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Fulham 1-3 Arsenal: player ratings

Hurrah, another win, and a great way to follow up the midweek demolition of Fenerbahce. Here’s how the player rated in the 3-1 win over Fulham.

Wojciech Szczesny: 8/10 – Another good day at the office for SZCZ. He might be a bit disappointed with the touch that led to the Fulham goal but a fantastic double save in the first half ensured we stayed in front, and he looked solid and confident throughout.

Carl Jenkinson: 7/10 – His energy is fantastic, he got up and down the pitch all day, and wasn’t found wanting defensively. Very tidy on the ball too.

Per Mertesacker: 8/10 – If you cross it, he will head. Seemed to be on the end of everything they chucked in, his usual, calm presence at the back was vital.

Bacary Sagna: 8/10 – You would never know he’s not a natural centre-half. We know he’s a good defender anyway, but his positioning and reading of the game was as good as any season central player.

Kieran Gibbs: 7/10 – Another good game, really adds something in the final third now, but a touch careless in the second half, losing the ball in midfield which led to the Fulham goal.

Tomas Rosicky: 7/10 – He didn’t do much that stood out but played his part. Probably a bit on the tired side after two 90 minutes and was replaced by Jack Wilshere.

Aaron Ramsey: 8/10 – What a difference to the player we saw this time last year. He’s in great form, he knows it and is using that confidence to drive his game and this team.

Santi Cazorla: 8/10 – There are times when you watch him and you wonder how he’s just turned away from 3 opponents and kept the ball in a tight space. Then you forget to wonder about that as he gets the team moving. Set up Podolski’s second and created some other good chances.

Theo Walcott: 7/10 – Definitely more of a consistent threat in the opposition half, led some very good breakaways and his fierce shot led to Podolski’s first goal.

Lukas Podolski: 8/10 – Great to see him score twice and the technique required for the first is overlooked – plenty of players would have sent that out of the ground. Left out of the first two games, he got his chance and took it. Can’t ask for more than that.

Olivier Giroud: 8/10 – Three games, three goals. His hold up play was much improved from last weekend and his touch in the move which led to Arsenal’s third was sublime.


Jack Wilshere: 7/10 – Gave the ball away once, but looks to have found a bit of extra zip in his legs after a bit of regular football. One moment late on when he won a tackle, sprinted to win the second ball, and set Arsenal forward was fantastic.

Nacho Monreal: 6/10 – Came on to shore things up, sensible stuff really from the manager, and he did ok.

Yaya Sanogo: n/a – A fairly inauspicious debut, just 10 minutes or so at the end, so hard to rate, but the observation we’d make is that he’s going to have to toughen up, and quickly. He’s a big lad, let’s see him put it about. That said, more experienced players took time to get used to English football so it’s not a big deal just yet.

Feel free to debate and discuss in the comments, but please read the comment policy first and don’t get angry with each other, or me, about imaginary points.

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The look of Giroud’s and Ramsey’s face. Pure joy 😀


i swear im happy bcus of this.

will more FEEL happy if AW buy some player. SPEND SPEND SPENDDDDDDDD


Totally agree with you dude.. first team is solid but our bench lack depth. look at todays bench once wilshere and monreal came on i think the av age on bench was 19!!!

JUST BUY Wenger!!!


why all these thumb downs? Wont you be happy see us sighning a Di Maria or two? 😐


I would be extremely happy if we were able to sign (2) Di Marias.


Cum-Faces all round.. Brilliant

Loop A Hole

Look at Poldi clinging on to Per .. Still a kid .. Love it !


Calls to ‘spend some fucking money’: 0

Funny that.


Of course, but we only shout it when we’re losing, despite the need not changing.

(Although I also heard it in the tunnel on the way from the station.)

jack jack jack

We all know we need to strengthen. Arsene has come out and said it numerous times now that he will bring in players. That’s just stating the obvious. What good does it do to scream vitriol and negativity at the players when we should really be getting behind them?


