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Wenger “confident” on spending, but …

Arsene Wenger says he’s ready spend money, and is “confident” that he’ll do so, but insists the players have to improve his team. Which, when you think about it, is pretty obvious.

The boss reiterated his belief that the younger players at the club would be better next season, which is fair enough, and said of new arrivals, “We want to spend if it strengthens our team. Spending the money is not a quality. It has to be the right players.

“If you can give me names who are better than the players we have compared to the players we have, I am ready to talk about it.

“For me, I’m in a new situation because at least I haven’t lost players! We are working very hard to strengthen our squad.”

So, that pretty much clears it all up, right? No? Oh yeah.

Wenger also revealed that Yaya Sanogo will make his Arsenal debut in the Emirates Cup this weekend.

Thus far, the young Frenchman is the only signing of the summer, and in the clamour for newer, more expensive faces, has been kinda written off/dismissed, before a ball has even been kicked.

Hardly his fault, he’s very much the victim of trying circumstances, but let’s hope he can show he’s got something to offer the team in the season ahead.

“The good news is that everybody is quite fit,” said Wenger. “The tour was quite intense. Our games in Japan were difficult physically.

“During this weekend you will see Sanogo and Cazorla.”

Updates from @arsenal and @ben_rumsby

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Someone please fix Arsene’s brain plz..


I think by fix I mean I would like us to have a new chief executive who has the balls to tell Wenger your wrong, Higuain is worth 32 mil, we will buy him and get on with the other transfers swiftly so they can bed in for the new season. Is that too much to ask?


No Wenger is not wrong. You bring in Higuain he will need a year or two to adjust, so why not let giroud and Poldoski just keep on getting better? Only a premier league striker we can say for certain will come in and have and impact. How many of you on this forum want Rooney? I will take Suarez any day ahead of Rooney but not for 50 million.


I doubt it would take a year for a 32mil striker to adjust to the prem, hes played at the top level for Real since he was 18 and been consistent. I would like to think Giroud and Podolski will get better but not by so much we don’t need someone of Higuains quality to add much needed depth and options.

Suarez is great but at what cost, and will he really be allowed to leave for a ‘rival’.


Real Madrid is not the same as Stoke on a wet and windy Tuesday night. Or Doncaster Rovers for that matter.
Higuain would need time to adjust, but the point is moot as he has joined Napoli (for some inexplicable reason).


“If you can give me names who
are better than the players we
have compared to the players we
have, I am ready to talk about it.
Does that means we have the best spuad in the whole world and we’re not short number wise?

Humble Gooner

You miss the point. Think of it on a man-to-man comparison. Fellaini’s decent (I don’t much care for him), but I’d take Arteta every time over him. We could get Diego Costa, but he’s no improvement on Giroud. Position by position is what he’s thinking. Sure, Fellaini is better than Eisfeld (for now), but if we buy experience for the sake of depth then we lose the opportunity for the younger guys to develop—which is something I love about Arsenal. We can get Sanogo because he knows he’ll get a shot. I think we need to cave and buy depth… Read more »

reality check

i can name at-least 5 better players in every position, albeit who may or may not be available for transfer.

arse ooollllll

Arteta is better then Fellaini? What are you smoking? Maybe he was 5 years ago


so, higuain’s families are liars?

i can’t remember it…


Wenger must sit at home and think, what can I say today that will boil the blood of the fans!


He’s doing very well I must say. I think that by the end of the transfer window all of my blood will be evaporated.

A Yank

Gotta say, if that’s what he’s up to, then “I haven’t lost any players,” being the new LANS, is pretty fucking excellent.

Hank Scorpio

Obviously he doesn’t believe in having depth in the squad


Well last season we had 2 top top quality players for every position and nobody of significance left, so.. We are obviously fine =)))


Who is this Depth that you speak of ?

Mr Singh

Spend the money or please with our best wishes go away Arsene. Enough of warped principles and grotesque salaries. This guy preaches sustainability on how much per year?

Maybe we are so gullible we lap up this bullshit season in season out.




Eboue's Hairbrush

“You put your Wenger IN,
Your Wenger OUT,
In, out, in, out, you shake him all about,
You sign the Sanago-gos and then you go without,
that’s what it’s all about, hey!”

