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Suarez tells Liverpool he wants to join Arsenal

Luis Suarez has told Liverpool he wants to the leave the club and join Arsenal.

In an interview with the Guardian, the Uruguayan said, “Last year I had the opportunity to move to a big European club and I stayed on the understanding that if we failed to qualify for the Champions League the following season I’d be allowed to go.

“I gave absolutely everything last season but it was not enough to give us a top-four finish – now all I want is for Liverpool to honour our agreement.”

Although he didn’t mention Arsenal by name, it’s clear that Arsenal is the club he wants to join, saying, “It is not as if I am asking to move to a local rival. And I would not consider moving to a club outside the Champions League. I have made my desire to move known in private various times and now it feels like the time for me to make it public.

“I have to put my career first. People say Liverpool deserve more from me but I have scored 50 goals in less than 100 games and now they could double the money they paid for me.

“I spoke with Brendan Rodgers several times and he told me: ‘Stay another season, and you have my word if we don’t make it then I will personally make sure that you can leave.

“I am 26, I need to be playing in the Champions League. I feel I have done enough to be playing in the Champions League at this stage of my career. Now there is an option for me to do that and I want very much to take it.

“I want to move to play in the Champions League and there is a club offering me that opportunity. I have told the manager that I want to leave the club.”

It remains to be seen if there’ll be any progress on this or if Liverpool will simply dig their heels in. Their owner, John Henry, told fans today, “I don’t know why people ask us if we are selling the club or the best players, because we are not. We like to buy stuff, not to sell.”

While Brendan Rodgers said, “We have had a couple of bids from one club, which have been nowhere near the valuation of what he is worth in this market, so there is no change in that. It is the same with any of our players – we are very much trying to build and go forward and we want to keep our best players.

“We have no intention of selling one of the best players in the world to one of our rivals. Luis Suarez is very much a Liverpool player and there is no real value in discussing it unless someone comes close to the valuation.”

That said, all this stuff is part of the game. Arsenal have played it before, but this is thing is now an epic saga of epic proportions which is epic.

Whether going so public will force Liverpool’s hand is anybody’s guess, but they can be in no doubt as to his intentions now.

Read the full Guardian interview here.

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Thin Gooner

I feel ill.


Take an Aspirin. Unless you’re pregnant, it’s bad for the baby.


I’m so desperate for a signing, if we get Suarez I will be over the moon. Although I really really wanted Higuain, you can’t deny Suarez is a better player and proven quality. Obviously everyones going to worry about whens he next going to suspended, but for the mean time, I just want to see that squad update on the arsenal website with some fuck off massive headline everywhere saying we got him!

Bolarinwa Mayowa

I have made my desire to
move known in private various
times and now it feels like the
time for me to make it public. “I want to move to play in the
Champions League and there is a
club offering me that
opportunity. I have told the
manager that I want to leave the
Now, we’re getting somewhere.


He does like to rabbit on a bit that Saurez


Well Arsenal want him, he wants us, there is a good offer, might I assume this is looking pretty likely. Have to say it’s quite nice being on the other side of a transfer saga.


Agreed, even if it is all for that loathsome lunatic!


I would care if he is “our” loathsome lunatic.
Might actually put the fear into other teams for once rather than show off our sleek passing.

The only thing i really care about – CAN SCORE A GOAL.


Let’s hope his potential black team mates and our diverse support share your sentiment.

eboue's hairbrush

And the vegetarians.


Guys, calling someone a racist is a serious accusation. Before doing so, one really should consider the nature of that persons culture. There is not a single South American person, regardless of skin color, that will tell you “negrito” is a racist comment. His comments towards Patrice Evra were surely made out of anger and disgust, but that doesn’t make it racist. It means Evra is a dispicable person, who happens to also be black. If he was white and Suarez called him “gringo” this would have never made the light of day. I’m not a fan of Suarez’s antics,… Read more »


finally dude…someone talking sense…bravo!


its not like he drew blood he knew what he did was wrong and instantly stopped biting when he realized how he lashed out that’s that’s why he didn’t bite harder heat of the moment everyone once in there life has lashed out unintentionally!


Do we play chelsea first or what?. maybe he wants ivanovic early.

jack jack jack

Don’t get your hopes up too much chuck, I get the feeling there’s a fair bit of distance left in this saga yet.

artetas armpit

ya think


Smells like a story a couple of weeks ago… 🙂


I said it before, I would prefer players with a different attitude (values?) at our club, that’s only my personal opinion though.