@jack jack jack
With all due respect to Wenger he says a lot of things.

jack jack jack

Away support has been generally very good as always, but the atmosphere inside the Emirates turns more toxic than Ed Pickles’ underpants whenever we concede. Hardly support to inspire confidence and drive the team on.

jack jack jack

*Eric Pickles goddamit


Jack’s 100th game for Arsenal. It was all about Ramsey for me though. What a player we have.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

That thing that he did near the end of the game, where he got tackled, kept going and took the ball from Theo and sprinted away merrily down the right flank… Absolute Wengerball that.


to hell with you and the money….let the manager work the way he knows…


Yes! I couldnt agree more. Let the manager work the way he knows it so we can celebrate our 9th trophyless season come May.


@ El – And you know more than the Manager.. What?? Playing with FIFA Manager?? List your accomplishments eh and we’ll talk.. If not – Sod off..

Btw – Some team if I’m not mistaken – still 52 years without one..


Its you and the rest of moaners who are silly blogger. You jumped the gun.


Thought Ramsey was fantastic, great to see him proving the haters wrong. Seems consistent too, not just a phase. Great to see!

German Gunner

He had a good game, not spectacular, Santi was different class, very good team effort

German Gunner

ok ok nay sayers, maybe Ramsey was not that good, lots of touches and four yard passes, anything ambitious went to a Fulham player


Considering as he has kind of stepped into the Arteta role at the moment I thought coped really well. Cazorla was also great, but was playing a different position so its not an ideal comparison.

Agree about the team effort though, all in all a great saturday.


There was a marked difference between the 2 halves in Ramsey’s position. In 1st half he was keeping the 2 fulham fwd between him and per/sagna and expecting them to pass through, which is risky. It seems that he was told that wudnt work during halftime and then he started to drop deep to receive the pass from the CBs and was more composed.


@German Gunner people thumbed you down because most thought Ramsey had a a better than good game, not a less than good game. Seeing as though you can’t ever say anything positive about arguably one of our top 3 players at the moment, I’ll just leave my comment at that because nothing I say, facts I show or reason I present will probably change your mind.

German Gunner

You are so right, someone so stupid who could not see the irony there could not change my mind about any issue!
Make no mistake Ramsey will be found again and again when we play teams with a bit of class. Lots of very good Arsenal fans are of this opinion, To say he was motm yesterday is insane


It’s probably time Giroud got some praise too. That goal was not an easy take. That’s what you call sexy football.


Do they test for PEDs in the Prem? If not, let’s jack up Sanogo on ‘roids

Arsene's Waterbottle

Sanogo looked a little jittery. Hesitant in his dribbling and passing. Once he settles down he will do just fine

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think ‘overawed’ would be the description I’d use. He was clearly nervous, and essentially ran around not being quite sure where he should be, or perhaps not sure he should impose himself. Gave way to Arsenal players on a couple of occasions where a more experienced player who was confident of his place in the pecking order might have taken the ball himself. He’ll benefit from a few more late introductions, I think, but for the moment he’s no starter or impact sub. You can tell he hasn’t grown up here, that’s for sure. Never mind though, all he… Read more »

Mach III

Wenger is a legend He’s stubborn, terrible at buying players, lies to the news, doesn’t inform us as we’d like, secretive, deceptive– but he’s also really intelligent, he has a vision, his own style of playing football (he said that his team always plays it’s magical way of quality, but he needs the right players to do it and it hasn’t been working out the passed few seasons, but I think now he’s got a team that can pull it off. They gonna have to learn a lot of tactics and fix a lot of errors in their play.) his… Read more »

Bob A

Very well written and thought out post, I agree with you about most points , yes we do need some more bodies of good quality but NOT so say super stars just good quality that you can trust in. I know a lot of people want this 40mil player or 2/3 30mil players I say no because that would upset the balance of the very good players we already have andwould also upset the wage structure to much, I want 3/4 players from the 10-20mil figure and keep the rest of the kitty in case we have to buy in… Read more »


I agree, but if Benzema was available for £30mil, would you say no? I have a feeling that we’ll go with Michu, who would better fit in with our wage structure. I would be very happy to have him too.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Michu is available and keen to leave? Club eager to sell him?

