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Suarez ready to stay put. Apparently

According to a report in the Uruguayan press, Luis Suarez admits he could well stay at Liverpool having claimed (in typically skin crawling fashion) that he’s been won over by the support of the club’s fans.

With the Reds refusing to do business with Arsenal and no alternative clubs declaring an interest, the striker appears to be weighing up a u-turn of epic proportions following a week on bread and water, a telling off from Brendan and a stint training with the reserves.

Speaking to Uruguayan newspaper El Observador from Tokyo, where’s he’s currently on international duty, the 26-year-old stated:

“For now, because of all the affection of the people, I’ll be staying [at Liverpool].”

The report seems to back up tweets posted by Uruguayan broadcast journalist Martin Charquero who claimed a Merseyside stay was on the cards.

“Luis Suarez confirms to me he will not leave Liverpool. The support of the fans has influenced his decision,” Charquero wrote.

“Suarez see it as likely that he’ll sign a renewal (extension) to the contract that binds him to Liverpool.”

It wouldn’t surprise Arseblog News if the above quotes were all guff but at this stage an end to the saga, whatever the outcome, would be welcome.

Having put all our eggs in one basket, it does look as though our only big name signing of the summer is going to be Humpty Dumpty…

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Back to hating him then I suppose.

“Diving Scouse C*nt!”


Have abit of title respect their sir, *racist too!

The Ghost of Peter Storey

My preference was always “cheating, bitey, rat-faced racist”.


Please swear properly.

Bolarinwa Mayowa

And i thought we were the most confused one in this transfer window


I’m gonna lose all my hair 🙁 and the reason for me balding is Ivan Gazidis :/
fuck sake buy someone !!


Crap. I hope this isn’t true.


I think i’m gona just stop paying attention to everything else and just watch the matches. If you set your expectations low enough you can’t be disappointed. I guess it was my fault for buying into Ivans bollocks about an exciting window, theres something seriously wrong with the negotiating team. we’ll do ok for the first few weeks if our there are no injuries… after that, who knows.

New guy

Me too but on further thought it is mot so hard to imagine them agreeing to do something like: – extend for a year – give him a raise (contingent on not being suspended again obviously) – add a proper release clause (at a new price?) for CL clubs if they don’t make CL next season A bit of a climb down for everyone. I assume the facts on the current “release” clause are actually somewhere in between what the two sides are saying…so they can clarify it, give him a little bit of money and then try one more… Read more »


Now I’m really fed up with this.
I heard we put a bid in for Gustavo but it was rejected. Just bid the asking price!
Barcelona are now in for him too!



Ok lets get a move on so and fast get somebody else and no fuckin around

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Looks like Barcarse is trying to nick Luis Gustavo off us too. In 24 hours we’ve lost two Luis’s. Gotta be quick now:

Defensive Midfielder: Maroanne Fellaini. He’s like Patrick Viera only 4 inches taller cuz of the afro.

Striker: Michu. His goal celebration with the cupped hand over ears is classy… unlike that chimp who’s yearning for an exit from white hart lane.

Goalkeeper: Begovic. Stoke can’t afford to have their expensive January signing Jack Butland warming the bench all year.

White Russian

Yep, quickly, let’s just go out and buy someone – ANYONE. Never fails, that approach. If this is true (big if) it will not have been news to Arsenal. I’m aware we haven’t done a load of business this summer, but surely no-one thinks that we actually don’t have any targets lined-up? We do (not that I know who they are), but things are just moving slowly – which is fine if they’re the right targets, and not people we bought out of panic while trying to convince people we’re not fuckin’ around. There’s still time in the window, and… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

White Russian, can’t agree with you mate. What do you think will change in the next fortnight that will convince Arsene he needs to buy quality? The season starts in 3 days, that should have been the cut off point for our transfer business. I don’t believe for one second we are working to tie up deals before the window closes, I think this is classic Wenger ‘I know best’ arrogance. There comes a point when season after season our squad is shown to be too thin that you have to ask if Arsene is actually plain stupid? If he… Read more »