I reckon though that he could be a signing of Bergkampesque proportions for the club and represent a new Arsenal (?). We’ll see. From a rational point of view, he’s proven goalscorer, knows his opponents and would have a direct impact at the club. There’s no arguing here.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If we don’t buy him within the next two weeks and we then do poorly in the CL Qualifier 1st Leg I think you will see him massively backtrack as he will no longer see us as a Champions League club. Any suggested legal action on his part would be a non-starter if we turned out not to be a CL club after all. Our chance of getting him (and I am still very unhappy about it) depends on getting through the qualifier. If we are reluctant to commit funds to other new players in order to preserve our money… Read more »


well said, frankly im fed up with our own fans and blogs following the media narrative and treating suarez like an enemy. like suarez owes Liverpool anything….and everyone feeling sorry for Liverpool and so on…..utter bollocks….they got him for 25 million he scored shitloads of goals for them and when it was time to protect him – Liverpool failed miserably and allowed united to make a mockery of them. now they will get 40m + 1 pound so they still make a profit. anything else is stories for the circus and the media


Does he want us? All the headlines are saying he’s said he wants to join Arsenal, but unless I’ve missed something, he hasn’t said that. He said he wants to leave Liverpool and play in the Champions League. We’re not in even in it yet! If Real come in for him, that’s where he wants to go. And surely Real would sooner pay £40-£50m for him than £100 for Gareth Bale?

Sweaty Testicles/Scrotum

Read the interview again. He (rightly) doesn’t specifically mention Arsenal but I think you can deduce that he’s talking about us.


I think you’re right… I’d say there’s more chance he’s angling at Real Madrid here. I hope not, I think he’d be ace for us.

Why not

He doesn’t mention Arsenal. Rightly so, indeed. However my understanding according to all the reports here there and everywhere is that Real Madrid haven’t offered anything to Liverpool.

They went quite public about our offer, so if Madrid came. Im sure something will come out of it.

The cynic in me says that he was talking about us, but hoping for something else.


Darren Bent – Welcome to Arsenal!


No…Luiz Suarez welcome to Arsenal!


You… dont get it. (P/S you probably wont get this one either)


But Liverpool signed Bent a long time ago.


Looks like we’re getting the bitey racist.

At this point I’m excited. He is one of the world’s best footballers after all and our other targets have disappeared. I’d still have had Higuain over him but he’s a hell of a lot better than nothing.

A Yank

What if he waits until after the qualifier (as this is pretty much all predicated on playing in the CL) and God forbid we lose the qualifier?


It is always a possibility but forgive me if I look at our Champions League track record and fail to worry too much.

A Yank

Just saying… there is no lock. The year we drew Udinese I thought I would have a fucking coronary. They turned out to be a damn good side that year. From my understanding we can’t draw Milan, and I remember looking at a table of the probabilities of whom me might draw and none of the teams was particularly brutal on paper (and nobody with any player near Di Natale’s quality) but we’ve just conceded twice at home in two matches (albeit pre-season) and all of this is just a really long-winded way of saying nothing is guaranteed.


Conceding against Napoli and Drogba is not shameful. Napoli are a great team and Drogba’s still Drogba, diving and bullying as always.

A Yank

Not shameful, but the lapse on defense against Napoli for their first would get punished by just about any European side. Until we’re out of the woods, we’re not out of the woods.


If his concern was genuinely Champions League football and he actually wanted to play for us, as opposed to use us for our ‘status’ as a CL club.. he could always sign BEFORE the qualifiers and actually help us achieve it rather than sit back and wait to see if we get it or not.

But I don’t envision that is what will happen.


Pre-season friendlies are mainly about fitness. I was gutted we lost against Galatasaray the same as I would be when we lose a competitive game, but we played some players twice in 2 days, and a lot of youngsters were given a chance. We just ran out of steam towards the end it seemed to me. There is no chance that will be happening in a couple weeks with a few new players and our 1st teamers all ready to go.


