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Mertesacker to captain Arsenal

Per Mertesacker will be Arsenal’s captain for the foreseeable future after Arsene Wenger confirmed that Mikel Arteta will join Thomas Vermaelen on the sidelines for at least six weeks.

The German centre-back, who got a taste for the Gunners armband two weeks ago during the Emirates Cup, was the natural choice for the role having been a consistent presence in the heart of defence at the tail end of  last term.

Let’s not forget he’s also the squad’s debt-collector extraordinaire.

Justifying Per’s ascent to changing-room top dog, Wenger explained: “It [centre back] is a position that is interesting for a captain because he has the game in front of him, he’s in the centre of the pitch, he has experience and he did it until now. There’s no basic reason to change that.”

Captain of former club Werder Bremen the BFG shouldn’t be overly flustered by the added responsibility although a helping hand from the likes of Bacary Sagna (when fit), Laurent Koscielny and Jack Wilshere wouldn’t go amiss during these testing times.

Good luck to Per. Fingers crossed he starts his reign with a win on the (Steve) morrow.

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Get in there you BFG!!! COYG!!!


Good. Gustavo joins Wolfsburg now. We can eat grass.
Anyway, before we put the blame on Arsene, I don’t think it’s Arsene’s fault. It’s management: Ivan, etc. It’s the people who approve the final signing fee.


According to some sources, Arsenal’s bid was accepted. I don’t know whether personal terms could not be negotiated or that Gustavo wanted to stay in Germany. My point is, do not sharpen the pitchforks before you have all the facts.


Apparently he indeed wants to stay in Germany.

…although his salary (paid by Volkswagen) could also have been decisive. It’s ~15000 pound/week higher than Podolski’s/Walcott’s.

I can’t blame Wenger. That’s too much for an backup.


I heard somewhere he wants to stay because he is 1 year away from german citizenship, so he didn’t want to leave just as he was about to finish his 7th year, which kind of makes sense. Having a european passport makes life a lot easier later in life.

Jack Harper

Then why would he say that he’d be interested in a move to Arsenal?


‘Then why would he say that he’d be interested in a move to Arsenal?’

Scenario 1:

Wolfsburg: ‘We’ll pay you 90,000 Euros per week.’
Gustavo: ‘Of course I’d be interested in playing for cash-rich, Champions League Club Arsenal…’
Wolfsburg: ‘… We’ll pay you 120,000 Euros per week.’

Scenario 2:

There was no actual bid from Arsenal, just a statement of interest, and Gustavo was inviting one rather than reacting to one.


Why bother insert your comment about that here, there are plenty of other pages about that.

This is great news re. Mert. Finally a good decision on the playing side. Looking forward to see the tower leading us out tomorrow.


exactly, tomj

big game tomorrow, lets just get behind the team and captain big mert

after our demolition of man city i’m looking forward to this game and the new season unfolds one game at a time

home game, sunny day, lets do it


Lead them out, Mert.

Come on lads. Strong showing tomorrow, please.


Mert’s a good choice. It’s good that Wenger is so adept at making the “meh” decisions. Tomorrow I think I will give him a slow clap. #SlowClapWenger anyone?


I find it strange Sagna is overlooked for captaincy when hes probably one of the most senior players in the dressing room.


Sagna is out, injured.

You couldn’t make it up!

Richard Marshall

Sanga is fit. The knock isn’t keeping him out of the game.


You sure?

I hope so, we need Sagna, but I’ve heard more than one report this morning that he’s out.


Said on Sky he was out.


i think, and this is just me, but i get the impression that sagna is not, what you call a perfect leadership figure, you know, i mean, he is got a great mental strength and attitude, he’s got determination, quality, age and experience…… but you knwo, he seems a bit of an introvert, and you know when u are a captain, you need to have the ability talk to junior players beyond just advicing on football skills, abilityy to inspire peopl, you know , maybe he doesn’t have that……. and if that’s the case both wenger and sagna himself would… Read more »


I agree Harsh, even if he is fit, should longevity or service at the club determine captain material? I don’t think so. The BFG seems like a natural leader who the players look up to, no pun intended. Hope Bacs is fit but to me it would seem the right choice was made purely for footballing reasons


yep, playing in the heart of the defence, calm, collected, and can see further than anyone else


Most good captains are centre halves I reckon. Tony Adams anyone?