Methinks it may not be that simple.


You couldn’t have said it any better…..


Poldi: 9/10.
Efficiency at it’s best, something we’ve been lacking. Devastating striker’s performance, really impressive.


8/10 Crossed to no one with the ball on his left foot inside the box. Great game. He worked hard, I thought. But “efficiency at it’s best” it was not.


Perhaps, but Blogs’ point about the first goal is spot on. I’ve seen similar plays get messed up many times, but that was pure finishing.


Not sure there are actually many other players in the whole league I’d rather have a chance fall to. He will smash it in 99/100, that’s efficiency. Goals are king.


In Germany one of the teammates would have made a run “through the long post” in this situation and Podolski is well known for his unselfish play. I wouldn’t blame him for that.


So you didn’t notice walcott begging for a return pass while running into the area? so podolski was just trying to play him in,

and anyway who fucking cares! we won and emphatically at that.


clueless prick


Let’s not forget how well he did defensively. He worked extremely hard in that respect, he shut them down and closed the opposition’s left channel shut. I don’t remember too much coming from that side in the whole game (maybe apart from when Gibbs gave it up). Riise had way more action on the other side that’s for sure.

RC Motors

I’ve read a few comments about Podolski where he looks uninterested but against fulham I watched him closely, he closed down players quickly and genuinely looked geared up. I’ve noticed in games where he does start he looks more interested and I think he’s better off starting than being used as an impact sub. He deserved his two goals. Top player!

Mach III

@yaw, and Podolski’s face. Pure passion! Passion makes Wenger ball come alive!


and the look of the fulham keeper’s face. Blur!


Cazorla baby!!

That one-two ball control he does though!
Think he will do enough next weekend and tear the entire spuds midfield a new one?


Class above the rest today. He brings a smile to your face doesn’t he?… sure he does for me!

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

Who in Bergkamp’s name thumbed this down?!


Cazorla. He’s soo amazing. All our boys are amazing actually :’)


How Ramsey has the same rating as Cazorla is beyond me. One was far classier and worked harder than the other.


Cazorla was classier, Ramsey worked harder…


No good working harder if you give the ball away a lot and make several misplaced passes.




Was ramsey’s twin playing for us last season, or is this one the twin? I don’t know but I couldn’t care less, I’m delighted with the one we have!


Also, can Arse rate Webb for his fantastic one-two with Ramsey?


I thought he’s starting against Chelski tomorrow?

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.

So long as Antony Taylor’s not back in the squad.


In comparison to the last week’s, the difference in the quality of Webb’s refereeing was day and night.


He did make a point of going back booking Ramsay and let Riise off with taking Theo out 3 minutes later. Webb is a c*nt


I think we need backup more than an overhaul. Our squad this season consists of very good players who have the confidence and form. We just need back up for them so squad players to replace those who left and maybe a very exceptional quality signing like Cazorla last year. I think Sagna is a much better centre half than a right back. Especially when you have to go up and down the line all match you tend to lose a lot of energy and lose focus what the priorities are. He would be an ideal cover for the next… Read more »


As Some (and Wenger) have been saying all summer, we need quantity, as opposed to quality.

By that I mean our players are good enough, we just need more like them.


I fucking love this team when we win!!


This is a club in ‘crisis’ and (including friendlies), we’ve lost twice in the last 21 games. I love us all the time!


If it’s your team, why can’t you love it all the time?


fuck off u prick


Love the club come hell or high water…….


Oh, that german lovin’. Love the BFG and Der Hammer.