There you go: CL seeding probabilities


Exactly. Its worth reminding people that this is the 5th time we have had to do this, so it isn’t exactly uncharted territory, and we have not gone out yet (ok jinxed it probably) With a few games still to play tonight, our worst-case scenario is PSV, and that assumes both they and Zenit get through tonight, and we actually draw them. Its nice to see our usual -Reserved- sign in pot 1. Better still, I want to see how the City fans react when they realise they are in Pot 3 again with another potential ‘group of death’. Their… Read more »


I think there are some teams there that can cause us a lot of trouble. I’d be more scared of Real Sociedad from that list, and Paços would be dodging a bullet, in theory. Then again, if we can’t beat any of these we don’t really deserve UCL football. But if we are not reinforcing, I’m not sure we do…


hey a yank… friendlies are friendlies yes…..

so what we conceded two at home?

Seamonkey UK

What you on? Surrey is way better. I have no problems with the guy. He may take the occasional chuck out of a Chelsea player but who cares. He’ll score more than RVP playing for Arsenal. All we need now is Cesc, fellini, gk & cb


Oh. That’s ALL we need? Another 80M after spending 40m on Suarez? That’s all? Phew I was worried, but I’m glad we only need to spend 120M


I hear fellaini himself is £10 million, his afro hair has a seperate relese clause of £12million.

Dont get me started on Artetas!

Dr Baptiste

Who is Surrey? Not sure you’re allowed a county cricket team on the field in place of one player….


He did mention Madrid. .. Not us. …


yes, I think the same, or he may join us and leave for madrid next season.

A N Other

A predictable twist.. Now what?


He has spoken about Madrid before, so that’s a reference to previous statements. He’s still keeping his options open though, his whole interview is very carefully worded. I would love to see him play for us and I really hope we do get him, but don’t be surprised if he does leave for another club, ’cause the mugsmashers will jump at any chance to sell him abroad and will hold out for as long as they can.


Wrong post, this was intended for prolix the ‘glass half empty’ guy.


It doesn’t seem like Madrid would be interested both Bale and Suarez though. Let’s hope they buy the monkey


I’m okay with the move honestly, we are bringing in a player of supreme skill to purely score goals.

Can’t stop laughing at that picture though..


fuck, just buy him already.

and get fellani whilst your up there too.

and that kid toby from ajax.


I can’t ever remember dreading a potential signing before. *sigh*


Now watch Arsene hand him through a trial first. Remember Ibra?

Arshavin's Dietician

Ibrahimovic was a 19yo nobody when we gave him a trial, you bell end.

Indonesian Gooner

Hahaha, his version of ‘update for the fans’. At least it doesnt contain ‘you guys’.


or “you gays” for that matter


The rollercoaster is starting to move….here we go…weeeeeeeeeee…..


Would be a great addition to our tiny squad, there are never too many Evra-haters in one team. There should be a clause in his contract about biting people, if he does so he will have his wages reversed and must pay Bendtners wages for the period he is banned.


And he BIT a Chelsea player. Who on earth would condone that sort of… oh.


He and Diaby can compare notes on how to take out the Chelsea back-line.


And give Bendtner even less reason to leave!? Fuck my life.


Haha already getting Suarez printed on my away shirt. What number you reckon he will take?


Andre’s 11. Most def. Or TGSTEL’s 52.


Reckon Henry would like him to have the no.14
Give theo jersey no. 57. (coincidentally the number of freekicks he is set to take through the seasons course)

Double Canister

11, my shirt’s on order.

Sweaty Testicles/Scrotum

12 (o’clock)- when vampires rise.


Great. Now can we have Cesc too please.


If we sign Suarez I will eat my own cap.


If we don’t I will eat my own crap.

gooner odst

i’l eat both your poops if he stays at Liverpool


Fuck it, let’s just let Suarez get his teeth into all of it.


The Original poster said CAP

Yuck, Just yuck – thats the sort of thing Bale would do.

gooner odst

I know what I said!


All he says is CL football. He’s been well advised. Anyone could come in with an offer.


except Sp*rs


Indeed, who could forget this… Haha


and ofcourse that famous tweet “its 1-1 at st.james park ”

Lol spurs fans. hahaha


Hahaha …


All he says is CL football. He’s been well advised. Anyone could come in with an offer.

*Anyone who has qualified for CL, that is.

Johnny 99

Please God no, I’d love to know how our black players will feel if we sign him. Worst news ever.


Oh come on!. that liverpool must be a sea of white mustn’t it?


