea so obviously not gonna happen!


Big Name Signings… This lads got 12 letters in his surname alone!!

Come on sign him up now Dick Law – his name is so big he might not finish the signature by monday night

giorgios karelias

Then, might as well prepare yourself for Jo 😉


Very big name indeed – in full it is Tobias Albertine Maurits Alderweireld. Can’t argue with that.

Scum and Liverpool both been linked heavily this summer, so worth a few million to keep that lot getting hold of him in itself.

Toby Alderweire's crazy ex girlfren

My man Toby could be a gunner soon.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Hopefully Arsene doesn’t mess around like he did with that Mars bar…

Edu's fake passport

What waste of 1.37 of my life.

Not funny at all, cunt even give up on his shit French accent after one sentence.


Well I’m belgian and I have to say he’s class. And belgian journalists are worse even than english ones, so that doesn’t say anything.


Just fuck off Wenger

Arsene Wenger

No. YOU fuck off, you little grot


Yeah, I bet Wenger reads all the comments on Arseblog, every day, without fail.


I know I’m alone in this thinking (not the first nor last time that will be the case) but CB isn’t the priority. Sign Flamini as very able cover at RB for Sagana and Jenks (as well as another option for the rear midfield pairing), continue with Sagna as the third CB option til Vermaelen’s back (he won’t be crap like he was last year) and we’re more than covered across the back four. Now, sign me a true left winger (Di Maria is a pipe dream but would be a dream nonetheless) allowing Giroud and Pods to be our… Read more »


I agree with most of this. I’m fine with the Flamini/Sagna plan. If the left winger isn’t able to also play out-and-out striker then I’d also add a striker because I don’t believe in Poldi in that position.


I’d say a centre-back is a priority. You’d want at least two per position, as Wenger said, ar about eight defenders. We have seven for now.

As it stands, an injury for Sagna means we lose both right-back and centre-back cover.


Sagna is stil our first choice RB, I presume. So ideally we would like him to play at RB. At the moment, one injury or suspension to Mertesacker or Kos and he has to move to CB, which weakens the team slightly because Jenks has to play RB (but not that much, I think). And if there’s an injury to Sagna or Jenks? I still think we need 4 CBs, no doubt some of those CBs will be able to play as full backs. All the better for us. We need 8 defenders, which is reasonable in a squad of… Read more »


Breaking News – Paul Peschisolido arrives for medical on a prosposed 6 year deal putting Girouds position in doubt. He says “Arsenal are a massive club with huge aspiratiions. I’ve always admired their creative, attacking style of play and Wenger is a great coach who I am greatly looking forward to working with.”

Nicklas Bendtner moved the other way as part of the deal and, as a result, is now a free agent.


Currently four people who do not understand sarcasm.

Edu's fake passport

Not funny at all, on any level, sarcastic or not.

Arsene's stylist

Can we sign Miley Cyrus before the window closes? She can make us (and Gunnesaurus) very happy.

The fool of a Took

Gunnersaurus does not like flappy arses!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s a bit rich of him isn’t it? Have you seen his arse bouncing about when he walks?

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