Was watching with someone slugging of BFG cos he only scored 1 goal in his tenure!
He shut up when I pointed out that he’s a defender NOT a striker.
Some people are so stupid…..

James vagaBond

besides, he has two goals. Scored against Sp*rs home and away last season. So there


As blogs said all our problems aren’t solved now but… there can be only positives taken from today. Walcott and Cazorla look to have a wonderful understanding out there. I am not going to make any comparisons but it was great to see how well they read each other. Ramsey looked great. I wasn’t sure if he’d come back from his injury and while a couple of games doesn’t mean everything is rosie all the signs are there that his potential is finally coming to fruition. Makes things a lot better also because he comes across as a reight nice… Read more »


Mertesacker: 9/10.


For me Mertesacker MOM by a distance When I read some of these other blogs I wonder what they actually watch or see Today he was pure class, timeless interceptions with head and foot, organising the back four and passing out of defence straight to feet. Every defender will make a mistake eventually, yet it seems to me all pundits highlight him ………. cobblers ! He seems to split opinion but I am glad Arsenal have the BFG ! He also looks like he is Arsenal through and through, bundles of enthusiasm, always looks like he means it when he… Read more »


He seems very likeable. So does Giroud, who always seems very modest in spite of being a great player who looks like he’s wandered onto the pitch via an aftershave advert.


All of our lads seem like great guys, modest and a good sense of humour. I can’t think of another team like that.

Oh, and BFG=big friendly giant.


By the way gooners, chamakh made a mockery out of that baby faced cunt shawcross for his debut goal at crystal palace! Hahahahaa.

jack jack jack

Go on marouane son!


Solid performance by the team, especially considering the weather and the pressure on their shoulders. Nothing against the BFG of course, but I wonder why Sagna didn’t get the armband… He’s one of our most experienced and consistent players, he plays wherever the boss requires him to, and he gives everything he’s got every time he plays.


Honestly I don’t think it has anything to do with the players’ relative qualities — its been a mistake we’ve made in the past to give the armband to the high profile or best player. Bac is already playing out of position right now, I’d not want to add anything to his load on top of that. Personally as well, CB or CM/DM are the best choice for captains if all else is equal. It might lastly be a language thing, Bac is pretty fluent in English, but listen to the BFG in an interview and you can see him… Read more »


If memory serves me right, Sagna declined the assitant captain accolade last year.


The weather affects both teams, you know…


The Arsenal team played #Wengerball and yet some still complain.

Well done Arsenal …each and everyone of the players are tied to Arsene umbilical chord.

Now all what’s needed now is strength in depth and focus…and we will reach the glory-land.

Trust the players, applaud them …they play for you.


“Trust the players, applaud them …they play for you.”

This is something out of Gladiator right? Come on, you can tell me.


Fulhams high pressure suited us very well today. Our calmness and precision in our own half created tons of space for the offensive “3-1” to enjoy. Mertesacker, Ramsey and Rosicky in particular impressive in this manner.
Look at Podolskis first goal.
Gibbs’ width allowing Podolski to come inside. Sidwell and parker hopelessly trying to man mark Ramsey and Rosicky leaves Santi alone in the hole. Good timing from Theo makes it an easy pass for Santi and Podolskis run after his pass gets rewarded when the ball falls right into his feet. Superb finish.


I’m going to drink some beers and go out in the garden and try that Laudrup foot shift thing that Cazorla does all the time.


“Tomas Rosicky: 7/10 – He didn’t do much that stood out”

WAIT. Did you actually not see the best pass of the game from Tomas to Theo in the first half or are you just ignoring it?

What a ridiculous ball that was.


Beyond that, he did what was asked in terms of staying home and minding the back as Santi was given the CAM role today. Clean sheet during TR7’s tenure. Solid team game.