Our black players shouldnt have thick skins,.he was punished for racism a long while ago…. So what?… He might as well have moved on. If you can’t play with someone who committed an offence a long while ago and WAS PUNISHED then YOU have a problem. Btw am from Nigeria

White Russian

Doesn’t mean you’re not an idiot. Would also like to to see a player of his quality sign, but the black players we have would have every right to want him to reassure them of his contrition and current views
Am not necessarily caucasian, just love the cocktail


Doesn’t mean… But am nt an idiot. He has been punished. One interesting thing i observe is that Europeans seem more particular about somethings than we that live in Africa… If am insulted here by a foreigner, i wont even reply and just move on… But all this is by the way… Nothing stops suarez from playing for us in my opinion… I doubt he will be stupid enough to insult someone at arsenal and if he does he will be punished.if he continues he will be punished more severely. Knowing the law is on my side gives me confidence… Read more »


“Current views”? This isn’t a sociology essay entitled “The effects of mass Afro-Caribbean immigration on crime in the UK” haha. Yes it was a bit demeaning to refer to Evra’s skin colour. But ultimately, the whole furore is down to the appalling excuse for foreign language education in the UK- most readers of the Daily Mail can’t possibly comprehend that a word in another language (other languages exist?!?) beginning with the stem “negr-” can mean “black”, and is not an insult. Add that to Evra’s hideous personality as evidenced in the French World Cup strike of 2010, and you have… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Very few words by themselves are insults, or indeed slurs. Terry was not in trouble for just calling Ferdinand a cunt, nor was Suarez in trouble for just calling Evra black; some things a difference in language can explain, the things Suarez allegedly said cannot be explained so, imo. Fwiw, I think Suarez has issues controlling his temper and is a product of where he grew up but that doesn’t really excuse it, if he were to think about it I’m sure he’s lived in Europe long enough to realise the colour of the skin doesn’t mean jack but if… Read more »

Johnny 99

If you say so, what next, we gonna sign reformed paedos and rapists?

If people can’t see that he’s complete trouble then they’re blind.


oh stop being such a drama queen, evra himself said that he didnt think he was racist ffs


My original post was to a comment wondering how our black players will feel……… What am saying, johnny is that someone like sagna wont/shouldnt go around the whole day feeling blue because he is teammates with suarez. Racism is something you move on from cos you shouldnt let people’s opinion of you determine your life. And it may never be eradicated in my lifetime as long as stupid people exist(it may be reduced to a minimum though) . @ white caucasian, of course sagna has every right to be concerned and to seek(and most likely receive) reassurances from suarez that… Read more »


Jonny or whatever stupid name your name is you can go and die or drink acid if you have anything with the blacks

Arshavin's Dietician

Already been done:)


i think we’ll find common both ground.

suarez and arsenal hate patrice evra.

victory through harmony


I don’t want to apologise for him, but there’s a difference between what he said and racism. It’s a bit tiresome isn’t it. The re-hashing I mean. At least when it’s not about a Chelsea player.


One can do or say a racist thing without necessarily being a swastika toting capital ‘R’ racist. Doesn’t make it okay to do or say racist things though. I find it’s more useful to talk about actions rather than who someone may or may not be.

If he signs for Arsenal though, I won’t give two shits about what happened in the past. If he can score goals while Arsenal keep him on the straight and narrow, I’ll be one happy little camper.


Our black players should have thick skins**., i meant to write


try again.


I think he’s a loathsome, cretinous anti-footballer bound to be more trouble than he’s worth. But, if his transfer items the floodgates and ends this most disappointing and boring summer then get it done.


If arsene can stamp out his bad behaviour (thats a big if) then he could be fantastic for us. If he can get those goal statistics with support from downing et al imagine what he can do with santi, jack, arteta etc….

Don Saint

Nice move by Suarez


If you actually read the original Article, he never said he wants to jon Arsenal. But it does say he wants to take his contract clause saga to a tribunal. Inferring that he wanted the Arsenal offer to be accepted.


He also says “It is not as if I am asking to move to a local rival” which is a very pointed statement. If it were Real making the offer, well it’d be pretty meaningless – no animosity between Real and Liverpool.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Local rival means the clubs that Liverpool would consider local rivals. That’s Everton, Man United, and I suppose Man City. He’s trying to placate the fans by showing what a caring sort of guy he is. It should work as well for him as it did for RVP.

biafran arse

Giroud can now work more on his abs,an attacking striker is now on his way!


I bet Wenger will place Saurez on the left, I’d put money on it.

