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Vermaelen calls for support on opening day

In his programme notes for tomorrow’s game, Thomas Vermaelen has urged fans to back the team as they look for three points against Aston Villa.

There is, of course, frustration at the state of the squad, but the Belgian is looking for the home support to get behind the team for the 90 minutes.

“As I’ve said so many times before, everyone of our supporters in the stadium will be important to us today. You can push us forward at times when we need it, during periods of difficulty in a game.

“When the players feel that, it can really help get them over the line. You did it for us last season, and I’m sure you’ll do it again this time around.”

Having experienced some difficult moments during the Emirates Cup, it’d be fantastic to give the players we do have the backing they deserve, and Vermaelen is aware that despite not adding to the squad, we haven’t lost any major players either for the first summer in a trazillion years.

“We have kept the core of this team together this summer and that can only work to our advantage. The players know each other really well, are aware of each other’s qualities, and know what to expect from each other on the pitch.

“The boss will add to the squad, but it’s great to see that the heart of the team is still there.”

In the absence of new faces, it is imperative that the lads we do have get the support they need from the crowd tomorrow.

They’re not the ones who didn’t spend, so fingers crossed all goes well once 3pm comes along.

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The fact that we’re playing at home worries me more than the lack of signings if truth be told. Hope the atmosphere isn’t one you could cut with a knife as that isn’t fair on the 11 on the pitch. There was a marked difference in the way we played at the emirates cup & that in Finland. I don’t know if thats to do with fitness but the three points are the most important thing. Not shouting “Spend some f****** money”


Agreed, spend some fucking money should come just after the team has picked up that hard fought win…..


If we concede first I don’t think we’ll ever recover.


I don’t mean the team, I mean the atmosphere. I know how juvenile the crowd is at the Emirates and you can’t really deny what I’m saying


juvenile? That’s thick blaming the fans who are forced to pay over the top. What next? Blame them forwinning zilch in 8 years? THAT was rresponsible for creating a hostile atmosphere, coupled with “i-know-everything-about-football-so-dont-preach-me-im-egotistic” attitude of a certain someone who refuses to address the obvious shortcomings in his squad,, and come up with stupid interviews blaming fans for failure of gervinho. what a tool!

Glen Helders soul-glo

100% agree

Wenger has basically blamed the fans for Gervinho being shit, what a self indulgent cunt.

Maybe he was just shit to start with?


there are some players that we had the past few years, like gervihno, almunia, etc, and you can add ramsey to that list, who have been booed and mocked by the home crowd. booed and mocked by their own fans during the game while the team is trying to win. some players didnt, but those players are ones who tried their best on and off the pitch. if they weren’t good enough as players then that is one thing, but at the time they were the players that we had, and they tried the best that they could. the self… Read more »


I am so excited for the new season. Might even have a go at some fantasy football too (never tried it before).

I am expecting Arsenal to play their swashbuckling zippy zappy passing football and score a barrel of goals against Aston Villa. Yesssssss


Only one trazillion? it feels like so much longer.

Dial square

For Vermaelen to come out with a statement like that, it shows that the players understand the fans frustration…They probably feel the same!


any chance the bar thing across the bottom could be updated? Beginning to symptoms similar to those of dysentry every time i see “Higuain brother: Gonzalo now close to Arsenal” while getting my daily arseblog fix


Who the fuck thumbed this down?


For all his recent poor form, I’m backing vermaelen to have a good season for us. It’d be great to have him back at his best, on his day he’s a daunting prospect for a striker to face.


“on his day he’s a daunting prospect for a
striker to face.”

I agree, just hope he cuts out that stunt he pulled at oldtrafford last season. I was dumbfounded tbh.

Homer Simpson

No depth and no signings make Homer something something…

Harish P

I have confidence in the team doing well, especially tomorrow, I just don’t know how we’ll handle balancing all the competitions and staying strong throughout the season.


go crazy?


If he’s sure we’ll do it, why does he feel the need to ask again?

(I know, I’m not helping. Still and all …)

Homer Simpson

Don’t mind if I do, blah-ha-ha-ooooo-eep-eep-arghhhh


Starting my BAR Exams Tomorrow but I can’t stop thinking of my Arsenal.


I agree with vermalen. support the team. they have asked for signings. it’s not their fault we have only signed sanogo. please support the team. No boohs. they deserve better even though the management dosen’t.


Who cares? The board as well as Arsene Wenger are gambling with the club and do not care one bit about the fans and their feelings. So why solicit for the fans’s support? Its simple and logical: what you sow is what you reap. If you don’t invest on top quality players (who realistically command good sign-on fees and wages), you don’t win anything. We can attest to this by the zero achievements with the likes of Squillaci, Chamakh, Santos, Park, Bendtner, Gevinho, etc who according to Wenger are top quality players, hence he signed them. Wenger is just being… Read more »

onwuachumba Anthony

Arsanal is best club I ever loved while Wenger is a coach I never dream of****

Glen Helders soul-glo

You can’t put dat dere, ehhhhh!!!


