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Ryo: I want to stay fit and play

Ryo Miyaichi, speaking in that disconcertingly deep voice of his, has revealed his delight at making his Champions League bow for Arsenal following a lively cameo against Fenerbahce.

The Japanese winger, who has been sidelined since the tour of Asia with a rib injury, replaced Theo Walcott with 20 minutes to go and nearly secured an assist in the dying moments with a fine cross for Carl Jenkinson.

Reflecting on his first competitive game for the Gunners since two League Cup appearances in 2011/12, the 20-year-old told Arsenal Player:

“I’m happy to play tonight because it’s the first time I’ve played in the Champions League. To be honest I was a bit nervous but I can get experience from this game so I’m happy to play.

“It’s very comfortable to be in the squad,” he continued, when asked about his step up to the first team and his involvement in pre-season.

“It was very exciting to go back to Japan and to play in front of the supporters. I enjoyed it a lot in Japan.”

Having spent last season on loan at Wigan, albeit predominantly on the sidelines due to groin, ankle and knee problems, the young attacker admits that first and foremost he wants to stay fit this year.

“I want to get an opportunity to play as many [games] as I can. Last season I was injured most of the time so I don’t want to get injured any more in this season. I want to prepare well for this season.”

Given the injuries to Lukas Podolski and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (and the sale of Andrei Arshavin and Gervinho) it’s fair to say that Ryo and Serge Gnabry, alongside Walcott, are the last orthodox wide options we’ve got left in the squad.

While it seems likely that the boss will utilise the experience of Cazorla or Rosicky on the left against Spurs, it wouldn’t be surprising if one of the two youngsters squeezed their way onto the bench for the North London derby.

Asked if he expects to be involved against Andre Villas-Boas’ side of expensively assembled misfits, Miyaichi concluded that he’d do his best to make an impact if called upon:

“This is the first time to play against Spurs as an Arsenal player. I’m excited about it. Hopefully I want to get an opportunity to play and if I get an opportunity I want to show my quality and I want to do something for the team.”

As things stand it looks as though Ryo will be hanging around at Arsenal until Christmas with run-outs in the Carling Cup his most likely chance of proper football. In the New Year he may well head out on loan again, but for the moment he seems to have the trust of the boss and a chance to make a mark.

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Theo goes off:
Ryo comes on:


Good luck Ryo. You’ll need what. Anyway, what happened with Thomas Eisfeld?


*You’ll need ONE. Fucking butterfingers.


*What happened TO Thomas Eisfeld. Fucking butterfinggers.

Wenger's Titty Milk

You are a bumbling buffoon of Bendtnerish proportions Skip, but you clearly mean well.

Merlin's Panini

maybe he just likes cones.


I’m not always commenting, but when I do, I become a fucktard.


*I don’t always comment 😛


Lots of questions over whether Eisfeld is good enough. We have Zelalem, Crowley and Olsson who are all, in my opinion, more technically impressive than Eisfeld. But Eisfeld has this knack of being in the right place at the right time.


I reckon he doesn’t work hard enough to win Arsene. Maybe he lacks the power of ‘mental strength’?


Eisfield was looking good last year.But i guess after the NextGen thing he was slowly fading into oblivion. He reminded me of Cesc but i guess he’s young and will learn. I do hope he makes it.


Knack of being in the right place at the right time and good goal scoring record? Maybe make him in to a striker while he’s young enough.


Hopefully he can push on if he stays fit. Like most gooners, I have a serious soft spot for ryo

Arsene's Zip

And like most gooners (players), Ryo has several soft spots which break easily.

He was a definitely more effective than Sanogo last night; my god he looked out of his depth.


Same here, I hope he makes it here at Arsenal.

Wenger's Titty Milk


Gooner sickunt

Yeah right hurry up and get di Maria and ozil arsene


Ryo! Ryo!! Ryo!!! Pls score against sp!us!!!


If he plays like he did at his loan spell at bolton, ive no doubts this kid could be a future world star. He tormented top 4 defenders in a team fighting relegation. Love his step overs and hes got quality in both of his feet.


I am sure you remember how he skinned the Chelsea defense last season. Ivanovic especially! Yeah. I agree. Ryo could really be(hate to say it) – the next gareth bale.


His name is Ryo
and he comes straight from Japan
He plays for Arsenal
and can do the Hadouken





mmmmm, You tried Bloggs you tried, not your best I’m afraid.


Go home blogs, you’re drunk.



jack jack jack

If we could make Ryo work to the beginning of this tune, I would be one happy gooner


Solid effort blogs, solid effort….back to the training ground for you

Richie Waweru

Hopefully gets to start all our capital one and FA cup fixtures till January. He’ll be a world class player after 2-3 seasons. Hopefully a better player than the overrated Bale.



jack jack jack

Wait til you hear his voice. It changes everything.