White Russian

The comparison to the decorator is a bit daft – but I take your point: the only alternative to us not having targets lined up is that Wenger is completely retarded. I’m happy with that – and I know which option I agree with. As an example – look an Monreal. Signed in January as cover when we were short in that position, but the deal was lined up for the summer. These things can take ages to do, are planned months and months in advances – there is no multimillion pound organisation in the world that wings this sort… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

But aren’t you contradiction yourself WR? The debacle at the end of 2011 transfer window demonstrated that there isn’t a great deal of long term planning when it comes to our transfer business. We identify a pool of players as possible signings, dither indefinately, and when the shit hits the fan see which of them are still available. Arsene has done wonders for this club but its no coincidence that most of it happened when he had Dein to bounce off. He needs a proactive man beside him to stop him procrastinating.

White Russian

No, I don’t think I’m contradiction myself. 2011 was a fairly unique situation – Nasri left because the club had no choice but to cash in on him. The club didn’t anticipate losing both him and Cesc – hence the scurry for signings. Surely you recognise that the club is in position entirely different to that in 2011? We have money and have not spent most of the last year trying to persuade key players to leave. I haven’t said Wenger knows best or that the guy is infallible – I’ve just said that he’s not completely retarded (surely a… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I don’t think Arsene is retarded, I’ve always been a great supporter of his, but he doesn’t make thinks easy for himself. Other clubs seem to be able to buy players without these long drawn out sagas, look at Spurs and City this summer. I’m not sure your recollection of the summer of 2011 is quite accurate, if the club didn’t anticipate losing both Cesc and Nasri then they were incompetent. Everyone could see it coming, but we were given the run around by Barca as we pushed to get our valuation on Cesc and in the end caved in.… Read more »

White Russian

No, if it closes and we haven’t signed anyone, that really is it. Wenger’s (and others’) position will be indefensible to even his biggest supporters. I don’t get the comparisons to Spurs and Citeh, both of whom have massively overspent (£30m on Fernandinho? £26m on Soldado? Ridiculous fees for just about above average players) – only Navas and Paulinho look like good signings. I could just as easily point you at Man United, who haven’t signed anyone (yet), or Real (who haven’t got Bale yet, but will) or Barca (who haven’t signed a CB yet, but will). These things take… Read more »

I think the analogy with the decorator should be “Wenger turns up to your gaffe with 4 colours, only two of them primary, when he knows full well he has to paint a motherfucking rainbow on your barndoor.”

Midfield Corporal

WR, Morgan is a cunt agreed.

Are the players you list overpriced? I don’t know, only time will tell. Am I impatient? No. It doesn’t concern me we haven’t won a trophy for 8 yrs, however I am frustrated that we haven’t been using our available resources to compete at our optimum level. I see no reason to sack Arsene now, but I see no reason to give him a new contract either.


On the plus side, Aliadiere is looking for a new club..


If any Gooner genuinely had their hopes pinned on this, you we’re always gonna have a bad time. Deal has been dead for days.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Weeks, at least!!


Looks like desperate times for Arsenal, we don’t seem to have the nous to transact transfers at this end of the market.

I can’t see fans spending their money on (over priced tickets) when the club is sitting on a pile of cash and won’t/can’t invest any of it?

Fan morale and trust is at an all time low and if Wenger doesn’t bring in the required players then not many fans will continue to back him – he better move quickly…..


He will bring in the ‘required’ though. We’ll get what we need, not what we want. It’s not surprising he’s choosing to go down like this. I don’t think he truly believes ‘the project’ was ever over.


Fan morale and trust is at an all time low

oh really ? i wonder what ‘fans’ would have to say if club was in serious trouble ( financial), or couldnt even get to europe, or not have a future….

Midfield Corporal

But we’re not.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Guess we have to settle for merely Gonzalo Higuain. (oh wait…)


Ah yes, this joke… again.

A N Other

I just wonder if we ever going to get some good news during this summer.. Injuries, missed signings, sagas, etc.. All we needed was world class players…


And a manager who is willing to pay their asking price.