To be completely honest, I really hope we don’t do well tomorrow, as a matter I also hope we don’t qualify for UCL.some times I life we really need to really need certain things to happen to effect a much desired change. I really hope we can count on the Fans in the.U.K to boycott our first few games leading up to September 2nd so as to send a strong message to the board and the team..

Why not

Seriously, Wishing the team you support to underperform?!

bollocks to that.

Tom J

George. Fuck off and wish defeat on another team. We would like 3 points. Did I mention fuck off.


Spurs is –> way; don’t let the door hit you on the way out,.

Hank Scorpio

Hopefully 3 points and no injuries against Villa and one or 2 new faces during the week. There are ‘top top’ quality players out there so lets get them & start this season strongly


I started this Summer thinking for the first time in years and years that the start of the season would be exciting. Really exciting: we’d see a competitive Arsenal. To be honest I just can’t be arsed now. How they have fucked it up is truly shocking. Suarez v Higuain was interesting when it was one or the other not neither. The bottom line is we have champions league football to offer and masses of money – so much money that we could buy anyone except Messi if we wanted them – and if we’d been prepared to pay the… Read more »

Yo Mr. White!

Just goes to show what the players expect off the so called ‘fans’ who boo their own team that the club captain has to ask for support. In my opinion booing shouldn’t even exist cos you love your club through good and bad times so booing them when we concede a goal or at 0-0 at halftime is 10 times worse. People are gonna say that’s a way of the fans lettin them know but seriously, do they need knowing? Booing your own team is really and truly pathetic.

fooled you all

Ask yourself why it has come to this and who is to blame?


Definitely not the 11 on the pitch thats for damn sure. Incidentally, if the Emirates was to boo the team on and off the field, who suffers?


fans dont directly boo the players always…from what i know players are only booed when they sign for rival club…i’ve never seen fans booing bendtner no matter how bad he is.

fans did not boo higuain when he came on…they booed to the management for letting that guy jump onto the pitch in a napoli shirt, instead of an arsenal shirt.

fans booed today only because wenger has been stubborn and making really stupid excuses and he believes fans to buy it.


Stupid myopic people sitting on bought seats have brought it to this. You dont get a right to anything except watching a 90 minute game, just because you bought a ticket. You dont like it, dont spend your money. But stop trashing the players we already have. They are better than you in ability and character. If you cannot stick with your team when the going is tough, go glory hunting with some other club. Your friends would only ridicule you for just a few days, then they will forget.


AP I can’t agree with you I’m afraid. In what other way do we, as fans, get to express our opinion other than venting it, en-mass, at the ground? I am by no means advocating booing, I hate it when the ‘fans’ turn on a player but Wenger has seriously fucked up this transfer window and in my opinion has lost his ‘mojo’ in the transfer market. He’s supposed to be a clever man and as such he should realise that the value of a player is set by market forces the same as anything else. Wenger has done some… Read more »


Brian, well said. I’ve said for some time Wenger is or was a great manager from a different era of football.

Whereas Ferguson adapted to modern football in the sense he realised he had to abandon project youth and spend serious money Wenger simply refused to. Ferguson changed tactics, dropped heads and replaced even Giggs for a time and Wenger wouldn’t instead sticking with players as he didn’t want to risk damaging them.

I know I’ll likely be boo’d, cajoled and jeered but United went one year without a trophy and made massive changes. We have gone eight.


They are not booing the team. This is a narrow minded, short sighted and out of touch point of view.

With a large portion of self-righteousness sprinkled generously on top.

The fans have to play by the rules while the board fleece them, lie to them and generally manipulate them?

Players want things to improve? Then they should be intelligent enough to know the booing isn’t aimed at them.

Alex Manninger

This is purely off topic, but i simply couldnt wait till 3pm tomorrow. So i went on YouTube, need i say more? FANTASTIC!!

Hope it cheers up some of those who arent as excited as i am about the new season.


The game we love isn’t played in the transfer window. It’s played on the pitch, and our boys deserve the maximum support — regardless of what has or has not been done in the transfer department.

Oh, and I hope we stick it to the Villans. Wouldn’t hurt to have a punt on Giroud to get a cheeky lob in there somewhere.


Some of the comments on these news articles are a fucking joke. Some of you people should be ashamed of yourselves. Just a constant, constant whinge. It’s like a competition to see who can be most outraged, along with spiteful name calling of the manager, players Staff and as for Wanting the team to fail…..I give up, shame on you. I personally can’t wait to go to the game tomorrow and get right behind the team and smash those claret and blue cunts!


