Saturday, June 22, 2024

Arsenal squad for Fenerbahce clash

Arsenal wil take the following squad to tomorrow’s Champions League qualifier with Fenerbahce. The group that will travel to Istanbul is as follows:


It’s a stronger squad than people had expected after a weekend which saw Gibbs, Sagna, Ramsey and Rosicky go through the wars, and Nacho Monreal returns earlier than thought.

But then look at Sagna here. He’s part man, part marble statue that would look down from on high and people would gaze in awe at those thighs and the women would dampen their gussets and the men would feel ok about being a little bit aroused.

We need a drink.

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fingers crossed. i dont think i could handle the media shit storm that would ensue if we lost. COYG.


It is a fairly strong squad easily capable of a win in Turkey. Even the bench will be quite solid with only Gnabry , Frimpong and Sanogo as the relatively inexperienced ones. The first eleven are essentially ones that sealed 4th place last season (minus Arteta), so one should rightly expect us to do well. This is winnable people, so keep the faith for Wed.

For the rest of the season it’s a different matter, and hopefully the thus far stingy management will solidly strengthen to give us a chance of any success.


Agree with you completely, but I think Arteta is the one we are really missing. We don’t really have anyone (that played on Saturday anyway) that can shield the back four in the way he does.

I still don’t know how he is so underrated by pretty much everyone apart from Gooners.


Fenerb.——– Arsenal 1—3
Poldi 2
Santi 1


It was really shameful how Wenger treated Poldi against Villa, perhaps I could say since he signed him. I hope he bangs in the goals this season.


This is GOOD news. (It’s nice to have some optimism)

Jonathan Muthoka

I think chuba akpom should also travel.The teen can score more than Girould if given a chance



Perry S.

My response that I am withholding to your comment would completely worthy of being labeled an Arseblog comment policy abuser.


I think it’s fair to say that Jonathon Muthoka is Chuba Akpom


yes and the same people who were saying young player like JET,lansbury,afobe,randall,barazite and many other overhyped younster should be given place in first team because they were supposibly better than our first team player ..ho i love listening people like you .

and not saying he is not good enough because akpom look great at youth level ,but the PL is on another level and very few make it


clarification needed – ’tis true Laurent and Santi are suspended? heard that a dozen of times already, but never officially, it seems. Blogs?

Casual Gooner

They are NOT suspended. Their suspension was for an accumulation of yellow cards and would have ensued had we progressed last season in the Champions League. They are both available for tomorrow night.


thank you.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Thank fuck.

I assumed they were suspended due to some uninformed wankers posting it on other threads


Those “uninformed wankers” were just going off what was being reported in the MEDIA. Blame the lazy journos, not your fellow Arsenal fans.


Cheers mate, but you don’t look that casual to me!


hey people (well, 1 person so far), no need to thumb down countleaf’s question, it was just a reasonable question


I just lost 2 seconds of my life that I’ll never get back reading your comment – have a thumbs down.


Casual Gooner is right, but if you’d prefer official confirmation, see UEFA’s 2013-2014 rules, Article 22.05 (as I posted on another thread):

“Cautions and pending yellow-card suspensions from club competition
matches expire at the end of the season.”

It would also, I suspect, be clear from the fact they’re included in the squad!

Big Dave

Sweet Jesus, Sagna clearly did his pre-season with Grounds Keeper Willy.

Matt K

Well done to The Arsenal Medical Team.

Not lacking sharpness, not dropping a little bit physically and not driving the ambulance with the handbrake on.


How come, if the pic of Gibbs is this one:

…from, is it a much lower res?

Yes I am bored.


My prediction is Fanerbahce 3 Asenal 1

Casual Gooner

And for the Fenerbahce clash?

Joey Sixpack

Chelski, you’ve been zinged!


How sad it must be as a Chelski fan, when even Tottenham are richer than you now! The oil in Russia is running out…

Midfield Corporal

Bloody hell, I’m dyslexic.


So were are not in a crisis afterall

Insane Wanker

This may be controversial but does anyone agree with me that I want Arsenal to lose tomorrow badly because in all honestly if this is how we are gonna behave in the summer just so medicore players can come like Cabaye and Guita then we’re gonna be embarrased by the better teams


go away.