I couldn’t help myself …I had to yell!! When we stringed up about 10 straight passes..the whole pub here in Lagos, Nigeria here went into a thunderous applauds…after a terrible ‘pre-summer’ (summer just started for us) I really felt proud to be a gunner…Poldi was just the Prince on the pitch..I give him 25+ epl goals this season COYG!!!

gooners n roses

And all the time it works


That out to steady the ship a little. If only we could trace that cheque book. Who could have hidden it? Could it be you TGSTEL?


Great game Great team Great season ahead hopefully with some new signings!!!


The players are the ones on the pitch and they know how good Arsene is to them and they need to repay his faith in them. Whenever they let him down he still diverts the criticism away from them into himself. Also the board are hiding behind him because what ever people say, them and the owner have the final say on how much money they are willing to spend on any single signing. And bare in mind if you give in to one clubs demands in terms of transfer fees you have to live with it for the foreseeable… Read more »


Great win and lots of positives to take from the game. Now I know I will sound a bit controversial but there were a few changes from last week, and one of them was the absence of Wilshere. Everyone knows what a great talent he is, and with the signings we hopefully make, he is in nearly every fans 1st XI, but for me personally, he is a bit overhyped. Our record without him is better than with him, and I noticed how we looked more solid when we let Fulham have alot of the ball and then hit them… Read more »


Wilshere is the British version of the great white hope, more hype than anything else. I must admit though that when fit he is our second best player, but he isn’t nearly as good as the British press wants you to believe. Jack and Rambo are each other’s clones, difference is the former is a tackle away from being out for 6 weeks. So upset that Wenger put him in today, would’ve preferred to see Frimpong in that situation.


Wenger on if results alter his transfer plans…
No. We will be a bit less under media pressure maybe but that will not change exactly. I know exactly what I want to do and that will not change.

Arlene knows




I think perhaps they both know


i often find myself repeating the mantra ‘arlene knows’


Just a humble comment that I am glad to see Rambo making such progress from what could have been time called on his career. He plays like a young captain, with some responsibility to move the team forward. He’s not armband material yet, with someone like Mikel in the squad, but it is encouraging. An effective Ramsey launches this team. Seeing him standing in front of the back four to protect them, and harrying with the press when needed, shows Mikel is a quiet teacher as well as leader.

Then again, it was 7a here and I was still sleepy.


I couldn’t agree with you more. I see Ramsey as future captain material. At the age of 22 he’s already captained his country (and is only a matter of time before the armband returns to him).


I think his post match interview showed a good understanding of multiple aspects of the game…nice to hear that…


Thanks, Benji and AP. I don’t pretend to know the full story on that, but it’s a sign of character for me that he was given the captaincy of a nation, had it taken away, while coming back from an incident that must have loomed large in his memory, and plays with such desire. He didn’t fold, and I agree with both of you.

j mccalla-bennett

Great win but that team cant win the championship sorry it will not happen not trying to put a downer on the current high but i,m just telling it as I see it at best 4th place battling it out with the spuds and them from tea leaf pool also him from mad Madrid isn’t going to happen his agent has just said as much and no our current CF is not good enough we can do better or we have to add extra goals from else were on the pitch left or through the centre and we still need… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

Totally agree, a goal a game is an awful return from Giroud.

If he doesnt get 17 Tuesday we should sack him, useless french etc etc……

j mccalla-bennett

I suspect that with benzema unlikely to be pulling on the number nine or any other shirt for us this transfer window and with the acceptation of Jackson Martinez I don’t see any other better options and he may well end up at chavski if the current roomers are to be believed, we have to make the most of what we have I hope we still go for another winger Di maria through the centre Gourcuff ON LOAN may be and a holding MF I don’t think we need a CB JENKS needs to play and we have a stand… Read more »

Arsenal gone for good

Wilshere was a bit absent from the party today. 7 for him is overrated. I love him though


That Ramsey has been our best player says a lot abt the quality of our squad.
Happy for him though.