Sagna is a quiet guy though, he’ll knock people out of the way to get what he wants no problem but he doesn’t come across as the guy who’ll bollock the team if needs be.

Per does. The big scary awesome b’stard!

Crushed Water Bottle

Had a great end of the last season, sure he’ll do well. Just hope he doesn’t fall over his own feet and injure himself again, classic Mert.

Cyril Washbrook

To be fair, the Stadium of Light pitch had the structural integrity of a Victoria sponge that day. If Cazorla had been an Arsenal player at the time, he probably would have fallen into one of the potholes, never to be seen again.

Jimmy Brain's brain

That’s an old coal mine, not a pothole.

Indonesian Gooner

Great, now we have giraffe for a captain! Nice one VENGA!!


giraffes are awesome


And who the fuck is “Venga”


Merts deserves it!


He deserves fuck all, sorry.

Why not

Oh yeah. His shambolic defending and footballing prowess lead the defense to the 2nd most effective defense in the league last year. Fucking terrible that. He should be shot.

Get some perspective…….what has been our downfall over the last 6-7 years?

He deserves everything he is given in my books. Calming presence in the heart of a previously calamitous defense


Where did I say that he should be shot? Idiotic comment from you as usual. Just because you have a different opinion doesn’t mean your “books” are more valid.

Get some perspective and don’t insult me.


He didn’t insult you and was not abusive in any way, he just disagreed with your opinion in a sarcastic way and gave his, then you call his opinion idiotic. The irony is amusing.

Merlin's Panini

He’s the natural choice. The defence looks so much calmer and more organised with Per there. He truly is the unsung hero of this Arsenal side in my opinion. Good luck to him and let’s have a convincing win tomorrow.


just read that we missed Luiz Gustavo…it’s official he is moved to Wolfsburg.Another international who wanted to play for us but Arsene said no again. best transfer would be to offload Arsene now or for christmas. thanks him for everything but the running joke is not funny anymore. for the last five years he missed out on Reus,David Villa, Jovetic, Hazard, Higuain, Julio Cesar, and now Gustavo and so many other top class signings , all those players were open to a move to the Emirates at one point and could have add quality to the squad.THEY JUST CAN CLOSE… Read more »

The Alsacien

I want to know how a Brasil international picks Wolfsburg, who finished 11th in their league and aren’t even in the Europa league, over Arsenal.

What is that all about?


Because playing at a lower level will ensure he is played when fit, which would not necessarily apply at Arsenal. Scolari’s comments this week that any player who wanted to be considered for the Brazil squad for the World Cup had to be playing for his club on a regular basis but that it was not necessary for that club to be a top level club. It is for this reason that there is also no chance of Cesar signing for us. If you Google Scolari and Cesar you will see the comments. If Wolfsburg remain at their current level… Read more »


We are very short in terms of depth, this is undeniable. However we finished last years campaign with a ten game unbeaten run, winning 8 in the process. I have a strong feeling with a relatively kind start to the season in terms of fixtures that this year we can really challenge. I challenege you Mo to name me one manager who you feel could have done a better job than Arsene during our transition from Highbury to the Emirates? Some Arsenal fans baffle me they really do……….


Not denying that Arsene is fucking genius at maintaining the club at that level during the transition, but my point was that there is something going wrong in terms of transfers , deals, and medical staff and for a couple of seasons. I agree few managers would have been able to do that. Arsene keeps on saying he need top top quality but if the Spain international Villa or Marco Reus or even Jovetic are not top quality players then who is … Giroud better than David Villa, Carlos Tevez , Mario Gomez, Higuain all strikers avalaible at decent price… Read more »

D Fresh

I’m getting a bit sick of that feeling of anticipation as the Arse News app opens on my phone,only to see a brilliant injury update or Guten Tag I ist yur captain ya!
Nobody’s fault (except maybe the one that supposedly “knows”)but I just can’t take it anymore…….BANG.


Is this a call for help?


Hate this shit. Ive now just lost my optimism for the season. Not enough that we just lost one of our most consistent players but a player who could have replaced him ( gustavo) we have missed it on. Its not the end of the world. But this summer has been yet again a joke. Absolute joke so far. We got the money, theres plenty of players that could improve us. Go and SPEND THE FUCKING MONEY!!