Your user name speaks volumes.


thank you, Iceman, ’tis nothing but the royal blood.

jack jack jack

I think he meant ‘Insane Wanker’ over there.


i thought it was quite obvious, to be honest.

jack jack jack

Yes, well, it was good of him to warn us.

poliver girolski

No I don’t agree with you at all. In fact it’s plain stupid to think that losing will increase our chances of signing someone. Yes Sat was a disgrace, but we will not be embarrassed by better teams, remember the week before this team battered Man City 3-1, so we are not as mediocre as you and others seem to think. What good is calling for us to lose, or for the managers head on a platter, It is one game out of many.. Christ Man Utd lost their first game last year and went on to win the title.… Read more »


If Saturday was a victory, you’d be hearing none of this.

Not defending the lack of incoming transfer activity by any means…but I’d rather start to pass judgement on Sept 2nd. I’ll eat my hat if a couple of players aren’t signed. I refuse to believe Arsene is that daft.


Midfield Corporal

But Trev, we didn’t win on Saturday. And it didn’t come as a surprise either. I don’t get this wait until the transfer window closes attitude, the points in August matter, we only scrapped4 th place by a point. This is the second time in 3 seasons we’ve haven’t been ready for the new season, it’s not good enough when the man in charge is paid £7m.
Anyway 6 music are playing Pop Will Eat Itself which has cheered me up for the first time in days and reminds me of our 1993 cup double.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Clint Mansell FTW

Insane Wanker

I’m not fickle, I love this club but how can we be positive after what happened Saturday I was there at the Villa game and I was depressed as fuck. I thought this club would have learnt there lesson after the summer of 2011 but yet again we’ve failed to prepare. Even if we qualify, what happens if we play against the big teams and get smashed 4-0 or something. It seems like we get top 4 just for money and to brag about finishing above the Spuds but for once why can’t we actually challenge for the CL. By… Read more »


it’s not that you’re fickle, it’s just that wishing the team one supports bad is plain stupid. especially with no real knowledge about what’s going on behind the scenes. sure we fucked up this summer, and the game against villa, but the essence of supporting a club is that you’re behind that club, no matter the results, no matter the image the media are trying to paint, no matter the fickle idiots who just want some star signings. we’ve had some great years, now we have some bad ones, but it’s still the Arsenal and it’s us, not some white… Read more »


Your second comment is reasonable, your first wasn’t. Losing badly to Fenerbahce and going out of the CL will certainly not help us sign players – in fact it would probably hinder us. We should have signed players by now and we haven’t. It’s imbecilic to think that the management don’t know this though. All summer long we’ve been hearing about bids we’ve made and had rejected (gotta love the class of those clubs), the latest being Cabaye who, if Arseblog is to be believed, a bid was lodged for before the Saturday debacle. That suggests the awareness is there,… Read more »


I think there is some merit to what you’re saying. I can’t quite agree that I want it to happen, but there is a bit of me that thinks that might be the only way that things will change. Think about it, if the management are content with finishing 4th and qualifying for the champions league, and if they are able to achieve that without investing properly in the team, why will they change? They keep qualifying while making a profit in the transfer market, so why change? But if they don’t qualify, then they’ll have to change that behaviour.… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Spot on Matt, we’re all in fear of the world imploding if we fail to get CL qualification but does it really matter if we’re not going to spend?

Mills (the other one)

How apt your name really is


As much as I think its time for a change, I’ve never understood this mentality of wanting us to lose a game.

I love the club, I respect the players who are out there and trying their best and I want us to get a result every time they run out onto the pitch.


If the situation were truly dire (i.e. relegation or bankruptcy) and the management pure unadulterated evil, then yes, maybe you’d hope the team lost for some reason. But in all other circumstances, I can’t even imagine that. Why support Arsenal at all then?

Perry S.

stupidity at it’s finest.


I think that’s a resounding no.



Dave Gooner

Yup. that squad is definitely good enough, and at least the catastrophe on saturday means it will be getting our full attention and 110% commitment from everyone, including Mr Wenger.

This is not a tie we can compromise with.

Fenerbahce are no mugs, but that squad is good enough to come away with a result. I’ll still be watch it from behind the couch though.

Arsene's sidekick

Sagna = Immortal

Daft Aider

Let’s just hope they aren’t patched up blue peter style with sellotape and sticky back plastic – “Here’s how we made an arsenal first team from just a few household items”

the only sam is nelson

“Make sure you use double sided sticky tape for the defence! But when you come to the midfield, particularly the Diaby, you’ll need superglue, so you’ll want to have an adult with you”


On the plus side a Blue Peter badge could end our trophy drought.

rj gooner

Maybe I’m still suffering a post-game hangover from the weekend but i fear the worst for tomorrow! Lets hope the players have shaken it off and and ready to show why Arsene has so much faith in them!


come on mate. buck up!