Why not

Very reasonable assumption or just behind giroud. he actually would be, in some aspects only, a typical wenger signing. A Technical and flexible forward player. I have this optimistic idea in my head that wenger is delaying purchasing players till he sees who is actually left in the squad. Then he can spend the money on these flexible players that can provide depth and tactical flexibility all at once. Maybe he will be unorthodox and pay more for a higher quality of player that can fit those purposes. Sagna at CB is already a discussion topic. Cazorla in the middle… Read more »


Very much shitting bricks that a another big club outside the BPL come along and offer less than us yet still capture him. We need to move fast if we want to avoid that.

Baggage aside, he’s a top player and he’ll help move the club forward.

Double Canister

Only Dortmund and Athletico haven’t bought a striker this summer.

worst case now is if Perez now drops the Bale deal (but that seems to be already done) and makes a move for Gnasher.


Ummmm they both have…. Atletico signed David Villa and Dortmund signed a French striker, I forget the name but scored a lot last year..

Double Canister

AM bought Villa for 2.5m euro or pounds, it’s dirt cheap for a player of his class.
Point is they still have lots of money from selling Falcao and they are in the CL.

I don’t know this French guy either..


I could be wrong but I’m fairly sure Athletico Madrid are very heavily in debt, hence most of that Falcao money will be going to keep the lights on at the training ground. Villa was, I believe, a cut price compromise. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to vaguely recall reading something along those lines somewhere.


“Point is they still have lots of money from selling Falcao”

They do? I thought the 3rd party owners made off with most of that money.

Wishful thinking

Dortmond? Aubemayang is what then? That Armenian they got from Sharktar also scores loads of goals. Thats in addition to forcing RL to play out his contract. Atlectico signed some bloke associated with us sometime ago. Remember him? The spanish top scorer of all time. Besides, unless a third party comes in, Atlectico cant afford him.


If we buy Suarez do we have enough for a gk, cb, cm and a winger? Seems like we’re putting everything on this one signing

Mate Kiddleton

Suarez can play anywhere in the front 3 so I guess a goalkeeper, center/right back (if Sagna ends up being 4th choice CB) and a central midfielder are all we need

Double Canister

your 40,000,002 bid sounds like a good idea now MK.


:(: know how to feel about this… regardless of my genuine disliking of him as a person and the change in reputation it would bring it makes us a significantly stronger side. With our improving defence a player that wins you games could make us real contenders

Red courtinho

John Henry principle owner of Liverpool Football Club “Suarez is not for sale”!

What is up with you fools…lol

damien joyce

can u not even spell ur own players names???


The same John Henry who authorised a £35mil signing of Andy Carroll? Best take him seriously!

Dave Gooner

Yeah, and of his own money!!!

John likes to talk the talk, but he has little or no understanding of, or feeling for, the game. And Rodgers is a great example of a man promoted beyond his ability.

Their CL days are over for the forseeable, with or without Suarez.


you mean ‘principal owner’? Don’t think he has much of football principles.


LFC will keep him until at least the 13th as registration for CL closes on 12th… LMFAO!


Yeah so you register with spots open mate….. So berbatov never played CL with Man U?? Don’t be so daft..


That’s mostly irrelevant, that’s only the deadline for the final round of qualifying. Plus, based on our possible opponents for the qualifier, he’s not really needed.


It’s every football clubs worst nightmare, PFA getting involved, you gotta feel for Liverpool, well not really but you know, erm no


He wants CL football though, and Arsenal wont have it after this season.

gooner odst

Well he’s not going to Everton as its local and not in Europe…so…Man u? HA!


Welcome to arsenal luis!


It seems Suarez is out only option up front and, despite still being miles away from, the player we are closest to signing. I’ve had my reservations all the way through this ridiculous saga (I love the excitement of the transfer window, but hate these sagas), but now I say let’s get this done, win our qualifier, and use the goals he’ll no doubt score to bloody win something.

I tell you one thing, I’ll buy an Arsenal shirt with his name on the back next season if he scores more goals for us than RvP does for Utd.

Why not

we dont know who we are close to signing

Indonesian Gooner

Whats with the liverpool fans here…smells like desperation. Only a matter if time till theyll start talking about history.


What do you mean ‘start’?


This signing does so many things. for 7 years we havent been able to buy the quality players to compete the jigsaw and not only that but keep the pieces we have had and even if we wanted to we couldnt afford to because of our debt. This signing is the first step to moving farward, changing public opinion and increase our global reputation other pundits, clubs and players will know we now mean business again. With good young players and money to buy top class players this is the first step this signing also seperates us from Spurs and… Read more »


He’s off to sunny Spain…60m…miss first 6 games….ynwa

Sweaty Testicles/Scrotum

You never wank alone, indeed, wanker.