Thanks, I’m here all week try the fish.

arse ooollllll

keep it up buddy



petits handbag

I’ll improve the team by signing for half of what Squillaci got paid last season and playing just as much.
Your welcome


Come on Arsene, please don’t tell me Higuain wouldn’t have improved the squad..

Mr Wenger

I am ready to talk about it.

arse ooollllll

The man is an accomplished lier

Bard of Avon

I can see you as a Halmet.


Ah. So we’re only after players that strengthen the team – gotcha.


Has Sagna signed a new deal yet?

arse ooollllll

A BIG NO, some how even his own players are beginning to see light


Classic battered women syndrome… we keep telling ourselves he’ll change.


Arsene’s conferences during transfer windows:
Note: the record is of top top top quality. 😉

I want to boff Giroud and I'm not even gay

So I guess he thought that Higuain was not as good as the players we already have. Which is bizarre as beyond Giroud we don’t have a first team striker. Napoli, you’ve been well ripped off. Wenger OUT.


I still think we’ll ‘spend some fucking money’. Wenger’s just exercising his inner troll


I’m confident too that this team could win the league. Anyway we need more players to complete the squad and few will be from the Under 21 and 2-3 will come before start the league.
Suarez will come …I’m confident he will come

Koscielny to the rescue again

Right, because the man that helped guide this club we all love to two Doubles, an Invincible PL title and a new world class stadium just sits at home thinking about how he can screw with Arsenal supporters. FFS.


Btw, I think Messi would significantly strengthen the team.

Just saying..

no pressure..


He isn’t much of an upgrade on Gervinho..


We should invest the money in cloning. Then we can clone santi, jack kos etc… we could clone a few girouds and create a boy band?

arse ooollllll

Any case for cloning the invisibles?


There is something very Ceausescu about AW these days as his empire slowly unravels and he still believes that he is doing the best for his people who he thinks still trust and love it. The madness continues………..


I for one am remaining optimistic. I honestly have no idea why he’s made no significant moves in the transfer market as yet, but I can’t imagine all this posturing is just to appease fans in the short term. You don’t clear out all the deadwood and make bold statements about improving the squad without backing them up with significant investment. And I suppose, if he wasn’t to invest, he would be really be providing us with the stick to beat him with if the season was to fall apart..


Lets be fair, draw your mind back to 2011 when we get hammered but Man U 8-2 and was waiting for the signings to made pretty much on Deadline Day (Arteta, Per and Benayoun worked out well, Park and Santos the less said the better!) but did we not get this same old shit from Arsene when we was a lot more desperate?


We certainly have had similar quotes from Arsene, but the situation this summer is completely different to previous years. Before, we have had to deal with our major players leaving and never before have we come out and said just how much money we have to spend quite so assertively as we have done this summer. Never before have we cleared out so much of the players in our first team squad (and below) as we have done this summer. I reckon we will see a couple of quality additions to our starting XI by the close of the window,… Read more »

arse ooollllll

points well made, but this fella has done this sort of thing on numerous occasions where we had the chance of making a very decent signing only to see it fall through only to prove a point, selfishly i most hard.


‘You don’t clear out all the deadwood and make bold statements about improving the squad without backing them up with significant investment’
You do if you’re Arsene.

Johnny 99

Sorry, and I really don’t want to start arguing with other fans, but you do realise he’s been spouting the same rubbish for the last five years, don’t you?

People really need to accept the fact that nothing will change, that we’ll be out of the cups and CL by March, we’ll fight Spurs for 4th and we’ll probably sign the racist and a couple of others on transfer deadline day, as per usual.

Humble Gooner

Last year we lost a dutch skunk, to be sure. But set that aside and we brought in potentially 3 of the starting 4 up front—just Theo on the right. Most of the bollocks about him never buying is from the media. Compare him to any other non-billionaire-owner and Arsenal spends.

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

Ha ha!


Signing players if they will strengthen the team. Come on Arsene this line is now too old


Same shit story = 4th place team party pic. Keep in mind we are a top 5 club in the world in terms of valuation. Hoodwinked.

Aaron McEvoy

I hope we get battered on the weekend so Wenger can Actually see we need to strengthen.

