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Breaking: Gervinho in Rome for medical

Gervino has travelled to Italy for a medical with Serie A giants Roma.

The Ivorian winger will team up with his old boss, Rudi Garcia, who brought the best of him while he was at Lille. quotes the soon to be former Arsenal man as saying, “I’m happy to be here, it was my dream.”

Arsenal are expected to receive a fee of around €8m, and Gervinho will sign a four year deal with the Italian side.

Official confirmation of his departure is expected later today or early tomorrow.

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If they do their medicals like Arsenal do then I expect him to score 5-10 goals for us next year.


hope he does well at his new club.


u are quite kind for a guy who calls himself lord voldemort

twisted cuntloks

yup certainly wish the foreheaded person a successful time. He is better off there and I think we maybe better off too.

good luck


He will probably do better in Italy, with a little less pressure than in England. It’s not easy to fullfil the expectations in Arsenal nowadays, when everyone is still waiting for a new Invincibles lineup, and his biggest issue apart from his lack of a shooting technique was always the inability to bear pressure.


May he go forehead and prosper!

Bye bye forehead

HAHAHA how stupid must Roma be. This diabolical player offers nothing to the team. Great business from Arsenal this summer with the outs




He was a liability, and I’m really happy to see the back of him. Good luck for his new experience in Rome.


i think calling him a liability is a bit harsh…even though he couldnt “hit a cows backside with a banjo” he did contribute to numerous victories for the arsenal..
that being said i am happy he is leaving..definately can replace him with better…


I wouldn’t say he was a liability. Yes, he wasn’t top quality player either. He did try, was good at running at defenders but couldn’t establish himself. Good luck to him for the future.

We can add the 7m we’re getting for him to our transfer funds and sign a quality winger. Bernardinho may be ?


I wouldn’t call him a liability. Agreed he made that shocking miss vs Bradford but we have seen worse (Kos+Szcz Error vs Birmingham in final 2011 that cost us a trophy). IMO he was villified and hounded out

Transfers give heartbrk

*sobs* we going to miss the man with the satellite head. Let’s replace straight #wishgervwell


£8m? That should be the cost of his forehead alone!

Or maybe it is :/


€8m not £8m


€8m about £7m

but with all the accountancy and extra bits and pieces that go on it could be anything

most important thing is off the wage bill and got a fair bit of money for him, hurrah!

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

“…got a fair bit of money” FOR WHAT EXACTLY????????
hurrah! REALLY!!!


I wonder if couple of years ago, when signing for us, it was his dream to join The Arsenal? Today he has different dreams, like joining them.

I wonder what’s Nik’s dreams?

Diaby's ankles

Nik’s dream has already come true – he is simply the best


A nice pair of belts to keep his pants up, perhaps?

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

Heard couple of cones played their part exceptionally well in training…maybe those cones will be in playing XI, who needs new signings


Surely with all the deadwood leaving this means multiple signings? Or are we going to play the season with wenger and Bould as registered players?

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

Heard couple of cones played their part exceptionally well in training…maybe those cones will be in playing XI, who needs new signings

Mrs Bendtner's Greatest Son That Ever Lived

Once more if you could please? I didn’t quite get it…


I need suarez to replace hm.


We have Bendtner, we have Gervinho. How Gervinho is already gone and NB52 is still here even experts dont know.


Bendtner: inflated ego + disproportionate wages = hard to shift. Pretty simple really.


Bentner is like herpes. One night, one mistake and you’re stuck with it for the rest of your life. Possibly the only way to get rid of him is to burn him off with liquid nitrogen.


Bye then.

Good for us ONLY if a better replacement comes in and I don’t mean Gnabry or Ox’ or Myachi. I’m talking Alexi Sanchezesc type replacement .


Who’s Sanchezszcesny?


Hmm dont really know about this one. Weve lost arshavin and gervinho. Would be extemely risky relying on gnabry and ryo. I would like to see ryo fill one of the spots he was sensational for bolton even against big clubs he gave their defences nightmares. Gnabry still seems like he needs a loan. That meams we need to pick up another winger?
Looks like weve just signed this matias ginter as a replacement too. Alot of trust in youth.


it’s the year of the OX


It’s high time wenger stop taking we the arsenal faithfull for granted, he’s busy chasing those he knows he’s not going to sign, he’s just bidding for this big names just to be decieving us and be wasting time, then at the end of the transfer market he’ll just bring in some more dead woods becos they’re cheap, then he excuse will be that he bidded foe suarez and higuain but their clubs refused so this ones were the only available ones in the market

It Is What It Is

I don’t like your crystal ball.


So Serge says he’s now ready to Gnab his chance and woopsy daisy Gervinho is on his way out!. coincidence? I think not.

There’s your replacement. a mix of miyaichi and Gnabry. miyabri.

btw if and when the suarez deals falls through like all the other “marquee” ones have done. who here fancies ERIK LAMELA!!


Just didn’t finish enough. He had everything else but composure infront of goal. Good luck mr Forehead.. Thanks for your service!


Most frustrating player but very likeable footballer – always tried his best too

Arshavin's Dietician

I personally didn’t find it likeable that every time he got the ball out on the wing, he would run it out into touch.

Stanford Machakata

The only rumours that are definite at arsenal are departures, as for incomings i will leave it to your own imaginations.If any team comes in for Carzola he will be sold.Get ready for the new season scramble



Stanford Machakata

The only rumours that are definite at arsenal are departures, as for incomings i will leave it to your own imaginations.If any team comes in for Carzola he will be sold.Get ready for the new season sramb $scramble


Total confidence player. Really threatening on his day but far to inconsistent. The great thing about this is the ox can get more games and it also pushes gnabry and ryo up the list too. Good luck gervinho. I hope you realise your potential in Rome.