Ugh. He’s been excellent. Simple as. Why must people slate him even in his triumphs…can’t people understand his success = success for Arsenal?


wonder why nobody has anything to say about Szcz’s performance. People likes to tear him apart when he makes a mistake (most of the time he is forced to make a mistake coz of the comedy show in front of him). He had a solid game today!


Personally, i thought he did the Almunia last week because of the horror show that was happening in front of him before he did it…


It was the first time since Almunia and the Vito karate kick that I felt unsure of any ball making its way to the keeper. That said, I have always felt he has the fighter pilot cockiness that a keeper needs to brush off ham-fisted attempts and mental errors. He’s quality and still so young. I like the idea of a Schwarzer-type coming in to take starting minutes and mentor Szcz on being good for the long haul.

Bendtner's ego

I noticed Anthony Taylor was not assigned a match this weekend.


I’d happily bring him to ruin MLS games here in the states, if it meant he’d never oversee an Arsenal fixture ever again.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Thanks for the kind offer. If we can’t find a box big enough is it OK if we send him over in 5 or 6 little ones?

good old jens

not sure about an 8 for big per, woeful for the goal just ambled up to berbatov then watched him turn and shoot


8 for Szcz? He made a great double save, but his distribution was as bad as could be. Got himself into trouble a couple times at the back. Had he slipped or misplayed any of those moments, we’d have given him a 2 and starting calling for his head.


Nice to see Zelalem make the bench today? Or too much too soon?


That Webb ref, so biased against Arsenal. I don’t thinks he likes Arsenal for a minute! He doesn’t have to but his decisions should be objective.


Really happy to see poldi score those goals. He really seems to enjoy playing for arsenal and I hope he stays. Anyone know anything about these loan rumours?


Bad news: I sold Poldi from my fantasy team after the absence against Villa.

Good news: I used the money to buy Giroud.

Great result today. Up the Arsenal.


I know sanogo is very young and raw, but he certainly seems like he needs a loan spell away from the club. Just does not seem arsenal ready yet.


calm down, he only came on for 10 minutes and we were trying to slow the game down anyway. let’s wait a bit before we make any judgements


As I mentioned, a lot of unnecessary panic, necessary concern granted. Bit disingenuous to suggest that the teams we face are poor which is why we beat them, which seems to be the media’s favorite trite cliche at the moment. The team has been working hard as a unit. The number of players defending are 11 and deep. When we get the ball and counter, we get immediately 5 or 6 of us up field and quick. Ramsey is a much improved player but there is Way too much hype on him at the moment. The player I really enjoyed… Read more »


I’m sorry but Ramsey – Overhyped??

I bet Wilshere is Underhyped too eh??

Call me when England wins the World Cup which I know – as a matter of fact ain’t gonna happen anytime soon..

And whatever you mention don’t count for shit – as do I..

If you’re going to have a go at a player atleast be biased and not wear your British-tinted shades..

I have seen comments saying Wilshere is better then Neymar.. Oh how I laughed..


Surprised nobody has commented on the way we pressed when not in possession! We looked like Barcelona at times! Great team effort! COYG


Barcecunts is finished.. We don’t look like anybody.. We are The Arsenal.. It’s the Arsenal way we look.. Always has – Always will be..


One more thing, still think Santi is more effective in the middle where he adds unpredictability being able to play with both feet.

Midfield dynamics has been a rotating 3 with Rosicky and Ramsey interchanging along with Santi (or Jack)

Podolski and Walcott cut in from the flanks but with Chamberlain out, we will need one more creative wide player.

Di Maria has excellent ball retention but other alternatives could be Cabella at Montpellier or Konoplyanka at Dnipro.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker







Ps please buy some players Wenger.


The performance was good,though against an average fulham team:ditto for the Fenerbache game.The ultimate test is next week.We need 3/4 good signings with a holding midfielder the topmost priority


Walcott was brilliant in the first-half, definitely deserved more than 7…

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