The urgency needs to be on GK, CB, CDM, LW not on Bitey Racist. Although his arrival would only add strength and depth to our strike force

Merlin's Panini

I reckon we need a striker more than anything.
I really don’t want it to be the bitey racist, it would be like being given a sandwich made with the finest ingredients but ruined by disgusting piccalilli.

Other than that the priorities are, in my opinion, a centre back and a sturdy defensive midfielder. We have two very good goalkeepers who are still improving, although maybe an old hand might be useful as a backup.


@ Aaron “battered” that’s sounds like a northern Irish term for loosing a game 6-0


I tend to agree but sometimes people need to hit rock bottom before they change. Not that losing in the Emirates cup would be rock bottom.

I’m not sure what I mean anymore.


But Blogs, surely a short sharp shock in the Emirates Cup is worth a trade for a wake up call that could influence the outcome of the competitions that matter?

p.s. Appreciate all that you do.


Yes Blogs we all want Arsenal to win every game. That’s why nine years without a trophy is so hard to take. That’s why we need to strengthen to at least give us hope.” We only sign payers who add quality” Arsene says. Difficult to see how Squilacci, Girvinho, Park, Chamakh, Santos improved the quality of the team. How keeping a total injury wreck in Diaby is improving the sides quality is beyond me. Selling RVP, Vierra, Henry, Toure, Nasri, Cliché ,Song and Cesc of course according to Arsene added to the teams quality. On a positive note Arsene is… Read more »


Doesn’t somebody just give him a list of some good players? From the top of my head i could think of a hundred players that could improve us. ” What are they smoking these days at the Emirates?”..Seriously, what are they. Cause it sure is one hell of an hallucinogen.

Andy Mack

a hundred… and they are?


Off the top of my head, I would say:
Barcelona’s squad, Bayern Munich’s squad, Real Madrid’s squad, half of Juventus’s squad, half of Chelsea, United and Man City’s squad, 3-4 players at Bilbao, and all the other talented players at smaller clubs dotted around the world.

There are plenty of players left out there that could improve our squad. We just aren’t looking. We are banking on Suarez and keeping money back to match a bid for Cesc should United have a bid accepted.

I would say a defender, holding midfielder, a versatile attacking midfielder and a striker are needed.

Arshavin's Dietician

How many of them players are available for sale? None


None? Not one single player from any of those teams or “all the other talented players at smaller clubs dotted around the world” are available? Sure about that?

The fact is your probably right, AW has left it so late in the transfer window, clubs are going to be reluctant to let top players leave without adequate time to replace them. However, every player has its price. And lord knows the money is there to bag 3-4 players to strengthen us.

Double Canister

Real and Barca were hammered by Bayern & Dortmund.
We beat Dortmund last year, and we went 4-4 with Bayern (the UCL winners) this year.
Give out team some credit.

Bergkamp as PM

wenger is just waiting, for clubs to be forced into selling players cheaper from their banks for their debts.


Oh My f*ckin god !! So called fans who are screwed up before a ball has been kicked in anger about a failure to sign new multi million pound players, Does signing a player give you an orgasm? Does it automatically mean that we are runaway premiership winners? Maybe it just means we get a few points start over the other teams surely then your angst can be justified but no, it just means the side that ended last year starts this one.Status Quo, get it, if you support a club for its summer signings then you are as deluded… Read more »


Signing players doesn’t give me an orgasm, but starting a new season with just two fit CBs give me tanned knickers.


Don’t insult our intelligence. Most readers of Arseblog know that signings isn’t the answer to everything, and there are no Arsenal fans that support the club because of marquee signings simply because we don’t make any.

A few points start over another team is crucial- how big was the gap at St Totteringham’s in May? And no, for the 100th time, no signings does not mean status quo, it means a huge drop in player morale and stadium atmosphere.

glory hunter

@ Philbet
Its not exactly rocket science is it?
Last season we finished 4th, all the teams above and below have strengthened their squad, we havent.

arse ooollllll

NO NO NO, a crewed up fan is one that fails to grasp the really of the situation, and I think you and your thumps up followers fits the bill perfectly.


Echoes of “super super/top top quality” sound byte he gave in seasons past.