Realise his potential? He’s 26, he won’t get much better.

Sweaty Testicles/Scrotum

This is real life, not FIFA. Players’ brains don’t start deteriorating as they get nearer to 30.


There is a not so subtle difference between “get much better” and “deteriorate”. A dictionary may be in order.


Not sorry to see him go to be honest. Frustrated the hell out of me but I can never knock his effort, best of luck playing for Roma Gerv.

It would be nice to see some medicals happening at Arsenal.

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Piers Morgan's punchable face

Despite his dry spells when he looked like a guy we picked up off the street rather than a professional footballer – I actually quite liked the guy. I hope he does well at Roma.

gooner odst

hopefully ‘Zervinyu’ can regain some confidence and complete the missing part of his repertoire, decisiveness. The way he runs at defenders is a horrible sight for the opposition because he can unlock doors quite well. Its when he runs face first into the door frame afterwards that needs sorting but otherwise a very talented player, not quite what we can afford to accommodate at Arsenal for a player meant to be at the peak of his powers.


Even Stewie Griffin thinks he’s got a strange head. Good luck Gervs I shall miss your misses and your strange goal celebration.


Thank God he’s going, one of the worst players to play for the club and a perfect example of the fragile mental state type of players that Wenger has recruited over the lat few years. Generally astonished that we got eight million euros for him.


worst players?? have you only watched one season of arsenal?


Damn! I will miss the Nazi salute celebration 🙁

Double Canister

it’ll be popular at Roma.


Good luck to him. Have to say I was scared he’d be another one we’d have to put up with, but it looks like he’s happy to play regularly for slightly less elsewhere. Fair play for that. Seemed a nice bloke, worked hard, trained well, but just not quite the calibre of player we needed.


Wish you the best, Gerv.


Thanks Gervinho. All the best at your new club.

Muluken Berhanu

Wish u all the best,thanks for what u do for the Gunner.


Clearly couldn’t hack it on a regular basis at pl level, but its nice to see him not being a dick about it. Now, we just need the inception crew to go into nb 52’s subconscious and plant the messages “fuck off” and “your not as good as you think you are” firmly in his mind. Then again, there is only so much leo can be expected to do…


Seems odd that everyone has such sympathy for Gerviniho, he’s a richly paid man who plays football, he never fit in with us. Wish him luck but his signing was a mistake. He simply couldn’t handle the step up, never seemed to click with his teammates and seemed out of sorts all the time. He scored some goals but so many were bundled in, I know it doesn’t matter how they go in but they clouded the fact that he isn’t good enough for our level. He’ll be fine, we move on!


I wonder how much we have wiped off our wage bill.

He always gave his 100%, I think he will do better at Roma. The pressure got to him at Arsenal.

It Is What It Is

A looooooooohrrt of moniieees.

Upwards of 300k/week and should end up around 400k/450k if we can shift Park, NB52 and Chamalamalakh.

NB52 would have been perfect for sports direct wonga boys.

Pat Jenning's Gloves

When he was good he was very very good, when he wasn’t he had a shocker. Bit of luxury player , not quite as bad as Glenn helder, but never a freddy, pires or over mars replacement, sub hleb with a slap head caused by wear from a hand to head reaction he had after he missed an easy goal. Best of luck to him,


Please Bendtner shud be added to Anything we are paying Any player. Goodbye GERVIN-Go. Thanks for your service. Nazi Salute brethren.


Feeling Gerv had the same problem Traore had. Cudnt handle pressure. U got the feeling he was wound up megatight whenever he was passed the ball. SNAP!! Good luck to him at Roma, least he wanted to play.


Wenger shud please Add bentdner to Suarez wages incase he needs something to Chew. I hate him.


For such a confidence player, it was quite painful to see the crowd and fans get on his back. If you look back at our attacking game at the start of last season he contributed his fair share. In fact he was one of the only (or maybe the only?) person in the squad who had the ability to accelerate past defenders and beat a man….

Having said that some of his finishing and indecision was very poor. But given more time and backing… Who knows?

gooners n roses

Farewell Gervinho. Hope he does well in Rome. So, its getting obvious we’ll see a new face on the wing. Question is does he promoted from within (ox, serge, ryo) or someone new. Bendtner used to play there right? What is the odd for…………..


Here’s hoping his medical doesn’t include hitting a cows arse with a banjo…


Guys any link i can watch the game plz?


He never recovered from the Bradford game….one of the worst performances from an Arsenal forward in recent memory.
An endearing fellow, but not good enough for Arsenal.


Thanks Gerv wish you sucess in your new jersey! NB should be auction on ebay or amazon…


As an animal lover and a music lover I think its wrong that Gervinho’s medical might include hitting a cows arse with a banjo. Think of the cow! Think of the banjo! Its just not right.


Always liked Gervinho, felt he was unfairly targeted at times and got far more stick than he deserved. I wish him well in his future endeavours.


Im not sure but I think that last year I read somewhere that his release clause was quite big. And now they are selling him for 8m. I dont know… Maybe with that money we can get rid of TGSTEL once and for all


I hope and I’m sure he will do well in Italy. I think even though he has good pace and ball control, the pace of the English football was too much for he decision making which is his weakest attribute. We’ve seen it with other good players in this league. Veron and Forlan struggled here but have done brilliant in other leagues and on the international scene. I never questioned Gervinho’s commitment to the cause, just his decision making was too slow.

Unlucky Stanley

Some people have short memories.


Good luck Gervinho; by all accounts he’s a nice guy who was popular in the dressing room. Sadly, he was never good enough to play for a top-four EPL side. I just hope that we start signing a few players soon: we are massively short in terms of quality AND quantity.

But I have absolutely no faith in Wenger to bring in the required talent.

And why has he still not yet signed a contract?

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