Asking prize of £14.6 yet you still bid lower?
what is going on with the people in management. fuck this.


sorry…. but why pay the asking price ? do you expect a prudent club to spend whatever the market or selling club asks for? what happened to forming your own rules ? fuck the market…we decide…its our money.


and if they dont want the money WE offer to them then thats cool….we have eisfeld ryo oxlade … thats the whole point. we are not a circus to pay whichever wankers whatever they ask for.

Belfast Gunner

I see where you are coming from, but if you spend the first half of the window shooting your mouth off about how much money you have, then you better be ready to pay the asking price.

Midfield Corporal

We do decide what we do with our money, and evidently that policy is getting us nowhere because the selling clubs decide to sell to the clubs that offer them more.
I don’t think it will be any consolation when we’re scrambling around try to grasp CL qualification if we’re lucky that we have the moral high ground because we wouldn’t pay what the market say a player is worth.


Thank fuck for that. We dodged a bullet there.


Was just about to post the same thing. Never really wanted him at our club, the guy is bad news. However, still disappointed that we are unable to close out a deal.


They say that in the land of the blind that the one eyed man is King.

Merlin's Panini

I might head over to the land of the blind then. Check me out! Two eyes baby! I believe that will be my throne.

Dave Gooner

Have to say I agree. Undoubtedly a great striker, but a fucking woeful disreputable diving racist cheat. So really, he’s only half of what we need. And the other half happens to be important to the club too. Suarez will never be a gunner, no matter how much is paid for him if he comes or no matter how many goals. He’s not what we want. That Liverpool Museum Football Club though – dearie me, what a pair of cheesy knobs that Rodgers and Henry are. How far Liverpool Mausoleum has fallen. Pair of dysfunctional ignorant vainglorious egoist fucks. “Rival… Read more »


I’m at about half past give a fuck with the whole transfer window. It’s all a load of bollocks and we just seem totally incompetent.

So fuck it all.

Glen Helders soul-glo

The window isn’t a load of bollocks, just the way the club has been handling it.


Nope, it’s a load of bollocks too.


Anybody who thought we panic bought in 2011 better grab a seat coz this time around nothing has gone according to plan. we are either going to panic buy or not at all with promise of a splash in January.


Arsene's stylist

Rooney staying at United, Suarez staying at Liverpool. Thank god we didn’t let RvP go to a domestic rival; we’d be looking like complete fools.


They had to know the money was coming, they did not need to sell.

why does Arsenal have no backbone? Not in transfers and not in the business end of the season.


Backbone in the business end of the season is something that we do have.


If you mean, after being knocked out of all the cups and having no chance of winning the league, then yes, at that point we get our act together in order to finish 4th.


well we aint neanderthals mate, nor do we approach the subject of football like its a war, its a sport in the end of the day , a profession, a line of work and we respect people and their decisions as long as its profitable to the club without any damaging consequences. look at liverpool and united stance on suarez and rooney…proper children…. “no you cant have him he is ours!!’ ….. get a grip…football = business

Andy Mack

I think they both have a few years left on their contracts so their present clubs have some power over them.
The comparison with RvP would look poor compared to Dortmund / land… whatsisname, but we don’t know what deal Bayern offered. If they’d offered the same as Manure did for RvP then maybe he’d be there now.

Dave Gooner

He’d be on his way this year for free. And we’d look like Brendan Rodgers.

I think we did the right thing.

Rectum Spectrum

AANS (almost a new signing)

*can’t take credit for that some genius came up with it on another story.

Merlin's Panini

I’m looking forward to when we finally have ARS (a real signing)

Merlin's Panini

unfortunately though, we are still in the LANS era (which scarily enough is an anagram of Arsenal).


If part of Wenger and Dicky Law’s KPI’S are to suitably invest transfer funds to adequately sustain a title challenge, this window so far has been a capital F for FAIL.

Smacks of incompetence.

Oh yeah, fuck Suarez too and the horse he rode in on.