Vanna Kumar

AW will driven GUNNERS to another empty hand season…I’m a true GUNNERS FAN and always disappointed by my lively team.AW 1st mistake started after sold great King Henry then Fabricas and final & worst was sold RVP


it’s true though there aren’t many quality players who are on the market.


Every player has a price.


Plainly NO; e.g. cesc to barca or lewandowski to bayern.


NOW there is isn’t – Wenger’s let them all slip through his fingers.

He’ll be poking around the bargain bins at the last minute for unknown toddlers that no other team wants.

Just like every other season.

If he really was showing ambition, he’d make a bold statement at the start of the transfer period by going out with a shopping list and buying who we need.

But no, Arsene Knows Best. Allegedly.


Ceausescu references be damned. Wikipedia just crashed.


“Arsene Wenger says he’s ready spend money, and is “confident” that he’ll do so….” I’m only going to take this part into account of his press conference today, the rest of it is the same old shit, to which I have no idea why it is winding everyone up.

I’ll save the angry posts when we haven’t spent a penny come the 1st September. This summer has been rather shit, but I still have a little faith left in me!


This year, that’d be September 3rd.


No, really. There’s the whole weekend-at-month’s-end thing (or is it a holiday weekend?) and Sept. 2nd is a Monday, the actual deadline day this year.


“If you can give me names who are better than the players we have compared to the players we have, I am ready to talk about it.” jeeeeeez did he say that with a straight face?! Perhaps he’s just ignoring the existence of gervinho, chamakh and some other, and still seems totally oblivious to the somewhat delicate physical nature of players!


If there are no players better than the ones which we already have, that means we’re going to win the league. Yay!


With any other manager I’d say it’s something, but you can’t really trust Wenger, can you?

Midfield Corporal

If have love one of the journalists to list names of players who would have improved us . Doesn’t he think Fellani would add a physical side to the team that adds protection to Wilshere? He’s been saying the same old thing about players needing to be an improvement on what we have for years, then signs Chamakh, Santos,Silvestre, Squillachi, Park.

the only sam is nelson

it does pose an interesting question though, which is why on earth doesn’t Wenger manage the club in a manner that pleases people who complain on the internet? I mean it’s surely obvious that doing so would lead to a glut of trophies.

You only have to look at Ferguson to see the runaway success was only achieved by reading fans’ internet posts and acting accordingly.

Midfield Corporal

The thing is Sam , fans moaning on the Internet is no different to fans moaning down the boozer, no one expects the manager to listen but you still do it to blow off steam. What it does do is give a cross section of opinions, and what is quite clear is a good number of fans are disappointed to say the least with the current state of affairs. I’ve always backed AW and thought the 8 yrs without a trophy is idiotic as it doesn’t acknowledge the constraints he worked within, however I have to say he’s not using… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

I’d say it’s massively different to moaning down the boozer. There’s no beer here. There’s no eye contact, there’s nothing to moderate people’s emotional responses which means what should be a lively conversation amongst friends (aka “moaning down the boozer”) turns into a tedious festival of competitive trolling.

In which Fatgooner triumphs, again, for the eleventy billionth season. It’s like a trophy!

Midfield Corporal

What do you mean there’s no beer here? I’ve been drunk since the Higuain deal fell through……takes the edge of the pain.


Fellaini will not protect Wilshere. This isn’t ice hockey.

Midfield Corporal

If you have a big physical element in your team it has always given the smaller players protection. It lets the opposition know that if you kick one of our lads, you’ll get some yourself, it’s agricultural but works. Wilshere gets kicked all over the place because our opponents are worried that Arteta is going to start dishing it out.

Midfield Corporal

Aren’t worried not are worried

Bergkamp Elbow.

Not sure. Perhaps if leaving a foot in on Jack meant getting an elbow left in by Fellaini, some might be less keen.



Higuain Was better than giroud

Jovetic was better than Gervinho

Rooney is Better than Podolski

So MR WENGER keep ur mouth SHUT!!!


I agree with the second one.

I think Giroud’s going to be immense next season though.

Andy Mack

With you’re clear experience and knowledge, together with a keen understand of a players worth… You should be a premiership manager!