Glen Helders soul-glo

like someone said, he wants his German citizenship.

Nicklas Bendtner

You’re gonna miss me when I am gone


no not all..perhaps you take up a ball boy roll at arsenal will not guarantee your first place in ball boy selection… get a life dude.



Mertesacker can’t even get himself in position, or stay on his feet without falling over, let alone captain anyone else. And as for his speed…

Thanks AW for it coming to this.


The BFC.

Why not

I fancy KFC


I don’t care if jack sparrow captains this team just win the fucking match for my sanitys sake and Arsenes head….


So yeah im heading to Arsenes home, bring a baseball bat if you want in and any of you a clown? I hear he’s afraid of clowns…..

Arsene's stylist



Like a new cunt(our last real captain)

Jack Wamba

This summer’s transfer business (the lack of it) reminds us yet again that Mr. Wenger, the Manager of Arsenal FC is a BIG RED VAGINA. A DICK-HEAD finally set to plunge the club into an irreversible “DEPTH” of disaster. Any more queries as to why Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri & Co took to their heels? A fish, they say, rots from its head! Right now, Arsenal has no (managerial) head – rather, the club has a DICK-HEAD – Arsene Wenger! This DICK-HEAD together with another one (Ivan Gazidis) are a repugnant hairy pair of HOG BALLS!

New Haven Gooner

I haven’t seen someone call someone a vagina as an insult since grade school. Impressive.

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

And a big red vagina at that. Those are like, totally the best kind…

Black Hei

For those who one some inside on the Gustavo story, you can read it at ESPN. Susie Schaaf has some scoop on it.

Merlin's Panini

I’m not gonna torture myself with that. Thanks.


Wait, weren’t there a time when Wilshere took the armband? When was it? If Mert, Sagna. Arteta and Vermaelen didn’t play? I vaguely remember that when Wilshere had the armband, one of those 4 guys were playing too.


5-1 v. West Ham in January when Vermaelen went off. Mertesacker was playing, but it was Vermaelen’s spontaneous decision. Lovely moment.

I understand that lots of people are desperate for Wilshere to be captain, but he’s already said it’s one of his lifetime ambitions to be captain of Arsenal – I’d be tempted to withhold that for a few years to give him even more incentive to stay and improve.


Is Wenger intentionally giving his reputation a self-inflicted hatchet job? To be a fly on the wall…


Ze win will come…Ze Captain is Per-fect

D Fresh

It’s a bit late for help,I’m dead..duh!


Wasn’t this story about Mertesacker becoming captain and not transfers?


Guys I know we are all really upset about the lack of new signings (bar Yaya ;)) but it’s time to get behind the team now.. Up the gunners 🙂


I bet you all any money, tomorrow morning there’s a news story linking Arsenal to some mega transfer…keep the punters happy story for the first game of the season.


He will make a great caPERtain.

Ah there is my coat, I’m off.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

Adding a point to AW’s statement, he also has a bird-eye view of the match before him. Good decision 🙂


Pre-emptive Fuck Off Barcelona! Just in case!


I had a dream last night:

Wenger stood at the bridge in front of the Emirates. He had a long grey baird and a point hat on his head.
At the other end of the bridge was a group of people including the likes of Higuain, Gustavo, Fellaini and a hole bunch of agents and executives

Wenger is pointing a stick at them time yelling: “You shall not pass! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

Behind Wenger sat Ivan petting an enormous chest. “We fooled them my precious, we fooled them”


I see a lot of comments talking about getting behind the team and the lads need our support etc. It’s like if you do not agree with Wenger or criticize the club in any way then you do not love the club or are not a true fan. Who died and named these guys arbiters of true fandom. The team is not the issue, I haven’t got an issue with any of the lads. They didn’t buy themselves. My issue is not with Arsenal, I love my club. My issue is with the transfer policy. Don’t wait for us to… Read more »

the outside of rosicky's boot

Chuffing love the BFG, but is there a reason why rosicky never gets a shout at captain?

Merlin's Panini

Probably injuries have quite a lot to do with it.

[…] 来源: 【ArseblogNews】 […]


So the order of captaincy in this team is: Captain, Vice Captain, Debt Collector.


Oooohh yeah! He deserves it. I think he’ the best choice for captain in the team along with Arteta. He’s always my captain on fifa….

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