Part man, part marble…what would u say about Gibbs? 2face? Scarface? Anyway, good to see them up and running. We should fry them in Turkey, 2-0 at least!

joey sixpack

Sagna that cybernetic organism 😀 COYG, we need that 3-0! Go on son!!

The fool of a Took

Love Sagna!

The fool of a Took

Holy shit, had a look at the other pictures on the link and look what happened!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Arsene's stylist

Why is Peter Crouch training with Arsenal?


Peter crouch + Gary Neville = nacho


I just can’t believe that we offered long term contracts to people like Bendtner. But are so reluctant to offer a player like Sagna a new contract.
The man broke his leg twice for the cause, FFS!!

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Bacary Sagna broke his frickin neck on Saturday too.

Acccording to the player, only 72 hours later: “Tis but a scratch!”.


Agreed. 100%. If his performances start dropping move him to center half sometimes or rotate with jenks. My point being, he’s given everything and that should be acknowledged by the club


We’ll need FRIMPONG at some point to slow things down…Perhaps the last 15mins,when we are 2 goals up


Arsene's stylist

Yes, we need more red cards and suspensions in midfield.


well, frimpong can only get one red card per game, so there’s at least a ceiling there.


Part of me hopes that Sagna doesn’t start because we will absolutely need him Saturday with Kos suspended.


Yeah, but this game is just as crucial. Maybe Jenks at the weekend?


For those that criticised Sagna for the RVP incident in the Man U match last year, I hope you all feel like shit now.


Am I the only person surprised that Gibbs isn’t wearng a pirate’s eyepatch…?

opportunity missed.


Just hope they’re fully fit and not rushed back.


Given that Monreal was 10 days away from training the other day and now he’s on the flight to Istanbul, I think we know the answer to that.


why vote cornishlee’s comment down by the way? you want the players to be rushed back when they’re not healthy. people have gone crazy this summer.


Every good team deserves a better show,so as to keep pace with the top Arsenal brace up for good outing,forget excuses.


Am really happy for sagna,I was really scared with is fall on Saturday I almost burst watching the replay.

a gunn

I’m very saddened that Arsenal’s standard has slipped so low that an inexperienced Ligue 2 striker like Yaya Sanogo can now force his way into Arsenal’s Champions League first-team squad /reckoning with NO reserves team minutes under his belt. What the hell is going on at Arsenal, and how long will this nonsense continue before Arsenal start acting like an elite club, and not a dumping ground for misfits?


You honestly, like the rest of us, have no idea how good Sanogo is.

a gunn

I agree, but the right way to find out is for Sanogo to prove himself at the reserves team level or better send the player on loan spell with lowly EPL side, not fast-tracked into our first team squad. I don’t have no problem having talented youngsters like Gnabry who have proved himself at the reserves level included in the squad. Sanogo should have been sent on loan, and lets see how good he is before he becomes a first teamer.

Midfield Corporal

I don’t think anyone, even Sanogo has any idea how good he is, bearing in mind his age and injury record. Hopefully he’ll prove himself to be the next Anelka, but Anelka had Bergkamp and Wright (and Wreh to a lesser degree) to learn from. Is a CL qualifier to suitable setting for him to make is debut if required? I don’t think it fair on his development to chuck him in at the deep end, particulary when you didn’t invest in any arm bands.


Bacary Sagna, Man of Steel!


Sagna Mertesacker Koscielny Monreal
Wilshere Ramsey Rosicky
Cazorla Giroud Walcott

Top quality team, easily our best XI minus Arteta. On paper, it’s hard not to agree with Wenger and say that we need “top, top quality” to improve


4th in the league, 16th in europe, lost to Bradford in some cup game. Its so easy to disagree with Wenger this team is so easy to improve on in every position. I go so far as to say this is a team of squad fillers.


can beat almost anyone and lose to anyone.


The Ox is one of my favourite players and I have no problem with the clause. A max of £2.5m – £3m if he plays every game in his first 5 years? Bargain. The over 20mins clause is very clever when you think about it. Wenger knew as a young player The Ox would be slowly bled into the team. If he’s injured for any period of time which unfortunately it looks like he may be then we pay nothing. For a few years while he’s developing and adjusting to premier league football we pay nothing. Then if he kicks… Read more »


slight impression you’re on a wrong article here, Nialli.

arteta's perfect hair

Thanks for the squad. Was searching since a long time to see the squad that we had submitted around a week ago. I am just hoping that we can come away with a decent result tomorrow, like a 2-1 defeat, or a 1-1 draw


I think Sagna be the first Arsenal player in history to survive a 180 pile driver and walk away unscathed! What a legend! Up The Arsenal!