Please support the team tomorrow. No boohs. They deserve better even if you think the management doesn’t.

gooner paulie

I agree support the team,just sprinkle a couple of songs in to the tune of Shaddupa your face

Wenger has to go (HEY!)

He make a no signings (HEY!)

He hasn’t got a clue (HEY!)

He so very bad (HEY!)

His team they so boring, they put me in a trance

Ah piss off back to France!


So called fans some of you lot are!!!!! Cussing the mighty GUNNERS!!! Shame on you nob jockys! C’mon Arsenal
we have trust in you Wenger!
3 Points in the bag no problem!


George, you’re a twat mate! Rant over! 🙂

Glasgow Gunner

If Arsenal don’t win. My weekend is always ruined. How can anyone watch a game hoping we get spanked? Too depressing an idea for me.

I won’t be booing any players. Though Ivan gets a thumbs down


Nice 1 Zm87

Glen Helders soul-glo

Toss him off in the corner.


Arsenal are a shambles, thanks to Wenger. Which other club’s players need to publicly ask for the fans’ full support on day one of the season? Which other club’s players made it clear in interview after interview this summer that the squad needed new players? And yet Wenger perseveres in his idiotic quest to win on the cheap. One can only hope now for a failure so obvious that even his remaining supporters see it. That’s the only way out, I think.


‘Which other club’s players need to publicly ask for the fans’ full support on day one of the season?’

We’re 10 games unbeaten in the league and the players still expect a bad atmosphere. Wenger may not be blameless, but that reflects piss poorly on a lot of our fans.


Hahaha Zm87 you’re a funny fucker


Bamford you chat poo


Has any one noticed the rather unusual and extensive PR on the Arsenal website today in an attempt to pacify fan’s frustration over the lack of new signings? But seriously does it have to take an uproar to get a reaction. Really??

Big Chief from Antarctica

I hope sincerely hope that Vermaelen can get his form back. Tired of hearing pundits saying that only Wilshere takes on people. I loved that picture when he stood mano y mano with that sasquatch of (?) WBA (?). Vermaelen got that attitude too, fuck Henry said that TV5 is a hardman in training. We need new signings but also a new attitude.

There is tension in the air but come matchday, I will never waiver in my support for our club and the men in red! COYG!!

Gooner sickunt

Verminator is a warrior. Regardless of his drop in form he is our club captain and gives everything on the pitch.

I believe his drop in form coincided with a lack of creativity in our team. He’s very good at driving forward and as captain probably felt he needed to do that for the team. Hopefully cazorla and co can pull the strings a little more and we can get a world class striker in to put all our chances away. Then you will see the best of our wonderful captain.


“If you want to absolutely want to describe me as a greedy person, you would have to live with me, then you would see that I am not,” Wenger said. Oh dear, I pity his wife 🙂

It Is What It Is

Dont . she gets to go on the coat hanger roller coaster.

Tapscotts Testicles

Have been quite vocal in the last 3-4 weeks about wenger and the piss poor activity on the transfer front…..but from here on in its full support for the boys and this most magnificent of clubs.
Fuck I love The Arsenal.

renaissance rosicky

Have to admit, I’ve been feeling pretty dismal about this season’s start and the shape we’re in (injuries and transfer wise), but the guy’s words got to me. Hope we spank Villa to get the team’s morale up as much as for the three points.


Come on Rooney


Tottenham fc eat shit!!! Good morning people 🙂


3 nil arsenal


Vermaelen needs to keep his mouth shut, he was a liability all last year. He’s lucky he wasn’t sold already. I’m sick of his talk, show up on gameday , then make with the talk.

Glen Helders soul-glo


First time he has ever said anything you prick.

Go support Chelsea you chav.


Shut it mag your just jealous he’s rich lol




wait till Liverpool replace Arsenal in the top 4.


We will, but how do you even know this site will still exist in 2041?


Denis…..what are you smoking?


Ain’t Denis spelt as Dennis as double N? I think your smoking…..crack!

Glen Helders soul-glo

As in Bergkamp, you fucking numpty

joey sixpack

Get behind the boys fellow gooners! Dont get behind management though..


I’m utterly disappointed in our transfer window, of course. But I’ve never been to the Emirates, much less Highbury, so my cheers or boos don’t matter anyways, and I just started following The Arsenal like 4 years ago, so I missed out on all the glory years, so my cheers or boos especially don’t matter anyways. I don’t have a TV and have shitty internet so the chances I’ll actually be doing anything other than following Arseblog’s text of the match is slim. But I’m sitting here watching the 79 FA cup final match on youtube for like the 5th… Read more »

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