You were going right till you mentioned Rooney and saying he is better than Poldi #Ah-haan


“If you can give me names who are better than the players we have compared to the players we have, I am ready to talk about it.”
Don’t start me Arsene!

Andy Mack

Start you what?
He’s asked a clear question.


I would really enjoy forcing you to watch while I poke arsene with a cattle prod until he shits himself and then spread some of his shit on a toothbrush and brush his teeth with it.


Lmao you sick man 🙂


“If you can give me names who are better than the players we have compared to the players we have, I am ready to talk about it.”
Lets talk, Arsene.


What’s worrying is that Spurs have already spent £50mil and are likely to spend all of what they get from the Bale of The Century too. If we didn’t sign anyone, would you be confident of finishing above them again next season?

Surely the fact that player have been allowed to leave must mean that some are going to come?


Gareth Bale is better than all of them. Just go a pound higher…


Middle finger up to you wenger. I can give u a load of players way better than what we have. We are tired of your excuses over and over again. Each and every department in our team needs to be strengthened. What don’t u see that us fans see? You are getting lousy with your managing. Spend money and make us rich with trophies that we deserve. Spuds are showing much more intent than u r Mr. Wenger. This same squad hasn’t won u anything for all these years. Open your damn eyes and spend. NKT!!


@philbet: absolutely spot on, wish all fans thought like you

Bergkamp as PM

I agree with Wenger. We need to sweat out the other clubs for their players. Every club has big debt, that is owed to banks. Us waiting will force the hands of clubs to accept lower transfer fees. Because the banks will be saying its near the end of the transfer window, and show me the money! Or else! bargins are to be had this way, like Carzola for £14m, a proper bargin from indebted malaga.

Merlin's Panini

Why don’t we just work with what we’ve got?
We could use the money to transplant Bergkamp’s brain into Bendtner’s body and, Hey Presto, we have a 25 year old Bergkamp and Ajax would have a totally mental assistant coach.

the only sam is nelson

Or we could transplant Wrighty’s brain into TGSTEL’s head, then we’d have a brilliant goalscorer and Talksport would have a pundit who talks out his arse… oh, wait


Arsene Wenger=Walter Mitty


I believe, sir, Higuain is not a player who wouldn’t strenghten our squad. Is he?

Andy Mack

And AW tried to sign him.


But failed!!!

Midfield Corporal

I’m amazed at how many fans seem incapable of making any critical judgement on the club or Arsene. They’re like The Stepford Wives. You can still support the team and manager whilst identifying our errors/ weaknesses. I imagine they sit in front of the mirror chanting ‘Fourth place IS a trophy, We only sign Super quality players, we have qualified for the Champions league for 17 consecutive years………tell me master, who shall I kill for you?’.


So who is Yaya Sanogo better than?


Me I think 😉

Arshavin's Dietician

Bendtner, Park, Chamakh & Gervinho for a start.

Double Canister

the c^nt from togo.


Well I guess what he means is we are trying not to gervinho or santos this shit this time. Im all for that!

Would love to see fellaini come to us rather than utd. Him mert and giroud for the corners? They wouldnt know which way to mark.

Cordicalkid (FUT) PS3 FIFA

If he doesn’t sign anyone after transfer window…he’ll be in big trouble. Most Arsenal fans will turn on Mr Wenger for sure. The team at this moment will not be able to cope in all 4 competitions by Jan/Feb they’ll burn out and get knocked out of 2 competitions in one week (Deja Vu). There will be injuries during this season and with no depth, it will be a fight for 4th place again. Wilshere, Ox, Koscielny, Giroud will move on once Barca, Real, Shiteh, Bayern, PSG come calling harsh reality. He’s had some mixed luck with transfers over the… Read more »

Arshavin's Dietician

It would be hard, even for Wenger, to sign someone after the transfer window, although Arshavin was only confirmed after the window was shut.


Well, he can hardly come out and give the details of who exactly he is after and how much the money he’s willing to spend on them. The guy speaks to the media every 3 days, what do you want him to say?

Although I would’ve enjoyed journalists giving him a list of players that are better than ours – and I’m sure we could all do it off the top of our heads – it was unlikely to ever happen. Press conferences in the summer window are a bit of a joke.

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