Solid Gooner

Blogs, don’t ever do THAT again. Please.


I think he should bulk up bit by bit, because in my understanding, Asians’ physical body can’t sustain the same amount of maximum workloads like their counterparts from other continents. Mybe that’s why Ryo is always injured, other than the fact that his tender age means his physical not completely developed yet.


That’s absolutely ridiculous. Any scientific basis to what you say? Or just your own casual-racist general observation?


I know because I’m an Asian. By the way, you won’t see an Asian sprinter surpass an African sprinter in a 100 metres final Olympics competition.


But you will see Ryo sprint past Evra.


So am I. Susantika Jayasinghe was world no 2 in 100 and 200 m just a couple of years back. Lydia de vega and Chi Cheng and Milkha singh and Liu Xiang were all world champion sprinters or close by. What are you at?


You KNOW because you are an ASIAN? What the fuck does that mean? Do you mean that every Asian is born with an innate understanding that they are physically inferior to africans and europeans?

You embarrass yourself. And me. And all other Asians.
Hold your head in shame.


that is irrelevant. Football is not a 100m race


So, I’ll be a racist if I say “Ryo is a hard-working Asian”, at the same time it wont’ be racism if I say “Shawcross is a fucking filthy white man?”

Is so, YOU are being fucking racist.


*If so.
my god what happened to me?

The only Olivier is Giroud

Might want to have that checked out, mate. Would seem as though you might have had a stroke (not unlikely considering the summer we’ve had)


You will be a racist for both the Ryo example and the Shawcross example.
It doesn’t matter if you are asian or an european or an african or a martian. If you talk up an asian (or any other) stereotype as if it is a general rule, you are racist.


To me it looks like he has a very similar build to Chambo

Merlin's Panini

Do you have eyes? He’s nothing like the same build as Ox! Ox is built like… well… an ox!


The only difference I can see is that Chambo has more upper body strength, otherwise their height and build is quite similar.


What a load of shit! you only have to look at gymnastics to see this comment is nonsense. Plus Ryo is much bigger than both Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain.


Really excited for him to take any chance he’s given. I adore his attitude, and I like what little I’ve seen of his ability on the pitch.

The one downside is the atrocious mispronunciation of his name each time he plays. “Miyatchi” makes my ears bleed.

Arsene's Zip

Perhaps you can enlighten me on how it should be pronounced?



Here’s a Japanese person pronouncing his full name:



All “EE” sounds are very, very short indeed. So more like “RIH-YOH MIH-YAH-IH-CHI.


宮市 (みやいち): As above

亮 (りょう): “Ree” in Ryō/Ryou doesn’t really have a beat/vowel so its more an R’, the flat accent/u on “yō”/”you” sustains it for two beats, the “R” is actually more of a mix between “L” and “R”


give him some protein shakes and he can turn into a beast

Merlin's Panini

protein shakes. Sounds a bit like a euphemism. I’m going to my room for a “protein shake.”


Not sure about everyone else but the reason why I like Ryo so much is because he is so humble and hardworking. It’s the same soft spot I have for Ramsey. Praying that he stays injury free and lives up to his potential


Decent cross to Jenko last night, it should have been a goal. Fuck Volkan.


Clearly having pretty much a whole year out from injuries has hurt his progression, but I agree with many of the sentiments that he could make a serious step up in the lesser cup competitions.

He’s four years younger than kagawa too!

glory hunter

He’s clearly got potential, the kid can actually play football and hes lighting quick too.
Sky’s the limit and at Arsenal, he’ll definitely get a chance.


Come on Ryo!u will be a great player for arsenal!we support u


So fenerbahce get disqualified anyways?

fuck!!!!! all those injuries?

The fool of a Took

Holy madness fellas (and gals)!
Just realized the season has started and we´re facing Spurs this Sunday.

Oh, sweet, sweet nerves. How trembling thou art. What lack of joy thee bestow upon me. Release me of your pain and make the f*****g spuds c***s dwell in lasagna.

I´m losing my mind..

gooner odst

Also losing Bale would actually benefit sp*rs because as Laudrup said it, each of their outfield players would have to work an extra 10% to compensate for him. In other words the diving is more spread out.


That’s Ok it’s a bad Hobbit to break.


His name is Ryo
And he’s over from Japan
Oh Ryo Ryo
No one plays the way he can


Oh crap Blogs beat me to it *sigh*


Ryo will play a big part this season, because. the STINGY ONE ain’t. gonna. spend.


London Ryo Tokyo
He came to get the glory
He can be football fantasy

Arsenal gone for good

I’ll love to see him put Theo Walcot in check. Think he can be our Usain Bolt on the pitch doing 100m in 9.58s

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