The only thing worse than the incompetence is Wengers excuses, such as everyone else bought early, very little movement, ect. Hate to say it but the club to compare to is spurs, they are buying in the price and quality range that Arsenal should be shopping in. We don’t need one 40M player, we need three to four 15-20M players.

Arsene knows best, I guess.


Love to know where the Spuds are getting the money from. The way they have spunked wads of cash over the last 10 years makes no sense. What are they smoking over there?

Insane Wanker

It’s a new drug called ambition


Looks what that drug did to macbeth 🙂
Substance abuse never ends well.


Weren’t Leeds smoking that? Turning tricks now.

Andy Mack

They’re spending some of the Bale money in advance.


Does anyone else feel like we’re falling apart?

-the under 21’s getting ripped to shreds, -compains of not enough players.

-the seniors all calling for world class signings,getting fuck all,
-injuries prior to new season,
-Internationals with the usual “god forbid someone gets injured,
-Bidding lower than asking prize all the fucking time,

worst of all theres now a kid somewhere named north west.


Other fans tell me that transfer window is not over yet and I should stop whining. Wenger will tell me: ‘Judge me in the May’ At the end of the season we will be 4th again and people will say: ‘Stop being so pessimistic! This time it will be different, we finally have funds.’ A fucking circle of self-delusion.

Glen Helders soul-glo


That’s a bit optimistic at this point.

The Lube

“At the end of the season we will be 4th again”. . . I don’t know about this. You reckon we will come 4th again? What with all the investments the other clubs around us have been making…I wouldn’t bet on it

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.

We put in an audacious £5m plus £1 bid for Stewart Downing as well apparently – but he went to West Ham in the end as they showed more ambition and offered double wages to what we were offering.

Downing is the antithesis of ambition.


His name itself’s such a downing…meh, pass…

Jimmy Brain's brain

So Downing is “super, super quality” and better than what we already have???

If we have really missed out on him, then we have got something right at last.


You really couldn’t make this summer up. The best opportunity we’ve had in years, not only with cash in our pocket, but the teams above us all changing manager. If ever there was a chance to make a big statement, get world class players in and get them in early, to show we were back competing, this was it. And we’ve fucked it. Big time. Hard questions need to be asked and answered about what’s gone wrong, unless we do some serious business before the beginning of September. From having a great opportunity, this total clusterfuck of a summer will… Read more »

Dan Gunn

Had you till the last line Mooro. Always need someone to blame ;0)


“And we’ve fucked it. Big time.”

“We” haven’t “fucked it”.

Wenger/Gazidis/The Board have “fucked it”.


get world class players in and get them in early, to show we were back competing, this was it. wow…you lot havent grasped the working philosophies of the manager and the clubs policies and ethos have you? what youre asking us to do is what city and psg do…. guess what ..those clubs do not have expertise in developing youth, WE DO. those who dont know the hows will always try and make it up via spending fortunes…we dont have to do that..we know what we teach to the players and we know and have experience as to how good… Read more »


i think this idea that arsenal can somehow ‘make’ youth players into world beaters is a bit exaggerated. realistically, we only produced ashely cole, cesc, and now jack wilshere. serioulsy what other youth player have we (Arsene) turned into world class???


The “Youth Experiment” (thankfully) died a couple of seasons ago when Wenger finally admitted/relented and bought more experienced/older players such as Podolski, Giroud etc. It never worked: it just was another way for the club to get players on the cheap because they were so young. The moment Arsenal built them up they were either bought up/sold. On the pitch, they all seemed like toddlers and the ‘bigger boys’ just came along, tackled them and left them on the floor. If the “Youth Experiment” was such a success, why did none of the other big clubs do it? In today’s… Read more »


Our squad on the transfers team really does seem to lack a bit of sharpness in the final third, don’t they? They play with the handbrake on far too much to have starting roles, and their mental strength certainly doesn’t seem to have quality.


If City and PSG have a policy of identifying transfer targets and actually going out and getting them, then that’s exactly what I’m advocating.

And we appear to have had an expertise in developing youth until such time as they have either failed in the first team or deemed not good enough (see this summer).