Merlin's Panini

Sagna for WWF champion.


I’ve just seen that Tottenham have signed Willian and Erik Lamela for a combined £60m meaning there summer spending has eclipsed £100m soon. On top of this they have signed Soldado, Paulinho, Chadli, Capoue and look to receive Coentrao on top of the £80m for Bale… They have done EXACTLY what they needed to do this Summer. They were just outside the top 4 and knew that in order to get in to the champions league places they needed to heavily invest in the squad. They have, and there first team as well as their bench now looks incredibly decent… Read more »


Bale turned out to be a huge, huge windfall for them. Can’t believe Real would pay that much for him. But do keep in mind, team ethic is also very important. QPR signed and signed and signed again last year and we saw what happened. Not to excuse Arsena;’s dithering


I also see Tottenham and Liverpool strengthening this summer and wonder what the fuck Arsene is thinking. I know what Spurs are thinking, this is our chance, lets take it. What is wrong that they can get top quality and we get fuck all.


So far it’s just rumours that Spurs have signed them


We will have no real excuses for a poor result. This team as it stands should be good enough to go through. If they play poorly then fair enough but this time it won’t be down to lack of signings.
That’s a more long term problem that may or may not rear it’s head as the season progresses.
As a first eleven I have faith in the players and believe they can do it, Inspite of the handicap those that run the club insist on placing on them.


@Bonjour Hahaha Ass-Anal the Gonners farms are comparing Tottenham to Chelsea. I told my guys months back that Ass-Anal will not qualify for CL. Do anybody want to Take the bet here?

Arsene's stylist

Meh.. trolll better.


what a vile dufus

Merlin's Panini

go away you 5 season glory hunting plonker.

99 problems but being a Gooner aint one.

No one should ever doubt sagnas arsenal blood…Hate how some arsenal fans turned on him after 2 leg breaks and a so so season.. Guy was the best right back in the league for consecutive years. Before the leg breaks i cant remember am oppositon attacker ever giving the bac man a runaround…Even now he rarely has a bad game, just a few mistakes and his crossing isnt great.
Always remember the bac man header to get us back in the game with spuds wen we were 2-0 down.


I always wonder why certain fans give so many of our players abuse. Think about it, our keepers, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Sagna, Ramsey, Walcott, Arteta, Giroud, have all been abused within the past year. Why? It’s just disgraceful.


Oh yeah! Was wondering why i couldn’t find my post…

I’m a dohnut 🙂


Where has Dick been fucking all summer?

Gets up and darts out!


Regardless of the strength in depth (which is required for an ENTIRE season) – this team should beat Fener across two games – they really should and they should’ve beaten Villa too (I’m still putting it down to the ref, even if they had bought 3 new players, the result wouldn’t have changed with the in-game injuries and terrible calls).

They’ve played together for a full season and 2 pre-seasons – they know each other. We’ll be fine.

Chin up fellow gooners.

bob log

I recommend Arteta wigs for the entire squad,to imbue the traveling players with poise,class and the ability to arouse females explosively at 50 paces.


Nacho in our top XI over Gibbs?

Not for me.

Merlin's Panini

That’s actually a pretty strong squad to take. Providing everyone isn’t patched together with gaffer tape I expect a decent result. Just hope we don’t pick up any injuries or that anyone does anything totally stupid, especially at centre back. I like this group of players.


My, isn’that squad packed with top top quality! Please.


Here’s a thought. How about we lost this one,failed to qualify for the champions league group stages. Then we’d have fewer games to play and less to travel and with our thin squad concentrate on winning of the domestic cups/league.
plus we know Wenger will not by enough players to challenge for all competitions
we’re not in it to win it anyways.and no fucking way that would happen

Casual Gooner

Chamberlain apparently out for up to six weeks.
Slightly better than what we first feared but still a low-blow.
Get well soon Ox!

gerard monen. (mogsie)

Ten days left in Transfer Market You will Be Pleasantly Surprised.

MJ the goon

Blogs,are you gay?!


dont play sagna if hes not ready,wenga!!!

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