Hold on….. This is purely a come and get me plea from any team playing in the champions league who can afford him. We are not even qualified to play in the champions league yet. It seem no one remembers that.

I get that he mentions a club wants him. And that is us. But he will goto any decent club playing champions league…. Aka Madrid….

It’s no where near a done deal



Hank Scorpio

I must say I’m impressed with Suarez public conduct so far. He hasn’t bitten anyone or said anything controversial. Whether he can maintain that is something else. If he wasn’t an absolute knob I’d be thrilled if we signed him.

Mate Kiddleton

If he wasn’t a knob, he’d probably cost 10 million more, and other clubs would be circling around


LFC owner has just been interviewed and said they won’t sell Suarez 🙁 … looking like another poor window for us


He would say that wouldn’t he? If Suarez won’t play, what are they gonna do? Why didn’t we make RVP see out the last year of his contract?


Even with that baggage, I’m amazed that we’re the only CL team who are willing to pay £40mill?
I have no idea why Chelsea would prefer Rooney to Suarez either?
I’m not getting my Suarez shirt yet, this one has plenty of legs


because he hates chelsea, has said as much in a an interview where he laughed when people said wil u move to chelsea


And he tried to eat one of their players


This advert balances out all the horrible stuff he’s done.

sign him up


That is just excellent. I’m a convert. Sign the fucker up.


everything about that advert made me laugh xD


That guy has nothing to do in an Arsenal jersey. It’ll feel horrible every time he starts, and awkward when he scores.
But if Wenger is willing to pay that much for a risk like that, I may not even be able to cry from puzzlement….


ESPN 07-08-2015 Suarez: I’ll leave Arsenal for Madrid. Arsenals starstriker, and most expensive signing ever, has made it known that he’ll quit the gunners this summer. “I think I have achieved all I can at this club and I want to leave for Spain. I’m 28 and I have to look out for my career and I want to play in spain and win the champions league. It’s not like i want to join a rival, I just want to fulfill my dream of playing in the championsleague final. I know people says I owe Arsenal more, but i’ve bitten… Read more »


Least we know that’s gonna happen


As some bloke wrote on Twitter: “Maybe it’s better signing a cunt we know will be a cunt rather than a cunt we didn’t realise was a cunt until he turned out to be a cunt”


So, so true. At least this time we’ll be prepared.


Liverpool know very well that Suarez bites right?

let the man come over to Arsenal.


We want improvements on the pitch and no doubt about it Suarez is just that. I feel getting this one over the line will dictate what else we do, all the focus on this at present, shouldn’t be this way but there you go!


I seem to remember a certain Dutch skunk using the media to tell us how much he loved arsenal just so he could leave. Have to give credit where it’s due even though suarez is going the same thing at least he’s being honest about it.


Its Real Madrid he’s trying to get to not us. We are being used.


oh, have you spoken to him then?


I don’t believe in gambling.


I don’t believe in fairies.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I believe in gambolling fairies.


John Henry’s interview was given before Suarez’ with The Guardian, so in fact, he might have done it in response to Henry’s words that he won’t be sold. I’m pretty confident now, as we’ve come to know, there things only end one way, so i could bet that he will play for us next season. Its just not reasonable for Liverpool to keep him if he wont play as good, his value will just drop and his form will not help the team at all, so it might take a while, it might take us a bit more money so… Read more »


look what happened to Torres when he left Liverpool




Liverpool. North western club. Go on about history a lot.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If Liverpool do force him to stay he will play his best for them because that’s the only way to keep CL teams interested in him. He won’t screw his long term prospects up for short term spite. His biting is a deliberate act, as was his racist statements (He didn’t expect to be dobbed in by Evra because he thought the bloke would see it as the usual goading that many players do. He miscalculated. Evra surprised him by complaining to the ref). As his anger with Liverpool won’t be spur-of-the-moment he won’t make any silly mistakes that damage… Read more »


As Blogs said, it’s a World Cup year so he can’t let his form drop if he wants to be in Brazil next summer. That’s one thing in Liverpools favour and they’ve probably taken that into consideration. If they are going to dig their heels in and end up keeping him they’ll be pretty confident he’s still going to have a decent season.


Come to daddy Luis

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