And if you think we don’t need to spend money to improve this squad, which is well within our capabilities and resources, then you are fuckin mad mate.


Biggles, that was a reply to Hunter up top, but I’m spangled.


You forgot “lacking a little bit the sharpness”

Der Kanonier

Humpty Dumpty? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! So excitet!!!

Merlin's Panini

I thought we already sold Humpty Dumpty to United. The injury prone cunt.


This is a blessing in disguise. Despite the fact that he’d score plenty of goals or still made me uneasy about that racist fool coming to our club. We have more class than that m I’m looking forward to a 25 goal season from giroud and the same from theo.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Why do Arsenal fans bleat on about class.

Are we not the same team that boo’s it’s own players at any opportunity.

Remember being at Wigan game when Eboue got booed practically every time he had the ball, then was jeered when was subbed.



well said! the fans have none..its the manager’s class i refer to. its his class that makes arsenal a big club..the fans are muppets.


Don’t rope me in with that lot, I’ve never booed any of our own.


Im really excited about Humpty Dumpty. Who’s Humpty Dumpty? Big signing? How much? …oooh, i cant wait!!!


I think I made a joke somewhere and said Wenger would be the only signing this Summer. Well, slowly it looking more like it.

Ivan le Terrible

Still working hard? It can’t be THAT fucking difficult. Too much solitaire.

John moriarty

What squad number will Humpty be wearing. I want to get my new shirt early before the rush

John moriarty

Heard that Humpty has had injury problems though seems like a real Arsene signing

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

I heard he cracks under pressure. No mental strength that boy…


Anyone else feel like their going slightly mental? Fuck all of this, just want 3pm saturday to start and the boys to win. Anything else can fuck off. Especially Suarez.

John moriarty

All the kings horses and all the kings men now on Arsenal medical staff


We should hijack the Lamela deal from Spurs. How are they wrapping up all these impressive deals for £20m + players yet we seem totally incompetent on the transfer front. Was it Levy’s shrewd appointment of Baldini as DOF at Spurs.

Then that leaves the blame solely on Gazidis who raised the levels of expcectations and also failed to support Wenger in the market by completing signings. The contrast between David Dein and Gazidis is like Night And Day!

Glen Helders soul-glo

Just because you spend £20m + doesn’t mean problems are solved.

Hopefully Soldado is another Rebrov, Casiraghi, Shevchenko etc.


Do we own the copyright to the word ‘facepalm’? Utter shambles once again.


No, we own copyrights for ‘quality’ and ‘team spirit’ though.

Jimmy Brain's brain

Don’t forget ‘mental strength’.


had a feeling it would end this way *sighs*. What a joke we’ve become in this transfer window. We were linked to almost every available palyer, never bought 1.


This comes from the same journalist that said Bernard was having a medical with Arsenal 2 fridays ago.
Dont believe this.Why would this not be made official by Liverpool.Still dont expect him to sign for us though.
Expect Gustavo to go somewhere else as well.Usual rhetoric from Wenger(Diaby will be like a new signing).
Yawn yawn.


Im not sure which is more confusing, the final episodes of LOST or Arsenal’s dealings in the transfer window…its so gripping, the ARSENAL/manager & board have let US FANS down. The final episode of ‘The Lost World Of Wenger’, concludes next week………we have all been mugged…its the modern day Highway robbery…..


Not that I was particularly enamored with this potential signing, but why the hell is it August 14 and we still haven’t even been close to signing anyone. Sp*rs are making quality signings this summer, the potential to fall behind really has never been greater. How nobody at the club seems to notice that absolutely baffles me


fuck spurs, since when do we worry about a club we’ve been raping the last 20 years?

Arsene's zip

You misspelled in the last line.. It’s l’Humpty Diumpty.



Did everyone miss that part?


Exactly what i focused on!!!

Gooner of Navarone

Wait till we win the Champions League. Bendtner’s going to outscore the Dutch skunk.


Its simple guys… If Suarez starts training with Liverpool first team, Then he is a ‘Bitey Racist Cheating Cunt’… If he comes out again and says he wants to leave Liverpool or hand in a transfer request… then he is World Class players who deserve to play in Champions League…. come on Suarez, this is no-brainer …


Abdul when are you going to get it fella,Suarez doesnt want to play for arsenal or even Liverpool for that matter ( It’s all about Madrid ) I’m a Liverpool fan,and would like to see the RAT BOY leave ASAP
But not to Arsenal 😉

Tapscotts Testicles

To all the pompous, arrogant, know it all fans defending all things wenger and happy with the status quo with regard to transfers…..i hope you are happy. You now have what you wanted.
A monster cluster fuck of a summer transfer window cow-towing to the board and Arsene Wenger, happy to slag off the rest of us as not genuine Arsenal fans merely because we were worried about how things were developing or more to the point, how they were not developing.
Perhaps you can tell us what our next move as a club will be?
No….thought not.


Perhaps you can tell us what our next move as a club will be?

get rid of tossers like you who are never satisfied would be a good start……then perhaps move the emirates, the club’s offices, players, training centres, everything to asia were fans are far more appreciative ….the ones here sorry to say are an embarassment. always moaning


some fans are literally like fans, they should be hung from the ceiling…


This is the only thing that can soothe our suffering.
Acceptance that we will not sign any one.
Acceptance that the squad is “thin” and we hope we will diaby will be fit.
Acceptance that we will be struggling for 4th place but hoping beyond hope that we can mount a decent challenge.
Hopefully it will not be “1-1 at Newcastle”

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

Acceptance – the 5th stage!! Does that mean it’s all over or do we go back to denial now? :-0

Red Courtinho

I told you so just doesn’t cut it me thinks…lol

Adam Richards

3 sleeps till the new season!!

We may as well get excited and ignore the feeling like we’ve been dumped by a girfriend who it never made any sense going out with anyway.


a gf with rabbit teeth….pass….


Meh…….We still have Bendtner 🙂

biafran arse

“According to reports” “we understand” that’s british press and their counter paths,bunch of serial liars and we re greasing our pants in panic for them. their reports on our transfer activities this summer is complete 0.001/10 accurate,we learned about our interest in Suarez from liverpool and the worst is that our arseblog’s immunization against this nonsense has warned!


biafran arse, really? what a choice of name. udo.

Titan Arse

Fucking hell! Another season of waiting for the new FIFA to come out just so I can make the signings myself. I get that the squad we have are a year more experienced and a very good group but really feel like we have had our pants pulled down.


Oh dear!
you lot look a bit daft now then don’t you. We’ve been telling silly arse(nal) fans, who have been taking great delight in coming on LFC blogs and telling Kopites we’re finished now Suarez is going to a “big club”, that he wasn’t going to the Emirates. Did you listen? Do you feel stupid? Will you actually buy anyone?
Oh dear!
Au revoir Arsene.
Keep Smokin’ Kids.


Haven’t seen you just done what you are complaining about?

Anyway I, like almost everyone on here would not be seen dead on a scouse blog. No point listening to a bunch of illiteraye kids talking like old men reminiscing about the past glories.


Suarez looks daft. You look a bit of a lonely dimwit for commenting on an arsenal forum. You support a museum.

A one nutter team.

Ignore. They’re just pathetically relieved. And we think we’ve got problems?


Someone called me delusional once- I nearly fell off my unicorn

NZ Gooner

I feel such a fool Every day since May I have been logging onto the interweb expecting to be greeted with an excited buzz on all my favourite gooner sites about the latest signing and then wasting time watching you tube videos and stuff that all other fans have done (apart from united scum but fuck them ) and yet , here we are . I have a bad feeling its gong to be a very long season, I , like Blogs lean towards the positive but this year all I can do is enjoy the quality we have but… Read more »

Judgement day (once more)

Crap, this is bad.

Whatever, I will now sign of from this horrible nightmare called Silly Season and focus on the games. The squad should be alright for a couple of months (fingers crossed), but come spring 2014. If we even have 11 men to call I will be surprised.


Sorry for the caps and the ramblings..

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